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Title: Project: International Day of Peace via Arts (John Lennon)
Post by: beatles8000 on November 10, 2013, 03:36:23 AM

The main fan-club of the band The Beatles on the territory of the former USSR already gives informational support for the global project:

Because The Beatles does not exist in the list of International Days of the UN - the political party of Russia prepares International Day of the UN in honor John Lennon («International Day of Peace via Arts»).
Many members of this political party are located in the State Duma:
Deputies awaiting of good rating of the project (regional sub-unit prepares). I think that need give help in the creating this rating on Facebook: (the State Duma will begin work quicker).

List of International Days of the UN:

Preparing of the project on the website of UNESCO: (WSIS).

John Lennon has the greatest right to get this honor (January 16 - is the fake date). In the List we can see (does not exists in the nature).

Such events are intended for all humanity.

All fans will be together against a war in any point of the world. Because John Lennon was against ..


1) The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon thanked the Queen for The Beatles (2010):


2) Golden Wedding speech, 20 November 1997:

The Queen of the United Kingdom welcomes and particularly emphasizes role of the band The Beatles for the last 50 years (in the history not only of the United Kingdom):

"What a remarkable fifty years they have been: for the world, for the Commonwealth and for Britain. Think what we would have missed if we had never heard the Beatles or seen Margot Fonteyn dance: never have watched television, used a mobile telephone or surfed the Net (or, to be honest, listened to other people talking about surfing the Net)."


Last Interview Of John Lennon (8 December 1980): (