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Author Topic: Beach Boys' Mike Love and the Beatles  (Read 2004 times)

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Beach Boys' Mike Love and the Beatles
« on: July 04, 2012, 10:05:11 AM »

Beach Boys' Mike Love and the Beatles

We saw the Beach Boys in concert up in Milwaukee @ Summerfest. Btw, BB did a cover of "Rock and Roll Music." Mike Love had mentioned briefly in the concert how he was in India in early 1968 and how he met the Maharishi. I forgot that he was there at the same time the Beatles, Mia Farrow, and Donovan were. How interesting it would be to ask Mike Love about his recollections and interactions with the Beatles there at that time? I did read that when Paul was writing "Back in the USSR", ML gave some input to Paul for the song:

"I was sitting at the breakfast table and McCartney came down with his acoustic guitar and he was playing Back In The USSR, and I told him that what you ought to do is talk about the girls all around Russia, the Ukraine and Georgia. He was plenty creative not to need any lyrical help from me but I gave him the idea for that little section... I think it was light-hearted and humorous of them to do a take on the Beach Boys." - Mike Love in
"Many Years From Now" by Barry Miles

Here are some pictures of Mike Love taken with the Beatles and members of their entourage in Rishikesh, India in February, 1968.



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Re: Beach Boys' Mike Love and the Beatles
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2012, 03:21:14 PM »

Beach Boys' Mike Love and the Beatles

 How interesting it would be to ask Mike Love about his recollections and interactions with the Beatles there at that time?

In one of my other posts, I mentioned that I got a chance to "interview" Mike back in 1969. I asked him a few questions about that very topic. Unfortunately, my original cassette tape of the interview became corroded over the years, so I'll give you what I can remember.

I happened to be initiated into Transcendental Meditation earlier that year, so that's how the conversation turned to India. If you look at the picture of the famous group shot of the Beatles and their wives and all the other meditation students, the silver-haired woman sitting behind John and Cynthia was the one who initiated me. Her name was Margaret Carroll. Mike remembered her well so we talked about her for awhile.

I asked Mike how much time he spent with the Beatles. He said that he mostly saw Paul and Ringo. John and George were the more dedicated ones when it came to meditation, so he only saw them at meals or while going to or from Maharishi's lectures. He told me that he and Paul talked about a wide range of subjects, including music and poetry. Mike was into Tennyson at that time. They talked about drugs vs. meditation. Mike has always denied doing drugs, but he was interested in Paul's comparison about the two. Paul often had his guitar with him and would noodle around on it, occasionally playing an oldie or two which Mike would sing along with.

I asked Mike if the Beach Boys had become disenchanted with Maharishi as the Beatles supposedly had. He was very adamant in pointing out that meditation was not a fad for him and the other BB's, and just because the Beatles were backing off from Maharishi didn't mean the BB's were going to do the same.

Had I been older (17) and wiser at the time, I might have asked him more questions about India. That's about it.
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