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Is it just me or has the posting around here slowed down? It just seems like people have ran out of things to say or something!!! Oh well just wondering! :-/

nope I'm a constant stream of chatter.  I will never slow.  Actually it does seem kinda slow here, but then again a lot of the most recent members have been talking up a storm

I guess. Although it seems like sometimes a response to something takes a million years. Or maybe I'm just impatient. Also, I have WAY to much time on my hands now that it's summer break so I check in more often! Maybe that's it. 

yes summer break does give me lots of time too.  It is frustrating to have to wait a day and a half for a response but such is life.  I try to be prompt with my responses.

Summer break kills me. I end up becoming an insomniac.


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