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Help! (Original Soundtrack Album)
Help! (Original Soundtrack Album)

First released: 1965, August 13

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Dave (2010, February 15)
Although you have to put up with the instrumentals, the Lp is worth it for the great Beatles songs contained in it. One of the great "summer" albums of all time!
Jimmy C. (2003, June 30)
The seven real songs are great, but the instrumentals are too frequent. The songs are broken up by confusing sitar pieces and classical music. I'm Down! and Yes It Is definitely should have been included instead. On the plus side, it fits better with the film than the UK version, but this version is very rare now, whereas the British album is in all the stores over here in the U.S.
? (2003, May 18)
Not bad at Beatles songs and five instrumentals that happened to blend in perfectly with them. For the first time since The Beatle's Second Album, Capitol released a Beatles LP that actually flowed well.
All Music Guide (2002, March 10)
Things got even more confusing (if possible) on the American release front when Capitol began to adopt similar titles for its albums while still monkeying with the contents. Capitol's Help! is a true soundtrack, as it includes only the seven Beatles tracks actually heard in the film, and the album is filled out with music from the film score by Ken Thorne. — William Ruhlmann