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I Am Looking For Original Parlophone/Apple (45's) Singles, Any you want to sell?


Bingo Bongo:
I'm on a mission to start collecting the Original 45's from the UK only. Must have the correct green Parlophone sleeves.

Only interested in the singles that weren't on LPs, so not interested in "Please Please Me/Love Me Do" single, as an example.

The exception would be a song like "Yes It Is" which is the B side of "Ticket To Ride", as it wasn't on the Help! LP.

Also interested in the Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane picture sleeve single. Got it now, Woo-Hoo!

Same with the UK Apple singles, must have the black Apple sleeves.

Don't necessarily have to be in great shape, but acceptable.

If your interested in selling, give me a PM. I'm in Canada.

Bingo Bongo


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