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Something New
Something New

First released: 1964, July 20

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Mike Kurtz (2009, September 30)
It's the Beatles! What else do you need to know? I could live without the German version, but other than that I'm singing along to all the rest!
Benjamin Burch (2005, February 19)
This album really is a good album, especially because of the opener, "I'll Cry Instead." "Anytime At All" & "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You" aren't bad either. There are some weak spots on this album like the German version of "I Want To Hold Your Hand." (a.k.a. "Komm, Gib Mer Diene Hand.") "Things We Said Today" and "And I Love Her." But thats only 3 out of 11. You should also like the two rockers, "Slow Down" and Matchbox." And ironnicly, "Matchbox" is sung by Ringo! Still, it in't the best album of the Beatles, but hey, it's in the top 5!
Jimmy C. (2003, July 4)
Ironically, this isn't "something new" at all, but merely a handful of songs from A Hard Day's Night, 2 sides of a single, and a German song that probably shouldn't have been recorded. This is a good album, but only if you don't already have AHDN, UK or US. This is another example of Capitol's marketing strategy. A more appropriate title would have been, "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Cash."
? (2003, May 18)
The Slow Down/Matchbox single, a German version of I Want To You Hold Your Hand and eight songs from the UK A Hard Day's Night makeup this album. It's a pretty good listen despite the German version not being necesary, and I have never really cared much for Side A of A Hard Day's Night, which a few of the songs here are from. Still, it's pretty good and is a better alternative to the film soundtrack that was released in the States around the same time. I'd give it a 7.5/10.
All Music Guide (2002, March 10)
Capitol Records initially did not have the rights to A Hard Day's Night, issued in the U.S. as a soundtrack by United Artists, the company that released the film. Instead, Capitol cobbled together a competing record containing eight of the 14 songs from the UK version, two songs from a UK EP, and a German-language version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand." — William Ruhlmann