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Author Topic: Are You Yoking (parodies)  (Read 1739 times)

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Are You Yoking (parodies)
« on: November 15, 2015, 09:45:22 PM »

So... I did a little bit of writing - I imagined Yoko being asked by a reporter about her unmeasurable contribution to rock'n'roll.

I'm just joking & punning (making puns) - so, it is for fun and enjoyment. I hope you'll like it.
(I don't know in which board I could post this.)

Are you Yoking?
/An non-exclusive inter view with Yoko Nono/

q: Let's start... There is a lot of talk about your contribution to John's writing.
Y: Well, well well... Oh well... I never took credit for it, but isn't it obvious? I wrote complete lyrics for Walrus, Come Together, and Paul's  When I'm 46. Also, I've composed and put together Revolution
No. 1 & 9. Martha my Dear is actually a song about me - John wrote it as 'Yoko be Near' and gave it to Paul. Also, I made 'Mother Supperrior Happiness Is Expect Ever'body Got Something' To Hiding',
which was edited into two songs respectively. And just guess who came with the name 'Sgt. Pepper.' I did the vocals on 'Lucy in the Diamonds Sky' and I suggested to John the title for one of his best songs: Strawberrium Fielding Forgotten.
q: How did you and John actually meet?
Y: Well, I was, at first, a very good friend with his first wife. I met him, so Cynthia and me stopped being friends and John & Y got together.
q: How would you describe the song-sing-writing partnership - Lennon - Ono?
Y: I must say I was better vocal, and John was great storytellerwritter.
q: Your relationship with Paul... For instance, about him singing 'Get Back' as a message to you?
Y: Again, it's John's song which he gave to Paul - it's actually about our love & wedding.
q: What's your favourite track?
Y: Hmm... I'd go for Eleanor Rigbay. I like Ringo's drumming on that one.
q: Have you got least favourite?
Y: The Ballad of Paul & John were you have a story how they met and started the band. We all know that, you know: Standing in a stage in Hamburg, try to make a record...
q: Which are to you the dearest pieces of music from John?
Y: I'm Lonely Sleeping and So I am Tired.
g: And Paul's?
Y: It's gotta be A Life in a Day.
g: Ringo's?
Y: We all love the elessdee.
g: George's?
Y: Cry for a Shadow, from their 1957. debut. It's a very avantgardening piece of tune for that time.
q: Best album?
Y: Of course, The Double One!
q: You mean, The White?
Y: No, that was triple-double. I meant Rubbing Revolver.
q: The one you don't fancy so much?
Y: The 1970. album, Maggie Mae. They disagreed with their producer, Martin George - and called Ill Zpector who didn't do a good job. They wanted the classicall stuff, you know, harps, orchestra, swordmandella, but Zpector decided to keep it 'electric' - guitars, guitars and more guitars!
q: What's your dearest lyrics?
Y: I like: 'And in the end, the money you earn equals to the money you spend.' Such a classic - and it sums up the capitalism.
q: What about some critics who say you don't have a good singing voice?
Y: Well, you heard me how I sing the duet 'Imagine' with John - at it made to number one! Plus, like some of them say Ringo is a bad bass player. He's not - he's a badass bass singer!
q: Let's talk a little about life after the Beatles. You issued an album called 'The Beding' together.
Y: Yes, with loud sounds of lovemaking. It's going to be remastered, remixed & reissued at Strawberry Roads Studios at Penny Lane with bonus tracks i 1124 page booklet in Yapanese.
q: Why did you and your husband decided to move to Hamburg in 1975.?
Y: We wanted to have some piece & quiet and I wanted to learn Hungarian language.
q: Why did you decide to divorce there?
Y: Oh, just for no reason whatsoever. We were again married in Portugal, near Spain after 18 months.
q: It is rumored there'll be a new John unknown songs released.
Y: Yes, true. The album will be called 'Household Husband'. I sing the lead on all the tracks.
q: How come you don't have a fan club?
Y: I guess it is because of the record executives, they always block my music. But, I'm planning to start my own fun clab.
q: You were also accused of Presley's suspicious death...?
Y: Yes, but Priscilla  and Zpector did that - and I don't want to discuss it.
q: You're favored eat & drink?
Y: It's Coca-Cola with Pepsi and American Fries.
q: What 's your message to the world?
Y: Peace, love & masturbathing!

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Re: Are You Yoking (parodies)
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2015, 08:03:17 AM »

/original: The Ballad of J & Y/

Standing at the microphone
Unable to record for a label.
The people at Decca unplugged the cable,
And said: 'Try Parlophone!'
Ya know they didn't give us a chance.

Well, you know it ain't easy,
You know how hard it can be.
The way things are going
It's not a good way for doing things.

Finally made a studio deal
George Martin said: 'It's for real!'
Brian Epstein called to say:
'It'll be okay,
You can make a record in a day!'

Well, ya know it ain't easy
And Ain't She Sweet -
The way things are going...
Let's crack a volume for a bit.

Drove to the studios in September
Trying the words of 'Love Me Do' to remember.
All together was said:
'Best is very bad'.
Ringo then came.  Bingo!

Well, ya know it ain't easy,
You know how hard it can be.
If Andy White is playing,
The drummer Ringo cannot be.

Touring everyday without a rest,
Trying to give the audience all the best.
Last night was all right,
But we don't have a rest at night.
Pretty girls at sight!

The crazee started in sec
Before you ask yourself: What the heck?
We couldn't hear, not a damn thing.
If we played a song,
We played it wrong
But no one was mishearing.

Decided touring to stop,
In studio we spend time a lot.
John loved Yoko 
And the rest of us did not.

Finally, the last concert, where'll be?
At the Roofle At Top, you see.
The constables came,
And we sang the last refrain
It went from get back to the end.

You know that that ain't easy,
Ya know how hard it can be.
From Hamburg to London, from lane & fields of strawberry
A day in my life, being for the benefit of Mr. Kite,
Across the universe,
The last verse.
All right, good night!

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Re: Are You Yoking (parodies)
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2015, 09:33:01 PM »

/original: All Together Now/

1, 2, 4, 3,
Can I have an el-es-dee?
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
Small Big Ben.

A, B, C, D
Can I have a coffee?
E, F, G, H, I, J,
Early snow in May.

Sailin the trip
Pohc eht eert*
Pay for dope
Glasses look me.

All together how
Come together ha
All alone now
Something somehow

Lack, straight, chin, bed
Can I paint blue to red?
Ink, town, fellow, fringe, and clue,
I and who.

All together now...

(*Pohc eht eert* - backwards for 'chop the tree'.)

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Re: Are You Yoking (parodies)
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2015, 01:01:42 AM »

Bro the interview is hilarious, very funny! But the Ballad parody doesn't work. Like in the original song, you have to rhyme the second and fifth lines, and the third and fourth lines.


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Re: Are You Yoking (parodies)
« Reply #4 on: November 18, 2015, 09:06:17 AM »

Bro the interview is hilarious, very funny!
Thanx!  8)

But the Ballad parody doesn't work. Like in the original song, you have to rhyme the second and fifth lines, and the third and fourth lines.
Yes, I noticed John's rhyming scheme - but I was working fast, so...
Plus, some verses in my version don't have the same number of syllables as the original, so they don't sound rhytmic.
But, as  I said, the job was done in a hurry, so...
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Re: Are You Yoking (parodies)
« Reply #5 on: November 22, 2015, 04:32:45 PM »

While I adore Paul's Penny Lane - I don't like the video of it. Here's how I see it.

First, you'll notice that video begins with John walking in the streets, but music starts at 00:03 seconds - and why should you start the video before music and not simultaneously, I have no idea.
Maybe the intention was to create a 'avant-garde' flick. Or maybe that 3 seconds have some secret meaning? It is hard to tell.
Next, we see the 'hairdresser' sign which is strange cause in the song no hairdressers are mentioned - just the barber.

You'll notice the green bus next - it goes from left to the right. And to the viewer's uttermost surprise - it reads that it is a 'Penny Lane' line - and you'd expect 'Cranberry Sauce' or something similar.  icon_cool

Between 0:15 - 0:26 we see the three boys who stand in the street. The fourth one with the glasses approaches and greets them. Then he gives his glasses to the guy in red coat, who must be
a glasses smuggler, and he gives him another pair of glasses, which he took out his pocket. Very strange!

The four guys go to the left (remember, the bus went from right to the left - that's very significant!) glassesslip
Next scene - the Fab Four still walk to the left, followed by the shots of John walking - which is repeating of the scene from the start. This time we have the music.
The shot of the front of the bus is next. (Are there too many 'the' in the previous sentence?)  icon_cool

Now, four guys on four horses. The one is brown (the horse I mean, to be clear).
John the Walker (0:44)
The Four Horsemen (0:47)
The bus (0:50). Nothing new here, the same green bus.
At 0:51 we see more of the horses than the riders, so I guess that should interest us.
At 0:53 bus again. I wonder who makes those buses? Now I got very interested in it. Maybe I'll see it in more shots to follow.
Horses, bus, John.
Horses again at exact 1:00, but they are now in the park. (Before, they were in the streets. I must say it is very unusual to see a horse in a park. Aren't the parks built for dogs?)  8)
Few quick shots of the boys, and then that bloody green bus blocks the view of a road sign which reads Penny Lane (1:11). Next, a horse blocks the view but both bus & horse go to the right,
which is very significant, I guess. (At the start of the video, you could also see the bus going from left to the right).
During the trumpet solo, a policeman & boys ride the horses. I guess the sound of the trumpet resembles to the horse walk, at least the director of the video suggests that.
If you thought this is maybe a song called 'Strawberry Fields', you'd be wrong - at 1:29 the bus appears with a sing 'PL'.
Next, short repeating of already seen - John walking + guys riding.

At 1;37, finally something interesting - the Fab Four, wearing red jackets, pose for the camera. Also, at 1:48, 'a middle of the roundabout' is shown from the bird's eye view, but only for a second.
The lyrics then go: 'the pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray' but we don't see any poppies, nor tray, nor a nurse - only horses.
At 2:10, the guys get off the four-legged animals. I guess they were tired of riding.
At 2:17, the smiling bobby is in the shot (during the lyrics 'very strange'). I guess there is some kind of strange connection between the audio and video. (Suggestions welcomed!)

In the middle of the park, a table is set and guys sit to have a tea (2:18 and on).
I suppose it is a reference to 'Walrus': Sitting in the English garden... (Have I just revealed a hidden mystery?)  icon_love
2:34 - the baroque-dressed guys come to the guys at the table, bringing them their instruments. Will a concert follow? Of course not.

Near the end of the video, the Fab Four decide to trash the table. I guess it has to be something to do with the tea they had a little earlier (2:45 - 2:53)
And, finally, at the very end, you'd expect that bus to show - but, surprise, I guess the camera guy didn't catch it - so we see John walking in the street - which is how the video started.
Interesting, the video ends at the same time when the music ends (unlike the start, where we had video before the music).  :laugh:

End of the expertise.
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Re: Are You Yoking (parodies)
« Reply #6 on: November 22, 2015, 07:56:17 PM »

The same goes for the SFF - great song - but I am not thrilled with a video that much.

This is how I see SFF video. :angel:

(Enter the Fab Four.)
Paul: Once there was a way, to get back home...
John: Hey! 'Let me take you down, cause I'm going to' is going to be done!
Ringo: Then we walk backwards home?
George: Well... Ups, I think I stumbled upon a mellotron! Ouch! Who left it here?
Paul: We run, then walk over there...(00:32)
Ringo: I'll just walk around, around, around...(00:38)
George: Let me do the same! If I look closely, I can hear a night sound...
Paul: Let me not do the same! I'll climb that tree! One, two, tree! Three? Tree? Which rhymes better? (00:54)
John: Whatever... Let's check what's with the electricity in the park. Suddenly, it became very dark! (01:07)
John, George, Ringo: Paul, what you are doing up there?
Paul: I am a man who is nowhere!
Ringo: Let's play the mellotron! The drumming is boring cause it has only one tone! (1:30)
George: Oh! The stringzzzz... Swordmandela... A capella... (1:36)
All four of them: Let stare at camera for a bit. We like it!
George: I'll look serious & mysterious! (02:05)
John: Now, for the camera I'll be there and stare! (3:00)
John: We shall play & sing!
Paul: No, let's do the mellotron painting! (03:34)
Somebody: We should walk & talk in the park.
(3:39 - Mellotron is trashed & crashed.
Exit the Fab Four.)

The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever on Vimeo

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Re: Are You Yoking (parodies)
« Reply #7 on: November 23, 2015, 07:42:56 AM »

/original: Only A Northern Song/

If you're listening to this song
You may think the other two wrote it -
But you'd be wrong.
I did it - with Ringo!

When you listen late at night
(Or early in the morning)
You may think: 'Revolution No. 9 is boring.'
But Yoko says: 'Is not. It's avant-garde art.'

It doesn't really matter what words I play
What chords I say or time of night it is -
As it's please, please, please
Me. Let It B.

Not it does not really matter
If the drums are Rickenbacker
Melody resembling to a Nutcracker -
Or main vocals being the backing tracker.
It's a singalong.

If you think the harmony
Is a little off and tuned to a Natural E,
Then you are right.
Play it all night!



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Re: Are You Yoking (parodies)
« Reply #8 on: January 02, 2016, 09:23:42 PM »

Now - what would have happened if John met Yoko early in 1960's?
She would surely influence him (his songwriting) - and maybe the songs would been known as follows...
(I went thru all the track written by John. If the title is altered so it won't be recognizable, I've put the original title in round brackets.)

Please, Yoko, Please Me
A Day In The Life of JohnOnoYokoLennon
Yoko In The Skies With Me
And Yoko Can Actually Sing (And Your Bird Can Sing)
Any Time At All, Yoko
Ask Me Y
YYYY (Baby, You're A Rich Man)
Bad Boy /For A Bad Girl/
Bad To Me, Oh Yes!
Being for the Benefit of Mrs. YOL
Together (With Her) /Come Together/
Japanese Day (Day Tripper)
Y (Dig It)
Dr. Lennon and Dr. Yoko (Dr. Robert)
No, Don't Let Me Down, No
Ev'rybody Has Got Som'thin' To Hide Except For Me And My Wife /We've Gotta A Lotta Thingz to Show/
Every Little Thingz That Darkhiared Girl Bringz
Free As A Bird /Marriage/
Real Love /Ocasionally Separated/
Gettin' Better, Better and Better With Her
A Girl!
Glass Ono (Glass Onion)
Good Morning Twice With Rice
Good Night /A Lulaby for Her/
Hey, Yoko! Oh! (Hey Bulldog)
I Am The Husband of My Wife (Walrus)
I Call Your Name, Y
All I Need Is Yoko Ono And That's Love
All I've Got To Do Is With You
The Ballad of Lennon & Ono
The Continuing Story of Our Love /And Counting/
Dear Wife (Dear Prudence)
Dig A Pony And All I Want Is You
Do You Want To Know A Secret: Divorced & Married
From Me To Her
Happiness Is...
I Donna Wanna Spoiling The Partying
I Feel Fine Number 9
I Should Have Known You Before I Met Her
I Wanna Be Your Man /After The Divorce/
I Want To Hold Your Hand and Leave The Band
I Want Yoko /She's So Ono/
If, If I, If I Fell...
I'll Be Back and You'll Be My Backing Vocals
I'll Cry Instead /Haiku/
I'll Get You, Yoko
I'm A Loser - And The Loss Will Be My Gain
I'm Only Sleeping /With Her/
In My Life, You're My Love /And My Wife/
It' Wont Be Long - To Me You Belong!
Its Only Ono /Love/
Yoko, Ocean Child (Julia)
Little Not Child But Woman
No Repl Y
Japanese Wood /This Bird Has Flown To Me/
Not a Second! /Without Her/
Nowhere Man Found Her
Ono After 909
Yoko, I'm Just Yoking (Polythene Pam)
Y (Rain)
Yokolution (Revolution)
A Song For Her (Run For Your Life)
Sexy Y
She Said She Said /In Japanese/
Let Me Write A Song About You (Strawberry Fields Forever)
The Land of the Rising Sun (Sun King)
Tell Me, Y (Tell Me Why)
Thank You, Y
There's A Place In Japan
Your Boyfriend (This Boy)
Tomorrow Never Knows But Her Is
Just A Second, Y (Wait)
Whats The New, You Know Who (What's The New Mary Jane)
When I Get Home /Bed & Breakfast/
Arigato (The Word)
Y Blues
Yes, It Is Y
Y, You Can't Do That
You're Going To Loose That Girl, You
You've Got To Hide /Or Show/ Your Love Away
You Know My Name?! /And I Know Yours!/

bonus track:
May Pang /Bang!/ (Imagine)

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Re: Are You Yoking (parodies)
« Reply #9 on: January 18, 2016, 08:39:30 PM »


- Mr. Epstein, I'd like to order some albums by Fab Four.
- You can call me Brian.
- OK, Mr. Brian...
- No 'Mr.', please. Just the first name will do.
- OK. So,,, I tried to contact Mr. Martin, but he's busy.
- Yes, indeed he is. He's polishing up the new album - and there's some confusion because also Mr. Spector was involved, but... Anyway, what would you like to have? And in what form?
- What can I choose?
- Well, there are monos, stereos... and some remixes, like Yellow Submarine Songtrack. Vinyl, CDs, DVDs, BlueRays...
- OK, what would you recommend?
- Well, that purely depends on your taste.
- I'd say I like the 'studio' era stuff.
- OK, that's from 1967, Sgt. Pepper and on - but I'd suggest you also take Rubber Soul & Revolver, which were done in 1965 & 1966.
- I'd follow your recommendation.
- That's fine. Monoarual or stereo sound?
- Again, I'm little bit lost here...
- Well, every record has been issued both in mono and in stereo - and the same tracks sound quite different and surprising. You can take take both - or choose from one.
- Well, then both - that way my ears get to enjoy more music.
- Splendid! And some early stuff is great, particularly 'With The Beatles'.
- Then I'd like to have it.
- OK. How about the newest album? It is being polished for some time now... Would you like to pre-order it?
- I'm always interested to hear new stuff from my favourite bend.
- Perfect, I'll add it to the collection - and you'll get it separately when it is out. I think we will have the 'orchestrated' & 'basic' album. Two discs.
- It's good. I just wouldn't fancy Yoko's stuff.
- No problem, she's not too much involved into Beatle music, she's more like a muse for John. And you can always skip 'Revolution 9', cause that's her's, and it is avant-garde piece. Now,  method of paying?
- Well, I'd like to pay in cash - pounds for mono, and $ for the stereos.
- It's settled then. I'd just like to offer a compilation which should be issued this year. It will consist of 20-something tracks of early songs, like Love Me Do, She Loves You etc., dressed up in orchestrations - harps, strings, horns by George Martin.
- That's sounds crazy - I'll take it!
- That's exactly what I've said when I heard the news. Let me just take note of it. Done.
- Thank you, Mr. Brian. And say hello to the lads.
- To the lads and to the lady Lennon.
- Oh, yes, of course! All the best!
- Thank you, I hope you'll music taste will be satisfied with this fine music.

Nothing is real...
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Re: Are You Yoking (parodies)
« Reply #10 on: January 21, 2016, 12:01:24 AM »

(somewhere sometime in 1969)

- What's that with the piano? And my bass...
- Paul, I'd like to have a word with you.
- Yes, Yoko?
- You know, I thought the band needs new direction, so I have some ideas - to take into consideration. You always tried to sound different in every record and in every track?
- Yes.
- And your songs are very melodic... sweet tunes...
- OK...
- So, what I was thinking, Paul - you should write more out of tune stuff.
- What?
- Simple - an out-of-tune melody will sound better and more interesting to ears of the listeners than a normal tune...
- Yoko, are you joking?
- I'm not. Really, I'm proposing a new sound to the Beatles. You know, I've re-arranged the piano - the black keys play instead of white ones and vice versa...
- You didn't...! So, that why...
- Sure I did! That's why 'Let it Be' sounds more natural now!
- I don't believe this...!
- You better believe it.
- Is that the reason my bass has 4 strings, three thin and one thick?
- Yes, I took them from George's guitars!
- Does he now?
- Well, he'll find out! I like when he plays Indian instruments.
- Are you going to mess up with that also?
- No, the Indian instruments sound awkward already, without any modifications.
- Well...
- And, to not forget -  I thought Ringo should play the lead guitar from now on. And piano.
- But he is a drummer! He's not very skillful with string instruments or pianos!
- His guitar playing will have its charm, believe me.
- But, then, who will be the drummer?
- Well, Pete Best, of course! And me, occasionally...
- I must be dreaming... Or having a nightmare...
- It will improve the sound. Also, that song you wrote, 'Two of Us'. It needs some modifications. First, the tune should be distorsioned - and the vocals should be double-tracked, backwards.
- Really?
- Yes! And I think I will do the vocals. It'll be called 'The Us Off Of The Two'.
- I'm out of this session.
- That's okay, but we have the tapes, so we'll make the necessary changes.
- Are we going to sing in Japanese also?
- Well, you did two songs in German, 'Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand' & 'Sie Liebt Dich'... and a little bit of East Languages will bring more listeners...
- I'm not sure the studio will allow all those... kinky things.
- Who said we need this exact studio? I'm planning to record some stuff under water with John.
- Oh, in that case, I'd suggest 'Yellow Submarine'.
- Thank you, Paul, I knew I could convince you in the end! We will also record some early stuff, like 'Do Me Love Me'. And YS could become 'Wolley Busmarine.'
- I don't believe what I'm hearing...
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Re: Are You Yoking (parodies)
« Reply #11 on: April 30, 2016, 09:29:02 PM »

If Paul wrote 'Penny Lane' in early 60's, maybe it would go something like this...


Penn, Penny Lane
Here I go again.
I walk down the street -
Me there you to meet!

There goes the bus,
We are the two of us!

You love I
And I love you!
Hi, there goes John.
Let's go on!

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