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Hello, everybody. I've opened a new blog, which will mostly be about music (album reviews, news, stories etc.). My first post is a 3-part guide on how to listen to Beatles' albums.

Here's part 1 :

And here's part 2 :

Part 3 will be uploaded soon. I want honest opinions and maybe some pieces of advice if anybody is willing to read the articles. Anything is appreciated.

The blog is still under development and hopefully I'll keep on writing on it constantly.


I finally managed to write Part 3.

I'd love to hear opinions or advices. Maybe there are some mistakes such as grammar or logic ones. Please point them out if you see any of them. (my english is far from perfect)

That is, of couse, if anybody is willing to read them. I don't mean to be a bother.

Cheers everybody!

I did a quick view. Seems to be interesting. I'll be looking for your album reviews.

Interesting stuff mate, I like it !!

Keep it going.  Any good website about the Beatles is always welcome on my internet.   ;yes


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