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Something / Come Together
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Something / Come Together

First released: 1969, October 6

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The first release in Britain of a Beatles single from an album already issued. Please Please Me , A Hard Day's Night , Help! , Revolver and Yellow Submarine - plus of course A Collection Of Beatles Oldies - all contained either previously issued or simultaneously issued singles; With The Beatles , Beatles For Sale , Rubber Soul , Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and The Beatles contained no singles at all.

It was Allen Klein, the new business manager at Apple, who instigated the release of Something , to spur George's career in giving him his first A-side, to bring in extra money and - Klein being an American - simply to do things the American way. Issuing singles off albums was standard practice in the USA; in Britain it wasn't so until the mid 1970s.

Something was not a number one hit in Britain (it made number three) but it reached the top in the USA and sold well over two million copies worldwide. But, more than anything else, it was a magnificent song and a magnificent, worthy single.

- Mark Lewishon "The Beatles Recording Sessions"