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Birth name:John Alexis Mardas

Nickname: Magic Alex

Trade mark:The "Nothing Box"; a sealed cube with randomly-blinking lights.

Quote: "Hello, I'm Alexis. I would like to say hello to all my friends around the world and to all the girls around the world and to all the electronic people around the world. This is Apple Electronics."


    Applied for roughly 100 British patents, for the items he produced or developed while working for the Beatles; was turned down for every one when it was shown that he had invented nothing, but had only made modified versions of already-patented products. It also transpired that, while passing himself off as an "electronics engineer", in truth he was little more than a TV repairman with a gift of gab.

    Had a brief affair with Cynthia Lennon, after she learned of husband John's relationship with Yoko Ono; last visited her to break the news that John planned to sue *her* for divorce (and custody of son Julian Lennon), on grounds of adultery.

    Made a poor impression on Beatles producer George Martin, who knew full well the limitations of Abbey Road's recording equipment without having to hear "These people are so out of date," when Mardas visited the studio. Despite his boasts to be designing a revolutionary new recording studio, to feature both a 72-track recording deck (when four- and eight-track were still the norm) and sonic screens (to eliminate the need for soundproofing), Martin couldn't help but notice Mardas studied Abbey Road's methods as closely as possible during his visits, while still mocking their "obsoleteness" - and Martin had the last laugh, when the Alex-designed Apple Studio (located in the basement at Savile Row) proved to be an unworkable joke, with no innovations and many obvious technical shortcomings, and "Magic Alex" was told to disappear.

    Accompanied the Beatles to India for their stay with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; was the one who suggested the Maharishi had been trying to seduce Mia Farrow and other women at the camp, leading to the Beatles' breaking ties with him.

    Was nicknamed "Magic Alex" by John Lennon, who was amazed by the electronic gimmicks and toys he seemed to endlessly produce. Similarly impressed the other Beatles, who leased him a laboratory, named him head of Apple Electronics, and counted on his ideas to help make Apple a financial success, through commercial products based on his creations.

    Greek by birth; became acquainted with the Beatles (introduced to them by Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones) when they considered buying or leasing an island off the Grecian coast to move to, claiming he had family in the Greek government who could help them.

    Shared a flat in London with Jenny Boyd, during the late 1960s; they lived as "brother and sister", and were dating other people.

I remember reading about him from the book -- the Beatles Anthology! Wasn't he the one with the...flat little wall speakers in the 60's? He installed them into the Abbey Road studios -- didn't work very well?

o_____o It sucks not remembering stuff. XD

Wonder what happened to Magic Alex

[quote by=IndicaWalrus,m=1103838424,s=2 date=1104978730]Wonder what happened to Magic Alex[/quote]

yeah, I also wonder... provably pc knows?  :)

Wayne L.:
Magic Alex was a trip mentally & intellectually during his days working at Apple but John was naive at the time believing in this joker.  


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