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Beatles VI
Beatles VI

First released: 1965, June 14

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Randy Varnadore (2012, June 9)
I liked this album a lot, but then again being the \\\"Beatle\\\'s Nut I was in that era, I liked them all. Does anyone know if George was playing, almost entirely, the Rickenbacker 12-String for this album?
jeff highley (2012, February 19)
i caught my mistake when i clicked on COVERS & ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. that shows a DIFFERENT lp .this in regard to my other post.
jeff highley (2012, February 19)
in regard to DAVE, 2010 feb 16. the lp i have has the SAME COVER pictured above and reads CAPITAL ST 2358. so i don't know what that is about.
Dave (2010, February 15)
To start, the album pictured above is not the Capitol version of the album but the much rarer Parlaphone (British) Lp produced for export to American army bases outside The United Statess. There are alot of great non-single songs on the Lp which will give hours of enjoyment. This Lp is no longer available as it has been deleted from EMI\'s (Capitol\'s parent company) catalogue replaced by the English equivilents.
? (2003, May 18)
This is part two of Beatles for Sale with some tracks from the UK Help! and two Non-UK album tracks along for the ride (including the priceless Yes It Is). All and all this is about on par with Beatles '65.
All Music Guide (2002, March 10)
Capitol strikes again, using the remaining six tracks from Beatles for Sale, four newly recorded songs (two of them covers of Larry Williams hits), and the B-side of a single, to create another "new" Beatles album. — William Ruhlmann