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I'm guessing a lot of people here are English. Or British. Which do you prefer? Anyway, I see a lot of English spellings like colour and favourite, so it seems like most people are from the UK! Well I was just wondering!

Harlena McStarkney:
I'm from the USA but I still use the British spelling of "favourite".  I dunno why, it's just a thing I do lol.

I too have had a long-time habit of UK spellings for such words as favourite or colour, even though I'm a Yank.

It just seems right, somehow, even tho it's entirely unnecessary.

I'm from Australia, so we spell favourite as favourite and colour as colour! tehehe.

The U.S. but I love british accents and LOVE LOVE LOVE australian accents so that makes it better then the U.S. 

And color, is color.


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