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The Beatles' Story
The Beatles' Story

First released: 1964, November 23

  1. On Stage With the Beatles (1:03)
  2. How Beatlemania Began (1:20)
  3. Beatlemania in Action (1:25)
  4. Man Behind the Beatles - Brian Epstein (2:47)
  5. John Lennon (5:50)
  6. Who's a Millionaire? (0:39)
  7. Beatles Will Be Beatles (7:28)
  8. Man Behind the Music - George Martin (1:04)
  9. George Harrison (4:46)
  10. A Hard Day's Night - Their First Movie (3:08)
  11. Paul McCartney (2:45)
  12. Sneaky Haircuts and More About Paul (3:29)
  13. The Beatles Look at Life (2:05)
  14. Victims of Beatlemania (1:10)
  15. Beatle Medley (3:58)
  16. Ringo Starr (6:24)
  17. Liverpool and All the World! (1:05)
This double album is a collection of interviews and music.

Producers: Gary Usher, Roger Christian
Written by: John Babcock, in association with Al Wiman and Roger Christian of radio station KWFB, Hollywood, CA
Narrated by: John Babcock, Al Wiman, Roger Christian
Cover Photo by: Joe Covello,Black Star
1964, November 23 Capitol STBO-2222 (US)
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All Music Guide (2002, March 10)
Fans seemed to want anything by the Beatles on record in 1964, and toward the end of that remarkable year, Capitol Records responded with this two-LP documentary record, which contained almost no previously unavailable Beatles music (the exception was 48 seconds of "Twist And Shout" recorded live at the Hollywood Bowl on August 23, 1964). What it did contain was a biographical narration ("It started in Liverpool, England...") written and spoken by disk jockeys John Babcock, Al Wiman, and Roger Christian over symphonic versions of Beatles music. Fans screamed and cried and tried to explain themselves, crowds roared, and there were excerpts from Beatles' press conferences. — William Ruhlmann