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Author Topic: George & Paul's relationship after The Beatles  (Read 25207 times)

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Re: George & Paul's relationship after The Beatles
« Reply #40 on: December 04, 2014, 07:53:06 PM »

Nimrod I'm sure I heard in an interview that George was asked to be involved in Give My Regards to Broadstreet but he (wisely I think) turned Paul down. George's involvement in films has been a lot more artistically successful.

Also you say Paul was trying to be all of The Beatles in that video but Coming Up wasn't a Beatles song or am I missing something?

I remember seeing the Coming Up video in 1980 and just thinking it was funny. No underlying statement detected. And actually it was nice to see one of them referencing their Beatles past as they had all spent so much of the seventies distancing themselves from it and trying to create new personas (and failing).i accept Paul can be annoying as hell but I do think this was a harmless bit of fun.
Re the main topic - it appears clear to me that George doesn't like Paul. And paulstrikes me as emotionally detached and probably not really close to anyone.

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