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Let It Be... Naked
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Let It Be... Naked

First released: 2003, November 17

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Vince (2010, May 31)
Let It Be... Naked is much closer to what The Beatles had in mind for the original release in 1970. The concept was no edits and no overdubs. The sessions were to be The Beatles getting back to basics and making pure music. As finally released Let It Be was filled with overdubs and tons of edits. Most disturbing to Paul McCartney was that Phil Spector decided to add his wall of sound to several of the songs. McCartney felt the wall of sound was overkill and out of place on a Beatles record. Let It Be... Naked allows us to hear what The Beatles played at those sessions. We also hear that Billy Preston was more than just a sideman. His playing enhanced as well as complimented what the Beatles were doing. Several songs deviate from the no edits rule. So what we are treated to are the best performances and takes edited together. This assures the listener that only the best of the best was used to compile this album. And we are treated to Let It Be as a cohesive whole and a very enjoyable listening experience.
Bobby (2005, May 24)
This album sounds as good as it should. The remasters sound incredible but I do have some complaints. 1.) Why use the edit of Get Back that cuts off the last minutes of the song? They shouldv'e remastered the single version. 2.) In Dig A Pony, all they did was chop off the end of the song and edit it onto the front and got rid of the studio chatter. 3.) Why not use the version of The Long And Winding Road from Anthology 3 instead of a totally different take? It sounds incomplete without Spector's wall of sound but at least it sounds better than the version that they chose for the album. 4.) Why delete Dig It and Maggie Mae? Other versions were available 5.) Why include Don't Let Me Down? It wasn't on the original album. 6.) One After 909 fades too quickly. Other than that, all the tracks have the studio chatter removed and sound great. I believe that the bonus disc Fly On The Wall should've including complete songs instead of snippets and chatter. Buy it but, don't throw away your original because you'll find that you still will won't to switch between the two albums.