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Japanese guys perception of Yoko Ono

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Loco Mo:
Did Japanese guys consider Yoko hot?  I'm american born raised and degraded.  So I wonder if I were a Japanese guy would I have considered Yoko a babe?  Or am I biased against her because I'm not Japanese?  I mean she was all right, but she seemed sort of like an eccentric black witch to me.  She'd have been great in the Wizard of Oz, I think.  The dark witch vs the white witch.  In the end, who would have prevailed?  Well, in real life, she did.

Hello Goodbye:
Well let's put it this way, Loco Mo, she's not wearing a costume in this picture...

Loco Mo:
OMG!  I dived under my bed when I saw this.  I must still be a kid at heart cuz I'm still skeered of witches!

Hello Goodbye:
Some are really nice...


In My Life:

--- Quote from: Loco Mo on February 27, 2016, 02:39:25 AM ---OMG!  I dived under my bed when I saw this.
--- End quote ---

I hope I don't have any weird dreams after seeing it!

--- Quote from: Hello Goodbye ---Some are really nice...
--- End quote ---

She was! I always loved Bewitched and still wish I could wiggle my nose and get the same results that Samantha did. And even when she was wearing her flying suit she still looked sweet.


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