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Cant remember who it is that is interested in them....Kathy ?

Well anyway Im off on a 21 day cruise on Friday, Stops are Brisbane Darwin Bali Singapore Thailand (2 stops) Viet Nam (2 stops) then Hong Kong (4 nights)

Im on the Golden Princess

Cant wait...all that food yum yum, will be hard to stay within my BMI  ???

wow, 21 days is a lifetime, have a great time.

In My Life:
That sounds fantastic Kev! I understand your concerns with the food and it's great that you have done so well with maintaining a healthy diet. You've been through a lot and you don't want to do that again! One thing I've read about for times like this is the 80/20 rule. If you can stay right on track 80% of the time then having a treat, the 20%, won't undo all your efforts and you're not consumed with thoughts of what you may be missing. My problem is keeping to the 20%!


--- Quote from: nimrod on April 06, 2016, 11:08:08 AM ---Cant remember who it is that is interested in them....Kathy ?

--- End quote ---

Yup, that's me! Wow, that sounds like a fantastic cruise, Kevin. I hope you have a wonderful time.

One good way to burn off the calories from the continually offered delicious food is to walk around the deck -- much more fun than just a regular walk on land.  :)

Please let us know how it was when you get back!

Were both quite good at resisting Kelley, just a little treat here and there and what I learned about cruises also is choose the fish off the menu quite often and try not to eat many carbs, like bread & potatoes, I love nice fish so all should be ok :)

We did a lot of deck walking on the last cruise Kathy, and I visited the gym a few times which was right at the top of the ship, it mustve had the best view of any gym in the world, here it is;

This cruise is aboard the Golden Princess

Golden Princess is a Grand-class cruise ship with Princess Cruises that entered service in 2001. She is the sister ship of Grand Princess and Star Princess. She measures 109,000 gross tons and carries 2,600 passengers plus 1,100 crew members


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