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Author Topic: Ringo's parents  (Read 798 times)

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Ringo's parents
« on: November 27, 2016, 01:42:57 AM »

It struck me recently whilst leafing through one of my Beatle books that there is little if any information about Ringo's mum and dad.

We know his mother Elsie and father Richard divorced when Ritchie was three years old, and we know a fair bit about his stepdad Harry Graves.

What I cannot seem to find....anywhere....is confirmation of when either of Ringo's biological parents passed away. This seems unusual - we know so much about the circumstances, causes of and reactions to the departures of Paul's mother Mary, John's mother Julia and George's mother Louise. But I cannot even reliably establish the YEAR that Elsie died. Michael Seth Starr's biography "With A Little Help" simply says "1986". Other sources I've read say 1987; one online "authority" emphatically dated it to 1998. I trawled through Keith Badman's "After The Break Up" for '86 and '87 - no mention. This despite his even chronicling, for example, the death of Decca's A&R man Dick Rowe who famously rejected the lads' audition...yet the passing of a Beatle mother doesn't receive an entry???

I can more readily understand the mystery surrounding Richard Sr's death. He vanished from Ringo's life early on and only very fleetingly overlapped with it many years later, never wanting to be a part of The Beatles' bandwagon and making no effort to reconnect with his famous son or capitalise on his fame. Apparently he remarried, but of his eventual fate - who knows? He was born in 1913 so would be 103 by now (possible but unlikely!) again, not a clue as to when, where or how he bowed out, unlike the other three Beatle dads.

I realise this is a morbid subject - sorry. But you would think in this internet age when virtually nothing is beyond access and with the well-chronicled minutiae surrounding all aspects of an ex-Beatle's life there would be some reliable evidence out there somewhere.

Anyone able to shine a light? 
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Re: Ringo's parents
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2016, 02:16:14 AM »

A death date of 1987 is given in Ancestry search results for Elsie Gleave Starkey. Unfortunately, I can't get past that since I'm not a member at the moment. But I'll add her name to my list of things to search when I do get the subscription again.

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