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Author Topic: Beatles Mastermind 3  (Read 1483 times)

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Beatles Mastermind 3
« on: March 23, 2008, 12:15:07 PM »

Each week, for ten weeks, I'll be posting ten questions in ten separate categories, including pictures, video's, and soundclips. Some will be easy, and some pretty tough, so you'll need to get your thinking caps on.

Two points will be given for every correct answer, unless specified otherwise. For instance, in the case of a two part question, points will be awarded accordingly. Ten points will be awarded for 'The Big Finish' question. A further five points will be awarded to anyone who answers all questions correctly.

Please do not post your answers on the forum. PM them to me with the heading 'Mastermind 3', no later than 12 noon GMT on Sunday 30 March.

You may PM me any corrections to your answers as long as I receive them before the closing time of that particular round. Round 1 finishes Sunday 6 April at 12 noon GMT. Just send the corrected answer(s) not the whole thing.

Any queries can be made on the other thread: Beatles Mastermind - Notes & Queries. http://www.dmbeatles.com/forums/b-games/m-1204850121/

Round 3 of Beatles Mastermind.

Beginnings (2 points)
"With The Beatles" saw George Harrison's debut as a composer (apart from the instrumental "Cry For A Shadow" which he wrote with Lennon and was released on different Tony Sheridan records here and there prior to Beatlemania). The song was composed in Bournemouth in August 1963 where they were fulfilling a six nights engagement. It was a response to a friend of their's who kept annoying George by asking him why he didn't write songs by himself not to have to sing Lennon-McCartney's anymore. The answer was "Don't Bother Me". What was the name of this Liverpool first days' friend?

Beatlemania (2 points)
Which was the first released Beatles song to exceed 3 minutes?

The Studio Years
(2 points)
Who arranged the strings to She's Leaving Home?

And In The End (4 points)
When was John & Paul's last interview together, and who interviewed them.

At The Movies
(2 points)
In which James Bond film does Sean Connery say "some things just aren't done...like listening to The Beatles without ear muffs"?

Quote Unquote (4 points)
Who said this: "I feel now, on reflection, that we could have used our power a lot more for good. Not for politics, but just to be more helpful. We could have been some bigger force. It's an observation, not a regret. Regrets are useless."?

The Big Picture (Max 10 points)
Below is part of a picture of someone who was closely connected with The Beatles. Guess who it is and today you'll get 10 points. Each day I'll add a section to the picture, but the points available will go down. The sooner you guess it, the more points you'll get. I'll allow everyone one guess per day. PM me with your answer with the heading 'Picture'. If I don't reply it means you're wrong! As of 19:40 GMT Thursday 27th, only Zipp has the correct answer.
There are no more parts to this picture, so this is it. For 2 points:

Name That Tune (4 points)

Beat The Intro (4 points)

The Solo Years (2 points)
Who was Clint Harrigan

The Big Finish (10 points)
When and how did Ingrid Pederson find out that she was related to a Beatle?


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