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First released: 1966, August 8

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Jaan Kallio (2010, October 15)
Many people think this US release as a "spoiled" masterpiece. I don't. It is shorter, yes, and maybe little more mainstream, but surprisingly as good as the original one. The songs are so good, and it keeps this album together.
Lee Klimek (2005, June 20)
Revolver is one of three most significant rock albums ever released, U.S. or U.K. version. Revolver took the precise details of production, writing, performance, and creativity light-years beyond anything up to that point in time. Although preceding Sgt. Peppers, this album established a foundation in the music world upon which future music throughout the industry was built. In fact, listen closely and you will hear early hints of Sgt. Peppers. It is truly a masterpiece, and one that has yet to be duplicated.
ed (2004, November 15)
US VERSION... NOT GOOD. 11 songs... this is not an album, it's a joke (like everything that comes from US). Sorry, I prefer UK version. Revolver is a very special piece of art, and in this US version this piece of art was cutted.
Artie (2004, February 16)
I've always loved this album (of course, I love all the Beatles albums)But there is something about this album that I can't explain why I love this one so much. The song I love the best is "Tomorrow never knows". I like the music and John's vocals the way they were done.
Jimmy C. (2003, July 6)
Even without the Yesterday and Today songs, a great album. Its songs are darker and more metallic than most of those on Rubber Soul.She Said She Said is just plain crazy and dizzying. Tomorrow Never Knows could be the most repetitive song the Beatles recorded, yet it never gets old. Scary stuff. Taxman is one of George's best, as is I Want to Tell You. Yellow Submarine has a much different feel to it on this album than in the movie, which would make it seem more kiddie. For No one is a great, underrated tune that still gets no radio play. A turning point in the Beatles' music between Beatlemania and the psychedelia of Sgt. Pepper.
? (2003, May 18)
Revolver was always envisioned as an album and it loses a lot of steam without those three songs that were on Yesterday...and Today. It only proved that Revolver wasn't an album of hit singles but a cohesive effort. This version of the album still has great songs, but it just isn't the same.
All Music Guide (2002, April 28)
In preparing Revolver for U.S. release, Bill Miller simply cut the three songs already used on Yesterday...and Today, resulting in an 11-song version. — William Ruhlmann