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NEMS Stramsact Seltaeb Beatles memorabilia contracts on ebay UK


Marcus G:
Hi, all,

There's a unique archive of 1963-64 Stramsact Ltd - Seltaeb Inc - NEMS Enterprises Ltd Beatles memorabilia documentation currently listed for auction on ebay UK. Over 20 lots ending between Saturday 12th and Tuesday 15th November, including:

1) A previously undocumented 3rd part to the NEMS-Beatles management contract, dated 5 May 1964, concerned specifically with merchandising.

2) A 13 page 1964 list, with items licensed and manufacturers names and addresses, of all the official NEMS Beatles merchandising licences.

3) Ten 1964 letters of enquiry regarding the availability of licenses - two of them addressed to Brian Epstein - from agents and manufacturers in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Japan.

4) The infamous original 4 December 1963 Stramsact (aka Seltaeb) - NEMS Beatles merchandising rights contract splitting income 90%-10% in Stramsact's favour.

This archive is being sold not for my benefit, but for that of its longtime owner, a former Director of Stramsact Ltd... Which is why I don't feel too bad about turning up here asking you to take a look and/or inform any of your friends who might be interested.

Ebay search "Beatles - NEMS Enterprises management contract part 3" and then 'see other items'.


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