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Author Topic: Rare 60's Articles  (Read 945 times)

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Rare 60's Articles
« on: June 09, 2007, 03:09:21 PM »

Some interesting and amusing articles, all from this site http://fabfourforever.every-little-thing.net/

George's Wife and Ringo's Wife Tells All!

Here's news! Two famous wives confide some secrets about their Beatle mates... their luvs, hates, plans, lives together and more!

Article from Startime Magazine - Most likely sometime between March to May of 1966.
When the news broke that George had married Pattie Boyd on January 21st, chances are you were shocked. At the very least, you were surprised! But there was one person who probably more surprised than you were. And that was Pattie!
For the first time, Pattie Boyd Harrison is going to tell the whole story about the wedding and about her married life with George! You'll hear things you never thought you'd ever hear!

Pattie told us, "I guess you're wondering why I was surprised at my own wedding. Well, the truth is, I never thought we keep it a secret. And when we did, I almost didn't believe it!"

Pattie pushed her hair off her shoulders and smiled a sort-of far-away smile. Then she continued.

"I guess I'd always wanted a big wedding," she said, "with a gown and all the trimmings. Yet somehow, when it actually happened, it didn't matter that I got married in a registery office. I was marrying George--and that was the important thing!"
We wanted to know (and we're sure you do, too) how the first few months of married life were turning out.
Pattie smiled widely. "It's wonderful," she said. George is the perfect husband. I always thought newlyweds had a lot of agruments about unimportant things. But really, we don't. George is so kind and considerate. I think I actually love him more as each day passes."
Pattie suddenly got a strange glint in her eye. We knew she was going to confide something unusual.
"Of course," she said with a grin, "George does have his little 'quirks.' By that I mean he has habits that seem a little strange at first. For instance, he can only fall asleep when he's on his left side. He doesn't like the taste of freshly-squeezed orange juice, either. And there are times when he won't drink anything but luke-warm tea! But I'm getting used to all of these little things. I think they're kind-of cute, too!"
Mr and Mrs. Harrison love to "kid around" in their big, beautiful home. After dinner, George might spend a half hour chasing Pattie up and down the stairs, in and out of rooms, pretending he's going to "beat her up." It's all in fun, of course, and it usually ends up with a big hug and kiss.
Pattie confided, "Those times are fun. But we're serious sometimes, too. We have a lot of long talks about our future life together. And we've already come to quite a few decisions. For one, George is going to continue song-writing more and more. He's done quite a few wonderful songs already, as you probably know. And I think he has a great future."
Her eyes twinkled as she continued, "We've also decided to start a family right away. I think a baby is just the thing a young couple needs to make them a real family, if you know what I mean. Anyway, we both love children and can't wait to have a few of our own!"
We can't wait to hear about it, either. We think that George and Pattie will make two of the nicest parents a little child could ask for!
"That's the trouble," Pattie confined, "We're a little afraid we'll be too nice. I mean, that we won't be strict enough. And we both feel parents should be able to 'lay down the law' when it's necessary. Anyway, only time will tell."
Pattie and George certainly have plenty of time to tell a lot of things. They're just starting their first year of marriage. And as they're doing that, another couple, Ringo and Maureen, have just finished their first year of marriage!
Maureen smiled and told us, "I don't believe it's been a whole year, actually. People say the first year is the hardest, so I guess the worst is behind us."
The worst?
Maureen grinned and explained herself. "I'm not saying our first year of married life was bad. In fact, it was the most wonderful year of my life! But let's face it--there were plenty of adjustments to make!"
Care to hear about them? Well, Maureen's willing to tell all--even if it means confiding a couple a rather strange facts about Ringo!
"To begin with," Maureen said, "poor Richie still isn't used to seeing me stockings and things hanging in the bathroom in the morning. Honestly, sometimes I think he's going to walk in, half-asleep, and strangle himself on the clothesline! That would be a fine pickle, wouldn't it?!?"
Now that little Zak has come into the picture, Daddy Ringo just can't seem to stop buying the baby toys.
Maureen confided, "Our playroom looks like a toy factory. I really think we have every toy ever made by man. But every time Richie comes home from a tour, he brings something new and different. Of course, I'm the one who has to put the toys away when he's through playing with them, though!"
Another thing the Starr family had to adjust to was eating habits. Maureen explained what the trouble was.
"As a bachelor," she said, "Richie was used to eating whenever he felt like it and not playing too much attention to mealtimes and things like that. Well, I didn't think that was such a good idea. I wanted to eat when it was time to eat! As it turned out, we had a few agruments on that score. So we finally compromised. We eat dinner when it's dinnertime, but we eat breakfast and lunch whenever we feel like it. It's worked out fine."
It seemed to us that the whole marriage has been working out fine. And we told Maureen so, too.
She smiled. "I think so," she said. "Maybe, like Pattie, I sort-of missed having a big wedding. But just being married to my wonderful husband is enough. I'd do it all over again!"
Well gals, there'll be no need. From the looks (and the sounds) of things, we'd say you're going to be happily married for a long, long time. But just promise us one thing... for your 50th Anniversary party won't you please invite us?

George Pops His Top

Ever see The Quiet Beatle angry? Ever see him pout? Here's why he'll sometimes "jump up 'n down 'n shout!"

Article from Today's Teens Magazine - Around 1964 or 1965
Did you ever think you'd see George angry? Did you ever think you'd see George looking anything but his happy, contented self? Well, if you didn't, you're in for a big surprise! Because George, like everybody else, does get angry at times. As a matter of fact, sometimes he even gets furious!
George told us, "Do you want to know what makes me furious? Well, I'm going to tell you you right now!"
And that's just what he did! So we're going to tell you exactly when and why George gets furious...
'It happens every time someone suggests I cut my hair!" George is famous for his hair--and his hatred of haircuts! The last time a fan suggested that he have his hair cute, he practically turned purple! Can you picture a purple Beatle?
"It happens when my feelings are purposely hurt!" George is a sensitive guy. And when someone deliberately sets out to hurt him--not give him constructive criticism, but tear him down--he gets very angry!
"It happens when people call me a rebel!" Although George does have his own tastes in clothes and his own personality and way of acting, he's not a rebel! He's just a little different! (But so are all The Beatles!)
"It happens when our audience screams so loud, nobody can hear our performance!" Like the other Beatles, George loves to hear the screams that tell him how much his fans love him! But if he had his way, the girls wouldn't be allowed to scream until the end of each song! After all, there are people who want to hear them as well as see them!
"It happens when our fans get out of hand and cause sort-of a riot!" George gets very angry when he hears that after (or even during) a concert, fans break windows, throw chairs around or hurt other people! And we can't blame him much for getting furious over that!
"It happens when people who aren't close friends ask me to play the piano!" It's true that George is as great on the keys as he is on the guitar. But he just doesn't like to play the piano for anybody and everybody! And he doesn't mind saying so!
"It happens whenever I'm expected to sleep on a moving vehicle, like a train or a plane!" For some reason, George just hates to sleep when he's moving!
"It happens when I hear about girls doing 'dangerous' things that only boys should do!" George feels, for example, that hitch-hiking is something girls should definitely not do! Not only dangerous--but it's unladylike!
"It happens every time I have to ride on a bus!" Luckily, George doesn't have to ride a bus too often. But when does, the other three Beatles practically have to drag him on and tie him to the seat to make him stay there!
"It happens when I have a nice, quiet evening at home interrupted by business!" Although George realizes how important his career is, he just hates to leave his cozy spot in front of the fire and the TV to get a concert booking or something like that! He's just a home-body at heart!
"It happens every time an interview with TODAY'S TEENS has to end!"
As George had "predicted," he had to leave at that very minute to take care of some urgent business. But after that nice compliment he'd given us, we knew we'd never get furious with him!

John and Paul in Pain

Ouch! Get out the rubbing alcohol and settle back to discover what happened when John and Paul turned into athletes-for-a-day!!!

Article from Teen Pin-ups sometime in 1966
"When it's a sunny, clear day in England," John told us, "you don't just let it pass you by."
"That's right," Paul broke in. "So, on that day, we made use of the weather. And, oh, boy..."
John and Paul were confessing to TEEN PIN-UPS about an experience they'd had not too long ago -- an experience they'll never forget!
It all happened one day when the boys were over at John's house, "putting together the pieces" for a new song. Cyn was visiting a friend with little John. So Paul and John had the quiet, peaceful house all to themselves.
But somehow they just couldn't concentrate. They kept looking out the window at the bright sun. It was such a treat, after weeks of on-and-off rain!
All of sudden, Paul said, "You know something? I haven't tossed a ball around in a long time."
"Me neither," said John. "I'd like to get back into shape myself. We never get any exercise anymore!"
That was all the talk they needed. As if they'd timed it, both boys immediately left their work, jumped up, got John's old, dusty, unused baseball gear out of the garage, and started to play.
John took the bat first, Paul pitched and the game began. John hit the balls hard, they flew all over the place, with Paul chasing madly after them. When it was Paul's turn, he hit the balls so far, John often had to run in the next yard to get them!
In just a few minutes, both were laughing and having a great time taking turns at bat
"Finally, I noticed the sky was getting a bit dark," Paul told us, "so I looked at my watch. It was five-thirty! We'd been playing ball since one o'clock!"
Sadly, they put the baseball stuff away and went back into the house. They had a bite to eat and then a half-hour rest, sprawled out in chairs.
"Okay," John said, "Now back to work..."
But as Paul bent down to pick up his guitar, which was lying on the floor..."Unhh," he groaned loadly.
"What's wrong? You sound like you're in pain!" said John.
"I am," Paul answered, through clenched teeth. "My legs and my back...they hurt..."
"It'll go away," said John.
But no sooner had John started to strum on his guitar, when Paul heard an "Owww!" John had that same pained look on his face. "My back -- and my aching arms! Oooo!"
There they were, groaning and grunting and crying with pain as Cyn walked in.
When they told her what happened, she scolded them gently. "You two ought to know better than that. Why, anybody knows that you shouldn't suddenly over-use muscles that haven't been used in years!"
Of course Cyn was right. They should have played for a half hour or so. Not for more than four hours, like they did. But the damage was done!
Paul limped home and spent the rest of the nightr soaking in a hot bath. John rubbed about ten tubes of liniment into his aching muscles and stayed in bed. It was several painful days before they felt ever a little better!
"We never did finish that song," John confessed.
"No, sir," smiled Paul. "It had too many painful memories for us! So we started a new one, instead!"
From now on, the boys will think really hard before they decide whether they want to be Beatles or Baseball Players. And we have a feeling we know which they'll choose. Don't you?!

More on the site. Go to extras, "rare 60s interviews".  :)  8)
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