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A Hard Day's Night (Original Soundtrack Album)
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A Hard Day's Night (Original Soundtrack Album)

First released: 1964, June 26

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Mal Everest (2011, August 31)
People do not forget that this is a "Movie Soundtrack" album not the proper Beatles album that they formally released in the UK having 14 tracks! Good or not, this album released the actual musical scores by George Martin that was specifically made for the "A Hard Days Night Movie". The scores by George isn't so bad and the one that I enjoyed most is his version of "This Boy" which was used as Ringo's soundtrack. I recommend this version if you are tired of listening to the regular album version.
Sergey Malyshev (2010, December 30)
I love that album! It was released in the USSR in 1986 on Melodia record under EMI license. The only difference with the UK version is that they dropped off When I Get Home song. (probably they had paid less for the license). Just recently I have bought the US album and was surprised to notice the different beginning of I Should Have Known Better! I've got the Capitol maroon label record (1979). They must have used a different song mix from the UK version. George Martin's score is not bad at all. I love that!
Maggie Mae (2008, May 6)
I just recently bought an original copy of the Hard Day's Night Soundtrack on vinyl. Putting it on made me feel like I was actually in the film! The spectacular instrumental tracks made it especially intimate and special! I recommend this album to ANY hardcore Beatles fan. I always put this baby on when I'm having a get-together or a small party. (: It's perfect!
Plasma Inferno Circle (2005, February 18)
This would have got a better rating, but they added these poor instrumentals done by George Martin. Who is their producer. The only bad one (other than the instrumentals) is "And I Love Her." "Tell Me Why" isn't the best song in the world either, but it's good. "If I Fell" is an un-expected Lennon attempt at a love song. Good try for a second time. (His first one wasn't all that good, that one was called "All I've Got To Do,") "I Should Have Known Better", "I'll Cry Instead" & "A Hard Day's Night" make this album good. Overall, I sadly don't reccomend this version, I actually think the UK version is better. It has no instrumentals on it and it has 5 other songs. Some are good, some are bad, just like every other album out there.
Sam (2004, October 11)
A Hard Day's night : a normal album, they made better albums than that if you ask me (like The White Album, Abbey Road, Revolver etc.). But the movie was great, very funny too! Lennon Rules! Love you, John! Sam
? (2003, May 18)
I've never really been a big fan of A Hard Day's Night. The American version only featured eight of the songs from the original album (not to mention that the stronger tracks were all from that album's second side of which only one song here is from). Capitol would release all of the song's from the UK A Hard Day's Night (with the exception of the title song) on album at one point or another, so this United Artist's release doesn't really serve much of a purpose.
All Music Guide (2002, March 9)
The difference between this album and the U.K. Parlophone album of the same name is that the U.K. record is the Beatles' third regular album release (following Please Please Me and With The Beatles), while this album is a soundtrack recording from their motion picture. The U.K. album contains 14 new songs, some of which are heard in the movie, but the U.S. one contains eight Beatles songs, all from the film, plus four instrumental tracks (courtesy of Beatle producer George Martin) used as movie scoring. All those wonderful tunes you remember from the movie are here, from the title track and "Can't Buy Me Love" to "And I Love Her." Missing are non-movie tracks that Capitol Records parceled out on subsequent U.S. Beatles albums. Obviously, the album to buy is the U.K. version, and if you are a CD buyer, there's no problem: it's the only one available. Both the U.K. and U.S. versions are available on cassette, however, so be careful. The U.S. version notes that it is a soundtrack on the spine of the tape box. — William Ruhlmann