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Title: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Paul on August 31, 2008, 03:21:41 PM
Here's an idea:
we gonna write our own Beatles story all together.

Each one of us write a sentence or two.

What do you say?

I'll start.

It's morning... John wakes up because the phone is ringing... "Yes"he says and on the other line on the phone is George."Hi there John"
John:For God's Sake George is ten o'clock, don't you think that I'm SLEEPING!
George:Well that's the point, that's why I'm calling... But Paul was angrier than you...And Ringo was...
John:OK I don't care, just let me go back to bed...
George:Oh no... You're coming with us for a cup of coffee man...
John: Do I have a choice?
George:Yeah, whatever man...
And then the Beatles...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 03, 2008, 02:41:17 AM
So they boys all went out for coffee, but then John suddenly shot up in his chair. "Wait a minute! This is England!"
Ringo understood and he shot up too. "He's right, you know! Waiter, bring us some tea, if you will!"
And all was good in the world of delicious Earl Grey tea...
A giant ball of yarn rolled down the sidewalk, right past the lads! It crushed the table right next to them and they all jumped back against the cafe's window.
(Just trying to get this party started. XD Seems like a fun idea, making a story together like this. We play this game in Theatre & Drama a lot. ^^)
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 03, 2008, 11:01:58 AM
(Crazy people on these forums these days.  ;D)
...Paul realized that the yarn was pink. He needed a gift for his girlfriend, ME (In my dreams!).  Paul chsed after the ball of yarn with nothing but a fork and a plate.
While Paul went and got me a gift, Ringo saw the yarn as red and screamed, "KAHILI IS STILL AFTER ME? It's just a ring! I'm Ringo! RING-o." John poked fun at Ringo and said, "You're somewhat attractive. Maybe Kahili likes you!!!" John and George went on making kissy faces at Ringo.
As the boys were making kissy faces, Paul came back up with my yarn only to see the boys making kissy faces. Paul said, "Oh, I'll just go if you want..." as a joke.
Paul turned to leave but...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 07, 2008, 09:19:30 PM
Bwahaha! XD That's awesome!!
As long as no one else cares to post...

There was George Martin standing right behind him, out of breath. "*Huff, huff!* Boys! *Huff, huff!* Brian needs you to get down to the studio right away. We need you to make some new songs for us."
George snapped up, trying to ignore the fact that he was making a fool of himself in front of Martin. "What for?" he sweated.
"You boys are going to be a new movie! Forget "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help!" This one will be starring Paul's wonderful girlfriend, Bianca. It's a tragic tale about a Romeo and Juliet-like romance between the two-- King Paul and Princess Bianca."
"And where do we come in?" John asked, point at himself, George, and Ringo with his thumb.
"You're probably the maid, John," Paul smiled. "Sure! And Ringo will be my cook. And George can be my royal foot-scrubber."
"Sounds like a jolly time," Ringo rolled his eyes.
"We better go find Bianca and tell her before we record any new songs."
But all of a sudden.......

XD Enjoy.~
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 07, 2008, 09:42:02 PM
...Paul turned and tripped over Mr. Martin's foot! Paul coudln't be the king anymore! George said, "I'll be the king! Oh BIANCA!!!" John got angry, because he didn't want to be the maid, so he said, "No! I started this band, I get to be the king!" There John stood in his glory of being the maid-king. Ringo stepped forward and said, "Not fair. I'm the oldest one here. Not you or you, or you. Me. And besides, I heard she likes older men." As Bianca (oh wait, that's me!) walked towards them, Paul, still on the ground, pulled Mr. Martin in front of him. "I can't let her see me!"
When Bianca arrived, she said, "Hello boys. You're missing one."
George said, "It was a long battle, but Paul just couldn't get your yarn. I'm sorry." George Stepped toawrd Bianca and put his arm around her. Bianca was totally in love! But then...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 07, 2008, 10:49:12 PM
*Dies laughing~!* Hail da maid-king!!

Paul shot up and pointed at George. "You stealing my woman, sucker?"
Bianca (if I may) sweated. and ducked from under George's arm. "Let's not fight, boys."
Ringo walked up to her. "Hey, baby. You decide who is to be the king in the movie, huh?" He bounced his eyebrows and smiled like he does. "Choose wisely," John said, flexing stupidly and leaning toward her.
Mr. Martin slapped his face. "We don't have time for this, boys-- ...and Bianca. We've gotta get to the studio and started writing some songs!"
"I'll write a song about MYYY lovely Bianca!" Paul said, nodding.
"And I'll steal the song and sing it a hundred times better than Paul could," George smiled.
"Let's just go!!" Martin said, pulling everyone along to the studio.
Once there...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 07, 2008, 11:07:22 PM
Man! I LOVE this story!!!

...Mal Evans was sitting there with chocolates and flowers. No, they were chocolate flowers! "Oh, thank you, Malcom! You are VERY kind." said John as he took the chocolate flowers. He turned to me (YAY!) and said, "My love, He be your flowers of the sweet confection."I took the flowers and blushed. Paul, being the jealous man he was at the time, kicked Mal off of the chair he was sitting on and told me to sit on my throne. I blushed even harder. George got me a cold towel so I could cool down from all the excitement. Here comes more blushing. Ringo then fulfilled his dreams and started playing with my hair! Mr. Martin wasn't very happy about this. Ringo promised Mr. Martin that HE was gonna be his first customer. Mr. Martin was about to say something, but...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: fan numero uno on September 08, 2008, 07:36:43 PM
This story is just ridiculous! lets see if i can, um, improve it a little. :P this is for you, Bianca. lets call it continuing our, uh, interesting conversation on the bus...

At that moment, FNU walked in! Four jaws just dropped when the Boys saw her. She said, "Hi, im FNU, sorry im a little late..."
Ringo was the first to come to his senses and helped her with the huge box she was carrying. Then, he yelled out, "Hey! Does the chef in this movie have a wife?"
Paul, seeing where he was getting at, stood up and said, "Yeah! And how can i be a king without a queen!"
While John said, "I'm a king too! A maid-King! Dont I get a queen?"
George, however, took a more direct approach. "Are you doing anything for dinner anytime soon?"
FNU was surprised by all of this. it was so sudden. She had never even met them before, and all she could say was, "Boys, this is so sweet, but really, I'm just here to help with the directing. Though dinner sounds lovely. When are you free?"
"Anytime, for you." Paul answered. FNU was confused, since she had been asking George.
Meanwhile, Bianca was looking jealously over and...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 08, 2008, 08:09:48 PM
You put yourself up for this...

...Bianca told FNU that there was a huge cake in the car and FNU ran for it! She totally wanted the cake. After FNU left, Bianca locked the door. George went back to Bianca and put his arm around her again. Paul got really mad. "Hey! I got you yarn with nothing but a plate and a fork! Isn't that impressive?" Paul then put his arm around Bianca. Ringo went up to her and said, "I can give you that hair style that you wanted. Only for you." Mr. Martin was getting really mad. He wanted his haircut and he wanted it now. Mr. Martin, being the clever man he is left, put on a dress and came back into the room. In a high-pitched voice, Mr. Martin said, "I here there's a hair dresser in here." John got frightened from the man-lady who walked in. He hid behing Bianca. Bianca was totally fine with man-lady and said, "Hi! I'm Bianca..." Man-lady was gonna say something to Ringo about hair, but then...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 08, 2008, 09:00:56 PM
You guys!! XD I don't think the Beatles were quite so... ............Will I be killed if I say 'Man Ho-ish'? XD Fun times... But I want some Beatles luvin' too! XD

A man rushed in and started waving his arms around.
"Hey, has anyone seen a huge ball of pink yarn? It's the biggest collection of pink yarn in the country and I-- ...Is that my yarn ball?!" he shouted, pointing at the ball of yarn that Paul had retrieved for Bianca. Paul and the man went at it. "Finders keepers, mister!" "Kids these days-- no respect!" "Do you know who I am, bud?!"

In the mean time, the boys saw this as an opportunity to get their fill of FNU and Bianca while Paul was distracted. John ran out to the car to help FNU find the cake. George took Bianca's hand and gave it a light peck. "You know, I was only joking about going with FNU. What do you say? Dinner at the Thai Food Palace at 6 tonight?" he smiled with a cheap wink. Ringo was busy with the man-lady until Pitch walked into the room. "Excuse me... I was told the famous Beatles would be performing here today. You see, I'm a newscaster and I need the latest scoop on the upcoming movie." Ringo and the man-lady stopped arguing and looked over. "Yeaaah!" Ringo smiled, rushing to Pitch. "Why, hello! Need a trim, miss?"
"Excuse me?" Pitch said, backing up, as he was a bit in her face.
"You know, a haircut!"
"I just need an interview is all..."
Mr. Martin spread out his arms and screamed, "THAT'S IT!!!"

Everyone, even John and FNU, who were just walking back in after finding no cake, stopped and looked at him.
"The movie will feature 4 kings and 4 princess and they shall have a terrible war over each princess!"
"Who's the fourth then, eh, George?" John asked Mr. Martin.
"I AM! Only because we're low on budget and I'm praying these three ladies will work for free. Now, who wants to be my king?"
The boys took a step back.

(...Sorry, that was a bit long. I just had to even things out with us chickies and the boys. XD))
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 08, 2008, 09:26:00 PM
(WHAT THE?!?!?!)
... In came a girl from the window!
"Who be you, wench?" said FNU getting into the part.
"I 'be' the producer." said Window girl.
"BRILLIANT!" Screamed Mr. Martin, still as a man-lady. The producer just looked at him. "How would you like to be an actress?" asked Mr. Martin.
"Will I get a producer's pay?"
"No, but you get a decent amount. Enough to pay the rent."
"I'll be in makeup!!!" The girl, Bianca, FNU, and Pitch all went to the makeup room together, gossiping about their kings. The boys were gonna get themselve powdered, but then...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 08, 2008, 09:53:20 PM
(What ever do you mean? XD)
The man strange yarn-man rolled his yarn out the large doors which Brian held open for him. Brian walked in to see the 4 Beatles and Martin. "...George, dare I ask why you are dressed like a woman?"
"I wouldn't if I were you, Brian," Paul sighed. "Or we'll have to tell the story all over again."
"Well," Brian said, dusting off his jacket in the front. "Any ideas for songs just yet?"
"Brian, the boys picked up some lady-friends to be in the cast, by the way. They don't have a problem with working for free!"
"Ah, very good.~ That will help greatly with the project. And anyway, the songs, boys?"
"I was thinking of writing a song called 'I Love You'," smiled Paul, thinking about Bianca.
"Well, I was thinking of writing a song called 'I Really Love You'," said John, pushing Paul away and thinking of FNU.
"Whatever, lads. I was going to write one called 'I Really, Really Love You'," George said, also thinking of Bianca.
"Too bad, eh, Brian? Because I will surely write an even better song called 'I Really, Really Love You More than George, John, and Paul'," Ringo said, cracking his knuckles.
"Oh, that's catchy!" Brian rolled his eyes.
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 08, 2008, 11:16:03 PM
Ringo said, "It's better than all of their songs combined!"
The boys started arguing about whose song was better. A few minutes later, Bianca, Pitch, and FNU walked into the room, only to hear the words, "My baked bread would SO taste better than yours!"
"No! Mine would be fresh!"
"Mine would be pretty!"
"Mine would be bread..."
Finally, Bianca screamed, "What is GOING ON?!?!"
Mr. Martin, sitting in a chair and rubbing his temples, said, "Don't. Just DON'T. I don't want to hear it again."
John started to speak, but then...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: fan numero uno on September 08, 2008, 11:28:30 PM
everyones gonna hate us after this! ;D

A GIANT PINK CAKE rolls through the door. It had lots of roses made of frosting, and sprinkles, and big hearts. "Wow. What the heck is up with that cake?" FNU asked, who was not a pink lover.
"SURPRISE!" Yells Paul. "I ordered it for you, Bianca, seeing its your birthday and all."
"My birthdays tomorrow...... BUT THANK-YOU!" She runs, hugs Paul, and dives into the cake. FNU, Pitch, and producer girl just stared at her, in disbelief. George was all mad that Paul had gotten a hug, and jealous, so he said, once Bianca resurfaced, "It was my idea, you know."
That got Paul and George arguing again, and our friend Mr. Martin began to rip out his own hair in frustration.
Thats when...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 09, 2008, 01:32:18 AM
((That bread bit was GENIUS! XD))
The man from the bakery came looking for his cake, much like the man who had misplaced his giant yarn ball.
"You know, there's a lot of arguing here," Pitch said, pushing up her glasses.
"Indeed," said the producer.
"Maybe," started Bianca. "We should all go out. It's kind of stuffy in here."
"Must be getting to their brains," said FNU.
"Hey, boys! Forget the bread. The ladies would like to get something to eat!" Mr. Martin shouted.
The Beatles and Brian all looked up. "Gear! We could hit the Thai Food Palace!"
Pitch groaned. "Thai?"
"Don't worry. I'm sure they have something that's not repulsive," Brian smiled, trying to make everyone laugh. George took it offensively, however.
"Heh," Pitch sweated and moved away from Brian a bit. Frankly, he creeped her out. ((Bwaha! So sorry... He just kinda does. XD))
So, everyone went out to eat, where...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 09, 2008, 11:10:17 PM
... A bakery randomly walked to their table and had fresh bread sticks! "Mmm. This is good bread." said Bianca. She chomped on her breadstick like there was no tomorrow. "My bread could be better..." muttered John. Everyone heard him except for the bakers. One bakes disappered like magic. "Whoa. Where the baker with the floral apron go?" asked Ringo. All of a sudden, the song We Can Work It Out blasts on and out comes the baker juggling 3 eggs! George found a rain poncho and put it over Bianca's head. Everyone eondered where got that rain poncho. Still, no one knows. The juggling baker juggled faster, and faster, and faster! Then the song ended and PLOP! An egg landed on Pitch's plate. "Uhh... I like my eggs scrambled." Pitch said. Everyone, including the bakers, started laughing.Then, Ringo said, "Hey George, where'd you get that poncho?" George just sat there laughing. Paul didn't know what was going on, so he threw a breadstick at George. George was gonna throw a breadstick back, but...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 10, 2008, 10:55:04 PM
Someone grabbed it on the back-swing! It was the a baker. "Sir, the manager has requested that you would all play a song for us tonight. Care to oblige?"
George looked at the other boys. "Well?"
Paul shrugged. "What do you say, fellas?"
"I say let's do it!" John shouted with a big smile! They all rushed up on stage where they suspiciously found instruments that suited them. "Go, boys, go!" one of the girls shouted. "We are getting paid for this, right?" Brian asked to the manager who slipped away after Brian turned his head from him. The Beatles began to play "Twist and Shout" and everyone went out on the floor to dance. It was a real blast! And speaking of blast...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 10, 2008, 11:26:50 PM
BOOM. The eggs in the kitchen exploded! All of the cooks in the kitchen forgot about the food to watch the boys play. "Yeah well shake it-HUH?!?!" John sang/said. One cook went into the kitchen and said, "The egg go BOOM." Paul said, "Oh. Okay. Uhh..." The boys put their heads together and started talking. They went back you their mics and Paul said, "One, two, three, FOOOUUUR!" The were playing I Saw Her Standing There. Everyone went CRAZY! After they finished, they went into All My Loving and Roll Over Beethoven. After their mini-concert. The boys returned to their seats. Just as Ringo was sitting down, he noticed a breadstick. He took a bite and said, "Eww! It's hard!" George, looking confused, said "Will your bread taste like this, John?"
"No. Mine'll be fresh and better." John replied.
"I like bread!" shouted FNU. "I like bread a lot!" John was gonna call for the waiter but the waiter...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: fan numero uno on September 10, 2008, 11:42:46 PM
tripped in his anxiety of serving soup to the BEATLES! the actual Fab Four, who had played in their restaraunt. the scalding hot soup he was holding landed on a lady from table 5. luckily her date had some water to dump over her head, and a nice towel to sop the rest up with, before the burning REALLY started, but she was muttering about a law suit, so the Boys quickly payed the bill, collected the pay for the performance, and left.
Everybody decided a walk in the park for some air would be good, but as they turned into the entrance...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Kaleidoscope_Eyes on September 11, 2008, 10:27:30 AM
... they saw a lady who was wearing all white. she looked very much like a nurse ....
"Hey its a nurse" said George
"Leave my nose alone' said ringo
"Give 'er a pull" said John
"should I?" asked paul
"Would i offer otherwise?" said John in a John way
And so while the three beatles waited behind the tree, Paul walked up to the nurse and realized...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 13, 2008, 02:06:33 AM
... The nurse was Mr. Martin!
"*high pitched voice* Oh. Hello. Don't mind me... it's just for fun. *regular voice* Okay. I do this when I get bored. It's like fun." said Mr. Martin. Paul looked at the nametag and saw the name said, "Nurse Martini."
"I should have... oh dear. That's that? A wig?" Paul though.
The boys couldn't hear what was going on, and they didn't wanna. Bianca, Pitch and FNU, on the other hand, were really curious. They went over to save Paul.
"Hi Paul. How's it goo-- HUH?!?!" said FNU.
"Martini. Really, now?" said Bianca.
Pitch kinda stood there like this:  ??)
The boys, who got left behind the tree really wanted to know what was going on, so they came out from behind the tree. As they approached Nurse Martini, John gave out a joking wolf whistle. "Yeah George! Or should I say Nurse Martini."
George covered Bianca's eyes and said, "Sorry, but you're not allowed to see above the nurse's knees. You'll be scarred for life." Bianca was VERY glad that George protected her eyes.
Ringo ran back around the tree screaming, "ABOVE THE KNEES! ABOVE THE KNEES!"
Pitch went to go get Ringo, while still looking all  ??), when...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 13, 2008, 03:21:33 AM
Everyone ran around in a panic, screaming with their arms flailing!
Until in flew the amazing super hero......
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 14, 2008, 01:26:23 AM
*theme song* Maid-King! Fast, strong and smart.
He can fly, and that's a start!
*end of theme song*
"DON'T WORRY NURSE MARTINI! I'LL SAVE YOU!" said Maid- King as he posed. Whoosh! Up he goes into the air, with not a hair out of place.He found that big polka-dotted bird and went after him. After poking that bird a few times, the bird dropped Nurse Martini in slow-motion. "Yyyooouuu'lll pppaaayyy fffooorrr ttthhhiiisss." said Maid-King in slow-mo. He dived for the slow falling nurse. Maid-King ended up cattching... it and brought it safetly to the ground. "*high pitched voice* My hero! *leg pop*" said Nurse Martini. The rest of the people were gonna congratulate Maid-King/ John when...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 14, 2008, 03:06:37 AM
*Downloads Maid-King theme song onto MP3.*
Woot. 8)
----------------------- announcement came on the intercom at the park!
"Ladies and gentlemen," said the intercom voice man. "We now announce that we have to mow our grass. Please leave the park so we may do this."
So, everyone decided to go back to the Beatles' hotel room. The girls were amazed at how huge it was.
"This is bigger than my house," Pitch gazed. "I bet they have a pre-stocked ice-box here!" FNU shouted, running to check the fridge.
The boys took the coats from each girl except for FNU, who was no wearing one. They were about to hang them on the coat rack by the door, when they discovered it had been missing. When they turned back around to ask about it...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 14, 2008, 03:25:49 AM
... Bianca was dancing with the coat rack like it was a cane. "Sorry." said Bianca as she put it down. Bianca then ran to the ice box and joined FNU. "CHOCOLATE CAKE!" screamed FNU. A stempede of people ran to the fridge. As FNU was bringing it out, there was a huge chunk missing. Bianca got her head out of the fridge and she was covered in chocolate. "*muffles* I need milkie. Excuse me..." she said as she left for a glass. "*muffled* Where are the glasses?" Bianca asked. John ran to his suitcase and got a pair of glasses out and put them on her face. Bianca swallowed and said, "I can't see in these."
"You look good, though." said Georgie. Bianca attempted walking around, but she ended up walking out the door and into a wall. George directed her back into the room, and then she walked right into the counter. "MARCO!" screamed Bianca. FNU said "POLO!!!" right in Bianca's ear. She swung her arms around hitting, not FNU, but Ringo in the arm. "Hey!" Ringo said. John walked over to Bianca wanting his glasses back, but...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 14, 2008, 02:32:48 PM
Ringo suddenly snatched then off her face. "Watch where you're going, would you?" he said with a smile, putting on the glasses. "Hey, John! These are mine..."
"About that, Ringo," John began. "I do think they look better on me and not so great on you. So why not give them back, son?"
Pitch ran over and linked her arms around one of Ringo's. "It's okay, Ringo. I think you look fantastic either way!"
"Suck up," Paul mumbled under his breath before sipping at a glass of milk.
"Easy," John coughed.
"Infatuated," George whispered with a laugh.

Bianca plopped into a chair and the room stopped spinning after a moment. She looked over at Paul, who was in the chair next to her. "Hey, milk!" she smiled, grabbing at the glass. "Ask nicely!" smiled Paul, swirling the milk around in the glass. Before Bianca could even say anything...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 14, 2008, 11:32:23 PM
... George walked over with Bianca's milk. "Paulie's sick. I don't want you getting sick." saig George.
"Too late..." Bianca said. She sipped away at her milk.
"Hey, where's FNU?" asked John. Everyone looked for her, except Bianca, since she had milk.
"MARCO!" screamed Bianca, while still ploped in her chair. "LOCO!" screamed a confused Ringo. "It's 'Polo', Ringo. Loco is 'crazy' in Spanish." said John.
"Oops." Said Ringo while trying not to laugh at his mistake.
"MARCOOO!!!" screamed Bianca from her chair.
"CHICKEN!" FNU screamed. Everyone ran to the area of the chicken scream, except for Bianca. Pitch kicked a chair and someone screamed. George lifted the chair and there was FNU. "I got stuck under the chair. Everyone went to join Bianca, but she wasn't there. Her milk wasn't even there! Everyone looked for Bianca, but...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: fan numero uno on September 15, 2008, 12:32:33 AM
John was helping FNU get up from under the chair. "Why were you under that chair?"
"Uh, i didnt want to share my cake..........but here, have some!"
So while John and FNU had some delicious cake, everyone was looking for Bianca. Pitch looked under every chair, Ringo made sure she wasnt hiding in his Neb, George looked in the kitchen, and Paul was just screaming "BIANCA!"
suddenly, FNU shouted "POLO!"
"MARCO!" Everyone heard from behind them. BIANCA WAS STANDING THERE, WITH HER MILK!
"Where were you!" George cried, and ran to see if she was ok.
"what do you mean, nowhere?"
"I mean, that door leads to Nowhere Land!"
Everyone went to inspect the Nowhere door, and indeed, there was nowhere. Eeveryone stepped in, and there was Jeremy!
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 16, 2008, 12:54:21 AM
"Add hoc, add loc... The Beatles and girls. This one has glasses and hair curls!" said Jeremy. He pointed to Bianca. She didn't really have hair curls, just little flippies at the end of her hair.
"Hair curls?" asked Bianca.
"It rhymed this time and in this world!" replied Jeremy.
"Uhh... where's the door?" asked Paul.
"Door? Here? No such thing my dear." said Jeremy.
George and John giggled at the fact that Jeremy called Paul "dear". Ringo saked, "Where's the food?"
"After I finish this recipie, I will make spaghetti messily!" replied Jeremy. Jeremy was seriously getting on everyone's nerves. Everyone turned around only to find...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: fan numero uno on September 16, 2008, 01:02:09 AM
THAT THE DOOR HAD DISAPPEARED! "Oh No!" Everyone said. Now they were stuck there, with "rhyming" Jeremy.
"How're we supposed to get out of this mess?" Muttered Paul.
"Mess? That means, this is a job for....................... THE MAID-KING!" AND THERE HE WAS!
"oh, wait, hold on!" Said FNU, and she ran behind a screen that had appeared out of nowhere. (duh). and when she came out, she was, "THE MAID-QUEEN!" Everybody looked at her, as if saying, "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?!"
"My dad treats me like a maid all the time." FNU explained. Now that everyone was on the same page, they were still stuck!
"ok, so we've got some maid-royalties, the most AMAZING band ever, a girl with milk, me, and an annoying rhyming, uh, thing." Pitch ticked them off on her fingers. "Yep, looks hopeless."
But thats when......
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 16, 2008, 01:33:53 AM
((Sorry, guys. Never seen "Yellow Submarine". XD Bad Pitch... I think I've seen the scene with Nowhere Land, however... Let's see if I get this right! --For the most part.--))

The Beatles began to sing! They sang "Nowhere Man", of course. The others exchanged faces and shrugged, following along with silly dances and what now. Behind everyone, colours followed vibrantly! Wonderful shades of yellows and blues.
Nowhere Land was soon filled up with beautiful colours and suddenly, the Beatles broke out into a beautiful four-part harmony that no one had ever heard in any of their songs. The four parts somehow flowed form their hearts like wondrous blue colours of different textures, each of their voices making up a side of a large rectangle.
It was a door! Once the harmony part was over, everyone rushed to open it at once. They thought it would be the door home, but...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 16, 2008, 11:27:39 PM
(Bad Pitch!)
... It didn't lead home! It lead to a salon! A hair salon! Ringo's eyes lit up with happiness. He grabbed some scissors and said, "Who wants a trim?" Everyone backed away slowly. John backed up so far, he walked into a pretty pastel pink door. He turned around and opened the door. There was the closet of their hotel room! He could tell because of all of the pink stuff Bianca brought. "I FOUND HOME!" screamed Paul. Everyone rushed to the door except Ringo, who was still holding the scissors. "I have to walk slowly." said Ringo. John, carefully, grabbed the scissors out of Ringo's hands and pushed him towards the door. "Finally. I want a bite of that cake." said John. "George was the first in the pretty pastel pink door. He opened the door that lead to the hotel room and Paul was right! John pushed everyone aside to get that cake, but...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 17, 2008, 12:11:25 AM
((XDD Ringo...))

The room was empty. Completely empty...
All the furniture was missing, even the beloved cake. There were a few crumbs of it where the fridge ad been. John knelt down and cried over them. "But why is the cake gone?!" he sobbed.
FNU patted him on the back.
"Who could have done this?" Pitch asked.
"And why?" questioned George. "Everything it gone, but I'm pretty sure there were some things not worth taking."
"Like Paul's smelly socks," Ringo smiled, Paul leaning over to him with a fist. "I'll /sock/ you, bozo!"
Suddenly, Mr. Martin and Epstein walked in.
"Where were you two?!" John asked quite expressively.
"We had an amazing adventure in Nowhere Land!!" Bianca cried.
"Sure you did," Brain said, whistling as he spun a finger around one of his ears. "A bit loopy, this one," he said quietly to Paul.

"Sorry-- we were out buying some groceryyyy... Where's everything at?" Mr. Martin asked suddenly.
"We have no clue! Will you help us find it?" George asked.
But before there could be an answer...!!
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 17, 2008, 01:03:35 AM
(Oh great. Brian thinks I'm some loony!!!)
... Bianca fell through a tile in the floor. The tiles in that hotel were extremely large, so her body could fit through the hole when she fell.
"HELP!!!" she screamed.
"Do you need somebody's help?" replied John.
"Don't worry, Bianca! I'LL SAVE YOU!!!" Said George and he went down the hole. As he went down, everyone on the surface heard a number of sounds, like, "WHEE!", "OUCHIE!!!", "It's one BIG SLIDEEEE!!!!!", and, everyone's favorite, "I want seconds if I don't die first!!!"
George is a very loud screamer. Like, seriously loud. As he was approaching the bottom, he screamed back up to the others, "THIS IS IT." George plopped in a big cushion! Bianca was standing there near a fireplace listening to the crackling drinking some cocoa moo (chocolate milk). "Hey, George. Cocoa moo?" asked Bianca. George said yes. While Bianca got the cocoa moo, George screamed at the others that falling down the hole was the best thing EVER and everyone should come down. Everyone wanted to come down, but...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: mgc1 on September 18, 2008, 12:00:46 AM
heres a story for u:
guess the songs.. prolly wont be hard

(john (or/and paul) was questioning and studied unreal stuff (secrets?) in the UK
(he didnt tell any1 what he was doing (and found out stuf?))
(oh oh (danger?))

(back on the market)
(maxwell does something fishy)
(the beatles get p*ssed)
(but because they dont want to create a riot straight away)

(they tell maxwell to stop)
(without telling any1 else)
(so he stops)
(and apologizes?)

(maxwell who made laboratories)
(contacts him/them)
(and sets him/them up for a hit)

(on their way to the ""appointment"")
(death? knocks on their door)

(when the beatles, thinking the matter is solved, drop their guard)
(he pulls a dirty trick)

(the police (the beatles?) claim they have evidence of maxwell being corrupt)
(maxwell feels threatened?)
(maxwell threatens them)

(the girls beg them)
(to stop persuit of maxwell)
(but paul /john doesnt agree)
but once he made up his mind)
(he was shot in the back?)

(gunshots, some1s rich power came down on them unexpected)
(made sure the beatles couldnt continue)


(ur living your life like a normal person)
(and everything is peachy)
(then something happens but ur not really paying attention)
(its a truth with many layers)

(fake beauty of ? and money)
(control your mind)
(u search for the real truth)
And she's gone.

(look for the truth in parliament)
(where undecisive politicians grow fat (on money?))
(no1 believes what u see past the fake beauty)
(that is so very powerfull)

(the media takes u for a ride)
(hoping to charm u)
(read it and dont pay attention)
And you're gone.

(u think ur going somewhere but ur not)
(like the rest of the slaves, controled by the system)
(then something happens)
(its the truth with many layers)

(truth is up high where the rich and famous r)


(if i would decieve u)
(ull stop trusting me)
(so listen up, ive got something important to say)
(and ill try to make it as truthful as possible)

(what do we do now we lost paul?)
(can we continue without him?)
(we must continue the cause)
(but we cant do it without paul)

(but who should replace him?)
(i need some1 who cares)
(would anyone do?)
(no, a specific person)

(do u believe in destiny?)
Yes I'm certain that it happens all the time.
(whats hiding in the dark?)
(im not at liberty to say but i know its now mine to deal with)
(with help, i (billy shears) *(who?)* will continue)
(ill rise to the occasion)
(and try to help out)


(people don't want to see the truth)
(and therefor don't believe the evidence)
(of the power of the opposition)
(which we underestimated)
(but i say we carry on)

(nobody sees things the way i do)
(it's either yes or no)
('cause you can only chose 1 option out of the 2)
(and its for a good cause)
(or is it)

(sometimes i think i must be crazy to see what i see)
(but you know i'm not insane)
(nothing is the way it seems)
(and criminal)
(but you've got to be careful)
(we'll remember you)
i burried paul?

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WTHeck? XD

Mooooving right along with the story...

The lads knew that George usually knew how to have a good time, so they followed gladly, hopping down the slide one by one, with the remaining girls following. They laughed, threw their arms up, cheered, etc. They landed in a dog-pile at the bottom. The men scrambled to their feet, offering the ladies a helping hand in getting up.
"Hey, were are Brian and Mr. Martin?" Pitch asked. Everyone looked up to the opening high above them. They saw two figures peering down.
"We're fine up here," Brian said, waving slightly.
"Yeah," Mr. Martin started. "We have enough crazy adventures with you lot without falling down tiles in floors which lead to who-knows-where..."
Everyone shrugged and turned away, looking to George and Bianca, who were looking about the hidden room.
"Wow... This is all of our furniture!" John exclaimed.
"Right down to our fire place" Paul said.
"Even my cocoa moo!" Ringo whined, trying to take the chocolate milk from Bianca, hissing and trying his best to intimidate her.
"Don't make me whip out my KA-RA-TE!" Ringo exclaimed, making karate chops in the air. "Za za! Za za za za!!"

"I wonder how it all got down here," George said, scratching his head. Suddenly, the slide folded up into the ceiling and the opening above everyone closed! The fireplace was their only light... And then...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: mgc1 on September 18, 2008, 12:44:04 AM
and then john sais ""pay attention u fool""
""this is a true story, read it""
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 18, 2008, 01:04:10 AM
Quote from: 1546

And then...

... Bianca started freaking out a bit. "How do we get out? HOW DO WE GET OUT?!?!" Bianca isn't scared of the dark, but if it's complete darkness, like it was down there, she'll freak out. Bianca curled up next to FNU, who was the only one who knew what to do in this situation; she told Bianca her hair looked fabulous and she told her everything would be fine. To make Bianca feel even better, Ringo snuck up behind Pitch and started tickling her. That got Bianca laughing a lot.

Meanwhile, back in the real hotel room, Brian took a milk cartoon and tried smashing through the tile. Mr. Martin tried finding a knife, but that didn't work out. He did find scissors. Mr. Martin walked over to the tile but...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: fan numero uno on September 18, 2008, 01:12:49 AM
HE TRIPPED! He didnt get hurt, as he wasnt running but the scissors flew out of his hands and slid under the door into the hallway. He stepped outside to get them, but they had gone under the neighbors door as well. he went to knock on it.....

Meanwhile, the gang still hadnt found a way out. they were tapping the walls, looking for a door, and calling out to anybody that could here them, but no one came. "What are we gonna do?" Said Bianca, looking at FNU.
"Uh, well, not sure. but! the people who moved the furniture here cant have taken it through that slide, they must have a bigger door! so everybody, just keep looking..." Nobody had any luck finding a door.
"WE'RE DOOMED!" cried Pitch. Thats when a door opened, inside the fireplace! which turned out to have a fake flame in it.
"Well, would you look at that!" Cried George.
and standing in the doorway was...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 18, 2008, 02:21:25 AM
...Santa Claus!!!
Everyone simply stared.
"Well, hoho-hello, little ones!" the jolly and fat man laughed, pulling a black sack off his shoulder and stepping from the fake flames.
Whilst everyone else was staring, Ringo ran up to him. "See, I told you all!" The lads recalled Ringo once saying that the Beatles would really like to meet the real Santa Claus more than anyone.
"You all thought I was joking, huh? Well, here he is," smiled Ringo.

The fat man laughed and opened his bag. "Silly little Richard," he said.
Ringo gasped with excitement. "He knows my name!" ;D
Everyone just looked at each other, wondering what on earth was happening.
Suddenly, 'Santa Claus' took a 6-shooter from his black bag. "Put 'em up!!"
Everyone raised their hands and huddled together.
"But Santa-- why?!" Ringo cried.
"I'm not Santa!"
And as the man pulled off his beard, it was revealed that it was indeed...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 18, 2008, 09:33:32 PM

... Brian Epstein! He took the WATER gun and sprayed Ringo. "I found a way through the fireplace, though it was quite awkward getting in. Well, come along. Mr. Martin can't stall them too long." Everyone wanted to know who Mr. Martin was stalling. They walked through the fireplace door and into a coat rack in a dark closet. They opened the door and they were in the neighbor's hotel room! Everyone snuck out the door while Mr. Martin was screaming to the neighbor, who was turned around, about some scissors. "I'm telling you, those aren't mine! Mine are longer and pointier!" screamed Mr. Martin.
"These are the ones that slid under the door, so if you excuse me, I want to go back to my bath." said the hotel neighbor.
"That's it! I'm coming in! I want my scissors and I want them now!" yelled Mr. Martin as he watched the others leave. As soon as the last one in the line, Santa/ Brian, left, Mr. Martin looked with confusion and he told the angry neighbor, "Nevermind. These are mine. Have a good day!" And walked out. He was heading back to the hotel room but...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 25, 2008, 01:57:09 AM
In the room was all the furniture, put back into place perfectly-- right down to the chocolate cake. John made sure of that. He and FNU dived for it.
Everyone wondered how the stuff could get back to quickly. They sat and shouted out ideas one by one for at least an hour's time.
"Maybe it was all in our heads!" George suggested.
"Yeah, like a crazy dream," said John, mouth full of cake.
"And we all had it together?" Pitch raised a brow.
"Maybe it was magic!" exclaimed Paul, sitting up from the arm of a recliner.
"Yeah, and pigs can fly," Bianca said.
"Hey," Ringo began. "We went to Nowhere Land! I think that proves that anything is possible."
"Well, okay, let's say it was magic," said Mr. Martin. "Who would have done it?"
Everyone shifted their eyes to Brian. "Don't look at me!" he shouted, backing away. "Just because I dressed like Santa doesn't mean I have his real magic, okay?"
They all sat and though for a moment later. Then, only then, did they realize that the only person who could have done it WAS...!!!
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 28, 2008, 11:56:04 PM
... JEREMY!!!
"I should have known... better. Really. I even wrote a song about him and what does he do? He takes my chocolate cake! And the furniture, but really, THE CAKE!" John shouted. Angry hotel neighbors pounded on the walls screaming to quiet down.
"HEY! I'M A BEATLE ANDI'LLDOWHATEVERIWANT!!!!!" (Translation: "Hey! I'm a Beatle and I'll do whatever I want!!!!!") John screamed. He immediatly rolled onto the bed, almost rolling over Bianca, who sprung up, and started tearing up. Bianca petted John's hair as FNU grabbed the rest of the cake and a fork.
"Here. Cake'll make you nice and better." FNU said. Ringo and George were in major shock after the mini breakdown John had. Paul had disappeared and when John saw that, he screamed for Paul. "I need to talk to Paulie! He has the stuff!"
Paul was wandering around the hotel room wondering where the producer girl had gone. Everyone left Paul and JOhn to talk over "the stuff". No one knew, but the stuff was really...
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((Ahahaha. XD I thought you were talking about getting high with a little help from his friends. ;D))

--mustard!! Oh, yes. John could live off of nothing but mustard for days on end... But he couldn't let his secret out. That would ruin him!
Eventually, John and Paul stumbled across each other.
"Hey, Paulie, you got the stuff?" John asked.
"Oh, yeah, sure. this must be serious since you're resulting to mustard like this. I thought you had given it up once and for all, John," Paul sighed, pulling mustard from a pocket inside of his jacket. John just ignored him, snatching the bottle and squirting some of it into his mouth.
"Do you know where that lovely producer woman went to, John?"
"No, not at all. Now that you mention it... She didn't come back from Nowhere Land with us, did she?" John said between gulps of mustard.
The others walked over the the two Beatles as John secretly slid the mustard back into Paul's jacket.
((This is too weird. o___o))
"So," Bianca started. "Then she could have taken the furniture!"
"And the cake!" cried FNU.
"The fiend!" shouted George. "She could be working with Jeremy on all of this."
"We should find out where they're hiding," Ringo pointed out.
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Post by: fan numero uno on September 30, 2008, 01:38:00 AM
Everybody sat around thinking. "Maybe she's still in the hotel?" Pitch suggested. Everyone agreed that this was an excellent place to start, and George, Pitch, and Ringo went downstairs to check the lobby. FNU went to ask all the neighbors if they had seen a pretty, yet possibly evil girl running around with a Nowhere Man.

Meanwhile, Bianca, Paul, and John were still in the room. "Hey, uh, thanks Paul. i dont know what came over me. I sear, i truly will give up, the, uh "stuff"."
"Aw, i know. its all right." Paul and John had stepped aside, so that Bianca couldnt hear them, but suddenly she ran over.
"HEY! what did you mean by that producer girl being lovely?!?!?!"
Paul started stammering, with John laughing quietly in the background at the look on Biancas face. "Well, i just meant, that, she was....."
"Beautiful?" Said a cool voice from behind them. It was Producer Girl!
"It's Producer Girl!" John yelled.
"I have a name, you know!"
"Yes, im sure you do."
But Bianca wanted to get to the point. "Did you steal all our stuff?!?!?! and then returned it?!?!?!"
She opened her mouth to answer...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on September 30, 2008, 02:11:33 AM
...but she had squirted ketchup on her sandwich.
"Get her out." said John quietly to Paul and Bianca. Bianca shooed her off and then turned to Paul.
"What do you mean by 'lovely'?" she asked with fury.
"... John drinks mustard." Paul said.
"WHA-- Okay..." Bianca said. John stood there looking at Paul as he backed away slowly.
"Hey Paulie. Answer the question. I need that answer. THE ANSWER!!!" Bianca said.
"It was the mustard fumes. John has me hold his mustard just in case he needs it. You know, at times like this. Save him, Bianca!" Paul threw out there. John said, "I don't need saving! Look!" and he carried Bianca. Bianca screamed with joy and happiness and Paul said "Unhand her!"

A few minutes later, the rest of the gang came back to see Bianca hiding under a bed and John and Paul squirting mustard and ketchup at each other. All was fun, as well as funny, until...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on September 30, 2008, 11:46:23 PM
...someone gets hurt.
Someone always gets hurt. A nice squirt of ketchup in the eye will do that to you, don't you know? Be careful with your condiments, children.
Any who, Paul was hit terribly in the face with a harsh shot of ketchup. Bianca rushed over as John held the 'dying' Paul in his arms.
"John, I have to tell Bianca something... How can she ever find out?! I don't even know where she is in this crazy world!" he cried, gasping for air.
"Uhm... I'm right here, Paul," Bianca said.
"Oh, right-o." He seemed rather over his 'death'. "Well, I just thought you should know the truth. I think she is a very lovely lady simply because... She's my sister."

Gasps filled the room as the others rushed in suddenly. "We thought you only had a brother, Paul," said George.
"Yeah, and that step-sister of yours too," Pitch pointed out.
"Ah, that's just what you all think," Paul said, wiping the ketchup from his face. "She doesn't know, so don't fill her in on it! But she's actually my... /twin/!"
Everyone was about to burst into an uproar of questions and comments, but before they could...
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... There standing in the doorway is the producer girl.
"I heard that, and I'll prove you wrong! Oh, and my name is Paula. Just so you know."
Everyone stared at her in disbelief. George pulled her to the now healed Paul.
"Good God, they look nothing alike!" said George. Everyone gathered around to see, except for Ringo. He kept jumping up and down trying to see, since everyone was in his way.
"Anyways," Paula started, "I can prove we're not twins. First off, I'm American. He's British. Second, I'm adopted, yet born on the same day. And, lastly, I'm blond. You're kind of a brunette. So... hah."
Everyone was confused. Paul stood up, finally, and said, "Mommy lied?"
"Yep. She lied, Paul. But, it was all for me. So... no blaming her."
"Paula, I have a question," Bianca asked, "How did you get your hair so cute like that?" Everyone rolled their eyes and giggled, except for Ringo. He needed more haircut ideas. Paula was about to start, but...
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Post by: Pitch on October 02, 2008, 03:13:57 AM
Suddenly Paul couldn't take it anymore!
His own mother had lied... What a terrible thing for him, of course. He ran over, scissors in hand, and chopped off Paula's ponytail.
Everyone stared, jaws open, eyes wide, stunned by such an act.
Paul suddenly stopped breathing so hard and he calmed down after taking deep breaths. "Well," he began. "Sorry about that," he smiled, tossing away the scissors and clapping his hands against one another. "I don't know /what/ came over me." He walked away, shrugging and laughing about the whole ordeal.
Everyone was still in shock.
They were just about to snap into the reality of it all, untiiiiil...~
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on October 02, 2008, 07:41:13 PM
(No! Not the hair!!!)
...Paula got out the ketchup and squirted Paul in the face, hitting him in the eye once again. Bianca came by his side , ONCE AGAIN, and said, "Is there anything else you'd like to tell me? Missing toes, fake hair, anything?"
Paul turned to her and said, "One strand of your hair is standing up." Paul fixed Bianca's hair and stood up. "Who said I was dead? That person is some loony." said Paul. All laughed, except for the ponytail-less Paula. Paula stormed out and Paul quickly shut and locked the door. "No more of her. So... what do we do now?"
"Yeah. What DO we do now?" asked an already bored George. Everyone shouted out answers. Then, one caught Pitch's attention. "I say, Ringo, you're idea is fab! We should all go..."
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on October 03, 2008, 10:21:36 PM
" the water park in the next city over!"
Eveyrone cheered and rushed to grab swimsuits. The boys hurried to put on their swim-shorts.
The girls looked at each other. "We don't have suits," FNU said, looking up at the boys. The other girls nodded.
"Well, then," smiled Ringo. "We'll just have to fix that!"
He flipped a light-switch next to himself. The couch suddenly flipped into the wall!! And out flipped several clothing racks and tables with swimsuits of all sorts and a lot of groovy 60's attire.
"Take your pick," said George.
The girls smiled widely and ran over toward the clothing racks and tables, throwing clothes everywhere as they scrambled through the choices.
After the girls searched for their suits and the boys dodges the flying clothing, the perfect swim-suits were found!
Everyone threw on some clothes and ran downstairs to the car, totally forgetting all about how the furniture had gone missing. Who cares?! They were going to the water park!
Before anyone could jump into the car, however, there was suddenly...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on October 04, 2008, 12:53:28 AM
...rain. Not fun, huh? Either way, it was still warm out, so they still went to the water park. FNU was scared that her hair would puff out. Pitch lent her a bandana, and Bianca lent her a headband for extra support.

They all got to the water park, but it was closed! Everyone was all sad. Then, Pitch, FNU, and Bianca thought of a great idea.
"Hey everyone! Let's all go the the REAL park and play there!" exclaimed Bianca. Everyone agreed, and they all piled into the car and went to the state park.
Once they got there, Bianca immediatly dived into a mud puddle. George joined her in the mud. FNU and John jumped around in some water and Pitch and Ringo just danced around in the rain. Paul, however, didn't want to get dirty. Everyone looked at each other and pulled him into the mud. he had a great time! Actually, EVERYONE had a greata time, until...
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Post by: fan numero uno on October 05, 2008, 11:47:26 PM
the thunder and lightning started! "Aw, what a way to end the fun!" Said a disappointed, and mud splattered, Ringo. Everyone agreed that it was TOTALLY unfair, but as they couldnt stand around in the thunder, they headed for the car.
"Hey, since we are all out on the town, and the day is still young, we should just have some fun inside somewhere!" Bianca said, "I mean, are we just gonna go, and run and hide our heads? We might as well be dead!"
John and Paul looked at each other, and started writing something down on a piece of paper, talking in whispers and ignoring everybody.
"Hey, John, what are you?....oh, never mind."FNU said."Biancas right, LETS DO SOMETHING!"
"Lets all go and mess about in that factory over there!" Ringo cried.
"What sort of factory is it?" Pitch asked.
"Who knows, but i hope its food!" So, everybody ran out of the car, FNU dragging John along, Bianca Paul, and headed to the factory....
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on October 05, 2008, 11:56:31 PM
Everyone was welcomed.
"Hello!" said a very happy man, "I'm Wilson! Welcome to the cheese factory!"
Everyone ran around in the factory wearing their swim suits and a hair net. Everyone looked really funny.
"WHEE! This conveyor belt is fun!" said Ringo. Bianca ran towards the conveyor belt and jumped on. "You're right, Ringo! This IS fun!!!"
Everyone ran towards the converyor belt and jumped on. Wilson pulled a lever and the conveyor belt went faster! Everyone sat down in a line and threw their hands up when they turned corners.
"Hey, what's at the end of the belt, Wilson?" shouted John.
"A slide into a cheese pool!!!"
Eveyone waited for the cheese pool...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on October 10, 2008, 09:21:06 PM
...but the conveyor sudden broke! Wilson sighed and let out a "Not again."
The others groaned and complained. John hopped off and gave one of the legs of the conveyor belt a nice, hard kick. It suddenly went faster than ever! FNU, who was at the back of the line, pulled John onto the belt as she passed him. They all slid into the cheese pool eventually, laughing, and having a nice melted-cheese fight! All was going wonderfully well until...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on October 11, 2008, 12:08:19 AM
... Ringo got cheese up his nose. No one was really surprised, but everyone got out of the cheese vat and helped Ringo and dried off.
"Well, the fun's all over because of you and your honkin' neb!" said Paul.
"There's a cracker part of the factory!" Wilson said gleefully. Everyone followed Wilson, got on another conveyor belt and slid into a bin of cracker crumbs.
"Aww. This isn't fun... no offense, Wilson." said Pitch.
Wilson understood. He pulled a lever and WHOOSH! The bin was tilted over and they slide down another slide onto another conveyor belt and towards the packaging area. They had skipped bag packaging and went straight for those big boxes. Bianca was first in line and she slid into a box with cushiony protective bubble-wrap inside. The bubbles popped as she plopped in.
"Yay! This is fun!" she screamed. Everyone had their turn to find out...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on October 11, 2008, 03:13:55 PM
...inside the boxes and bubble wrap, there was a huge selection of instruments! There were all sorts, of course: percussion, string, wind, anything you could think of-- even things you couldn't! Pitch grabbed hold of a lovely green tambourine. Everyone hopped in right away. The box seemed much bigger inside-- like a whole new musical world!
"Oi," Paul began after playing with a beautiful bass guitar. "What are these doing in a cheese factory?"
Wilson explained that the box was labeled "Good music in here!" and was mistaken for a box filled with items for a new showcase of cheese-made instruments labeled "Gouda music in here!"
Everyone laughed wildly for a split second, just before realizing how terribly.. *Ehem.* /cheesy/ the joke was.

...((Gouda's a type of cheese for those who didn't know. X3))
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on October 13, 2008, 10:24:17 PM
Everyone climbed out of the boxes. Wilson had one last thinig to show everyone: the pudding part of the factory.
"PUDDING!" screamed Bianca as she looked for a straw. She LOVED to drink pudding. George pulled her back and handed her a straw. She hugged him and dove right into a pudding vat. She swam right up and said, "The pudding is great!" Everyone laughed and went in the pudding vat. Wilson and a few factory workers dumped marshmallows and cannoli shells into the pudding. FNU and John grabbed marshmallows and made a little snowman. Then, Pitch ate the head of the snowman and swam away.
"GIVE ME THE HEAD YOU EVIL DEMON!" screamed FNU. Her voice echoed. She finally caught up to Pitch and she dunked Pitch's head into the pudding. Then, she swam away. When Pitch resurfaced, she couldn't find FNU. She couldn't find anyone!
Everyone was under the pudding near Pitch's feet. She started swimming around, and then BAM! Everyone pulled her under. She resurfaced and she could not stop laughing until...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on October 14, 2008, 02:25:26 AM
...Wilson told them they would have to get out. The factory would be closing soon. )=
"Sorry, kiddos, it's getting dark out."

Everyone cleaned up and headed home, sure to gratefully thank Wilson for showing them around. They all headed back to the hotel. They sat around and played some cards. Later, the girls laid out sleeping bags on the floor. The boys were about to jump in bed and the girls were ready to dive into their sleeping bags until out of nowhere...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on October 16, 2008, 01:01:09 AM
... In comes Brian Epstien in his pajamas.
"Ohh... hello all. I think I'll just go now. Good night!" said Brian as he walked towards the door. As he walked out, he shut off the lights.
Everyone was pretty tired, except for Bianca. Everyone fell asleep, or so Bianca thought, but she didn't. She wasn't so tired. She lied there staring at the celing and when anyone would move, she would pretend to be asleep. Out of nowhere, she heard someone say, "You're not asleep either?" It sounded like John.
"No." she said quietly.
"Neither am I. I have to get out of here."
"Well, let's go to the lobby. I hear there have free cookies."
John and Bianca changed out of their pajamas into some dressy gear, snuck out of the room and down to the lobby. The entire hotel seemed pretty quiet until they got to the lobby. The lobby was bustling with people dancing around.
"What do ya know, no cookies!" said Bianca. After she said that sentence, a nice tray of fresh cookies whiked past her and onto a table. John and Bianca leaped for them. Those cookies were delicious. Then, music came on and they started dancing. Out of nowhere, John felt a tap on his shoulder. It was George! "I heard cookies and I woke up." he said. Everyone was have a great time, and then...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on October 16, 2008, 01:20:07 AM
...the rest of the gang rushed down, PJ's and all. They all tapped George, Bianca, and John on the shoulders and said, "We heard cookies and we woke up!!"
So every joined in on the dancing.
Someone let it out that the Beatles were staying the hotel, even if it was supposed to be hush-hush. Once again, they got called up on stage and the lads did an improv performance against their will. The three girls felt bad for them. So they decided to help the Beatles out! Bianca rushed to the hotel manager to ask if they could get a replacement band since the Beatles were tired after a long day.
Pitch ran to Ringo, while his drumming was light, to whisper to him that they were going to get a new gig to take their place.
FNU ran to a phone to call up a great band to come in for a few songs!
Luckily, she happened to reach the wonderful band...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on October 19, 2008, 01:41:32 AM
... The Monkey Puppets!
The crowd roared! "Monkey Puppets! Monkey Puppets!" All of a sudden, these two guys wearing polka outfits came out and played polka music. The crowd slienced. The two guys stopped playing and ha da quick conference. Then, with the accordian and flute they had, they ended up playing something everyone agreed on: She Loves You! At first, the crowd was in awe, including the Boys and the Girls. Then, everyone heard the "Yah yah YAAAAAAH"s coming out, and everyone laughed and cheered. The Boys and the Girls were finally tired and they went back upstairs to go to sleep again. This time, Bianca and John fell asleep along with the others.

At 7:30, Bianca woke up to the sound of Paul making tea. She rolled over to see Ringo's feein in her face. She sprung up and Paul saw her. Quietly, he asked "Tea?" She nondded, fixed her hair, and went towards Paul. Bianca sipped her tea and...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on October 19, 2008, 01:53:18 AM
((Ringo's what? XD His feet, maybe? =3))

Paul asked if she would like any sugar. She took her wanted amount and they sat quietly, enjoying their tea.
Suddenly, John popped up behind Paul. "GOOOOD MORNING, PAULIE!" he shouted right in his ear.
Paul jumped with shock and the tea went flying. Bianca caught the cup before it smashed. Letting Paul just do his thing, she sat back and sipped at her own cup.
"Boy, what a night that was." John messed with his hair on his way to a nice shower.
George woke up, stretched, and walked into the kitchen. He tripped! Rushing to his feet, so as to not embarrass himself in front of anyone, he noticed that he had fallen over Paul. "What are you doing down there?"
Paul just groaned, still in shock from a moment before.
Gradually, everyone woke up, yawning off the sleepiness and banging on the bathroom door for John to get out. They expected to hear John shout at them to go away, but all they heard was...
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Post by: fan numero uno on October 19, 2008, 02:06:00 AM
"OH BRITTANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Uh, whats John doing?" Pitch asked George.
"Oh, he must be taking his bath. it might be awhile. he likes to soak. Lets find another bathroom somewhere..."
"You mean, theres only one in this hotel room!?!" Bianca asked, sounding very concerned. "But my hair, it needs lots of personal space!"
"Awe, its ok," Paul came up and put an arm around her, because she was nearly in tears.
"I know!" FNU said. "Lets go and complain to the manager, he can get us fixed up!"
"Whats he gonna do, build us another bathroom?" Ringo said.
"YEAH!" So they left a note for John, and went wandering around the hotel, in their pajamas, trying to find the manager. thats when...
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Post by: freakchic9 on October 19, 2008, 02:22:26 AM
(MY HAIR!!! Aww! You really DO know me! *open arms for FNU*)
...John came out of the bathroom in his robe. Everyone looked at him.
"What?" he asked. He turned around and fixed his robe.
FNU walked up to him and scooped some shampoo foam off of his head.
"An hour in the bath and you still aren't clean?" RIngo asked? Everyone laughed. John went back into the bathroom and everyone groaned. They heard the water running.
"Oh, Ringo." said Georgie.
Everyone headed down to the front desk and asked for the manager. The young employee running the desk said, "Look. If you didn't get your complimentary slippers, we're sorry! There have been an increase of wanted slippers in the hotel. You WILL get them. I promise you." Everyone looked at the employee when...
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Post by: Pitch on October 19, 2008, 04:09:17 AM
((Ohmigesh!! The bath reference!! For the win! XD You roxers mah boxers! ....Well, if I had some boxers, you would.))

...suddenly the bath-tub from the lads' room on the next floor came crashing down in the middle of the lobby!!! John was terribly embarrassed except, of course, for all the young ladies in the room... What a ham.~
Everyone rushed over to give him a towel to cover up with, when they noticed he was in his swim trunks...
They shook their heads and laughed. John pulled his hat over his eyes to hide his face.
George was about to turn around to see what could be done about the whole in the ceiling, but the counter boy was...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on October 19, 2008, 10:02:47 PM
(Why did John have a hat in the bath?)

...gone. Or so Georgie thought. He looked over the counter and there was the counter boy all ducked behind the counter.
"I'm too young for these thing!" said counter-boy.
"Don't worry. He's got his trunks on." Georgie replied.
Counter boy came to his feet again to see no more bathtub. Just a lot of flashing cameras and a group or women. Pitch, Bianca, FNU, Ringo, and Paulie were trying to save John by covering him.
Then, Brian and Mr. Martin (yes, he's Mr. Martin now) came in and saw the flashing. Mr. Martin whistled really loud and everyone dispursed. He saw John standing there with the group covering him and George talking to the counter boy. Brian took off his coat and gave it to John.

Brian went to the counter boy and said, "I'm not paying for this. Your flooring and celing is faulty." The counter boy nodded when...
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Post by: Pitch on October 20, 2008, 12:25:31 AM
((Well, he did in "A Hard Day's Night" too, and FNU was copying him singing like he was in the movie, so I figured he should be in trunks and a hat like in the movie. X__x))

...the manager burst in.
"WHAT is the meaning of all this?!" he shouted.
Everyone cowered and John shiver from the cold air.
"Sorry, mister," Paul said, pointing up. "Looks like you've got some problems."
"I think you're the one with the problem, buddy!" the manager said. "You long-hair weirdos jumping around up there must have caused it to cave in!"
"US?!" Ringo shouted.
"Now way!" Pitched backed him up. "We only jumped around when we all went out. We were hardly in the room at all."
Mr. Martin looked at the circle of ceiling under the bathtub. "Hey, everyone... Look..."
Everyone also looked. "It's been /sawed/!" Briana shouted. "It didn't cave!"
"Who could have done that?" George asked.
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No offence to your merry story-writing, but this story is absolutley insane!
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: fan numero uno on October 21, 2008, 09:30:02 PM
uh........yep! its true! i hope this being here doesnt bother anyone, cause it could be moved if it was...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on October 21, 2008, 10:55:38 PM
Bwaha! I love this. XD It really /is/ insane, which may be the point. =3
So throw yourself in there if you want! :D

Someone continue the story before I go nuts. X3
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Post by: freakchic9 on October 21, 2008, 11:07:08 PM
*raises hand* I WILL!

...Out came the producer girl, Paula! And out from behind her came Jeremy!
"How could you?" asked Paul.
"You cut my hair! And besides, I thought it was YOU in the tub. Sorry John." said Paula.
"Well, what's up with him?" Ringo asked while pointing at Jeremy.
"Oh. He gave me a chainsaw. Which turned into a flower. Which turned into a dog. Which turned into an airplane..."
"STOP!" yelled the group.
FNU, Georgie, Bianca, and John all went upstairs to investigate and to get John's clothes. Pitch, Ringo, Mr. Martin, and Brian stayed downstairs with Paula, Jeremy, and the rest of EVERYONE. Once John, Georgie, FNU, and Bianca got upstairs, John waved down to everyone. Then, everyone waved at each other.
"Well that was a pleasant moment of together-ness. Now, what are you gonna do about my hotel?" said the manager. That's when...
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Quote from: 1300
uh........yep! its true! i hope this being here doesnt bother anyone, cause it could be moved if it was...

No, it doesn't bother me.
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Mrs Lennon on October 23, 2008, 12:55:34 AM
Thats when...

A huge unexpected tornado comes and sweeps up the entire hotel-John's hat and all-and takes them to...

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Post by: Pitch on October 23, 2008, 03:06:44 AM
The hotel manager was so upset out his poor, beloved hotel, that he didn't even notice that he and everyone else had been carried away to the magical land.
"Whoa! OZ!!" Pitch shouted, running around the little spiral at the beginning of the Yellow Brick Road.
Everyone but John followed her and they all got dizzy, falling onto one another.
"Belay that!" John shouted. "That hat cost me a bundle! And it looks good to. We've got to find it!"
Everyone shrugged and went back up the spiral on the road and began their amazing adventures.
They soon realized that...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on October 26, 2008, 10:51:48 PM
... The brick road wasn't yellow! It was regular bricks!
"Wait. I know what to do..." started Bianca. She had on her shiny black ballet flats and started clicking her heels. "There's no place like Nowhere Land. There's no place like Nowhere Land..."
*POOF!* They were in Nowhere Land again!
"Add hoc, add loc, and- oh forget it." said Jeremy. Jeremy pointed to the door and they went through the process again. Random rooms, scissors, everything.
That was when...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on October 28, 2008, 12:18:00 AM
((Oh goodness, too much time in Nowhere Land can be quite unhealthy, I'm sure. XD))

...the hotel manager fell through a random hole in the floor, back in the hotel, all fixed and renewed.
Everyone looked down the hole to see him as happy as can be.
They didn't want to go back the hotel, however. They were quite bored.
"How about an adventure?" George asked.
"Always a great idea!" smiled Paul.
Just then, John called everyone over to a door that read, "Alive and Well".
Everone wondered what was behind it... So...
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... They opened the door and found..
"*gasp* No way!" said John.
"Oh my." said Bianca.
"Whoa." said Georgie.
"WOWZA." said Ringo.
"Aha! Mhm. Oh." said Paulie while stroking his chin.
"AHHH!!!!!" FNO (to now be called Nanners) sang.
"*blink* Ajkhsa..." said Pitch being all tounge tied.
People gathered around the door. There were murmers and gasps and a few pictures taken. After the pictures were taken, though, the cameras exploded. The thing behind the door was...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on November 02, 2008, 03:11:31 AM
((Aww, why do I have to decide? XD))

Santa Claus!!
Ringo leaped with joy! He had always dreamed of meeting the real Santa Claus, of course.
It all made sense. No one had ever known if he was real or not because cameras explode when Santa has his picture taken.
"Mum told me you weren't real," frowned John, crossing his arms.
"Oh, yes, I am quite real, young man!" the jolly fat man smiled, patting John on the head and rubbing his hair, messing it up.
John swatted at him and tried to fix his hair.
Over George went, tugging on the man's beard. "This isn't Brian again, is it?"
The gentlemen let out an "ouch!" while having his facial hair tugged at.
"Santa!" Ringo squealed, running toward him, pushing George away. "Leave 'im alone, George! Santa, do tell me, have I been a good boy?" Ringo smiled, holding Santa's shoulders.
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on November 02, 2008, 03:41:29 AM
SANTA! SANTA!!! *is excited*

... Santa started, "Yes, Ringo. You're been a good little Beatle. All of you have been good. But ladies with the cameras, I suggest you get new ones. In fact..."
Santa waved his arm and out came little elves carrying cameras for everyone! These ones didn't explode. They'd just turn off.
Everyone took pictures of each other, even if the people were complete strangers. Everyone had a great time, except Paulie. He was in a corner all sad staring at the firplace.
"Aww, what's wrong?" asked Bianca.
"Ringo was right." Paul replied. Bianca broke out a smile and dragged him to Santa.
"'Excuse me, Mr Santa Clause Sir, but Paulie here didn't get a camera and he's all sad now." All of the camera flashing stopped and the silence grew. Santa looked at Paulie. Paulie looked at Santa when...
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Post by: Pitch on November 03, 2008, 09:57:21 PM
...Santa put his hand on Paul's shoulder.
"Here there, little Paulie. It is not that I forgot you at all. I have a special present for you," Santa smiled.
Paul also smiled and sat up a bit. "What's that, Santa?" :)
Everyone gathered around to see what the jolly man had for Paulie! Suddenly, Santa pulled from his bag...
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This thread is quite lonely, like the Picture thread. X3
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Mrs Lennon on November 14, 2008, 09:21:44 PM
We just need freakchic to think of something to give Paul. I suck at storywriting.
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
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^Don't worry. I'm reviving right now.

...The niftiest camera with a turtle on it!
"THANK YOU, SANTA!!!!!" screamed Paulie. He went on giving Santa a big hug.
"Ho ho ho!" Santa laughed.
Everyone cheered and had a jolly time. Suddenly, Ringo stopped everyone. "Wait! WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!! It's only November!"
The crowd settled and Santa...
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Post by: Pitch on November 15, 2008, 06:02:33 AM
...suddenly ripped off his beard!!
Everyone gasped!! Had they been fooled yet again?! Will Ringo EVER meet the real Santa Claus? Where can I get a camera with a turtle on it?!?!
All of the questions and more shall be answered... on the next episode of "The Beatles' Never-Ending Adventure!"

The Beatles laughed as another wonderful episode to their favourite TV show had ended.
"I'm glad we lead normal lives, unlike those actors in our show," Paul laughed.
"Yeah! Why on earth would we visit a cheese factory?" George agreed, grinning.
"Or pick up such ridiculous chicks?" John smiled, opening a bottle of Coke.
"And since when does any place like Nowhere Land exist?" Ringo joked.

((WHOA! Did that blow your mind or what? Go ahead. Admit it. XD ....BUT...!!!))
Ringo suddenly shot up in his bed!
"Whoa," he sweated, hand on his forehead. "What a nightmare."
Pitch sat up from her sleeping bag on the floor. "You okay?"
"I just had a dream that all of our adventures weren't real..."

After a moment, they realized that it was the morning before John had taken the bath in Ringo's dream.
When John woke up, Ringo warned him not to bathe, but instead, take a shower.
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John was skeptical. "Okay. Whatever you goons say. I just want to get nice and clean." John proceeded into the shower. Everyone sat in in living room waiting for John to finish in the bathroom.
"So, it was all weird! Our adventures were a dream." Ringo said.
"What did you eat before bed?" asked Georgie. Before a reply, Ringo was interrupted by John singing in the shower.
Bianca ran to the door and started banging on it. "JOHN! Not now! You may sing in the car, but not now!"
"Fine!" said John. "You're just jealous of my voice."
Bianca started singing I'm Happy Just To Dance With You. Good God, she was on key! Georgie went by her side and started singing harmonies. Paul joined. Ringo, Nanners (FNU), and Pitch all started clapping their hands to make a beat. They all sounded amazing!
"So... you're not jealous of my voice. Well, you sound good." John said. The song finished and so did the shower. John walked out and said, "George is much better at singing that song than you are."
Bianca nodded and agreed. Then, she ran to her suitcase, grabbed some clothes, and went to the bathroom to change.
"So, what DID you eat last night?" asked Pitch.
"Ravioli." said Ringo.
"Don't tell me it was the one in the black container." said Paul.
"Well, yeah. That's the ravioli."
"Oh NO! That was the ravioli John and Nanners made last night!" Paul screamed.

Bianca came out of the bathroom all glamed up and ready to find...
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Ringo lying moaning on the couch! Everyone was surrounding him, comforting him, everyone except John and FNU. They were just standing there, apologizing...
"Oh, im sorry..."
"We had no idea..."
"Can we do anything for it?"
"Whats going on!?" Yelled Bianca. Everbody turned to John and FNU. John sighed and said, "Those raviolis we made last night had blue cheese in them."
"So?" Bianca said. Ringo just moaned.
"Well, Ringo has this thing where when he eats blue cheese he has wierd dreams and then a stomach ache." Paul explained to Bianca.
"Oh, POOR RINGO!" Biance cried, and ran over to him. "Are you alright? Is there anything that will make it feel better?"
"Well," Ringo started "I find that goat milk can help......" Nobody knew why, but, they figured, if he says it works, then it must.
"But where are we gonna get goat milk?!?!" Pitch said. "We dont have any, and i dont know where we can get some!"
"I do!" Said George unexpectedly. They all looked at him. He took a breath and said...
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"You guys, I've been keeping this from you."
He opened a panel in the back of the closet and there it was... a little Fainting Goat!!
"Her name is Darla," he smiled, picking her up. "But be quiet. Fainting goats faint whenever they hear a loud noise or see a sudden movement. She's got some milk in 'er, so how about some fresh mil, Ringo?"  ;D

Ringo didn't quite like the idea of non-pasteurized goat's milk right on the spot, but what else could help his stomach? "Sure, George. Whatever you say," he groaned.

"Okay," said Pitch. "Now, who's going to milk it?"
Everyone took a step back, getting out of the job, except for...
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...Paul. He was confused so he didn't mive.
"Go on. Milk a goat." said John laughing.
Paul found a couple of phone books, stacked them up, and sat on them. He looked at everyone and then looked at Darla. He started milking her. Everyone giggled and Ringo looked like he felt better. Paul finished milking Darla. He picked up the bucket of goat milka nd walked over to Ringo.
"Open wide." Paul said before pouring the bucket on Ringo.
"Wait!" Bianca said. She ran to get a cup and a straw. She filled up the cup, put the straw in the cup, and gave it to Ringo.
"Uhh... are you sure about this?" Asked Ringo.
"Go." Said Georgie. Ringo put his lips on the straw and then...
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Post by: fan numero uno on November 18, 2008, 01:05:47 AM
He burst out laughing. "You kept a goat in the back of the of the closet! And Paul milked it!" Everyone esle started laughing too, except George, who was looking a little embarrassed.
But they all stopped when they saw Ringo was hurting again. "Come on, drink up Ringo!" Said Pitch. He finally drank it all, with occasional giggles inbetween sips.
Then he looked up and grinned at everyone, and he looked so funny with his tusseled hair and milk mustache that everyone laughed again.
Apparently a little too loud.
"Darlas fainted!" Shouted George suddenly. Everyone turned and saw the little goat on the floor.
"Well, thats the thing with Fainting Goats, they faint sometimes!" Paul said, trying to make a joke.
But George was too upset. "But Darlas never fainted before! I dont know what to do!"
They all crowded around trying to figure out how to wake her, when......
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Darla stood up!
"Don't you know, George? It only lasts a few moments. She's fine," Pitch smiled.
George wiped his brow in relief. "Phew!"
"...So... Where exactly did you get her?" John asked.
"I picked her up at that concert we did back in Oklahoma last month."
"I see," replied John. "And you've been feeding her /what/?"
"Well... I know I've got that green man in mi' room to mow my grass carpet for me, but Darla seems a little more effective and she likes it, so I gave the man a holiday since Darla's been here!" George shrugged.
Everyone else shrugged too.
"Well, I'm kinda hungry miself!" FNU said.
"Yeah, what do you say we grab a bit, everyone?" Paul suggested. =3
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Usually, Bianca spaces out during these conversations, but when she heard people talking about food, she shot up with happiness.
"There's a restaurant in the hotel. I hear it's really good. I've done my wandering,a nd all I hear are good reviews. Wanna try it?" asked Bianca. Everyone nodded and George put Darla back in the closet. Bianca said that the restaurant was pretty fancy, so everyone changed into their fancy clothes. Everyone complimented each other and they finally left the hotel room.Everyone joked around until they reached the lobby.
"Okay boys. Posh accents, remember?" said Paul. The girls giggled in the background. The gang made it up to the podium man and he said, "Ahhhnd... hooow many will be seated?"
"Seven, sir." said Bianca. Everyone followed the funny sounding podium man to the round table (literally.).
 The waiter gave the table some bread and butter.
"Ooh! Bread!" Nanners said quietly, yet excited. "Pass, please!" Pitch, sitting on the opposite end of the table, noticed a conveyor belt. She put the bread and butter on the converoy belt, pressed a button, and the bread went all the way down the table!
"That is so cool!" Ringo said excitedly. John gave Nanners the bread and butter and started playing with the buttons. That's when...
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Nanners put the butter back on the conveyor belt. The belt suddenly went out of control and sent the butter flying...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on November 19, 2008, 01:27:44 AM
... And it landed on funny sounding podium man!
"Whyyy is there butter on myyyyy head? Who put th-ahhhhhh-t there?" he asked.
The gang started giggling. They all ordered their food, and Nanners ordered extra bread and butter. Bianca stole some and she understood why.
Everyone had a peaceful dinner until the bill came.
"For you, sir." said the waiter giving the bill to John.
"GOODNESS! $157.62. And a 15% tip!" John exclaimed.
"Okay. Here's the plan. Us ladies, go to the restroom and you guys will..." started Bianca.
"NO." said Ringo and Pitch.
"I'm just kidding!" laughed Bianca. "The real plan is we all give a little. I have my purse on me. And I have about... $20. 32. Sorry, guys."
"I have to go get my wallet." said John. He stood up and left the table when...
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Post by: Pitch on November 20, 2008, 12:31:21 AM
...everyone was left waiting for over 30 minutes.
..."He's not coming back, is he?" Paul asked.
"Probably not," Ringo sighed, getting out his own wallet to make up for John's bit.
"What a maroon," George said, putting his own share on the table.
Everyone else put down their money and left the restaurant. They went to the hotel room to find John. "We'll give him a nice, long lecture!" Pitch said, punching a fist into the palm of her other hand.
"This'll teach him to rip us off," FNU said angrily.
They walked into the hotel room to find John wasn't there at all.
"Did he bug out?" asked Bianca.
"I don't think so," said Ringo, bending over some skid marks that looked like they were from John's shoes.
"Hitmen?!" questioned Pitch.
"You mean, like, paid assassins?" gasped FNU.
"No, worse," started George. "Fan girls."
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They saw that the room's window was open. "That can't be good", Paul said. Bianca looked down from the window and said "They must have forced him down a drain pipe?" George suggested they go look for John. So, everyone went outside under the window. Next to more skid marks lay John's wallet. "Finders Keepers", mumbled Ringo as he casually slipped the wallet into his pocket. The group followed the skid marks down the different roads until they came to a seedy looking building. Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst, the search party of six entered the structure. Inside, it was dim lit and smelling of burnt popcorn. They could hear screaming (no doubt John's) coming from down the hall. The group walked slowly down the hall, the floor creaking with each step.  "Help!" echoed down the hall. "Noo!" The screams were now accompanied by crazed giggling. The finally found the source of the noise. Opening the door they found John, tied to a chair with a jumprope, while three girls were kissing poor John, ruffling his hair, and other fan girl stuff. "Hello", said John, in mock calm. Said Ringo "Hello, John, would you like us to-" "Get me out of here!!" John interrupted. The girls fought back, at the same time they were overjoyed with the presence of the other Beatles. At that time, a mop-topped girl with glasses named George (that's me!) entered the room. "What is going on in here?'' George asked "You live here too?" "Well, this is an apartment complex, if you didn't notice." Georgette (me, for want of different name) helped them to untie John when....

(sorry for the long post, I got carried away)
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Post by: Pitch on November 21, 2008, 09:57:04 PM
Long posts are A-OKAY! ;D
Have you seen some of mine? X3
And they give us something to go off of. =3

...the fan girls broke out their weapons arsenal! (Including all weapons dressed with nice handles and hilts with the Beatles faces plastered all over them.)
"Don't make us get violent!" they shouted at Bianca, Georgette, FNU, and Pitch.
Ringo walked calmly over and gave one of the girls a phone. ((A cord-phone, I suppose, seeing as this is the 60's we're talking about...)) "It's for you," he smiled nicely.
The girl squealed when Ringo handed her the phone. All the other girls gathered around her ear, listening in to see who it was. "Hello?! ;D Who's this?" they giggled.
"Say goodnight, girls," John smiled, hanging up a phone on an end-table next to him.
Suddenly, a yellow gas sprayed out of the phone that the girls were holding. They all sighed heavily and fell to the floor, knocked out.

"Well, that takes care of that," said John, dusting his shoulders off after he was untied.
"Hey, thanks very much for coming to our aid," smiled Ringo at Georgette.
"Yeah! You distracted them long enough for me to hook up my knock-out gas into the phone," Paul grinned.
"...You carry around knock-out gas?" asked Bianca.
"Well, when one's a Beatle, one has to take drastic measures," George shrugged.
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on November 22, 2008, 06:57:06 PM
"Where can I get knock-out gas? I WANT SOME!" screamed Bianca excitedly. She jumped up and down awaiting an answer.
"Uhh... a specialty store. I'll show you." said Paul. He began to walk out as Bianca hopped behind screaming with joy.
"Uhh... hehe. Bianca is weird. I should know." said Nanners.
"We ALL should know by now." said John with a smile on his face.
"OUCH!" the group heard someone scream. Immediatly after, they heard laughter and a snort.
"Oh, Bianca." said Georgie. Everyone knew it was her. Then, they heard quick little footsteps.
"Bianca fell and she can't exactly get up. I tried helping her up, but she fell forward." Paul said.
"Let ME handle this." said Nanners. She walked over to Bianca, pulled her up gently, and walked back over to everyone else. "You have to be delicate with Bianca or else she falls over."
Ringo laughed and said, "And why is this?
"BECAUSE." replied Nanners.
Again, the group heard screaming. It was Bianca, only this time, there was no laughter. She screamed because...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on November 23, 2008, 12:39:32 AM
...there was  kitten in the middle of the road! Not only that, but there was a bus speeding oh-so-quickly toward the little guy! D:
"Oh no!!" Pitch screamed, covering her face and turning away.
"Someone do something!" Georgette shouted.
Suddenly, someone leaped into the street, grabbed the kitten, and tumbled to the opposite side of the road, just in time to miss the bus!!
Everyone was so relieved!
This wonderful, kitten-saving hero was none other than...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on November 23, 2008, 07:23:36 PM
... John! He sat on the other side of the street sitting and petting the kitten.
"...And you're getting a nice bowl of milk." John said to the kitten.
Everyone was shocked! No one has seen John being so sensitive.  Bianca ran across the street and sat down next to him.
"What a cute kitty! Oh!" she said. John handed the kitten to Bianca and she started petting it. Everyone else went across the street and circled around John and Bianca and the kitter.
"What should we name it?" asked Georgie.
"Is it a boy or girl?" asked Nanners.
"Girl." John said immediately.
"Let's name her Poogles!" screamed Pitch.
"No! Let's name her Gladys." said Nanners and Bianca.
"I like the name Helen." said Paul.
"Brigitte! Let's name her Brigitte!" said John.
"I want to name her Bartholomew." Ringo said. Everyone stared at him. "...ette. Bartholomewette. No. Bartolomette!"
"Let's name her Carla. Like Darla." Georgie said.
"I was thinking Michaela." said Georgette.
Finally, everyone agreed on the name...
Do you know how hard it is to try to incorporate everyone in one part of the story?!?! EXTREMELY!
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on November 23, 2008, 09:58:43 PM
Lord knows why, but they agreed on Lumpkins.
"Well, we should go get her something to eat, don't you think?" Paul smirked.
Everyone agreed, and they went to the nearest pet store to pick up some cat food.
"Let's see..." John said, browsing through cat food brands.
"Wow! Looks at this little bugger!" Ringo said, tapping on the glass of a gecko's home.
"Dig this guy here," said Bianca, putting her finger through the bars of a macaw's cage.
Everyone poked around at all the groovy animals until John found food made for kittens. They bought the food, a bowl, and a collar for Lumpkins. They went outside to feed her, but suddenly...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Mrs Lennon on November 23, 2008, 10:16:04 PM
They noticed that it had gotten hideously cold and windy outside for no apparent reason.  So, John, Paul, George, Ringo, Bianca, Pitch, Nanners, Georgette and Lumpkins all rushed back to the hotel. They barely got inside the hotel lobby before...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on November 23, 2008, 11:27:47 PM
... The manager came literally waltzing in.
"Da-da-dum! Da-da-d...allo!" he said.
John quickly hid Lumpkins in his jacket. She was a good kitten, so she stayed still.
"Nice dancing. Care to teach me?" said Bianca. As the manager showed her to the ballroom for dance lessons, she  silently ordered the gang to go back to the room. Bianca didn't really want to dance with the hotel manager, so she said, "Wait. I don't feel I'm ready for a balroom dance lesson. Let me run upstairs and I'll go change into a gown." She ran to the stairs to try and catch up with the rest of the gang. When she arrived upstairs, she ran into the room and slammed the door. Gasping for air, she managed to say the words "Water. Now."
Georgie handed her a glass of water and Paul, John, Nanners, and Georgette played with Lumpkins. Pitch and Ringo had left to go get a towel from the lobby for Lumpkins.
"So, how was dancing?" asked Nanners.
"I didn't dance. I left and I hope the manager doesn't find me. Or cute wittle Lumpkins!" Bianca replied. Georgie lookd at her funny, but he liked her sensitive side.
All of a sudden, they heard a knock on the door.
"*ahem* Who is it?" Bianca asked in a low voice.
"It's Pitch and Ringo." said Pitch. "And hurry. We have that creepy manager on our tail and he's looking for YOU."
"Great." Bianca said as she opened the door.
"I've got a plan! Come in the bathroom with me." John said. He pulled her into the bathroom, shut the door, and ran the shower. "Don't worry. It's just a cover up."

The manager opened the hotel room door with a swipe of his key.
"Is Bianca there?" he asked.
"No. Who's Bianca?" asked Paul.
The manager heard the shower. "Who's in there?" He knocked on the door and John started singing.
"Oh. Sorry sir! Well, I've got the wrong room. Bye." said the manager as he walked out.
Sorry for the long post. I had a vision.
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Mrs Lennon on November 24, 2008, 01:21:57 AM
^^^Visions are good!
John and Bianca came out of the shower. "That manager seemed pretty desperate. He might just search the whole hotel for you," George told Bianca. "We should leave,". "But he'll see her leave!", Paul butted in. "I'm not done", said George. Paul apologized. "Go on.", he said. "Anyway," George continued, "we should leave. But we can't let that dance-happy manager see Bianca." "We could diguise her.", Ringo suggested. "Disguise never works like you want it to.", John remarked, with a look that seemed to say "Been there, done that". "Oh! Oh!" Georgette had an idea! "How about we distract the manager?" Everyone said that that sounded good. "How should we distract him?" Pitch inquired. "We could break something?" Nanners recommended. "No destruction! Count me out!", John shouted. "We should pose as interviewers?" Paul offered. Shot down. "How about we just ask him about some food in the breakfast nook? It's open till 11:00." Bianca put out. "Yeah! We could just go down to the front desk and tell him 'come here and look at this' or something. "Then while we're asking stupid questions about food, I can just walk right by him!" The group, minus Bianca, came to the frontdesk. "Mr. Manager sir, would you come look at this croissant?", said Paul very politely. "Why?" "Just come here!". said John, grabbing his arm. "How many calories are in this peice of bread?" While Manager stammered, Bianca made her way across the lobby and out the door. As soon as the door closed, Pitch saved the man from his stammering by saying "Thank you sir" The man looked confused at the entourage as they left the hotel. "Have I seen you before?", he shouted after them. The group fleed to none other than....

I got carried away. Again!
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on November 24, 2008, 01:50:32 AM
^Haha! That's GENIUS!
... A wig store. When the gang minus Bianca arrived, she was already running up and down the aisles with wigs in hand/on head. She was wearing a short poofy wig.
"Who am I?" she asked.
"A hobo?" asked John.
"No. Nanners in the morning." Bianca replied while throwing the wig at Nanners. Nanners laughed and said "It's true."
Everyone ran around the store trying on wigs and having fun. Then, Pitch didn't seewhere she was going and ran into a mini wall.
"Oof!" she said as she fell over. Then, a whole bunch of boxes fell and they nearly hit her. One of the boxes opened. It had a wig in it! It plopped right on her head!
"Nice hair. Looks familiar." Ringo said. Everyone ran to see. It was Beatles wigs!
"I wanna try one on!" said Georgie. He put one on his head and said "How do I look?"
"The same." Georgette and Bianca said at the same time. Coincidentally, they were both wearing wigs that looked alike. That was when...
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Post by: fan numero uno on November 24, 2008, 02:05:02 AM
The store manager walked in. "Excuse me!" he yelled, with a funny french accent that set Bianca giggling. "What are you doing in my store? this is not a playground!"
Everyone looked at their shoes and muttered sorry. i mean, they were having such fun! "Now, pick up these wigs, please!" said french guy. he promptly went into the back room.
"Well," said FNU, "I guess theres nothing to do with more wigs!" Everybody began running around again, in Beatles wigs, singing. After awhile, they decided they should clean up the wigs.......but they were way to lazy! so, John and George just swept them into a corner, and threw a rug over the lump. Paul and Georgette picked up some boxes, and it looked like nothing ever happened. But then Frenchie walked in again.
"YOU!" he said, pointing at John, George, Paul, and Ringo. "Put my wigs down!"
Ringo looked confused. they had all taken off their wigs. "What wigs?"
"Those Beatles wigs!" Yelled Frenchie. Everybody started laughing, and poor Frenchie had no idea why. "What is so funny? You think theivery is funny? i will not tolerate this!" and he started walking towards the phone.......
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
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Georgette, almost dying from laughter, walked over and told French Fry that they were the Beatles. The guy said "Yeah, that's what they all say.", and began to dial. The Beatles , to prove their identity, began to sing a few bars of 'She Loves You'. That still didn't convince Frenchie. he called the police. When the police arrived...

Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on November 24, 2008, 02:33:44 AM
... The police walked in and screamed "FREEZE!" They looked over. Not even the manliest police officers could contain a scream.
"IT'S THE BEATLES!!!!!" the all scremed. The manly police officers surrounded the boys.
"Okay, okay." said John signing a forehead.
"And this goes out to..." asked Paul.
"Hello there, officer... sir." said Georgie.
"There you go. Have a nice day!" said Ringo.
"Told you so." said Bianca, Nanners, Georgette, and Pitch all at the same time.
"Oh la la. Je desole. (I'm sorry.)" said Frenchie. Bianca, knowing French replied with, "Ce n'est grand probleme. (It's not a big problem... I think.)"
The gang left the store. Then...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on November 24, 2008, 04:27:04 AM
That last one was brilliant, FNU. ;D All of you own at writing! ^^
...John suddenly said, "Hey, we really should check out of that hotel, you know."
"You're right. We've only got one more gig in this town, then we can split to continue on with our tour," smiled Paulie.
The other Beatles agreed, laughing, joking about what a crazy town it was.

Little did the lads know, the girls were crushed...
They had been having so much fun with them!
While the boys were joking amongst themselves, the girls spoke likewise.
"Well, what are we going to do?" Bianca whispered.
"Don't ask me! I mean, we've had fun with them," Pitch sighed, trying to face the reality that being totally obsessive is not all too healthy. "But should we really try and follow them into the next town?"
"What kind of a question is that?" FNU slapped her on the back of the head playfully. "Of course we follow them!"
Pitch crowded her face with her shoulders and slumped as she walked. :B "S-sorry..."
"So, we follow them. But how? And without them getting sick of us," added Georgette.
The ladies finally came up with the plan that...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Mrs Lennon on November 24, 2008, 09:42:18 PM
"I'm stuck. I'll let Bianca take it from here.", Georgette said stupidly.
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on November 25, 2008, 12:17:14 AM
^Best part YET!!!
... The girls ask if their Beatles will ever come back.
"WILL YOU COME BACK?" asked Bianca.
"We'lltruly, TRULY, miss you!" said Pitch.
"Don't leave! Please!!!!!" said Georgette.
"We've had too much fun!" said Nanners.
The boys looked at each other.
"Well..." Paul began, "We've had a lot of fun, too."
"Which is why..." Georgie started saying.
"YOU'RE COMING WITH US." said Ringo. You could totally see the excitement in his eyes.
The girls screamed! The guys screamed! Everyone just started screaming! Everybody was so excited. But, all the excitement came to a close when Bianca started tearing up.
"What's wrong?" George asked as he put his arm around her. "Come on, tell us."
"Well," Bianca said, "It's just that this city's so fun. And how far is your next gig? And what about Darla? And Lumpkins? I mean, I'm still a student, and I would really like to know where my life is going. At least a rough outline. And my family. I can't leave my family..."
In short, Bianca would just be homesick.
"Well, we're sorry you'll miss all of these things, but we'll work it out. We're The Beatles crying out loud... no pun intended." John said. Bianca gave a little chuckle.
"I'm going to have to ask my parents, but I'm pretty sure they'll let me come with you. Besides, I have a couple monthes before school starts up again."
"And we have a tutor." said Paul.

So it was official. The entire gang was going to conquer another city. But first...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on November 25, 2008, 06:01:27 AM
...the ladies had to gather their things!
Pitch was prepared right away.
"I won't be a bother, honest I won't," said she to Ringo, putting only one suitcase into the band's large, white touring van.
"Goodness, Pitch, only taking so little?" George inquired, shutting the back of the van after loading up some guitars.
"And we don't expect you to be a bother at all! We invited you along, didn't we?" Paul smiled, putting his bass over the back seat.
"...And did your mother say it was all right that you come? X__x" Ringo asked.
Pitch didn't want to think about that. XD
Asking your parents about a chance of a lifetime like this, only to have an "Of course not!!" thrown in your face? She didn't think so. So, thankful to change the subject, she made notice of the otehrs approaching the van.
"Load up your things, girls," smiled John, patting the van then leaning on it.
Of course, they had a long journey ahead of them. They had to make it all the way to...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Mrs Lennon on November 25, 2008, 10:20:55 PM
Wisconsin! Dairyland! Mooo!

P.S. What happened to Lumpkins?
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on November 26, 2008, 01:47:02 AM
...along with Lumpkins! (Horray~! XD) The gang, plus their kitty-pal, headed toward Wisconsin!
"Hey, look!" Ringo pointed out a little stand on the side of the highway.
"What do you say we stop and get some?" George smiled, nodding toward it.
Mr. Martin was driving the van with Brian in the front seat and everyone else in the back. Mr. Martin pulled over, and hopped out to stretch his legs.
Everyone else ran to the stand.
"Whatcha got?" Brian smiled, looking over the different cheeses.
"Cheddar, Gouda, brie..." said the stand clerk.
Luckily, there were free samples! John wanted to try the cheddar first, but...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Mrs Lennon on November 26, 2008, 01:59:31 AM
Haha! There's no cheese stands on the side of the least not in my town! Cheese stands other places, though! xD

...Georgette insisted he try the Swiss first. "That's my favorite", she said. "If you say so," said John. John took a bite and loved it! Said "I've never tasted anything like that. It's very unusual, but it is great. I'll buy a block of that." So, John bought his cheese. Then...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on November 26, 2008, 02:09:05 AM
Oh... Well, Georgia is famous for peaches, and there's peach stands everywhere. X3
Ah, this is make believe anyway. ;D

Suddenly, a man in a ski-mask and gloves walked up behind Mr. Martin... He had a gun! And he pointed it at Mr. Martin's back just before he was about to walk over to see the cheeses. "I'm a bank robber, Mister. I need a ride. So get in the van and drive," he said in a gruff voice.
Mr. Martin was in a sweat, worried about himself and the others. He wanted to keep the others safe, so he jumped into the front seat and turned on the van after the scary man leaped in.
"Uhm... Where to?" Mr. Martin studdered.
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on November 26, 2008, 02:21:41 AM
"Anywhere!" screamed the angry man. Mr. Martin put Lumkins and Brian Epstein on the side of the road as Mr. Martin drove away.
Meanwhile, the boys were getting cheese thrown at them. John was having a great time, though, tasting all of he cheeses.
"Mm. That's some good-a gouda." he said after tasting some.
George and Ringo, however, weren't having such a fun time. They were being pelted with cheese. Paul thought everything smelledlike fondue, so he got really hungry.

Bianca, Pitch, Nanners, and Georgette felt really bad for the boys, and they didn't know what to do. Then, Bianca spotted a supermarket across the street. They all bought crackers, bread, some veggies, sausages, and cake.
"Hey~ HEY! [size=18]HEY!!!!![/size]" screamed Bianca. She screamed so loud that everyone stopped.
"Who wants sammiches?" asked Pitch. The girls got swarmed. Everyone was hungry.
Then, Nanners and Georgette realized Brain with Lumpkins walking away with no van.
"Wait!" screamed Nanners while running across the street. Georgette followed.
"What's going on? And where's Mr. Martin?" asked Georgette.
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Post by: Mrs Lennon on November 26, 2008, 02:25:52 AM
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on November 26, 2008, 03:52:37 AM
Summary: Mr. Martin (which is what we're calling George Martin, so he's not confused with Georgie) has had the van hijacked. X__x

((Well, Brian was a t the stand, but I guess it would help the plot better if he was with Mr. Martin.~ =3))

"Some loon in a ski mask had a gun!" Brian exclaimed.
Everyone exchanged confused or worried looks.
"He said he's a bank robber and that he needed a getaway car."

"Oh no!" shouted Pitch.
"What can we do?" George inquired.
"Let's go after them, then!" Paul shouted.
"But how?" asked FNU.
"We need some transportation," Ringo nodded.
"Hey, guys..." Bianca said, looking into a shed beside the grocery store. Everone walked over to see what was inside.
"Will you look at that?" John grinned.
"For sale-- just our luck!" Georgette laughed with a snap.
"I think we'll have enough money between us to get it," said Brian.
Lumpkins meowed.
The form(s) of transportation that Bianca had discovered...
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Post by: fan numero uno on November 28, 2008, 01:11:56 AM
were motorized wheelchairs! "well, they arent speed demons, but they'll have to do!" Said Georgette. Paul was already taking one for a spin around the field they were next to.
"Hey!" he yelled. "theres a button here, it says, 'rocket booster'....maybe we have a chance to catch this guy!" Everyone agreed, and sat down. Luckily, there was enough for everone. They started the chase down the side of the highway..........(what a strange sight that must have been!)
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: freakchic9 on November 28, 2008, 02:03:08 AM
"Get outta my way you wipper-snappers!" Bianca yelled while rolling down the side of the highway waving a closed umbrella. Nanners get nervous because she was the one in front of Bianca. She turned around and said, "Do you want to lose umbrella privilages?"
Bianca, not wanting to lose umbrella privilages, put the umbrella down and started waving a fist. Pitch, Georgette, and John found this a funny sight, and they were laughing so hard. George and Ringo, who were on either side of Bianca, just stared.
Brian said, "Hey. Is that our van?"
"I think it is!" Paul said. "Let's get their attention."
Everyone tried screaming, speeding up, and waving their arms, but Mr. Martin didn't see/hear them. Then, Bianca remembered her umbrella, so she opened it and waved it in the van's side view mirror.
"Nice." said Pitch with a smile on her face. Everyone started laughing. Then, Mr. Martin pulled over! The van screeched on the road and Lumpkins freaked out, she she hopped out of Brian's lap (where she was sitting.).
"NO!" screamed John. He jumped out of his wheelchair, ran after Lumpkins, picked her up, and sat back down in his wheelchair.
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on November 28, 2008, 04:16:12 AM
The side door flew open during the sudden halt and out flew the bad guy!!
"Quick, everyone!! Get in the van before he gets up."
Everyone ditched their wheelchairs and ran to the vehicle. ..Except for John. He tried lugging his along. "It's-- so-- comfortabbblllle!" he grunted between strives to get it into the van.
"John, come on!!" shouted Paul.
He sighed, dropped the chair, and hopped in. Everyone was driving away, happy to see Mr. Martin safe. =3
"So," Pitch breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath.
"How much farther to the hotel?" Bianca managed.
"Oh, not too long now," Mr. Martin smiled.
"Ahh, don't be a smart-butt," Paul laughed, tapping someone on the shoulder and pointing out the hotel just in front of a sign reading, "1 mile to Village of Pleasant Prairie".
They all noticed the sign then.
"Great! Cuz I'm straving," Ringo said, cupping his hands together.
"All you can think about is food, huh?" John sighed. "Isn't that right, Paul?"
"Oh, yes. What a slob," Paul smiled.
George looked back to see John and Paul stuffing their faces with the cheese from earlier and he sighed.
As they arrived and began to see the city lights...
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Post by: Mrs Lennon on November 29, 2008, 08:56:43 PM
Someone's been watching the Beatles' cartoons?
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on November 29, 2008, 09:04:17 PM
AHA!! You caught that! *Tackle, glomp, hug, squish!*
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Mrs Lennon on November 29, 2008, 09:13:52 PM
They are so corny, but I love them anyway! Especially the Paperback Writer one where they all make up stories about how they met each other. (laugh2)
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Mrs Lennon on November 29, 2008, 10:19:37 PM
...John threw some cheese at Georgette. "Here, have some. We can't eat it all by ourselves, you know." Georgette looked at him skeptically for a moment, but then began shoving the cheese in her face. What a pig! She snorted like a pig a few times because of this.  John thought this hysterical, while George made a disgusted face.  Georgette threw some cheese back at John. Their eyes met, and must have stayed like that for a moment too long because Paul said "You two alright, then?" Ringo wolf-whistled. "Yes!" "Fine!" "Nothing wrong!" they said with over-enthusiasm. "Look at the mess you two made!", Mr. Martin said, noticing that half the cheese they bought was now on the floor of the van from Georgette and John's cheese fight...

Sorry...that was kinda sappy...I got bored. (Georgette fancies (laugh4))
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on November 30, 2008, 05:07:45 AM
YUS! That's my favourite episode!! XD
"Look now, we don't have time to clean it up. Brian and I will take care of that later," said Mr. Martin.
"We what?!" asked Brian.
"You fellas just grab you instruments. Now, ladies, I've got a job for you. Lead the boys into the back of this building, but don't let them get noticed! I'm counting on you," Mr. Martin continued. "Now get going!"
The lads and ladies hopped out, grabbing amps and instrument cases and microphones.
"Quickly, before anyone notices us," Paul said, flipping up the collar of his coat to hide part of his face.
But, of course...
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: fan numero uno on November 30, 2008, 04:10:37 PM
the Beatles cant go long without getting noticed by someone. Just as they turned into the alley that led to the back door of the building, a girl walking down the street noticed them. She didnt scream, not at first, she appeared to be in shock. Then she let out a high pitched shriek and ran towards Paul. "Uh oh" he said, and started running.
unfortunately for Paul, this girl was in training to be an Olympic runner, so she caught up to him in a second. but just before she reached him, something tackled her from the side! it was Bianca!
"Wow. that was unexpected." said Pitch.
"Quite" George agreed.
"And thats what you get when you mess with Paulie!" Bianca was saying. The girl was already getting up, however, so FNU stepped in and gave her a little Vulcan neck pinch type thing, and she slumped over unconcious.
"Girls, i think you just saved my life!" Paul said, looking at them. They blushed and muttered it was nothing.
"Now, lets get out of here!" John said. The boys pulled their collars up even higher and went on. Georgette ran ahead and pulled open the door, so they could hurry in.
once inside, Ringo stopped in his tracks and looked around. they were in.....
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
Post by: Pitch on November 30, 2008, 06:08:46 PM
AH!! Vulcan nerve pinch, FTW!! ;D *Spazzes out like the Trekkie I am.*
...a replica of Disney World! It was an indoor theme park! Everyone was so excited, but htey had to keep their cool, os as not to get noticed.
"We can ride some rides later," smiled Pitch at the idea.
"Yeah, let's just find our way on stage first, lads," Ringo agreed.
"Look!" Georgette pointed to a door that read, "To Stage".
Everyone rushed through the door.
"Tune you instruments and get out there to rock this show!" FNU said excitedly. =3
Suddenly, a string on George's guitar broke!
"Oh no!" shouted Bianca.
"Ah, it's all right," George smiled. "You lads got an extra one?"
Everyone was quite.
"No one has an extra string?!" George asked. o.o
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Post by: freakchic9 on December 01, 2008, 12:45:20 AM
"Wait!" Bianca said. She ran out the door and across the street. There she saw the semi-awake Olympic runner.
"You!" she screamed pointing to Bianca.
"My friend did it! I just tackled you." Bianca said running into a music store. The runner looked over to the indoor amusement park too see mini faces in the window. Nanners, Pitch, and Georgette waved and smiled and then ducked.

"Excuse me. George Harrison sent me here to bring him some spare guitar strings." Bianca said to the store clerk.
"I don't believe you." replied the store clerk.
"Oh yeah? I'll be right back." Bianca said. She left the store, ran back across the street and said, "Guys, the person isn't selling me guitar strings and I need Georgie to come with me."
"I'll come, too. I lost a drumstick on the ferris wheel." said Ringo. Paul and John went along, too. They ran across the street avoiding people and walked into the store.
"Told you!" Bianca said. The store clerk handed the boys everything they needed and then they went back to the indoor amusement park.
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
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haha, I love that Olympic runner bit!
As they got back into the park, a man with a funny voice came on the intercom saying "Beatles, come to the park office. Beatles to park office. Thank you." "That can't be good." Pitch said. Not only did the announcement bring bad news, it also blew their cover. "It's the Beatles!!" screamed a blond girl. As the Beatles and their female friends (Pitch, FNU, Bianca, and Georgette.) ran away from their fans to the office, fear mounted in them. When They got there, John's face turned pure white. "What's wrong, luv?" Georgette asked him. "Uhmmmnaa..." was all he could manage. The thing John was afraid of was a woman sitting in a chair in the office. The woman was familiar to everyone but Georgette. She was none other thatn the lady from talbe 5 who got soup spilled on(waaayyyy back on page 2).
This lady is filing a lawsuit to Mssrs. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Richard Starkey. "Well, for starters, we don't know a Richard Starkey" "don't be cheeky" said funny voice. As the Beatles weaseled their way out of a lawsuit, the lady from table 5 asked "Who is this girl, and why is she with you? she wasn't at that resteraunt." "We're just good friends" said John. Then....
Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
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... A big pink ball of yarn rolled through the park office window and lightly whacked the lady from table 5!
"Oh dear!" screamed Bianca.  Paul rolled the yarn back outside and said, "Wasn't that yours, Bianca?"
"No. Remember? The guy took it away. And my cake." she replied.
"That was a very girly cake." George said. "But you know you liked it. You jumped in it."
"HELLO! Big problem. We're being sued and the lady suing us got run over! Oh what ever shall we do?" said Nanners being all over dramatic. She fake fainted into Paul's arms.
"Run for it?" said John trying to leave. Ringo hit him with a drumstick.
"We have a gig. And I wanna ride the rides and play the games!" he said. "Now, we're gonna take this lawsuit like men!"
The lady stood up and Ringo squealed.
"Well, since I'm not a part of this, I'm going to leave and make people leave. Okay? BYE!" said Georgette.
"Thanks a lot." said Bianca.
"Back to the lawsuit." the lady from table 5 said. "Now, for damage of silk, you owe me $1,000." she started.
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Wow, I can hardly remember this stuff. XD
"ONE THOUSAND?!" shouted John.
"Indeed," said the woman.
"Ha, only joking," John grinned.
"We're the Beatles, madam. Our company will take care of it for us," smiled George.
"You guys settle this while I go after Georgette," said Pitch, closing the door behind her and heading off to find Georgette.
She looked up, and there she was, riding the...
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The Beatles and their friends tried their best to negotiate the lawsuit without Georgette. John said "We didn't spill the soup on your precious silk, you know." "Yes," said FNU, "that clutz of a waiter spilled the soup." Everyone agreed on this. "Oh, but you ordered it." soup lady reasoned. Pitch tried to back up John and FNU's statement. Meanwhile, Georgette wandered the streets on her own. She remembered what George had said to her when everyone else was preoccupied with the ball of string: "She's suing us, and you can bet she'll sue us for a lot" With this in mind, Georgette wandered the streets like a typical criminal mind wondering how to come up with loads of money. As she was wandering, she cam upon a (drumroll please!) cheese shop!!! With her friends in mind, she decided to go buy some cheese for them. She asked the man at the counter for "One pound of gouda, please" The man then spat out a stream of unintelligible foriegn language. "What?" Georgette inquired. The man shot an exasperatedlook at her and wrote on a peice of paper "NO GOUDA" Georgette asked him "Can you go double check?" The man just gave her a blank expression. He then held up a sign that said 'It's not my birthday' on it. "No, can you go check?", she pointed to the back room. The man flipped the sign so it read 'I like penguins, too'. "Ugh!", Georgette said as she scrawled on the paper 'Can you check?' The man nodded, and disappeared into the back room. The reason for all that hoopla is that she saw a $5000 bill lying on the counter while she was talking to the man. "This guy doesn't know anything about America, does he?" she thought. She then took the money and ran back to the park. When she got back, the boys and girls were still trying to get some sense into the woman. "For the last time," Paul said in a tired voice,"it was the waiter's fault. He was nervous to be serving us. Why don't you go and sue him?" The lady screamed "That's a brilliant idea!" and with that, she tore the court paper in half and left the room, leaving everyone dumbstruck. "Do you think she does this often?" Ringo asked. Georgette exploded "So I stole $5000 for nothing?!" everyone looked at her in amazement. "You stole that for us?" John said. "Yes." "Well," John continued,"We now have an extra $5000 at our expense." "What should we spend it on?" Pitch asked. They thought for a while, and then blew the entire $5000 on....
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... Park tickets! They needed tickets to ride the rides or play the games, so they bought a whole lot of tickets.
"$5,000 gets HOW MANY?" asked Bianca.
"100,000 tickets. Take 'em or leave 'em." said the guy at the counter. The gang was in shock, so they huddled.
"I want my tickets. NOWW." sair Ringo. He was so anxious to get on the rides.
"I say we buy a few. Anyways the cost of one ticket is only... *calculates in head* five cents." said Bianca.
"I think we should split the money between us. Bianca, what's $5,000 divided by eight?" asked Paul.
"$625." said John.
"So we each get $625 to spend on whatever we like, right?" said Nanners.
"Okay okay. Let's GOO!" said an impatient Georgette.
"How much is food around here, anyways?" asked Pitch.
"Come on and hurry up!" said the guy at the counter.
The gang was in no hurry of doing anything, so they...
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Went to get ice cream! Yes, there was an ice cream stand in the park. As soon as Georgette was going to dig in, the ice cream came alive! It gave itself cherries for eyes and a huge banana for a mouth. Georgette began to sream. The sundae began to speak "Georgette...Georgette...Georgette!! GEORGETTE!!! GET UP! COME, LET'S GET A MOVE ON!" And then, the bespectacled chick woke from sleep with a jolt. "Wha...?" she said. "You fell asleep while you were eating ice cream.", said FNU. "It really was a funny sight." Next to her, she saw that both Bianca and Paul were laghing hysterically. Georgette recovered from this craziness and then Ringo....
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started complaining, "NOW can we go on some rides!?!??" Everyone wanted to as well. They all finished their ice cream and bought some tickets, (which made ticket man very happy) and went to the ride they all wanted to go on. they got in line for the.........................


sorry its so short, just wanted to get this started again! so come on, come up with a great ride somebody! =)
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... Merry-Go-Round! No one wanted to get sick, so they all decided on a nice, slow ride.
"I want the pretty pink pony!" Bianca screemed giving the man collecting the tickets her tickets. She ran onto the ride and hopped on her pony.
"I call the spinner cup!" John and Paul screamed together.
"Ugh. I don't." Called Pitch. She evidently had too much ice cream for one day.
"No getting sick." said Georgie.
"Ringo hopped onto the ride and sat on the pony next to Pitch's. He wanted to make sure that she was okay.
"Ready, everyone?" asked the Merry-Go-Round controller.
"WHEE!" screamed Bianca.
"We're ready!" said Georgette.
"Wait!" screamed Nanners. She had to buckle herself onto her pony. "Okay. Now I'm ready."
The Merry-Go-Round started up and Bianca and Ringo were so excited. They waved their arms and screamed. Paul and John were spinning so fast in the spinner cup. They spun so fas, a big block of cheese flew out of John's pocket and hit Georgie. Everyone was laughing when...
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...Elvis randomly appeared! With Mary Tyler Moore and a young girl...
The two adults were on the carousel, singing "Have a Happy"!

"This reminds me of a movie I've seen," Pitch scratched her head.
Elvis was about to reach out for the ring just out of his reach on the outside on the merry-go-round, but Ringo shouted, "Don't you know the name, bud?" he smiled, snatching up the ring. "I've got it!" Ringo smiled. Elvis and Mary Tyler Moore sighed, stepping off the merry-go-round with the young girl in their arms.
"Well, that was random," George said, cocking his head.
Everyone agreed, then it got a little silent, apart from the music in the merry-go-round. Paul and John had stopped spinning, and everyone else had slowly unbuckled themselves from their horses...
Ringo knew what was going on. Everyone else wanted his ring!

Back then, there was a ring you would grab on the merry-go-rounds. My mom says you got a prize, like a stuffed animal, if you could grab it. ^^
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"Hi! I'm RING-o!" said Ringo.
"But it's pretty!" Bianca said.
John was just mad. He wanted that ring. Paul was still a bit shaken up from the spinner cup. He wobbled over to George and kinda just fell on top of him.
"Up. The ground is dirty." Georgette sad. She held out her hand. Paul Grabbed it, but he eneded up knocking over Georgette. Nanners and Pitch had to pick him up and sit him on the nearby bench.
"Aww. Mr. Clumsy ripped my suit!" George said.
"How about we just go to the hotel? Paul needs to rest and drink some chocolate milk." said Nanners. Everyone agreed. They all piled into the van and drove off to their hotel room.

"Whoa! This room is HUMONGOUS!" said Pitch. Bianca and George ran straight to the refrigerator to raid it.
That's when...
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Georgette ran to raid the fridge too. Bianca got Paul some chocolate milk (cocoa-moo, in her own words). George, Pitch and Georgette continued to stuff their faces while Paul went to lie down on the couch and drink his cocoa-moo. Nanners turned on the television, and turned it to the news. Everyone groaned. "C'mon! It's educational!" Nanners insisted. So the gang watched the news. They soon found out that.....
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... Cheese stands on highways were now illegal!
"Due to a swarm of girls, cheese stands on the side of highways are now illegal. Speaking, now, is our correspondant, Sharon. Sharon?" said the news man.
"Thanks, Chuck. Here, just a few hours ago, The Beatles were here getting some cheese. A swarm of girls came along, and two people got badly hurt." said Sharon.
"Not true!" Bianca screamed. John and Paul shushed her.
"Well, I was very excited about my customers, but I didn't know I was about to get trampled!" said the cheese stand owner to Sharon.
"Mmph. This is good cheese, though." said Georgie and Ringo. Nanners and Pitch shushed them.
"Now, tater tots! The new food fad." said Sharon.
Georgette turned off the TV.
"Not true!" Bianca screamed again.
"I know. Things people will do to get money out of us." said John. "Oh well. So... let's get food."
Everyone agreed. They all went out and got...
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Chinese food! "i do love these....whatever they are." said John, poking at some mystery food with a chopstick. Surprisingly, the mystery things were actually delicious!
"Mmmm. Ringo, you gotta try one of these!" Said FNU, as she expertly picked another one up with her chopsticks.
"Im trying...." He said, as he failed at holding his.
"Its not hard Ringo! Here, let me help you." Pitch leaned over and showed him how to hold them.
Everyone was having a blast eating their food and laughing as Ringo got mad at his chopsticks and started yelling at them. Suddenly, there was a loud blast from the kitchen! People were running around, yelling. Unfortunatly, they were speaking Chinese. "I DONT SPEAK CHINESE!" freakchic yelled at a man who stopped in front of them and tried to tell them something. he began motioning with his hands.
"Oh! Charades! im really good at these!" George said. Everyone stared intensly at him for several minutes. "Um.......did someone fall in a well or something?"
"Yeah......i have NO clue what hes trying to tell us!" Georgette said.
"Hmm, me neither. though, those random movements gave me a great idea for a song!" Paul sat down and started writing on a napkin while everyone else still stared at the Chinese man. There was another loud blast, and a hole was blown through the wall! standing in the hole was........
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A dude in a chicken suit! Yes, the feathered man turned out to be the bomber. Pitch screamed. "Oh no!" The charading man and George grabbed a hold of the chicken-dude while FNU went to call the police. "Yes, we have a man who jsut blew up the kitchen at Hoo's On First (the resteraunt's Chinese-sounding name)", she said. "Yes, he's wearing a chicken costume," Silence. "Ugh, they hung up on me!" She complained. "What, they didn't believe you?" Bianca said. "No!" Bianca went to try calling the police again when....
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... Chicken-Man did the chicken dance!
"Uhh..." Bianca said as she dropped the phone. John and George erupted in laughter.
"I'm still calling the police." Bianca said. This time, Pitch, Georgette, and Nanners all talked on the phone at once.

The police arrived when everyone was dancing along with chicken man. John, Paul, George, Ringo, and Bianca were all on tables and Nanners, Georgette, and Pitch were all in the hole in the wall with Chicken-Man.
A policeman screamed, "Chicken dance!" and got on a table.
The Chicken-Man threw another smoke bomb into the floor. As the smoke rose, everyone screamed, "OPA!"
A plate was thrown onto the floor.
"Freeze!" said a policeman.
He walked up to Chicken-Man to see it wasn't a bomber. It was...
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One of the crazy cooks. The bomber had managed to escape while the bombs were still going off. The police asked him were the bomber went, and he said "Balk, ba-balk...." "He really is a chicken, isn't he?" said Ringo. "He needs a little help," FNU said "The poor man. He needs friends." (no pun intended). The Beatles and their friends realized that their dinner has been ruined and decided to go out on the town for a bit. They went to.....
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...Chuckie Cheese! =3
The lads stood silent in the door way. "...Why did we come here exactly?" Ringo asked, scratching his head.
"Are you kidding me?" Pitch shouted, diving into a ballpit.
"This place is the best!" smiled FNU, hanging by some monkey bars.
The girls ran off to play, leaving the boys in the doorway, staring at the insanity of kids playing around them.
"This is madness," George said dodging a stuffed animal that a little girl threw his way.
"No! THIS! IS! ...Chuckie Cheese, silly," smiled a waitress in a funny hat and braces. "You older people aren't allowed on the playground, so you should sit and wait in the theatre/dining area."
"Just how old is "older", lady?" John asked, shoving up one sleeve.
"Let's not start something," Paul said, dragging the angry John off to the theatre/dining area with the other lads.
They sat down and sighed. "Well, we got away from all that noise," Ringo said.
Suddenly... the Chuckie Cheese mascots came out on stage.... o.o
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... And so did Bianca, Nanners, Pitch, and Georgette!
"Hey! Look up." Paul said to a sad John. John looked.
"Ringo! Look!" said John. Ringo looked.
"HI GIRLS!" said Ringo. George looked.

They perfomed a cute dance routine.
"Good job there!" George said to Bianca giving her a hug.
"That was fab. Really fab." Paul said to Nanners.
"I want to learn! I want to dance with them!" Ringo said to Pitch.
"Can you swipe me some cheesehats?" John asked Georgette.

Everyone was having a great time when...
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Georgette nipped off to steal some cheese hats.
sorry about the shortness of that, I was feeling lazy.
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However, she couldn't find any cheese-hats! D: They counter was sold out!
There were 7 small kids playing Ski-Ball. They all had cheese-hats on!
Georgette hopped over to them. "Heya, kids!" she smiled as nicely as she could.
"We heard you talking," said one kid, taking a sucker out of his mouth like a coffin nail.
"And you can't have them," said another kid, not turning around, but instead rolling a ball and making 100 points.
"Our hats, that is," said a little girl with pigtails, cracking her knuckles.
Georgette stepped back. Little kids can be frightening, you know...
"But... everyone asked for some... I've gotta help!" she thought to herself.
"Say, kids... what if we play for 'em? Ski Ball, one round! Choose your best player..."
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"Alright," said a little girl with bows in her hair. "I'm up you guys."
Then, with a great effort, Bianca stepped forward. George gave her a head band, and she wore it like a sweat band. Ringo gave her a sip of soda, and John and Paul told her good luck.
"You sure you want to do this?" asked Georgette.
"No. But I want a hat." said Bianca.
"YEAH!" screamed Bianca with a cheese hat on. "I WON!"
"Don't you feel bad?" asked Nanners.
"No." said Bianca.
Pitch high-fived Bianca, and the gasng put their hats on. That's when...
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The little kids wanted a rematch! "The little snots...", Georgette mumbled under her breath. "Ugh, you are so mean!" said Pitch. "Come on, best two out of three!", said a little blond-haired boy. John then whispered "Follow my lead" to the gang. A few seconds later, he sprinted out the doors of Chuck E. Cheese's with the cheese hat, and everyone followed. The little kids tried, but the lady at the door stopped them because they had no adult with them. "Let me check your stamps." she said. * When the Beatles and their friends got to a safe location, everyone was tired and out of breath. "Well, we got the cheese hat. Now what do we do?", said Nanners. Well....

*In case any of you didn't know, when you enter Chuck E. Cheese, a staff member stamps yours and your parent's hands with an invisible ink. When you leave, the staff check to see if you hands match to avoid abduction. No, I don't think you're stupid.
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I know all too well, I'm afraid. XD

"Wait," said John. "Check the schedule, I think we have another gig today--"
"Say that again! ;D" smiled Bianca.
"Gig?" asked John.
"No, no, no-- schedule," Pitch said in her American accent.
"....Schedule?" John hesitated in his English accent.
"Okay, I'm good." Bianca gave a thumbs-up.
The Beatles looked at each other with quizical looks.
"Well, anyway... There should be a truck to pick us up in the square down town," said George.
"Besides, downtowns always have cool shops, right?" said Ringo.
"Then let's go!" FNU jumped up and ran ahead of the others.

The lot walked downtown together. They were about to go into a shop of fine wines when...
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... The owner asked Bianca, Nanners, Pitch, and Georgette if they were old enough.
"How sweet! I know we look younger than we are, so we'll just go in now..." Bianca began to say.
"Uhh. No. ID's?" asked the owner.
"FINE." screamed Bianca. She ran off to the glitter store across the street. George ran to get her, while Ringo, Paul, and John were trying to pull a few strings.
"I'm sorry! Jeez! If you want, you can go to the other wine store down the street!" said the owner.
"Fine. We will. Less business for you." said John. Everyone, including glitter-fied George and Bianca, went to the other wine store.
"I was kidding!" said the owner.
"No you weren't!" said Paul. That's when...
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...the gliiter-store owner came out after George and Bianca. "Hey, you two! No free glitter!"
Bianca looked at herself and George, covered from head to toe in glittery goodness. "Oh... I thought the bottles said SAMPLE one them."
"But they didn't say /free/ sample!" the owner complained.
"Well if that ain't robbery, I don't know what is!" George put his hands on his hips.
"Hey, wait," the owner stopped. "You're George Harrison!"
"George Harrison?!" Many angirls on the street dueenly turned and looked at him.
"Uh-oh," sighed Ringo.
"I know that look," Paulie said.
"Let's get out of here!" Georette shouted.
Just then, the fangirls charged!
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Everyone ran for their lives into the glitter store. The owner of the glitter store closed the door and locked it shut.
"Sorry. Here's your glitter back." said George.
"Keep it. YOU on the other hand..." said the owner pointing to Bianca.
"Well. Say anything bad and I'll get a lawyer on youfor conning us out of this sample glitter. Samples are meant to be free, and having us charge for them is against store owning codes." said Bianca. Everyone looked at her.
"I know codes!" said Bianca. Everyone laughed.
"Hhmph." said the store owner. He went to the back of the store.
"How did you  know this?" asked Pitch and Nanners.
"How does one NOT know this?" replied Bianca.
"You didn't know this." said John.
"You faked it!" said Paul.
"You're funny. You know that?" asked Georgette.
The owner came out with glitter baskets for EVERYONE.
"Well, I felt bad, so I have glitter baskets!" sang the store owner. Ringo was looking through his glitter basket when some glitter went up his nose and made him sneeze. Everyone laughed when...
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Ringo's sneezes went out of hand. He just would not stop! "Okay, Rings, stop it.", said Paul. "Lay off, Ringo!", said Pitch. "I ACHOO can't stop-ACHOO snee-ACHOO-zing!!" Everyone looked at Ringo, concerned. After about 5 minutes of this, the group decided this was serious. Nanners said "He needs to get to a doctor," and she moved to go out the front door. "Are you out of your MIND??," said George,"did you see all the fans out there?" Nanners looked at the store manager. "Well? Don't you have some sort of back exit?" she inquired. "" he stammered, "We do have one, but it is horribly flooded" "How did it get flooded? It's still winter, and the snow hasn't melted yet...wouldn't the water be frozen, anyway?" said Georgette (they're still in Wisconsin) "Must you ask?" the mananger said. "It's flooded because..."
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"...we were performing for our secret family circus, okay? The sea lions needed a place to try out some flips, so we put a pool in, but we popped it and the water went everywhere!"
The sea lions could be heard barking from the back room.
"So we'll get a little wet. and how dangerous can sea lions be?" shrugged George.
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"NO," screamed Georgette, "I... have new designer shoes on."
"Then I'll carry them, and then borrow them." said Bianca.
"I don't trust you!"
"Too bad."
"Come on, Georgette." said Nanners. "They won't kill you."
"But they will!" replied Georgette. "I read..."
"Not another one of your tabloid stories!" said Ringo. "Please. I'm tired of hearing them!"
"I like heating them." said Paul. "Continue, Georgette."
"... I read that a sea lion mauled someone at a zoo!" said Georgette.
"But we're Beatles, and you're Beatle-proof. So let's go." said John.
Georgette gave George the shoes to hold, but then Bianca stole them. They waded through the pool of sea lions with them tickling everyone's feet. They sucsessfuly got through, but...
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...The back door lead to a wall!
"Do we have to climb?" asked Georgette, who was still barefoot.
"Yep. Let's go." said John. He was already halfay up the wall.
"What do you see?" asked Bianca?
"Nothing... wait! A bus station some few meters away." replied John.
"Right then. Let's get moving." said George.
"Okay." said Pitch and Ringo.
"I'm BAREFOOT." said Georgette.
"Deal with it!" said Nanners.
The group made it to the bus station when...
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I like being barefoot! Yay! :)

[assuming they're on the roof?]
It got extremley windy! John's cap blew off and he went after it, before Paul stopped him. "Leave it! You can buy another cap later!" John gave him a puppy dog face and said "That was my favorite hat!", and sulked. "Okay, okay, we'll go after your hat.", said Bianca. Then.....
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"AHHH," screamed a bunch of fans. They saw them on the rooftop.
"We've been spotted. Dear Lordy. I'm going to diee," said George. He kneeled on the rooftop.
"I'll distract them," said Pitch. She grabbed a trash can lid that was there and said, "Come on. Someone has to help me!"
"Fine. I'll come," said Bianca. She grabbed a long pole that was in the trash.
Nanners grabbed a plastic knife, and Georgette grabbed a broken chair. She said, "I feel like a wrestler." Everyone laughed as the girls got off of the roof, through the store, and outside to fight the fans. You could hear Bianca's beautifully loud voice screaming, "BACK AWAY OR WE'LL ATTACK!"
"Haha. Bianca's so loud," Ringo said still on the roof.
"I know. That's why I love her," said George.
John's hat got caught on a pole coming off of the neighboring rooftop. He tried to grab it, but Paul pulled him back. John was determined to get his hat back, so he...
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...and the other Beatles went back downstairs to the glitter store. They dared not go near the windows because of all the fans. "Aw, crud! What are we going to do?" said Ringo. They stood there, thinking for a while, until John had an idea! "How about we get the fans to go away.", he said. [the others could totally tell there was sarcasm in his idea] "Why, thank you for the insight, smartie." said Paul. "Really, what are we going to do? Our friends won't last forever out there!", said a very flustered Ringo. "Well, we could distract them somehow." George mused. They turned slowly to the manager of the store. "What are you going to do to me? Why me? Find someone else!!" John sighed and said "Look, my wife and the rest of our friends our out there holding those fan girls back. I they get hurt, we're suing you" The manager took a sudden change of thought on the matter and said "What do you want me to do?" The boys conversed amongst themselves for a while. They came up with a solution. "You go out there with a bunch of glitter. Clearly present it to the crowd. Then run away as fast as you can." said John. "What does my glitter have to do with anything??" said the manager, who was thouroghly confused. "You'll see. Never underestimate glitter. It works wonders on the mind." said John. So, they pushed the manager outside with some pretty glitter. As soon as he showed them all the glitter, they were tranfixed. "Ooh! Ahh!" "Wow!" they said. The manager took off, and the crowd followed. "What the heck?" said Nanners. "Never underestimate glitter. It works wonders on the mind." said Georgette with a slightly glassy look in here yes. "Okay, whatever," said Pitch. The Beatles came out of the store when all was clear. "Glitter?!" said Pitch. George shrugged. Georgette and John chatted for a minute, then ran off into the sunset. "Oh please," said Paul. "Why now?" The others said nothing and walked on. "Where are we going?" said Ringo. Everyone stopped walking "Um...well..." said the friends. "I don't know. where are we going?" said Bianca. "Well, I'm kinda hungry. How about you guys? said Nanners. "Yes, let's go eat." said George. The gang went to a nearby Italian resterant, pleased to discover that no Beatles fans frequented the joint. "Table for six, please." said Bianca. "Right this way" said the rather portly waiter. They didn't want to spend a lot of money, so they ordered the cheapest item for all of them: one pizza pie. As they were eating ("Why do you eat yours crust first, Ringo", said Paul) John and Georgette entered the resterant, smiling. "What'd you do now?" said George, frowning. "We got John's hat back!" said Georgette. "Oh. Um...well-" "-We thought..." "Yes?" said Georgette. "nothing," said Ringo. "have some pizza" then...

this is what happens when I've been thinking of a story for a long time. I get slightly carried away.  :X
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Well Turbo asked me to come by and say a few words since I am in the marines.  I cant post a pic cause my computer is a piece of crap.  Not trying to say anything that people havent already heard but i almost lost a leg over there got hit in the knee with a bulletOf course  Thank you all for your thoughts.  Please dont start spamming or flaming this thread because of this post.
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^^... some fan girl covered in glitter came into the restaurant.
"AHH" screamed the fan girl noticing everyone. She ran outside to call in the rest of the fan girls.
As all of the fan girls poured in the restaurant, everyone else turned to the gang's table/booth thing.
Throughout the restaurant was a collective scream. Not knowing what to do, the gang hid under their table/booth thing.
"Lucky we have his here tablecloth," said Paul.
"Bianca, get down! You'll get hurt," said Nanners pulling on Bianc's pant leg.
"Hold on," said Bianca.
She slipped under the table with the rest of the pizza unnoticed by the fan girls.
George and Ringo looked at Bianca. "You brought the rest of the pizza?"
Bianca replied with, "We'll be here for a while. I brought food."
Georgette and Pitch grabbed a slice. John whimpered remembering his hat on the building.
"Wait everyone! We won't be here long afterall," Georgette said. She had pointed out...
Thank you for the revival!
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Wow!! This is an insane story! But I love it!  ;D
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I just read the the whole story, it's so random and funny! so glad it's being revived  ;D I wanna have cheese fights with the Beatles  ;D
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Anyone and everyone, feel free to add your own part of the story!
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A escape door under the booth/table thingy!!! (very random, yes)
so all of them climbed into the tiny escape door, almost leaving the pizza! "You can't leave the pizza! are you bloody nuts?" Paul shouted. So he swiped up the pizza. They climbed down a looong tunnel until they got to a dimly lit room. Then a man said, "Did you lose your hat, Lennon?" he twirled it around his finger, the man was........
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wow, i had forgot all about this! ok, it's late at night, so if whatever comes out right now isn't quite normal, it's cause i'm barely concisous. =)

the man was a magician! The Boys and the Girls were standing in a basement full of magical props, and the man who had John's hat was dressed in full magician gear.
"OOOH! Magic!" Said Nanners and Bianca at the same time. Ringo looked as though he really wanted to be excited, yet was afraid.
"You're not a fake, like both Santa's were, are you?!?" He asked suspiciously.
"Of course not!" Said the magician. "And if you doubt me, go ahead and look around, and you'll see everything here is just part of my trade."
"What's your name?" Asked George.
"I'm Alexander the Great." The magician said.
"Wait......." Pitch began. "Oh, never mind. I've learned to stop questioning this sort of stuff." John and Paul were already inspecting all the sharp and pointy things leaning against the wall, wide eyed, so Pitch turned to join them after one quick shake of the head. Alexander showed them all his things, and a few magic tricks, which made Georgette VERY happy.
"Magic is SOO amazing!" She exclaimed. "I had an uncle who could do the most amazing trick. I don't know if you could do it, Alexander...."
"Well, what is it? I could always try. I am, after all, Great." He said.
"I'm not so sure.......I mean, we'd need 50 feet of rope, 3 dolphins, and a whole mess of syrup." Everyone looked at her strangely.
"Oh, well, I don't think I could do anything like that." Alexander replied after a few seconds of Georgette feeling uncomfortable from the staring. "But I CAN do this..." He took a small box with one open side, covered with and cloth, and removed the cloth to reveal.....

Wow, I shouldn't be allowed to write at night.  ;D
oh, and sorry about sort of inventing an uncle for you, Mrs. Lennon! the story just needed some crazy magic tricks with dolphins! it NEEDED it! and heck, it needed syrup in it too!
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A PINK FROG!!!! (Yes, pink!) Everyone stared in amazement! Then John ran to hide behind Paulie, because he hated frogs. Especially pink ones! "Get that thing away from me, you magic man!" he screamed. "It's ok John! He wont hurt you!" The man said. "I am only here to entertain!" He pulled a bunch of flowers out of his sleeve! "Oooooh Flowers!" Bianca said, then ran up to grab them from him. "So, is there an exit out of here?" Pitch asked the man. "Yes, there is." he said. "But to get out, you have to cross............"


sorry it's so random  ;D
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^ ... the workout gym.
A collective gasp ran across the goup of friends.
"Workout? Like... exercise?" asked Ringo in shock.
"Yes," said Alexander, "With spandex."
"NOO!" screamed Bianca in fear. George went to comfort her.
Nanners and Pitch looked through a curtain to se the big and colorful yoga mat rack.
"It's dreadful. Awful," said Pitch.
Paul, John, and Geogette went to check as well,
Georgette screamed. "Everyone's so HAPPY and upbeat! No. NO!"
Alexander, with a look of regret on his face, said, "I'm sorry," and pushed everyone into the orkout gym. That's when...
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Two women dressed in spandex came up and gave them each their own spandex jumpsuit. "You really expect me to WEAR this?" George said, holding it with two fingers. "Yes yes! Put jumpsuit on!" one of the ladies said. When they were in their jumpsuits, the ladies lead them each to a workout machine. "Burn 300 calories then you go home!" the other lady said. So they each started running on a treadmill. "I.... can't.... take.... any.....more." Paul huffed. Ringo was panting like a dog, " I.... can't... either..... Paul...." he replied. He started slowing down. "NO!..... Ringo!.... Dont go into the light!" George exsclaimed. "5 more minutes!" The girls, on the other hand, were doing yoga on the other side of the room. "And streeeeetch!" (stretch) The instructor said. "Ouuuuuch!!!" Pitch said. She had pulled her hamstring. "Are you ok?" Bianca asked. "Ok! You done!" the lady said. She lead them to the door, and on the other side was..........
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a deserted side street in the city that they were in. Ringo poked his head out really slowly and looked scared.
"What is it?" Georgette asked him.
"Nothing." He said. "And that's the strange thing."
"What do you mean?" John asked.
Ringo said, "I mean nothing weird is going on out there! it's the first normal thing I've seen in a long time, and it scares me!" Pitch went over to give him a little comforting hug and tell him that it was all right. Meanwhile, everyone else walked out the door and soon saw what Ringo meant. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening at all.
"Hm. I just noticed something." Paul said, looking around the empty street.
"What?" Nanners asked curiously, looking around for whatever he was seeing.
"Ever since we met up with you ladies, strange things have been happening about every second. It's odd, isn't it?" Everyone agreed that it was strange.
"But what does it mean?" George asked. Nobody could think of a thing to say, until Bianca yelled,
"Maybe it's cause we're all so gorgeous, and all that gorgeousness can't be in one place too long without weird things happening!"
Suddenly, a voice cried out, "They know too much!" and some men appeared from around the corner. "Get them!" yelled the same voice. Next thing the gang knew, they were waking up, in a strange room. Then.....

ooh, where are they? what happened? sombody must answer these questions! =)
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^... Jeremy came out handcuffed! "Help me, please! I've done no wrong! I must go home. It's been too long!" Everyone stared.
"Your hands are small enough to slip through," said Bianca and Ringo. Jeremy freed his hands. All of a sudden, the room started moving. Everyone was toppling over.
"Ow! Watch it," said John as Nanners rolled on him by accident.
"Sorry. There's no room in here. It's hard," she replied. George tried standing, but he ended up hitting his head. "Ouch!"
Pitch tried standing as well, but her head hit the celing as well.
Georgette got scared. "What's going on?" No one knew what was going on.
"I want to go home," Bianca said almost in tears.
"Yeah. This is too scary," said Paul.
All of a sudden, the lights in the moving room turned off. Smoke engulfed everyone. Purple light poured in through a crack in the wall.
"What's happening? Hey! HEY," screamed Ringo. A chill came over thr room. Everyone huddled. the room stopped moving. Everyone heard footsteps walking towards them. They heard latches, and off came the celing of the room. They weren't in a building, they were in a...
I got carried away. I'm way too anxious for halloween.
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Wow, somebody actually revived this?! Heeheeee...
_______ A very large box big enough for 7 (?) people and Jeremy (I'm not sure what he'd be classified as) They broke free of the box, to discover that they were in some sort of dining room. All of a sudden, they were greeted by a large man who turned out to be a waiter. "Willkommen bie der verärgerte Fork!" he said. "Kann Ihre Bestellung werden dauern?" The gang were completely confused. "Umm, I'm sorry, but I don't speak German..." said George. The waiter gave him a blank look. "WE...DON'T....UN-DER-STAND," said Bianca very slowly and clearly. "Wait, guys!" said John, "I've got my trusty English-German dictionary!" The group cheered. "Um...Sie Geruch... von ranzig Blumenkohl!" said John, looking satisfied with himself. The waiter was not pleased, as he promptly slapped John in the face. "Oh, John! Are you alright?" said Georgette. "Yeah, I'm fine," he replied, "but that dictionary is not going to do us any good, I'm sure." Ringo piped up: "Ich kann eine Bat mit einem Ei-Löffel töten!" The waiter was overcome with shock. "Wirklich?" he asked. "What the heck, Ringo?" said Nanners. He shrugged. The group waved good-bye as they made for the front doors. "Nein!" the waiter shouted. "You no go!" The gang tried the doors, but the had been locked. "Oh nooooo!" somebody screamed. They turned around to find that Jeremy had been kidnapped! "Oh, this is NOT good, not good at all....." Bianca said. "What are we going to do now?!" said and exasperated Paul. "Wait!" said Georgette. "I have an idea." "Well? What is it?" urged George. "You'll see....AHEM!" she said, getting the waiter's attention, "Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer?" she uttered. "Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwalt gersput!" An awkward silence followed. Suddenly, the waite started to giggle. "Flipperwalt...gersput? WAHAHAA-" He literally laughed himsellf to death. "Wow!" said Pitch. "Where'd you learn that?" Georgette shrugged it off and said "Pen pals." Then, out of nowhere, a HUGE............
Well, there goes me overdoing it again! LOL.
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I'll so overdo this part. No worries.
^... ball of pink yarn rolled through the place!
"Really? REALLY? When will this stop? When..." complained Bianca. George stuck a spoon in her mouth to keep her from talking.
The ball of yarn stopped at the locked doors. Then, everyone heard a scream.
"Hear that? It's screaming," said Pitch.
"I hear it... oops. :)" said Bianca. She tried talking, and the spoon fell out of her mouth. Everyone laughed.
Paul, wanting to know where the screamin came from, listened around.
"Hey.Listen to the yarn," said Paul. Everyone plopped their ears on the yars.
Nanners jumped back. "Ahh! The screaming's in there!"
Ringo and John grabbed knives, and Georgette grabbed a pair of kitchen shears. They cut through a good amount of yarn, and everyone else peeled through.
George found a head while peeling thourh and said, "Hey! a head! There's a person in here! Come on, let's get him out."
Everyone peeled through the yarn to find out the mystery screamer... PAULA.
"Paula. Nice seeing you again," said Paul.
"I was kidnapped! Help me," said Paula in tears. Pitch and Bianca tried to comfort her, but Paula refused. "There was a man and he had a bat and spray paint. Next thing I know is I'm seeing pink and I'm rolling."
Ringo, not believing a sinle word wandered the dining room. He found a door. Behind the door was...
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a boat on a river!!! And they found themselves in a word of tangerine trees and marmalade skies! Then, they heared "Riiiingo!! Paaaul! Jooohn! Georgeee! Nanners!! Bianca!" And so on and so forth. They saw a girl calling them. "A girl, with, Kalidescope eyes?" Paul said, VERY confused. "I should write a song about this!!" John contemplated." Then they saw Cellophane flowers of yellow and green, towering over their head! They looked for the girl with the sun in her eyes, but she was gone. "Look up!" George said, it was, LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS! (to the 3rd power) The they followed the girl to a bridge by a fountain, where they say rocking horse people eating marshmallow pies. Everyone was smiling as the drifted passed the flowers, that grew so incredibly high! "Look! Newspaper taxis!" Nanners shouted! They appeared on the shore, they were waiting to take them away. They climbed in the back with their head in the clouds and they were gone. LUCY IN THE SKY! WITH DIAMONDS! (hee!) "Hey!" Bianca shouted. "There's a train station!" they ran over to a train in a station. With plasticine porters had looking-glass ties. Then! Suddenly! They saw the girl with Kalidescope eyes at the turnstile! "Come over here!" she shouted! "Let's go!" Pitch shouted. Over there was............

I didn't listen to Lucy In The Sky! What are you talking about XD
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^... a giant cake with a body print in it.
"It's like deja vu in real life. I swear I've seen that cake before," said Paul.
Bianca Replied, "That's not just any cake. It's my cake. See?" She posed like the big body print.
Everyone was all confused. Everything in their past that caused hem trouble was coming back to haunt them.
"Okay. I say we're in some crazy land and we should save ouselves," said Picth. All of a sudden, John screamed.
"I'm dressed as a maid and a king. Why me?" Then Nanners screamed as well. "And I'm a maid-queen. Help?"
A strange voice was heard. "What's going on around here?" Everyone looked and saw the woman with kaleidoscope eyes. Then it hit Ringo. He recognized the hair.
"That's not any lady. It's the lady from table 5! You tricked us!"
"No... I'm Lucy... Yeah."
George looked skeptical. He recognized her as well. "Hey! She's got a lawyer neaby! Run!"
The group hightailed  out of there. They found a random room, so they all crammed inside.
"Hey. I found a light switch. Here..." said Pitch. She flipped the switch. A light turned on and they were on a conveyor belt.
"Yay! Let's play," said Georgette. No one moved until they fell off the conveyor belt onto a slide. Down at the bottom of the slide, everyone lauhed. Everyone was in...
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Ugh. I'm too lazy to think up more of the story. Someone do that for me!
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I shalt attempt.

"Jesus christ! We're in Alaska!" John shouted. "No, you dummy. We're in Antarctica!" George corrected him. So the clan stepped out and were greeted with a freezing wind slapping them in the face. "My lord! We will freeze to death before we figure out why we're here." George said, holding Bianca to keep her warm (Like that, freakchic?) But then, Nanners found a box with parkas and a bunch of snow gear. "Look, guys! A bunch of snow gear. She cleared her throat, "George, you can let go of Bianca now." He did, and got his snow gear. They trudged for a few miles until they reached a small city. "Look! A little town! Let's go see whats there!" Ringo announced. When they got closer, they saw a girl on a pure white horse. "Hello!" she said. Paul went up to her, he was taken by her beauty. "Hello, miss. What's your name?" She got off her horse, taking the reigns in her hand. "I'm Emilina, but you can call me Emmi for short." (okay okay, I know. But I get a Beatle too! Right? And Pitch isn't active anymore....... :-/ and who's nanners and georgette? Someone want to clear those up for me?) he smiled, "Alirght, Emmi. So what part of Antarctica are we in?" She laughed. "Your not in Antarctica! You in Minnesota! But in the winter, it's pretty close!" she lead them back into the town and stalled her horse. "So where do we go from here?" John asked. "Well," Emmi said, "You could......

If Paulie is taken please tell me...  :-[
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^ well, techinically it was Pitch and Ringo, Bianca and George, Nanners and Paul, Georgette and John...........unless you go WAY back, when it was Pitch and Ringo, Nanners and John, and Bianca and George and Paul......hey, how did that happen?!?!? BIANCA?!?!? ;)  but we could probably change, i'm chill with Ringo.
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(Now it`s my turn! I want to continue from here...)

"Well," Emmi said, "You could...... quiet for a moment so that I can think of words to go from here! "
But before they could add another word,a Green light appeared, sucking them all up!
Only Emmi that seized wood was not sucked!. "Aliens!" She screamed! "No !!!!"
But it was too late. George, Paul, John and Ringo were sucked into the great ship!
Since the green light was blinding' the four could not see anything. When the  light was turned off, they discovered they were on  tied with ropes to chairs that were connected to the floor. Five creatures appeared around them.they were long and thin and sickly green.
One of them was wearing a purple robe with red and black stripes . He said: "You are exactly what I was looking for all these years! Four pretty boys with favoritism!"
"What?" Asked John. Creature with a robe continued: "When we found you guys,  we did research about earth  and we discovered that you're famous and have close relations with the Queen of England!" He said. "And all we want is your outer body so we can go down to earth and take over it!" * Evil laugh *
"Wait a minute," said George "It's not fair. People will think the real Beatles take over the world and, worse, we also stay stuck here!" "People will hate us forever!" Ringo whined.
"At least pay us!" Paul said the four were laughing.
But the thing with the cape did not think it's funny. "Put them in tubes!" He said in exasperation. All Green revolting creatures took one and put him in a glass tube. "We're in a can ..." Ringo thought.
"Hey, look at me, I'm a pickle!" Joked John. They laughed again.
"This group is too optimistic!"  whispered the one with the cloak . "In a minute we will look if they continue to be happy!" He pressed the red round button , And a strong wind came blowing within the pipes.
"Hey! My shirt!" Shouted George.
 "Our clothes!" Shouted Paul.
Their clothes were sucked up the pipe, Spilling a pile against four disgusting creatures. They began to dress.
"You do not know my lawyer!" Shouted John at the disgusting creature who wore his pants. It  pointed back at John and laughed. He had a good reason, because when someone is in his underwear, stuck in a jar of pickles and threatens you , that's not very scary.
now the four creatures were dressed in suits. The creature chuckled with it's robe and clicked the Details button. A small laser beam came from one of the pipes. Spread on the face of the creatures. The Beatles were shocked as they never were before.
Before them were not green creatures. These were four handsome guys ! They themselves!
 "i can't believe it ..." Muttered George when production stood before him with his face. Dressed. Creature with a robe laughed malevolently. Moohahahaha!!
"Give me back my clothes and my face right away!" Yelled George and pounded his fist at the side of the tank.
 The other three followed him. The creature stopped laughing.
"It will not help you. A bunch of Englishmen with a ridiculous pony hairdo!"
"You do not stay here forever! When  this world will be in my hands ,I'll make you my slave, and you will sing me some songs , the way I want!"
it turned and it's gown flapped behind him. "Come on guys," he said, and four of the fake "Beatles"  followed.
The green light shone again and the fake Beatles went slowly down. "you better pay us ' or else...!" Paul shouted in his last powers. But the creatures were gone ..
Ringo sat on the glass floor and knocked with his rings  with despair.
"Anybody got a cigarette?" Asked John.
"I had one in my pocket" Paul admitted ... "What do we do?" Ask George ...

Sorry it's a bit long ... But at least it's not boring (;
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"I had one in my pocket" Paul admitted ... "What do we do?" Ask George ...
Sorry it's a bit long ... But at least it's not boring (;

Okay, here we go.  ;)

Paul slid a stout pack of cigarettes from his side pocket and popped one out with his finger and handed it to John.
"Well do you have a lighter?" sneered John.
Paul patted around at whatever clothing he had left.
"Yeah John, I always keep a lighter near my genitals" Paul replied sarcastically.
John emitted a fierce exhale in frustration. "I need one now!"
"It would've been useful, maybe we could've burnt a hole in th-" he paused. "Hey!" he piped as he dug into the side of his boxers. "I've got a hole in my pocket!"
George looked dumbfounded and disgusted. "Did you pull that out from your ass? You might need it after dinner."
"No, look!" he grinned as he pressed the hole onto the glass. He then hovered his arm into it, and whipped his head in excitement towards the other three.
"Hey Ringo, well done! Now move!" John walked past Ringo as he crawled into the hole, to the other side.
The other three had managed to slide out of the hole and fixed themselves up.
"What now?" George said in dull enthusiasm.
"Oh, there's the hatch!" Paul pointed at the handle sticking from the ground.
They all ran to it and heaved it open. " Oh good, we're still in Minnesota." John said in a relieved tone.
They all dropped themselves through the hatch and fell with a thud onto the icy, crisp grass.
Ringo was dazed as he forced his back up, he gasped.
There was a puddle of greenish matter boiling on the grass, with their clothes swimming, decomposing, within it. The aliens DNA wasn't able to withstand the oxygen of Earth.
"Thank God!" Paul cheered as he hopped over to look at the deceased enemies.
"Yeah, that's great, but we need to finish our vacation." George brought up, pointing his thumb behind him.
John paused, looking aside in thought. "Yeah," he shrugged with a lackadaisical expression. "besides, this really isn't the weirdest thing that's happened to us."
"Whatever, let's just go! My feet are getting tortured from this ice!" He said while fiddling his feet in place.
They sprinted to the road nearest to them and flapped their arms hysterically for a car to pick them up.
"I want me clothes!" Ringo mourned as he shuffled his hands up and down his goose bump invaded arms.
They scanned the black, winding road for any sign of light, anything that could keep them from getting any unwanted illnesses. George, by this time, wasn't doing to well against the cold air without proper clothing. All he had were his underpants and socks, and with his lack of body fat, he was vunerable. He resembled an escaped victim from a concentration camp. "God, George you need to be checked up" John said in amazement, his expression contorted in concern.
George was in mild tremors as his eyes rose from underneath his eyebrows. His lips were pale and he looked sickly.
"It's because you're so skinny," Paul pinched George's bare arm. "You haven't got any fat on you."
George slapped his hand away and his eyes traveled beyond the road, longing for any hope.
"I wish I knew where we are right now." George forced out in a controlled voice.
"Yeah... Where's Emmi??" he complained.
Then, a sleepy line of light came into view on the aged road. They were saved.
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Or so they thought, a black limousine stopped in front of them. Black window opened and a man with black sunglasses and asked them: "What are you in the middle of Minnesota with underwear and socks?". They looked at each other. Do not know what to say ..
Suddenly the man looked at George. "Who's that boy?" He asked. "It's George Harrison! Know him ?..." Asked John to anyone trying to imply that they are the  Beatles.
"Gee! I saw him on TV!" "Well, I must have seen us too?" John continued. "He appeared in the program of the children starving in India! Man, you were the skinny's boy in the show! Come here I want to make of him millions!"
To John tired of: "Hello! We're the Beatles!"
"The cold makes you hallucinations? You're people. And no beetles in this area, they all were dead in this cold. Jack! Teddy! Take this boy! We're going to do from him a star!" Two other people with sunglasses - out of the limo, in there fat arms around George's poor. He could not say anything that the cold froze his lips.
"No! You do not take the George'!!!!" Paul shouted and jumped on the limo. Immediately began a fight - Paul jumped on the roof of the limo - and Ringo and John gave fists to people with sunglasses. Then ............
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hehe, sorry if i didn't go along with the alien thing, i didn't know what i could do with it, cool bit!
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It's okay, I hated the aliens from the beginning  ;)...
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Immediately began a fight - Paul jumped on the roof of the limo - and Ringo and John gave fists to people with sunglasses. Then ............
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Lucy calm down it's ok everyone is most likely trying to come up with the next part
Don't worry it's gonna be alright :
= )
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Fine! I'll continue!
... out came the ladies with scarves and staplers. "Don't you dare touch my Georgie-Pie!" screamed Bianca as she wrapped one man with a scarf. "Now hand him over, or I staple!"
Nanners jumped on the guy who was fighting Ringo. "Mess with him, you mess with me," said Nanners. She stapled the man's sleeve to his pant leg. "You try getting up now."
John screamed for Georgette's help. "Georgette! I need a hand here!" But Georgette couldn't get to him. There were too many men out there by John, so she grabbed Emmi, and they both used their scarves to whack the men. Once through the crazy crowd, Georgette helped John, and Emmi went off to help Paul. Emmi tried to strangle the man holding paul, but another one threw something at her back. Down she fell as George and Bianca went to help her. George picked her up and took her to the nearest building. "You stay here and help the boys. I'll be back soon," said George to Bianca.
"Alright," said Bianca charging towards Paul. She helped him and told him what happened to Emmi.
"No! Who was it? You. You hooligan!" screamed Paul stealing Bianca's stapler. Paul went mad stapling all of the men by the sleeves together.
"Well thanks. What now?" asked Ringo.
"Where's George and Emmi?" asked Nanners and Georgette.
"Follow me. Emmi got hit, and Georgie saved her. Oh, my Georgie!" said Bianca. They walked where George and Emmi went. They kept walking and they found the firt building. That wasn't just any building, though. It was a...
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Three giant sugar cubes are placed over each other. :P Then they looked around they were not in Minnesota anymore. Instead they were made entirely of sugar. :D
"Hurray! Sugar!" Ringo screamed and jumped like crazy. No one could resist the sugar, they began to eat it and started acting like Ringo.
It was nice at first until they go extreme and just went crazy. 2ch It becomes dangerous. Sort of like using harder drugs. Fortunately, Bianca's head and got hit from over the head of Paul and they pretty much go easy. But there was no time to waste. They look a little salt to calm the impact of sugar. But salt and sugar are very similar. "Oh no! Look!" Bianca said to Paul. John began to chase after Emmi trying to :-* ..... Never mind :-X ... "I'll try to delay him while you look for salt," said Paul ran after John.
Bianca had to find salt. She had no idea where to find salt. She had no idea where to find salt until an idea came into her head!  :D
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John began to chase after Emmi trying to :-* ..... Never mind :-X ...

No, please continue!  ;D JK

She thought maybe she should find a way out! She ran around to find a door or portal of some type. Then she saw John and Paul figting over Emmi ( I really like that idea!) And jumped on John's back. "John! Get a hold of yourself!" She shouted. But then John pulled her over his head and tried to kiss her. Then George ran up, "John! Stop! Let go of her!" Then John backed off and Bianca clung to him. Then John suddenly passed out. "I think we shouldn't give him sugar anymore." Stated Paul. "Everyone!" Said Bianca. "We need to find a way out of this hard-drug-sugary world before John wakes up! Team up so you don't get lost!" So Emmi and Paul went together, Nanners and Ringo went together, and Bianca and George went together, then Georgette made sure John was okay, after about a hour of searching, they found....
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A letter! Paul bent down and picked up the letter, then read it aloud."Dear Beatles, I know the way out." Emmi became very excited "who wrote that!" She exclaimed. "It doesn't say." Paul said "well where did it the letter come from?" She asked again, Paul pointed to the ground "There." "So maybe if we go" emmi pointed forward "then we might find the person who wrote that!" She pointed back to the letter "then they can tell us the way out!!!" And they all began to walk forward till another girl stopped them. "The way out is behind you." George study the girl and asked "what's your name?" The girl looked up at George and said "Eliza." He then took the letter from Paul "Did you write this?" He asked. Eliza looked at the letter "yes, yes I did." George paused for moment, "God you are so cute! I want to take you home!" He exclaimed with ober joy. Ringo shook his head "George she is not a lost puppy you can not take her! Plus her mum would be worried sick-" Eliza cut him off "Mum's dead and dad's a junkie that's why I'm here, He wouldn't care if I left he doesn't even know that I am his daughter." George sighed "So can we take you?" "I don't see why not" Eliza shrugged. So George took Eliza's hand and walked off to the way out. There was a very long siclene till Eliza broke it. "Uh, may I ask what happen to your clothes?" Paul chuckled "It's a very long story." "Ah, here we are" Eliza said opening the door they all stepped outside to see...
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The raft.
"Wow ... what fun ..." Said George. "(Now comes the most unexpected part) they tried to board the raft that they saw a sign that says
:" normal British reality in that way"
but they were too many raft capsized.
"We can never succeed that way!" Ringo whined. "You are right" someone said. "Who was it? They asked each other. Then they saw a pretty girl with sparkling dress." Who are you? "Asked everyone blinded by excessive dress." Lucy and I can fly"(I know, I know. I have a favoritism for the song, but please forgive me ...) "Well, you can help us?" The blinded Paul asked. "in What?" She asked. "In exchange dress" someone said. Everyone laughed. "No problem, but I need to get back to reality to change. So that's what we do: all the girls will on the raft, and the boys fly with me."
And so it really was - the girls floated downstream when the Beatles had each other's legs, Paul holds Lucy's legs.
Soon they saw on the horizon the Big Ben. "Hurray! :D" Glad everyone "They landed in London." Meet at the cafe in five minutes. Turn out that my dress is very an fashionable, :P :-\  ::) And I think I'll buy you new clothes, too. She said looking at the four still wearing underwear and socks.
"Well, in the unreal world you could walk around just with a tie" "George said. And John, Paul and Ringo grinned.
"But you are now in London" Nanners said they stopped chuckling. "It is better that you hide behind chair or something, when you get to the cafe ..." Lucy said", and they split up ........
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... "Wait, I think it's this way! Oof!" screamed Bianca as she led Emmi and Georgette into a wall.
"...As I was saying, when you get to the cafe, make sure you order coffee. Not tea. Coffee. There a waiter will..."
"It's definitely this way. Oww!" screamed Emmi as she tripped over a rock and landed on Bianca and Georgette.
"... will get you guys some new shirts and your tea."
"Yay tea!" exclaimed Ringo. He clapped and jumped up and down.
"I'm lost, and I don't like it," cried out Georgette. Nanners and John looked in their direction.
"I better go help them," said John. He ran after the girls who were piled on the sidewalk a block down laughing.
"We'll go to the cafe," said Nanners motioning to Ringo, George, Lucy, and Paul.
"We'll meet up with the girls. I wonder what happened to them..." said Paul.
At the cafe, the crazy girls and John met up with the rest of the group. They ordered their coffee. The witer came back with the boys' clothes and some tea. The boys went to change but they couldn't get out of their chairs. In fact, everyone was attched to their chairs. Then, out of no where, the group heard...
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...Kieth Richards cackling as he approached the group.
"Hello, lads." he drawled.
"Hey, what the hell's going on!" John shouted as he squirmed in his seat.
"Oh, I'm just going to get rid of you all, so the stones and I will become more successful without any distractions!"
"That's idiotic!" Emmi complained.
"I don't care, I know it'll work anyway!" Keith shrugged.
Ringo was making some sort of shimmying motion, as he held a concentrated stare into space. He was trying to release himself. John needed to take a pee real bad, so he yelled in frustration. Paul looked pale as soon as Keith mentioned death, and George looked bored, as if he'd been through weirder situations.
Keith's rusty laughter died off as he exited the cafe. Where's he going?
Paul was shakey as he jerked his head around in panic. "Bianca! don't you carry any tools or anything?? See if you can reach it!"
"Okay, okay!" she agreed as she dug through her pockets.
"Guys." George said.
"HEEELLPP!" John screamed.
"Hey, guys?" George said in the same tone.
"Oh, God, i'm getting goosebumps! I'll get sick! I need my clothes!" Paul trembled.
"Is Keith going to kill us too?" Emmi panicked.
"DAMMIT, SHADDUP!" barked George.
"Waat." Paul said in an annoyed voice.
"There's a red button right in front of you, Paul. Try using your forehead to push it, and see what happens."
And sure enough, there was. The suspicious thing had been there the whole time, and no one noticed it.
Paul snapped his back foreward as his bumped his forehead onto the button.
They were released! The group scurried out of the cafe as they created some sort of montage with 'Can't buy me love' playing in the background.
As soon as they were done, they hid behind an old dumpster beside the cafe, watching for any sign of Keith.
They were focusing, until an angry yell erupted behind them! John took a random crowbar lying on the concrete and...
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Mick Jagger attacked John! But then being John, he just pushed him and he fainted. Paul was whimpering because his forehead was all red, so Emmi went to kiss it better  ;D. Then Keith came back, "Mick!" He gasped and started crying, "You killed Mick! We will never make it as a band now! Just leave!" John almost started laughing but Nanners made him hold it back. "Yes sir!" George said, and they left the cafe. But then when they got out in the street, they realised they had no clothes, "Quick!" said Bianca, "There's a mens outfitter over there! Lets go!" So each girl picked out a suit for their Beatle: Emmi gave Paul a white one, Bianca gave George a blue one, Nanners gave John a.....
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red suit and then Lucy came back with a dark green suit for Ringo. Except the suit is back wearing normal clothes. (I did not like the dress from the start :P) when they were dressed they did not know what to do next ...
Then Emmi said: "I'm hungry like the wolf, let's go eat at the restaurant" Everyone was hungry and went looking for a restaurant.
They came to "Chinatown" (though there is no Chinatown in London. i think...) and every one bought himself something:
Nanners bought sushi.
Bianca bought shrimp.
Emmi bought fortune cookies.
Lucy bought an egg roll.
John bought noodles.
Even George bought noodles.
And Ringo and Paul bought their own banana splits.
"Good", they said they were full. Now what?
"Now let's walk a little area" and they wandered and walked until my feet ached for them and then they got on a bull led her danced. It was very nice until ......
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... a swine entered the scene. it grunted angrily. finally someone had the guts to say...
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Post by: lucy~(-_-*... on November 25, 2009, 03:43:23 PM
"I'm gay"

Title: Re: Our Never Ending Beatles Story
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'theres nothing wrong with being gay', john replied. 'ive been gay all my life'. 'really?' asked paul and he looked in a special way. the swine nodded.
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Ringo cleared his throat "Um m'k uh John you're gay?" "No I'm not I just support the gays. OW!" He yelped. "John what happened?" Asked George, "Someone kicked me!" He exclaimed as he rubbed the back of his head. They all looked around trying to find who kicked John, then tthis big thud came up behind them. "What was that!" Nanners asked as she clung onto Ringo. Another thud came about "AH!" Lucy jumped back "I don't like the thud's!" Emmi rolled her eyes "Guys let's just ask what that sound is I'm sure it's nothing to get worked up for." Just then a girl who looked about 14 maybe 13. Emmi motion to the girl "See, I'll ask her" so with emmi walked up to the girl. "Excuse me can you tell us wha- hey! I know you" "Oh do you now" the girl replied "Yes you're that girl who wrote that letter and got us out of that place!" Emmi said...
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"Yes, it's me" she said, smiling. "You came to bring us another note?" Emmi asked hopefully. "I did'nt. I'm not a postman. But I do know what you can do now."
"What? Need to have a place? Again ?!?!" Asked Ringo and cupped his face in his hands. "Take the pig, and follow me." Said Eliza.
to the Pig there was no intention to go with them. He bit and growled and kicked (in John) and slipped them all the time until everyone made a circle around him and rushed him. So as not to hurt him they put him in a cage and
And not in a bag (like Lucy and Emmi wanted, because he scared them) and went after Eliza. They reached a huge temple of Indian secret cult. "To get through the temple to make a sacrifice, and the swine will do it"
"No!" :o Everyone shouted. No one wanted to upset further back or to see how he was burned.
"We have no choice! You want to get stuck here forever?" Said Eliza. "You have to go through the temple."
"So without killing the pig!" Said Lucy seems pretty mutual with the pig.
"So I got an idea!" Paul said .........
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"What my idea?" 0
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                       ???      ???      ???   ???
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Oh no, it's happening to me again :-\ :( >:( :-X ... Oooo I should be more patient and not jump in place, in impatience, when no one writes continue to the story ...
Come on guys! Not need to invest in real thought to the continuing story! It's pretty frustrating to me when there is no more ... :'( :'( :'( :'( 2ch
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Okay friends! Is another story - new - Maybe it will make people continue the story:

"There is nothing nicer than sitting on a hammock in Hawaii," said George, when a string of flowers around his neck.
"You're wrong, George, there's nothing more fun due to the hammock in Hawaii when you have a waitress," smiled John sat on a chair while a woman with a bikini tan and a giant red flower in her hair  get into the room, and offered them coconut with a straw.
"Where Paul Ringo?" Asked George.
 "They went to surf" said John.
"I did not know they know how to surf"
John laughed. "They're not"
The waitress giggled. "  does she understand what we say?" George whispered "no. She does not know English, and certainly not with a Liverpool accent," John teased.
Paul Ringo came into the house wet and holding a pair of broken boards. John, George and the waitress looked at them. Ringo and Paul looked down. "One day we gonna make it ..." They said.
The waitress went to Ringo made a massage. He looked confused. "She knows English?"
 John negative sign of the head. Ringo tried to escape from the waitress giggled and did not leave him.
"Tonight we have a concert in front of the people here," Paul reminded everyone seems coconut with a straw interest them more.
But suddenly the waitress screamed! And run from the room.
The boys looked at each other ...
"What happened to her?" Asked George.
"Maybe Ringo frightened her," joked John, but he stopped smiling when ..............
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...Julian shyly shuffled into the room.
"Oh my God! What're you doing here, Jules!" cried Paul as he rushed over and swept Julian from the floor.
"I dunno." Julian pouted.
"Gerroff him! He's my son!" John yanked Julian from Paul's supporting arms. Paul shrugged as he went to sit back down, rubbing the back of his neck.
"Jules! What the hell!" he mused as his kissed Julian all over the face.
"Dad!" Julian giggled as he placed his tiny hands on either side of John's face.
George's mouth was slightly open as he had a a slightly jaded look of disbelief.
"What. The f**king hell." he muttered.
"George's right, how did Jules get here?" Paul asked.
John laughed as he said, "I don't know! But at least I can stop bugging Cyn about him every day!"
"Hey, where's Cyn? Shouldn't she be watching him?" Ringo's eyebrows drew together in concern.
It was right then and there that Cynthia stepped in, wiping her eyes quickly and avoiding all four boy's eyes.
Cynthia cleared her throat to say....

(Maybe some drama will make this story go along ???)
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".... Give me back my son!" She cried.
A pained look struck John's face. "He's my son too, Cyn..."
She squinted, "I don't care, you and your..." She said with disgust, "Rock and Roll life, will poison the youth of my son!"
"We're really not that bad, Cyn" Paul interfeared.
She laughed dryly, "Oh please, I find that hard to believe. I mean look at you!" They all looked down at themselves in their little Bathing suits they wore.
"What's wrong with us?" George asked, slightly annoyed.
"Well for one, your haircuts are atrocious." She scoffed. These were the 1967 Beatles. So they weren't even that bad.
"Aye, what's wrong with mine?!" Paul asked, a little offended.
"I guess your alright, if you maybe shaved that catipillar off your lip." She sneered.
Paul petted his moustache, "That hurt."
"Come on Cyn, he's just as much my son as yours! I have all the rights in the world to visit him!" John said, hugging Julian tight.
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(LOL, Cynthia mentioned in her book about John's haircut as 'sexy'  ha2ha )

"You haven't proved yourself as a good father in the first place! You barely see him anymore!" retorted Cynthia.
"Mommy" whimpered Julian, he tightly covered his ears and he began to cry.
Cynthia and John's expression softened a bit. Cyn walked over to John and lifted her arms around both John and Julian.
George was tapping his foot as he silently sat and watched.
Ringo crept out of the room, feeling like he should give them space.
"Don't you think I've realized that, Cyn? But I'm trying to make you and Julian live wonderfully!" he murmured.
"You know, Julian is only here because he insisted on seeing you very much."
John stroked Julian's fine, shiny hair.
Paul stood up from the edge of one of the benches and angled his arms in a way to properly pull Julian from between John and Cyn.
"Okay, guys. You're upsetting Jules." Paul said sternly.
"No I'm not, Paul! I want to see Uncle George, too!" insisted Julian.
George gave a low chuckle of suprise, his toothy grin showing.
"Really? You want scary ol' George?" joked George.
"...Yeah!" Julian shrugged.
George laughed as he lifted Julian from Paul.
"You're popular today, kiddo." George said.
John and Cyn, meanwhile, stepped out onto the patio. The sun was sinking very slowly into the horizon, leaving behind a trail of orange and a bit of pink.
"I missed you." John smiled.

(Bahahaha! I suck at writing ha2ha )
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(Bahahaha! I suck at writing ha2ha )

(LOL! Your fine ha2ha)

Cynthia looked at him, like she didn't know if she should believe him or not, "I missed you too."
John smiled wide, "So, do you really think our hair is 'Atrocious'?"
She softly chuckled, "No, I was just trying to prove my side."
John and Cyn sat and talked for a while, they hadn't seen eachother in over a year, thanks to The Beatles hectic recording scedule. And John was currently living away from home.
Just then, they heard soft whispering behind them, "Who is that?!" John said in alarm.
"Oh bloody hell just kiss and make up already!" Paul yelled from behind a patch of bushes.
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John's face contorted in annoyance. He grabbed a pillow randomly on the ground and shot it at Paul like a catapault.
"Ouch!" Paul hissed as he rubbed his chest. "You implying that you don't want to kiss her? She's your wife isn't she?"
"Right, Paul. We're going to make love just 'cos you told us to" John sneered sarcastically.
Paul laughed out loud as he walked back inside.
John stared at the door for a moment, and saw Ringo's fingers around the edge of the frame.
"RINGO." John barked.
There was a sound of broken sets of sblack persons as the hand dissappeared.
John turned his head back to Cynthia and stared at her, identifying any new changes about her.
There was an angelic sound of humming emerging from the door, and also a sweet little tune on acoustic.
John walked calmly to the door and slid it shut.
"Oi!" George snapped, sounding muffled by the window.
"I'm sorry," chuckled John.
Cynthia took his hand and led him to the rail separating them from the gorgous beach in front of them.
The wind picked up, and John's bangs were sliding away from his face.
(Oh, God. Is there going to be a lovey dovey scene here? Prepare to laugh, guys!)
John took a step closer to Cynthia. She held her hands together behind his neck. His cheek touched hers as they stepped rhythmically side to side.
"Kiiissss." drawled a low voice within the window.
"SHADDUP!" John answered loudly.
John pecked Cyn's lips swiftly, and hugged her.
"I'm not giving them any damn satisfaction." John whispered defiantly.
"AND I TRY, AND I TRY, AND I TRY, AND I TRY!" sang Paul loudly.
"I CAN'T GET NO!" bellowed George.
John stepped away from the rail, dragged a wooden chair behind him along the way towards the voices, and...

( ha2ha I've never typed a kissy scene like this one! I'm sure this story will have a lovey thing with Paul and a girl soon enough!  ;D )
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( ha2ha I've never typed a kissy scene like this one! I'm sure this story will have a lovey thing with Paul and a girl soon enough!  ;D )
(Can it be me?!? I beg you!! ha2ha)

"Your not gonna hit me with that, are you?!" George asked,
John sighed, "I would, but I'd rather not have my wife and child see that."
Paul laughed, "And they hadn't seen that before?"
John gave him a stern look, "Why don't you go make yourself useful and LEAVE"
"Fine, fine." Paul said, "Because Tiiiime is on my side!"
"Yes it is!" George piped in.
"What is this? A Rolling Stones tribute?!" He asked.
"Maybe!" Paul said, "I see a red door and I want it painted black!!" He sang out.
"Pleased to meet you, wont you guess my name!"
"Oooh ooh!"
"Okay Mick and Keith, time to leave." John started to push them back into the livingroom.
"I get to me Mick!" Paul said.
"Um no! I do!" George said.
"Oh please, you don't have the Ba-" His words were cut short when John shut the sliding glass door behind them.
"Now," John said, "Where were we?" He smirked and walked back to Cynthia. (Prepare for a gushy scene, people!) John took Cynthia in his arms and ran his fingers through her hair, then lightly kissed her.

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(Oh, but then there's I_Will and Penny Lane! ha2ha. Whoever Paul falls for in this story gets to have him, I guess!)

John's eyes opened just a bit to see if any of the boys dared to intrude again.
"You're hair's gotten longer since I last saw you." said Cynthia between kisses.
"Your's too!" he smiled.
In the middle of their little moment, there was a small sound of the sliding door opening again.
John's glare shot at who opened it, only to sigh in amusement.
Little Julian slowly bounced over. His tiny hands were curled onto one another onto his chest and gazed up at them.
"Whudder you people doing here?" pouted Julian, fiddling with his thumbs.
"Well, Jules, we were just madly ki-"
John was cut off by a thundering shatter of glass from outside their hotel suite.
"The hell was that?" John yelled. He ran over and swiftly slid the door and ran inside.
George was standing near the front door, standing still as a statue. Ringo tip toed near the source of the noise.
"Are you daft?! This is urgent information! Don't touch me! They need to know!" shrieked a voice outside their door.
George pounced back a couple steps when someone pounded the front door several times.
"BEATLES! OPEN UP!" said a girl's voice.
Paul appeared from the bathroom, he'd obviously finished taking a shower. His hair was shuffled up and dripping, and he had a white towel around his neck. Of course he had no shirt on, there were still droplets of water sliding down his torso, and he had a pair of black pj pants. ( You're welcome Paul lovers  ha2ha)
"I've got it." Paul declared, he ran his hand through his hair and opened the door a bit cautiously.
The girl was panting from the recent fuss.
"He-....ahem. Hello. I'm..."

(Like I said, whoever calls it first gets him!  ;) )
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"....Emmi!" The girl said (WHAT NOW!!! I WIN!! ha2ha)
Paul smiled, "Hello, Emmi. What's the fuss now?"
"Well, um, there were these girls trying to pick the lock on your door, so I threw a Coke bottle on the ground next to them to scare them away." She smiled proudly.
"Ah. Would you like to come in?" he asked.
She scanned him up and down, trying not to be obvious about it, "Sure!"
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( LOL )

"Great." Paul smiled kindly. He put his arm around her shoulder and led her in. "Oh, sorry. I've gotten your sleeves wet!"
"Oh, believe me, I don't mind." Emmi said innocently.
"Hey, uh, I believe I heard from behind the door that you had 'urgent information' to tell us?" George meekly pointed out.
Emmi was staring at Paul's chest.
"MISS?" George said a bit louder, snapping his fingers.
"Wha-? Oh. Right." she cleared her throat. She fished around in her book bag slung around her shoulder for a shallow set of papers.
"This." she began,"Is the urgent information."
She handed it to John, who read the papers calmly for a moment, then paused.
"...I don't see how this concerns...The other Beatles." murmured John.
"I just needed any of you to answer the door quickly, is all." answered Emmi.
George read over John's shoulder, and his face creased in stress, and let out a long, deep sigh.
"Paul, you oughta take the girl into the other room." George said with his hand over his eyes, and a hand on a hip.
"Right." Paul placed a hand on her back and led her to a room close by.
"Now. What's going on exactly, Emmi?" pondered Paul.
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Emmi sighed, "You all have to go with me to Florida."
Paul gleamed, "Why that bad? That sounds grand!"
Emmi sighed, "It's not... John has to go to get a CAT scan, they think he might need his appendix removed."
Paul gasped, "Is it... fatal?"
"No no..." Emmi consoled, "It's just a hassle"
Paul let out his gasp, "Alright. As long as he'll be okay. Why Florida?"
"There's a specialist there." She replied.
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"Well, how does anyone know that his appendix needs to be removed?" Paul spoke softly in concern.
"I honestly don't have a clue, the specialist sent me here." Emmi replied helplessly.
Paul stepped a bit closer to Emmi and whispered secretively.
"Tell me. Is it perhaps cancerous if it's that urgent?" Paul's breath was warm, yet he spoke sofly so that no one could hear.
"I-I'm not sure, that's why you all need to get to Florida immediately."
"Oh." Paul just barely spoke as he stepped away. He sighed, and looked towards the door awkwardly.
"Geez...I should get a shirt on right about now." he chuckled.
"No you don't." protested Emmi.
Ringo opened the door.
"Does Paul know, Miss?" Ringo sighed.
"Yes, sir." she nodded.
"Ah. You guys can come out now." Ringo gestured.
Cynthia was seen hugging John tightly with her eyes closed, and John's chin was resting on her shoulder as he looked hopelessly into space.
George cleared his throat and stood up from a cushioned chair.
"We should head out. Where's Jules?" 

(Ooh, angsty...  :-X )
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Jules was playing with his toys on the floor of the livingroom, "Are you okay, Daddy?" He asked innocently.
John sighed, "Yes, I'll be okay...." He said. Picking Julian up and hugging him tightly.
"I don't mean to rush you all," Emmi said softly, "But we need to leave as soon as possible..."
"She's right." Paul said.
George rolled his eyes, "I'm sure you think she is." He said sarcastically.
"Aye, watch it Harrison." He said in a mock-stern voice.

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George raised a very prominent eyebrow.
"Don't start with me, McCartney," George warned.
John's index and middle finger were still pressing in certain spots in his lower torso.
"I think you're giving me bull, miss. I feel no pain whatsoever!" complained John.
"Hey, I was only sent here, sir. Please, don't throw all your anger on me." Emmi said professionally.
"I never get involved in most conversations, do I?" accused Ringo randomly.
"Ringo, John possibly needs one of his organs removed. Can we not discuss your problems."
Ringo stomped his foot, and suprisingly, he had a small hint of hostility in his robust blue eyes.
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"Well, maybe if you weren't so quiet all the time...." Paul said, trying to give an explaination.
"Well so-rry if I'm not a bigmouth like a certain McCartney!" Ringo said, rather annoyed.
"Hey, there's no need to be mean, Ringo." Emmi said, trying to sound as nice as possible.
"Listen Miss, maybe you should go back to your hotel and we'll see you in the morning?" John offered.
"Uhm, exscuse me?" Paul said, "You don't expect her to drive all the way back to..." He checked her papers, "Manchester, do you?"
John sighed, "I guess not. But your sleepin' on the couch."
Emmi nodded, "Thank you, sir."
Ringo huffed, "I'm STILL not involved!"
"Too bad Starkey!" George snapped.
"EVERYONE!" Cyn shouted, and everyone turned to her, "Stop figting like two year olds! Especially in front of a little one..." She said, gesturing to Julian who had a sad look on his face.
Paul sighed, "I'm sorry Jules." He said, stroking his hair.
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(my gosh, i'm in such a writing mood  ;D )

"Ringo, please don't be mad." begged Julian. "You make me feel gull-tee"
"No I'm not mad at all!" Ringo forced an enthusiastic smile.
George coughed in disagreement.
"Shaddup." Ringo pointed a finger at George.
George raised his hands up in truce.
"Yeah," Paul added. "Ringo just feels a bit left out, is all, Jules."
"Like me? When daddy doesn't see me much anymore?" Julian asked, his eyes glistening.
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(I'm always in writing mode ha2ha)

John looked pain stricken, "I'm so sorry Jules.... I missed you..."
Julian smiled, "It's okay Daddy, we're here now!"
John smiled, "Yes, and I'm not letting you or your mother leave now." He laughed
Paul yawned, "It's 11 and we have a early flight, I'm going to bed." He smiled at Emmi, "Do you need me to help you set up the couch?"
Emmi smiled, "Alright." Those two put together the couch for her to sleep on while the others trudged off to bed.
The Next Morning

John came storming out of his bedroom, "Alright everyone! Wake-up time!" He announced.
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"Ehhhh." replied George, as he barely opened one of his eyes. He pushed his belly off of the bed with his arms, which made it look more like a push up, yet his head still hung sleepily towards the pillow.
"Icanneggup." protested George, his arms collapsed and thudded back onto the bed fully.
Paul on the other hand, drooped out of bed, his entire body longed to fall onto the bed again. He buttoned up a collared shirt and pulled a pair of slacks on.
"One day, you'll look, to see I've gone..." he sang silently as he brushed his thick hair.
Ringo woke fully as the sunlight broke through and warmed his cheek. He changed his clothes and got ready without any yearn for sleep.

Meanwhile, as Paul was waiting for John to finish packing his belongings, Paul checked on Emmi.

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She slept peacefully. He had a bit sad to leave Emmi as he goes. The time was short and had no time to say goodbye. So he bent his head and gave her a kiss on the cheek ... Emmi smiled a little smile. Paul left the room. But something made him stop and ........
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Can you start a different story again, Lucy?
I've run out of ideas...
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(I've got it!!!)
.... remembered that she was going with! He looked back to her and saw she was blushing completely. He went back to her with a smirk on his face.
"Alright you love birds!" John smirked, "Time to get going! Our plane leaves in two hours!"
"Okay okay we'll get to it!" he laughed. "And I wouldn't be talking, Mr. Lennon"
Emmi smiled and looked at Paul, "And then there's Mr. McCharmley!" She laughed.
Paul wrapped his arm around her, "Of course I am!"
Then George finally got the courage built up to roll out of bed. "'Ello George!" Paul cheerily said.
"Ugh..." George said, grunting in their general direction.
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( ha2ha Okay, okay, you've got it moving along again. )

"Aw, George! You're not a morning person?" said Emmi happily.
George turned around and looked as if he were staring at a brilliant sunny sky. His eyes were squinted and he wrinkled his nose, his mouth partially open.
"That'd be a no?" Emmi half laughed.
George walked down the short hall as he passed Ringo along the way.
"Lads, I've decided to forgive you." he pouted, yet looking defiant.
Paul chuckled. "So Emmi, what're you doing when all this nonsense is over-"
"DID YOU IGNORE ME!?" snapped Ringo.
"Just now? The whole hotel hadn't, Rings."
Ringo whacked his briefcase against some chair and left to sit by the front door.
"Ah, we're just messing with him. He's so easy to make fun of." Paul silently mused to Emmi.
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Emmi smiled at Paul, "Ah, give him a break Paul..." She put her head on his shoulder.
John walked in the room, "Where's Rings?" He asked.
"Paul p*ssed him off again..." Emmi giggled.
John shot Paul an annoyed look, "Please give the guy a break, Paul. He's quite sensetive."
"But thats what makes him so fun to tease!" He laughed.
Emmi lightly smacked his arm, "How mean!" she giggled.
"Well, she's quite bubbly." John commented. (So true! I got called as bubbly as champagne today :D)
Paul rubbed his nose on her cheek, "Yeah..."
Cynthia walked out of John's bedroom, "Julian is still asleep?" She asked.
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"Ahh, I think so," John murmured as he turned in her direction.
Cynthia began to turn around a bit, seeing if Julian would pop up anywhere.
"I thought he was with you." she panicked.
"Jules was with Paul!" John's voice shook.
"He's on the patio over there!" Ringo pointed towards the shut glass door.
Julian was sitting nearly cross legged, his tiny limbs can't extend very much, and facing towards the coast line. Right next to him, was George. He was sitting fully cross legged and was idly playing a ukelele.
"Oh, thank goodness!" Cynthia cried as she rushed over to Julian.
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Cynthia swung the door open, she grabbed Julian and hugged him.
"What's wrong?!" Cried a panic-stricken George.
"I'm so sorry, I just couldn't find him..." She set Julian back down gently, "George, would you be a sweetheart and watch him while I quickly get myself ready?"
"Sure," George said, "But I'm always a sweetheart!" He smiled cheesily.
Paul rolled his eyes, "Yeah, I'd like to see that day." Emmi playfully slapped his arm again.
"Cheeky boy." She commented.
When they were all ready to go, they climbed into Emmi's huge SUV, with Ringo behind the wheel.
"Why am I driving?" He asked, rather annoyed.
"Because I have someone to take care of and John's afraid to!" George said, playing with Julian. Cyn never assigned him child duty, he just naturally took the role on, "And you really expect Macca to do it?"

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"Of course I expect you to do it! You are the older here!"
Ringo looked at him in his puppy look. Julian laughed.
"Oh Come on!" Said George. Then he realized something. "Don't tell me you don't have a driver's license ..."
"Come on we don't have time!" Emmi said and sat in the driver space. She pressed the gas and the car flew forward!
They bypassed cars, and almost twice overwritten. They reached an intersection with a red light.
Everyone screamed "AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!" And Julian apparently felt like an amusement park facility!
"Emmi Stop!" Cynthia screamed. But they managed to cross the dangerous intersection. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. John adjusted his glasses. "Emmi, you are the real reason why I'm scared."
Paul squinted at him. Emmi laughed. "Emmi Stop!" Suddenly shouted George. Emmi stopped abruptly. A policeman standing in front of them with a combination of hands and face angry.
The next step was that everyone was in cells with bars at the police station. "The child can not be with you within the cell. I'm not even sure if he really yours." John and Cynthia begged that Julian will remain with them. But no one believed them he was their child. Cyn began to cry. Then she started screaming about John that he was not a good father.
Emmi could not see how John and Cynthia shouting at each other just because of her. Ringo saw Emmi and told her everything happened because of him . If he was not arguing with George, all this would have happened ... And they are in any case going to late the flight ...
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"Who says were gonna miss the flight?" Paul smirked. "I took lock-picking class in college."
"You went to college?" John asked.
"For 72 hours!" He said proudly. He carefully took a pin out of Emmi's hair and went to try to pick the lock. The lock immeaditly snapped open and they were free.
"Come on!" Emmi said, "If we hurry, we'll make it!"
"Okay, but George is gonna drive!" John announed, "We can't handle any more of your road rage.
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"Alright, lads. But I'm worn out right now. I brought these drinks from this groovy fellah from the hotel." George pulled out a violet bulb shaped bottle.
"Oooh." John replied in awe.
John removed the bottle from George's hands, and took a swig.
"Hey! It's my turn!" Paul popped in. He swiped the bottle from John's lips.
Paul took a swig. "Heh....This is good." he said as his grip on the bottle slipped.
George snatched it before it made contact with the ground, and took a cautious sip, seeing that Paul was acting odd.
Their perspective of every little thing around them was altered, colors exploded from the most unlikely places. Everything was a vortex of their memories and what was really before them.
"Oh my gosh." Emmi suddenly realized.
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Julie was about to take it from George's hand, "NO!" Cried Cyn.
"George! Why would you give them that?! Especially when in..." She checked her watch, " TWO HOURS John will be getting a CAT scan!!!"
George hung his head, "Sorry, Emmi"
"Do you have anything to cure it with?" Cyn asked.
"It wears off quickly." He said, "They'll be fine by the time we get to the airport."
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"Good." Emmi sighed in relief.
Everyone followed George as they walked across the street to the car sitting beside the curb. George stepped behind the wheel, and everyone else crammed themselves into whatever space was left.
"Okay...okay, let's see. I-..I think I might be able to drive to the airport. If I can get my vision back to reality." George fought out. He seemed to be squinting, blinking several times, and shaking his head side to side. He then cleared his throat and turned the ignition.
"Brace yourselves." George mocked in a airplane pilot's voice.
Emmi was sitting behind George's seat and gripped either side of the head rest for dear life.
"Loosen up, luv." Paul said with a hand on her shoulder.
Before she could say anything, they shot forward into the nearly empty road.
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Paul's hand on Emmi's shoulder slightly helped, but being herself, she was still very tense.
"Ahhh!" Julian screamed, he was very scared about how George was driving, Cyn slapped the back of George's head.
"Slow down, you maniac!!" She screamed
"Well baby Slow down, Your moving way too fast!" John sang.
"You gotta give me little loving"
"Give me little lovin'! Ooooh! If you want our love to last!" Him and Paul sang.
"Really?" Emmi said, a little annoyed.
"Sorry hon." Paul said
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He swerved a couple of cars settled beside a curb, and then floored it.
"YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" George screeched. The car happened to zoom past Pete Townshend, who smiled and wrote it on his hand.
Meanwhile, Julian was flat against Cynthia, who was flat against the seat. The speed George was going at exceeded every limit at that point.
He flashed past the line of cars beside his lane, into the parking lot.
The car screamed to a stop in a parking space, the back wheels were off the ground for a second, then stood still onto the ground...
Everyone sat w/ their eyes plastered wide with fear, and their death grips on anything they could reach.
Then, the car's axels collapsed with a crash.
George opened the door, smoothed out his suit, and opened the door for Julian.
Julian hopped into George's arms.
"Why hello, Jules! How was the ride." he said kindly and calmly.
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"Are you insane?!?" Cyn asked, with an angry look on her face.
"What?" Asked George, completely oblivios.
"You could have KILLED us!" She screamed.
"Well, we're all alright. Thats what matters..." She breathed, still in shock and clinging to Paul for dear life, but he didn't mind, of course.
"Yes, let's get going so we dont miss the flight." Paul added.
When they were all filing into the plane, they had to figure out who sat by who.
"I'm sitting with Julian." Cyn announced.
"And I am by Cyn" John added.
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Paul touched Emmi's hand. "I'm with Emmi!"
"That's a suprise Paul." George drawled. "I'm by Cynthia and John."
Cynthia touched her forehead with impatience.
"Aww, but you're so easy to tick off, it'll pass the time quicker until we land in Florida!" he pursuaded.
"John, tell him to sit by Ringo!" Cynthia tugged John's sleeve while whispering.
"Sit by Ringo, George." John said firmly.
"Nooo. His behavior is like a pregnant woman's, there's no way I'm sitting by him!" George retorted.
John paused. "Fine, Ringo will sit by Paul."
"Fine, but he'll sit a seat away from me, he might listen to me and Emmi's conversations!"
"Whatever." Ringo sniffed.
So, on one row sat Cynthia, (with Julian on her lap), John, and George. And on the other row sat Emmi, Paul, and Ringo.
They all waited several moments until the plane finally left the ground into the late afternoon sky.
Paul was telling silent little jokes to Emmi, and Ringo reached over and tapped him on the shoulder.
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(I feel so sorry for Ringo! D: ha2ha)

"Umm, Paul?" Ringo asked kindly.
Paul turned to him and smiled, "Yeah, mate?"
"Since when does everyone not like me?" He asked, a little sad.
Paul frowned, "Aw Ringo, you know we all like you! Things have just been a little stressful because of this whole thing about John's internal organs."
"Oh..." He said. "I think I am going to adopted a kid.."
"Why?!" Paul asked, "You can easily score a chick and get married and have kids!"
"Yeah..." He said. "I'll think on it." He turned to look out the window, Emmi and Paul were kind enough to give him the window seat, he reached into his breif case and pulled out a book. He was reading Gone With The Wind.
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(things will get better for himmm!  ;D )

Ringo smiled softly at a certain page he left off in his book, then turned the page. A passenger stood up from her seat and walked carefully down the narrow corridor, but paused.
"Hey,"she smiled. "You like Gone With The Wind, too?"
Ringo glanced at the cover of the book and looked up at her beaming face.
"Why yes I do!" he mused.
"How is it?"
"It's absolutely lovely."
"It really is, isn't it. My name's Morgan by the way." she held out her hand.
"Richard, but you can call me Ringo." he held her hand.
They stared at eachother silently, smiling and still holding eachother's hands.
"Christ, that was quick." Paul said in amazement.
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(Ohhh Breedofranndy will be happy with this! ha2ha)

"So, would you like to come sit with me and discuss the book?" She smiled.
"Of course!" He said exitedly. They both got up and went over to she was sitting, which was suprisingly just behind them.
"Well, at least Ringo will be getting some attention, too." Emmi smiled.
Paul nodded, "Yeah, a man always loves to be loved." He smiled to her.
Just then, the plane sligtly shook, "We're sorry, laides and gentlemen." The captian said over the intercom, "We are experiencing some turbulence. Nothing dangerous now, we are just passing through a storm."
Emmi grasped Paul's hand, "I hate turbulence..." She whispered, (It's true, it always freaks me out)
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John turned and peered down at Emmi who sat behind him.
"Me too." he said in a shaken voice, and slid back down in his seat, squeezing Cyn's hand tightly.
"Calm down, John. If it helps get your mind off it, I'll tell you a story about my love life." George shrugged.
"Why?" John wrinkled his nose.
"I dunno, everyone else has a mate on this plane but me. Anyways, you know that bird Pattie I've been talking about?" (for the sake of it, I'll just pair him up w/ her. There's too many George lovers here  ha2ha )
"I think we're going into a serious relationship now." he blushed slightly, and smiled coyly.
"Really? How wonderful, George! I'm so happy for you!" Cynthia giggled.
"Wow. I hope things go great for you two." he said as he placed his arm around Cyn's shoulders.
"Yeah." George nodded.
Meanwhile, Ringo and Morgan were each holding a glass of champagne, and were into deeper conversations.
"You are such a lovely person." Ringo sighed, looking at her with his sad blue eyes.
"And you're such a handsome, intellectual man." she placed her head on his shoulder.
"He's known her for half an hour!" Paul exclaimed silently to Emmi.
"It's okay, at least he's finally happy." Emmi assured.
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"I guess thats true... And now we are somewhat alone." Paul smiled.
Emmi bit her lower lip and smiled, "True..."
"Mummy!" Julian said, pulling at Cyn's sleeve.
"Yes, honey?" Cyn asked.
"I want to sit in a chair!" He wiggled uncomftorbly in her lap.
"George, hon?" Cyn asked, "Could you please move over one seat?" She asked.
"Yeah sure." George moved over one and Julian plopped down next to George.
"Why is your hair so funny?" Julian asked innocently
"Why are your clothes so funny?" He asked cockily
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"No fair! Mummy dressed me up!" Julian complained.
"You're wearing it aren't you?" George sneered jokingly.
"I kept it on cuz I want to look like a Beatle!"
George began to say something, but paused.
"Huh." he finally responded.


Paul slid the leather flap of the tiny layered window up to reveal the brilliant view of the dark, thundering sky and the dark turquoise fields below.
"I never get tired of looking at these kinds of views." Paul said warmly.
"It looks pretty frightening, since it's possible that we might crash," she pondered. "But you're absolutely right."

And of course, Ringo and Morgan were laughing together about some silly topic. Morgan brushed Ringo's bangs forward, then smoothed it out. Ringo caught her hand gently.
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Why hasn't anybody else written anything in this story?  ???
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Why hasn't anybody else written anything in this story?  ???

Cuz we're so awesome!!! Haha. We rule the writing! :P And Lucy writes too.

"Well, I guess it could pass for Beatley" George replied. "It looks Liverpoolesque."
Julian smiled proudly, "And your hair isn't bad either!
George rolled his eyes, "Thanks, kid."
Paul slid his eyes over from the window to Emmi, who was still looking out the window nervously, and stroked her hair, she smiled back to him.
"Mr. McCharmly" She teased.
Morgan bit her lower lip and smiled, she traced his nose with her finger, "I just love your nose! It's so cute!"
Ringo laughed, "Thanks. People said it's big, but never cute."
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"Uncle George?" Julian asked, his adorably innocent face looking up at his 'uncle'.
"Yea, kiddo?"
"You're my best friend." Julian's head lowered a bit, and glanced up from his eyebrows.
George gave an endearing grin.
Julian sat up on his knees, bent forward and hugged George's mid torso.
"Ho ho, alright then!" he chucked as he pat Julian's back softly.

Paul hummed a skiffle tune, looping to higher notes quite easily.
Paul sighed. "Are we there yet?"
"N-....Wait...Yes!" Emmi exclaimed.
The plane was settling lower and lower into the sky, the wheels began to run against the cement path. It rolled slower and slower until it finally stopped.
"Fantastic!" Paul stood up.


"Oh, no!" Morgan cried. They were sitting extremely close, the only thing separating them was the arm rest. Both their hand were braided together.
"What if I never see you again?"
"Where are you going, my sweet?" Ringo's voice slightly cracked.
"I'm going to visit my cousin, he's a doctor who's actually going to treat John Lennon!"
Ringo paused. " don't know what band I'm from?"
"You're in a band?"
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(The thing with Morgan made me LOL ha2ha)

Julian looked up to George, "Will you carry me?"
George thought about how hard it would be for the little boy to keep up in the airport, "Okay" He said. The plane was stopped, and everyone started to file out of the plane. George scooped Julian up, and started to carry him off.
Paul and Emmi stood up, "Did you rent a car?" Asked Paul. Emmi nodded, "The hospital rented a car for us." She smiled.
Morgan finally realised she had been cuddling with Ringo Starr for the whole 8 hour plane ride, "Ohmigosh!" She said.
Ringo sighed, "Yes, love. I'm Ringo." He gave her a weak smile.
Her jaw dropped, "Why didn't I- I mean I should have-I mean...." she was speechless. She gave up, "I guess I will be seeing you again!" She laughed.
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"Yeah! It'll be great! C'mon, luv."
They both stood up and squeezed themselves through the other passenger's way.
"Hiya George, Julian!" Ringo sang as they finally made it out of the plane and through the port.
George angled his arms so that it'd act as a chair, and Julian's head was a few inches below George's collarbone. He was nearly asleep.
"Hi, Rich" George whispered.
"Stand close by me, I don't want to lose you." Paul said firmly as he held Emmi's hand tightly.
All Emmi could do was nod and blush.
John held Cynthia in a half hug with one arm, and murmured,"Doesn't that look like us in college?" He motioned towards Paul and Emmi.
"It certainly does."
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Paul caught John and Cyn's gaze, he smiled and nodded toward them, then turned his attention back to Emmi. He whispered something in her ear which made her blush and giggle.
"So, Emmi." Ringo said, "Where's our car located?"
"Oh, um, in the parkingl ot?" She said.
They all dragged their bags toward the parking lot.
"So," George said, "Who's driving this time?"
"I will!" Cyn said, "I'm not a maniac like George or Emmi!"
George just laughed, but Emmi was sligtly hurt. Paul kissed her forehead and the feeling melted away.
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(I'm going to try you guys!  ha2ha)

They all got into the car and headed towards the hospital. Morgan decided to come along with all of them, she knew the fastest way to her cousin's office.
"ok guys let's get going already, my apenndix is in serious need of medical attention!" John huffed.
"Alright alright!" Cynthia Moaned.
"Eh, nobody said it was that serious John love." George sarcastically remarked. John shot him a stern look, as the car sped away.
"Hey Morgan, can you be sure to tell me where I'm going, I'm not familiar with this area, or any area in the United States for that matter!" Cynthia stated with a serious look on her face.
"Yes of course, I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to John." Morgan replied, with a look of worry in her eyes.
"What do you mean? what's wrong with daddy?" Julian cried.
"Oh it'll be fine Julian, nothing bad is going to happen to daddy, he just needs to get a checkup. That's all hon." John said with a caring smile on his face.
"oh ok, as long as you'll be alright!" he smiled.
As they drove past all the streets, everyone began to get quite bored. It was a long drive, none of them expected it to be this long.
Paul and Emmi were in the very back seat of the SUV and were quitely talking amunst themselves, staring into each others eyes. John was looking very nervous and it started to worry Ringo.
"John....are you alright?" Ringo questioned with a concered look on his face.
"oh yes... yes, I'm fine just fine. Don't worry bout me Rings, everything will be ok once we get to the hosptial. If we ever get the the hospital!" He looked directly at Morgan when he made the statement. Morgan looked at him with an apoligetic face.
"I'm doing the best I can John. I can't teleport us there." she said.
"Eay Johnny, lay off 'er alright? she's doing the best she can." Ringo said proudly, looking at Morgan with dreamy eyes. 
After hours in the car they had finally reached the hospital, everyone was exstatic to finally be out of there. They grabbed their stuff and headed in to hear the news...
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News on the radio. And the news were (to their surprise): "a giant praying mantis get into New York and destroys it from all directions! Reported to us that some people on the street screaming:" Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Where are you! "But we know Spiderman is not real. And we're still waiting for the hero to save New York from the evil Mantis Oh, no! Reported to us that he ripped the power cord of all the main city! Huge power outage strikes the all U.S.A!!!!!!  :o!hjynfet5&*$% U%^ :-X$U&$# :P$^Ug4e egk 2ch 2ch!!!????rbh hjepog58654y4% ............." The radio is turned off. They looked at each other ...
"Without electricity the hospital can not act!" Cynthia pressed. Paul, Ringo and George looked at with a slight smile, the other frightened friends. Then they raised their fists into the air and shouting. "THE POWER OF THE BEAT!" And immediately a bright light blinded them all!. The three went up in the air, and the clothes of Sgr. pepper appeared to them suddenly. +Cloak in the same color.
Emmi and Morgan Faro his mouth as if they have to swallow an elephant. Three visibility a little embarrassed ... "We did not want to tell you ..." Paul said "Time!" Said Ringo. "You're not mad at us right?"
"What we care about you heroes!? How do you know the Sgr. Pepper???" They did not know what to answer them, but then a girl came out of the hospital while she was screaming and crying. "My father! My father! Is dead!" Everyone approached her. Morgan asked her: "How did he die?" The girl replied "the power outage stopped the ventilator, and he died from lack of oxygen!" Cynthia blanched.
Emmi stroked her back. "What's your name?" She asked. "Lucy ..." Cried the girl. "You see those three guys Lucy?." She pointed to Paul. "They will bring the hospital back to the performance." "But my father is dead!" Emmi looked bewildered. Everyone visibility that way.
Then Ringo said: "We have no time to waste! we need to go to New York!"
"To New York!" All said and returned to the car, while Paul, George and Ringo drifted evident. "Come with us," Morgan said to Lucy. Explained to her about John. "Oh no! Should not happen to him what happened to my dad!" And less than 10 minutes they were at New York. Appearance of the city shocked them :o. And appearance of the giant mantis nauseating ....
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John was still in need of serious medical attention, and the city was under seige. None of them knew what to do. So they decided to get back on a plane to florida stat. They didn't really understand why they had to suddenly fly to New York anyways, considering it was under attack?
So once they landed back in Florida, they decided to make the drive back to the hospital, where no preying mantis was in sight. They all got out of the car and filed into Morgan's cousin's office.
"Hello Robert! This is John Lennon, the patient you were assigned too!" Morgan retorted.
"Oh well hi there John, I'll help you, don't worry about a thing. You're in good hands now!" Robert stated with a look of calm on his face.
John shook Robert's hand and headed back into one of the rooms, to be examined. Everyone else was ushered to the waiting room.
"Oh man, I hope John is going to be alright." Emmi said to Paul glumly.
"I'm sure he'll be fine luv, he's in good hands." he comforted her.
"Eh doesn't anyone wonder what that preying mantis bit was all about back in New York? Why were we sent there anyways?" George questioned with a puzzled look on his face.
"I have no idea, I think it might have been a hoax?" Cynthia stated.
"I'm just happy that we got John to the hospital, and the medical attention that he needs. This whole thing is bringing back bad memories of me childhood." Ringo said with a sad look in his eyes. He was holding Morgan's hand as he sat there in worry.
They all looked at each other, thinking about all that had happened, and wondering if it all would work out in the end.
Suddenly Dr. Robert came running into the waiting room, everyone looked at him with big eyes wondering what his first words would be...

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"Friends ... I have good news bad news .." Everyone was tense. Cyn squeezed the hand of Ringo with apprehension.
"Well. The good news is that the Greater Mantis left New York because he claimed that the lettuce and vegetables in just horrible."
"What about the news of my husband!" Cyn annoyed.
"Ah, yes. Unfortunately the news of your husband are not the good news ..."
Cynthia felt suffocated in the throat.
"But do not worry, few more days he will be strengthened. I'm sure." Cynthia jumped at the doctor and shook him. "I want my husband to get well! And I do not care anything!"
Julian was hiding behind Morgan and then ran away. "No! Julian, back here!" She said and ran after him. Emmi and Lucy ran after her. Paul, George and Ringo tried to calm Cynthia.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
"Where is he?"
"I do not know?"
"Maybe he went out!"
"Maybe he Department of Children"
"Okay, let's we'll look for him there" the three girls rushed toward the department. There were many children. Lot. And a lot of kids in wheelchairs or with bandages. "There he is!" Emmi cried suddenly. The girls rushed toward the little boy.
"Where did you disappear to us? Do not run us more, ok?" Morgan said, patting his head. Julian looked at Lucy and said in sadly. "My father gonna die ?"...
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Lucy looked at Julian and with a calm voice said "no Julian darling, nothing is going to happen to him, he just needs some rest then he'll be fine."
"Oh t'ank you" Julian cried as he gave her a tight hug.
"Come on Julian we better get you back to your mum before she begins to worry even more." Emmi stated with a grin on her face, trying to sooth the young boy.
They all headed back into the waiting room where Cynthia was at her wits end, she looked so frightened, with all of the boys around her trying to calm her nerves.
"Oh thanks goodness, Jules sweetheart, don't ever run away from mummy again!! You scared her half to death!" Cynthia stated in a stern but caring tone.
"Sorry mummy."
"that's alright, I know you were just scared like all of us." she picked him up and carried him to one of the empty chairs next to George and sat him in it. 
"Now what are we going to do?" questioned Paul.
"What do you think we're going to do? We're going to wait till John gets well." cynthia said with a sarcastic look on her face.
"I know that, but where are we going to stay? Dr. Robert said it would take a few days for John to recover." Paul stated.
"We'll just have to find a hotel." George said with a glum look in his eyes.
"Ok then I'll look up on in the phone book." Ringo said as he got up and headed to the pay phone, Morgan following along with him.
"Well I want to stay here with John, I couldn't even think of leaving him." Cynthia said with a tear falling from her eye. Paul stood uo and walked over to her and grabbed her arm in a comforting way, trying to calm her.
"Are you sure Cyn?"
"Oh yes, I couldn't leave him in a state like this, but can you all take Julian with you?"
"Of course we can!" Emmi chimed in.
"Found one!" Ringo shouted from across the waiting room.
"I guess we better go check on John one last time before we go." George said in a calm voice.
They each took turns looking in on their friend, before they all headed out. Leaving Cynthia behind.
"We'll be back in later Cyn, don't worry bout a thing!" shouted Lucy as they headed for the car.
Once they reached the hotel......
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... They went to their room to get settled in. "Emmi?" Julian whined.
"Yes hon?" Emmi said, picking up the little boy.
"I'm hungry!" He grabbed his stomach to emphasize his point.
"Well, I bet you are! Let's make Uncle Paul order room service, huh?" She laughed, then she whispered something in Julian's ear. He giggled and jumped from her arms. Paul was sleeping on the couch, he had major jet-lag.
Julian went to the nightstand and grabbed the menu. He crept over to the couch, "Aye, McCartney!" He shouted, and smacked Paul in the stomach with the menu.
"Ahhh!" Paul screamed, and fell of the couch and made a faceplant into the carpet. Julian giggled histerically.
Paul sat up, "Aye, what was that for?" He laughed and swooped Julian up. He raspberried his stomach. (If you don't know what that is, it's where yo blow on their stomach and it tickles really badly ha2ha).
"We're hungry!" Julian said, pointing to Emmi.
"You told him to hit me?" Paul asked, standing up.
"Maaaybe." Emmi said, trying to repress a giggle.
Paul walked over to her and kissed her forehead. "Alright, I'll order some dinner."
"I want steak!" Julian begged.
"Aye, where's Morgan and Ringo?" Paul asked.
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"I think they're in the back room getting settled." Emmi said with a wink.
"Oh I see..." Paul said slyly, knowing exactly what her wink was about.
George walked into the room and sat down next to Julian who was moping in the corner.
"Hey Mccartney! Let's get that food coming, Jules looks dead starving over 'ere!"
"I just order it Georgie, so stop harassing me."
"Fine, but it's so much fun doing it, right Julian?" George giggled in amusement. Julian nodded in agreement.
"I'm worried bout Cyn, I hope she's doing alright at the hosptial." Emmi wondered.
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Oh, what the heck?
Oh shoot, you beat me to it!  ;sorry
As Emmi was thinking, her train of thought was interrupted by a loud rap on the door. "I'll get it," said Paul, getting up to see who the visitor was. He unlocked the door to find Ringo and Morgan, looking slightly irked. "Hello," said Morgan. "Do you know how difficult it was to find this room again?" said Ringo angrily. Paul just stared. "We left the room to check the check-out hours of this hotel, but we forgot the room number!" Ringo elaborated, with a pitiful look on his face. " forgot the room number...?" George said slowly. "It's not as easy as you think!" said Morgan, defending Ringo. "And checking the check-out time?" George continued. "Checking out the breakfast buffet," said Morgan, trying to disguise her words as a cough. "Mmm-hm," said Paul.
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"Yeah, they went over to a book shop. How boring!" He huffed.
"Well, I like books." Emmi said, "Julian, do you like books?"
"When there's pictures." He said.
"Let's go find them, and I'll buy you one!" She smiled.
"Yay!" Julian said cheerily.
They crossed the street and went over to the bookstore to see Morgan and Ringo sitting (Very closely, mind you ;) ) drinkning coffee.
"Ringo!" Julian cheered.
He smiled, "'Ello everyone! What are you up to?"
"Emmi's gonna buy me a book!" He smiled.
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DAMN! Just disregard my post, then. I'll think of something later. ;sorry
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^ LOL S'alright. I think we're all good in the neighborhood. You can post if you want ha2ha
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"How nice of her!" Ringo smiled.
"This is a really great bookstore, it's got tons of books, and lots of picture ones Jules!" Morgan said with excitement.
"Oh Boy!" Julian cheered as Emmi walked him into the store.
Paul shot Ringo a stern look and said, "What the heck Rings, we couldn't find you too! We thought something had happened! Be more thoughtful next time!"
Ringo looked at him with a sad gaze.
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"Ah, lay off him Paul. Go with Julie and Emmi or something. Let the two lovebirds be alone." He smiled at Morgan and Ringo.
Paul huffed and went with Emmi and Julian.
*************************************(And the split story effect comes in!)
Paul walked over to Emmi and Julian, who were sitting down on the floor, and Emmi was reading Julian "Puff The Magic Dragon"
"One grey night it happened, Jackie Paper came no more" Emmi read,
Julian gasped, "Oh no! Why?"
"Jackie Paper grew too old for Puff." Emmi stated.
Julian frowned, "Thats sad."
"It is..." Paul added.
Emmi jumped, "When did you get here?" she asked.
"Soon enough to hear this story. It is really sad."
Emmi nodded, "When I was little, My mom sang the song to me every night before I went to bed." (She did!)
Meanwhile, Ringo, Morgan, and George were sitting drinking espresso's (Yummy!!)
"So, it seems like you two hit it off well." George said.
Ringo nodded and took Morgan's hand, "Yes, she's really sweet." He smiled at her

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I'm going to try to write fast enough...

"You're mum sounds really sweet Emmi, almost as sweet as you are." Paul smiled at her.
"ahhh Paul your too kind to me." she blushed as Paul took her hand and kissed it.
"uh guys?" Julian looked at the too who were staring into each others eyes.
"Oh sorry jules, We'll get back to readin!"
"I think Ringo is just the greatest guy I've ever met and I never want to be away from him now!" Morgan smiled as she stroked his soft brown hair.
"Wow you guys weren't kiddin when you said you liked each other." george said with a smile.
"Oh man, she's just great! We will never be apart luv." Ringo said as he kissed Morgan's forehead!
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Here's the whole story for you peoples who don't know it....(I copied it from a website, so it has a bunch of weird typos)

Puff, the magic dragon lived by the seaAnd frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee,Little jackie paper loved that rascal puff,And brought him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff. oh Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee,Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee.Together they would travel on a boat with billowed sail, Jackie kept a lookout perched on puff’s gigantic tail,Noble kings and princes would bow whene’er they came, Pirate ships would lower their flag when puff roared out his name. oh!Puff, the magic dragon lived by the seaAnd frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee,Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee.A dragon lives forever but not so little boys Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys.One grey night it happened, jackie paper came no more And puff that mighty dragon, he ceased his fearless roar.His head was bent in sorrow, green scales fell like rain,Puff no longer went to play along the cherry lane.Without his life-long friend, puff could not be brave,So puff that mighty dragon sadly slipped into his cave. oh!Puff, the magic dragon lived by the seaAnd frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee,Puff, the magic dragon lived by the seaAnd frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee.

Emmi finished reading the story. "Wow..." Julian said wide eyed. He took the book from Emmi and looked at the pictures.
By that time they were all sitting on the floor, Paul had his hand on Emmi's knee.
"It's kinda sad though." Julian said frowning.
"It is, but I think it means everyone grows up. Unless your Paul" Emmi said teasingly.
Paul laughed, "Yeah, that might be true." He smirked
George smiled, "So she's coming on all of our tours?" He smirked.
"Of course she is!" He smiled, "How could she not?"
"Emmi's gonna have to come too then?" Morgan asked.
"That's Paul's desicion. But mine is already made."  He smiled to her, and she looked as though she was about to blow up from exitement.
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^I haven't heard the story in a long while! so thanks!  ;)

"We better be getting back now Paul." Emmi said, as they got up and headed out of the store.
"yeah but we have to get Ringo, George, and Morgan first." Paul said. They walked over to them. They were all sitting there still chatting away.
"Guys come on we got to get back to the hotel room, our food will be ready by now I'm sure." stated Paul.
"ok, but I have to talk to Emmi!" Morgan shouted with a big smile on her face.
"Fine, but we're going to have to talk and walk!" paul said as he grabbed Ringo's arm and walked across the street.
"Emmi guess what? I get to go with Ringo on tour!!!"
"What? That's amazing, did he tell you that right now?"
"YES! I can't wait!!"
"Oh man you're so lucky, I hope Paul asks me!"
"That's what I wanted to talk to you about! You have to convince him!"
So Emmi and Morgan started planning a way to convince him of the idea.
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As Morgan and Emmi were whispering away, Paul looked back at them. "What's up with that?" Paul asked as he turned back to Ringo.
"She's probably bragging to Emmi that she's coming on tour with us." Ringo replied.
"What?!" Paul asked, "How'd you manage that?"
Ringo didn't reply, all he did was smile.
"Wipe that smug grin off ya face, boy." Paul mumbled.
"What, don't you think Emmi'd come too?" George asked.
"I'm not sure, I hope she would." Paul said.
Just then, Morgan and Emmi trotted up to them. "Hey guys!" Emmi smiled.
"Hey love, whats up?" Paul asked kindly.
"Oh nothing, Morgan was just telling me all the fun stuff she'd get to do on the road with you guys." Emmi looked down. And Ringo looked to Morgan with big, exited blue eyes.
"Oh really?" Paul said.
"Mhm, but I guess I could stay back. I don't think you'd want me to come." Emmi said. Emmi and Morgan decided to try to make Paul feel guilty for not asking as well.
"Well, you can come if you want..." Paul said, feeling guilty.
"No no, If you don't want me that's okay. I can just stay home." She made a big dramatic sigh.
"But hon, I want you to come." He said.
"Really?!" She said exitedly, she went up and hugged him.
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(what Emmi and Morgan said, and also I posted to late  ha2ha )
Ringo and Paul were already across the street and a few feet from the hotel by the time Emmi and Morgan had thought of Paul's face at the request.
"Well it's pretty obvious that he has a thing for you," Morgan pointed out. "He's kissed your hand right?"
"Ehhh, yeah!" Emmi exclaimed.
"Well, you should probably bring the topic up when you two are romantically alone."
"What?" Emmi squeaked.
"I mean! I mean! For God's sake, Emmi, not like that! I mean like sitting around the balcony to chat or something!" Morgan laughed.
"Oh...For a second I thought you were sick in the head." Emmi calmed herself.

Paul hugged her back tightly and patted her back.
They had gotten to the suite and the whole group crowded in.
"Georrrrge!" Julian sang.
"Heh heh, what?" George smirked as he swung Julian up into the air.
"My food has something weird in it!"
George's expression changed.
"W-what do you mean?" he asked firmly as he placed Julian on the coffee table.
"The juices around the steak is purple looking!" Julian pointed.
"Wait, what'd he say?!" Paul glanced around Emmi's head.
In fact, the steak had a mysterious violet substance around it.
"Julian, sweetie, please tell me you didn't eat it." Morgan urged.
"Well..."Julian looked away.
"Give me that plate, Julian." Emmi motioned.
Julian lifted the plate from the coffee table and placed it in Emmi's hands.
She sniffed it cautiously, detecting any sign of poison.
"...Paul! We need to get to the hospital!"
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"What?" Paul questioned.
"Julian might have eaten poison!" Emmi screamed!
"But how? and why would there be poison in his steak?" George said sarcastically.
"I don't know why, but we must get there just in case!" she said.
"OK ok, we'll go!" Ringo shouted from across the room as he was putting Julians shoes on.
"Come on everybody, to the hospital again!" Morgan stated with a look of worry on her face. "I hope nothings wrong with him."
So they all got into their car and headed back to the emergency room!
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"Is he alright?" Emmi asked in between tears, Paul was holding her gently. (I always am completely emotional)
"He should be fine" The doctor said, he had just examined him. "We tested the substence and it was liquid sudafed. What it was doing on his steak, we have no idea."
Emmi nodded, calming down some. "Okay, thank you." She turned to Julian, "How are you feeling, Jules?"
He shrugged, "Tired."
"Well I'm not suprised, it's 10 pm!" Paul said, trying to lighted the mood.
"Give me a few minutes and then your free to go." The doctor said, flashing a smile.
When he was gone, George turned to everyone. "Are we going to tell Cyn and John?"
"I don't think we should." Ringo stated, "They're already under enough stress as it is."
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"Well, it wouldn't hurt to check on John and Cyn, would it?" George asked.
"Well, you have a point there." Paul tapped his lower lip.
"I want to see them!" Julian rubbed his eye.
"We shouldn't!" Ringo frowned.
The group stared at him.
(2 minutes later)
"Soo, John's room is right here?" Paul pointed to one of the rooms. They all nodded while looking at the map of the hospital.
"You never listen to me." Ringo growled.

Cynthia sat in a chair that stood beside John's bed. Her hand was gently holding onto John's, not daring to let go until he recovers. She couldn't help but overhear the nurses beyond the door:
"Ahh, we have another case. When will that 'servent' stop! Does he get some weird pleasure out of poisoning people?" hissed one of the nurses.
"I dunno, but this kid's name is 'Lennon, Julian'?"
Cynthia gasped.
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"What? did you say Julian Lennon?" Cynthia yelled.
"Yes that's what we said why?" the nurse questioned.
"He's my son!! That's why!" she cried.
"Oh my goodness, we're so sorry."
"I must see him!" She said as the nurses led her to Julian's room. He was sitting there all smiles as the doctor told him a joke.
"Oh Mummy!!" he shouted.
"Julian my love, are you alright??" as she looked him over.
"He's fine, he didn't eat enough to make himself ill" the doctor stated.

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"Cyn! We were on our way out when the doctor gave and okay for us to take Julian, but he insisted on staying!" Paul said as he held Cyn's hands in reassurement.
"You mean he's okay?" Cyn glanced at Julian.
"His immune system is quite a trooper!" Dr. Robert smiled.
"Emmi, would you be kind enough to carry Julian to John's room? He must be tired!" Cynthia asked.
"Of course!" Emmi hooked her arms under Julian and lifted him up, almost cradling him as they all walked over to John's room.
Paul walked beside Emmi and stroked Julian's hair as he smiled and stared at Emmi.
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Emmi caught Paul's gaze and turned a shade of red. She carried him into John's room and lied Julian down next to John on the bed. \
John stroked his hair, "Hello Julian, how are you?" he asked lovingly.
Julian hugged John, "I'm okay Daddy."
Emmi smiled, "How are you John?"
John shrugged, "I'm okay. I feel fine. But the CAT scans will come back in a day or two."
"That's good." Paul smiled.
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Then Ringo, George, and Morgan walked in.
"I hope everything is going to be alright Johnny!" George chimed in.
"Oh don't worry bout me guys I'm sure everything will be fine, the doctor says it's not that serious."
"I hope your right John." Morgan looked at him with a caring stare. Ringo walked over and put his hand on John's arm, stroking it, trying to reassure him.
"I think we better get Julian to bed, unless he wants to stay." Morgan stated.
"What do you all think?"
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"They wont allow him to stay, it's past visiting hours." Ringo said.
John nodded and kissed his forehead, "Goodnight, son..." John said.
When they were back to the hotel, they had to figure out sleeping arrangements.
"Julian can sleep with me, if you want." George said, grabbing Julian's new book.
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"The couch looks soft..." Julian glanced at the couch by the balcony.
"Do you wanna sleep there?" George smirked.
"Yeahh! I can sleep all by myself!" Julian clapped.
As everyone giggled at Julian's little facial expressions, Paul grabbed George's upper arm and walked him away from the others.
"So, uh, I want to hear how you and Pattie are doing! I mean I'm already hitting it off with Emmi, I think. And Ringo is obviously with Morgan!"
George looked at his feet and hid a smile.
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^ I like yours better, don't mind mine ha2ha
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^ I like yours better, don't mind mine ha2ha
Too late! I already edited it to happen after your paragraph!  ha2ha
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^^^ aww lol!

"Well?" Paul asked impationately.
"I proposed to her before we left." George grinned.
"You what?!?!" Paul asked astounded.
George nodded, "Before I left, I asked her to marry me. And I said I'd give her time to think since I was leaving."
"Are you going to tell the others?" He asked.
"I think I'll wait for her answer." He said.
Paul nodded, "Thats probably the best." Paul looked over to the others. Ringo and Morgan were cuddling on the loveseat and Emmi was sitting in the armchair. Paul smiled to Emmi and she smiled back, blushing a little.
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Paul walked over to Emmi and picked her up, then kissed her  before sitting down on the armchair with her in his lap. Emmi giggled as they sat together.
Julian bgan to get impatient. "Are you guys gunna read me a story so I can go to sleep?" he asked.
"Oh sorry Julian I'm coming over right now." George said with a great big smile on his face.
"Thanks uncle Georgie!" Julian smiled as he climbed under the covers and settled in.
Everyone else began to get sleepy as they listened to George read Julian's book to him. But they still had decided where everyone should sleep yet. There weren't enough beds for everyone...
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Paul glanced shyly at Emmi who sat right next to him on the floor by the couch Julian was snuggled into.
"Um, y'know, Emmi. You can share the bed with me..BUT WE CAN FACE DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS AND SLEEP FAR APART." Paul raised his hands just in case she'd hit him.
Emmi's mouth hung open and her eyes were wide as she looked in any direction but Paul's eyes.
"I-um, okay." she half laughed as she hid her face in her hand to hide her blush.
"I'm not like that! Pretend we're cousins on a low budget and we had to share a bed!" Paul laughed as he nudged Emmi's arm.
"Don't worry, I trust you." she smiled at him.

"Share a bed?" Ringo smiled to Morgan
"Alright." she held his hand.
( ha2ha )

"Uncle George has his own room." Julian laughed to himself. "He has no girl?"
Meanwhile, George was chatting happily to Pattie over the phone for a couple of hours in his room.
The next morning came.
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(If I was sharing a bed with Paul, I think I'd cry if he said the whole cousin thing  :-\ ;D)

George and Julian were up, they both made beakfast and were going to wake up the "couples". They went to Emmi and Paul's room first.
Paul had his arm around Emmi waist, with his head behind hers. (much better ;) ) "Uhm, guys?" George said, shaking Paul's shoulder.
Paul opened his eyes, blinking furiously. "Yea, whats up?" he groggily asked.
"Breakfast is ready." He said, smiling.
When he got into Ringo and Morgan's room, Morgan had fell asleep with her head on Ringo's chest.
George rolled his eyes at the sight. Knowing Ringo's hard sleeping habits, he went to Morgan.
"Morgan, love. Breakfast is ready." He said.
Morgan opened her eyes and smiled. "Hiya George. Alright, we'll be up in a few."
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(Ohh, Paul was just pursuading you to sleep in the same bed as him  ha2ha )

George and Julian were at the long wooden table awaiting the others to come over and join them. Julian had to raise his arm and lean his elbow against the side of the table to reach the food. Morgan appeared first. She giggled as she motioned to Ringo to crawl out of the room. He slid his feet groggily with his head hanging forward, Morgan laughed.
"Ello, Sunny!" George sang loudly.
"Mehh.." Ringo mumbled.
Later, Paul and Emmi both appeared from the room, hand in hand, and walked to the table.
"Great, everyone's here." George said.
"So when do we check on John again?" Paul asked with his mouth full of cheap biscuit.
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(Ohh haha! Okay ha2ha)

"Well," Emmi began, "Visitors aren't allowed until 12:30, and it's only 9." She grabbed a two coffee mugs and filled them for Paul and her.
She set a mug down in front of Paul, and he sipped on it, "Okay, so we have some spare time. Anyone want to go do something?" He asked cheerily. "We could hit the beach! I mean we're in Florida in the middle of August!"
Julian smiled, "Yeah! I've never seen an ocean before!"
"Well that settles it!" George said.
Emmi leaned closer to Paul, "George seems like he'd be a good father." She whispered.
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"yeah he does, so caring towards Julian." Paul whispered back.
"Come on Julian let's go get ready for the Beach!" George shouted in delight as he picked up Julian and slung him onto his back.
Ringo, Morgan, Paul, and Emmi headed into their rooms to get ready.
"This is going to be a blast!" Morgan stated to Ringo as they headed to their room hand in hand.
Paul and Emmi came out of their room ready to hit the beach. "Let's go already!!" they yelled in unison! Then smiled at one another.
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Emmi leaned over to Paul and lightly kissed his cheek, which made him blush intensly (yay! ha2ha)
Ringo and Morgan came out of their room, also ready to go. "Where's Julian and George?" Ringo asked.
"Right here!" George said, coming out with a blow-up tube around his waist. "Julian convinced me!" George defended, and all Julian did was giggle furiously.
When they arrived on the beach, the boys stripped off their shirts to reveal those tiny bathingsuits they always wore. (yess!) Morgan and Emmi giggled to themselves at the sight.
"What?" Paul said teasingly. But all that made them do was giggle more. Julian and George were already playing in the waves. You could distinctly hear Julian's giggles over the crashing waves.
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They all ran after George and Julian, splashing and jumping in the waves. The day was going great, they all loved some time in the sun.
Paul was carrying and spinning Emmi around in his arms. She laughed and smiled as he whispered sweet things in her ear.
"Hey everybody! I decided to pack lunch for everyone so we could have picnic!" Morgan yelled.
"Oh that was so sweet of you luv, you always have great ideas." Ringo mused as he stared at her with dreamy eyes.
"ok ok, give it a rest Rings." George said with an annoyed look on his face.
"Come on Julian, come and have your sandwich!" Emmi yelled.
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Paul was carrying and spinning Emmi around in his arms. She laughed and smiled as he whispered sweet things in her ear.

^That just made my day :P

Julian came running up and he sat in George's lap. George smiled, "'Ello buddy." Julian waved at him and took a bite of his sandwitch.
Ringo fed Morgan a bite of his sandwitch and smiled. He took a bite, "I think this is the best sandwitch I've had since me own Mum made me one." He laughed.
"It's probably the only sandwitch he's had since then!" Paul laughed.
Ringo stuck his tounge out at Paul and winked at Morgan. Then swiftly kissed her cheek.
Julian finished his sandwitch, "Can I go back in now?" He pleaded George.
George looked at him, "Wow, you must have inhaled that sanwitch!" He laughed. "Just 'old on a minute. Let your food settle. You can go look for shells though!" He smiled.
"Yay!" Julian joyfully said as he ran down to the shoreline.
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^I'm glad it did!  :)

Julian went running down the beach with his lil yellow bucket looking for shells. Once George finished his sandwich he went running after him.
Ringo and Morgan both pulled out their books and were laying in the sun reading. Paul and Emmi were talking about each other's likes and dislikes. They hadn't had very many quite moments together since the major John incident.
"I found a big one!" Julian shouted from across the beach.
"I don't think that's a shell Julian, It looks like a GOLD COIN!" Yelled George.
George and Julian came running to all of them.
"Look you guys, it's an old coin" he said.
"Do you think it's worth anything?" Ringo asked.
"I don't know, I bet it's worth a few bob at least!" Paul stated with a grin.
"I wanted to find a shell! ahhh man!" Julian whined.
Everyone laughed.
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"Aye Julian, can I see that coin?" Paul asked kindly. Julian handed him the coin. Paul looked over to Emmi and winked, "I am going to make this coin... dissapear!"
Julian's eyes widened, "How?!" He eagerly asked.
Paul smirked, "A magician never reveals his secrets!" He laughed, then held the coin in two fingers, then swiped his other hand in front of it and the coin was gone.
"Wow!"  Julian shreiked with delight. "Bring it back! Bring it back!" He smiled and jumped up and down.
"Ah, not until my lovely assistant says the magic words!" He gestured to Emmi.
"And what are these magic words?" She asked, going along with the game.
"Paul McCartney is the most handsome and charming man you've ever met!" He flashed a cheesy grin.
She laughed and looked at Julian who was staring at her eagerly. She repeated the words back.
"Tada!" Paul exclaimed, and the coin was back.
"Cool! I have to tell George!" He ran back to the beach, where George was sitting on the shoreline.
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"Do you think George is sad about something Ringo?" Morgan asked.
"I don't think so, why do you ask?"
"I don't know, he just looks sad sitting there all alone."
"Maybe I should go and talk to him, you think?"
"yeah that sounds like a good idea." Morgan said as she patted him on the back as Ringo got up and headed towards George.
"Where's Ringo going Morgan?" Emmi questioned.
"Oh he's going to check on George see if he's okay he's been lookin sad lately." Morgan replied.
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Ringo approached George as he was watching Julian collect shells and walk in and out of the water.
He sat down next to him, "Are you alright, mate?" He asked.
George looked over to him, "Yeah, I just miss Pattie, thats all." Even though he knew it was because he was nervous about what her answer would be when they got home.
Ringo nodded, "We can tell. Is there anything we can do to help?"
George thought for a moment, "Yeah, watch Julian for a moment. I'm gonna use the payphone to quickly call her." He gave a weak smile and stood up. Ringo looked up at Morgan and gestured for her to come sit by him. When she sat down he braided his fingers in hers.
"Is he alright?" She asked.
"Yeah, he just misses Pattie."
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"Why is he worried about Pattie?" Morgan asked him. He had forgot that they hadn't told the girls about the proposal.
"Oh...he just hasn't talked to her in a few days and he needs to talk to her is all."
"oh I see. Atleast that's all." she stated. "Is he going to call her?"
"Yeah." Ringo said to her.
Julian came running to them.
"where's Unlce George?"
"He went to call Aunt Pattie"
"what?" Morgan asked.
"nothing, I said nothing!" Ringo said, knowing he just blew his cover.
"What's going on with George and Pattie that you aren't telling me Richard?"
Ringo looked to Paul for some help.
"ummmm" he moaned.

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Paul tried to find some exscuse "See, Emmi's like your aunt, right?" Paul asked Julian. Julian nodded, "So Pattie is like your aunt as well!"
Julian nodded, trying to comprehend that, but before they pressed the two Beatles any further. A big wave came crashing down on Ringo and Morgan.
"Ahh!" Ringo yelled, when he emerged from the water, he laughed. "Are you alright, love?" Ringo asked Morgan.
"Yes, I'm okay." She laughed. "Just a little wet!"
Ringo wiped the hair out of her eyes and touched her cheek. He looked to see if Paul and Emmi were looking, but they were wrapped up in themselves. He slowly bent down to lightly kiss her lips. (;) ) After, he smiled and hugged her softly.
George came walking up from the parking lot, "Aye guys! I..."
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Ringo wiped the hair out of her eyes and touched her cheek. He looked to see if Paul and Emmi were looking, but they were wrapped up in themselves. He slowly bent down to lightly kiss her lips. (;) ) After, he smiled and hugged her softly.
^So sweet, ahhhh!  ;D

"Aye guys! I just phoned Pattie and everything seems to be going smoothly." he winked at Ringo and Paul.
"That's great to hear mate!" Paul said back to him, waving.
"No really Richie, what's go on?!" Morgan whispered to him. "I simply must know, can't you please just tell me? I won't tell anyone else." she smiled at him with that certain look that made his heart flutter.
"Alright Morgan, but you can't tell anyone else, George wouldn't like it."
"ok ok, I understand, so what's the big news?"
"George asked Pattie, Marry him." he said coyly.
"What?!?!" she squealed.
"shhhhhh!" Ringo hushed. "Remember you promised luv, you wouldn't say anything. George want's to tell everyone once he knows for sure."
"okay, I promise I won't tell anyone...yet!" she said with a sly voice.
Emmi looked over at Ringo and Morgan and wondered what they were talking about so seriously.
"Hey Paul, what do you think that's all about?" she wondered.
"Oh I think it's nothing, you shouldn't worry bout it." he said, with a wave and a wink to Ringo.
They all headed back up to the hotel, they were all getting a little water logged. ( ha2ha) George looked at Morgan with a concerned look on his face, then walked over to Ringo who was chatting away at Paul.
"Aye Rings, you didn't say anything to Morgan did you, you know about Pattie and Myself?" George questioned in a worried voice.

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"Ahhh ... no, no. Really. She did not know anything, I do not tell her you and Patty are going to mate, which is why she did not know anything, you do not have to worry about, really!, All right! The situation under control ! well-kept secret! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I have to go to the bathroom, "said Ringo and hurried away toward services publics, leaving George behind with full question marks over his head.
He went into the bathroom. Seven-year-old girl stood next to one service, read comic books.
"You should not enter into these bathroom. First moved here a fat man and left  here ....." Ringo jumped out of the bathroom and ran until boom! Encountered in George.
"Ringo," urged George, "did you told Morgan or not?" Paul and Emmi came when they saw Ringo and George collide, and Morgan moved, also sells ice cream came, and also a man with a black cloak and Pitchfork approached, and also X-MAN approached, and all the moles came out of their moles burrows , and all the squirrels came out of their squirrels burrows , and all the cats came out of their cats burrows, And approached, and dog with a hat approached and with it came - a snail, a dolphin, a pig with wings, African man mounted on elephant, three Gerbils with braids, curious brownies , and one turtle. Everyone looked on Ringo, waiting for an answer.
a Mole made a dramatic drumroll with a drumstick and a bun.....
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"George?" Ringo asked wide eyed. "What. The hell. Did you put in my drink?"
"Did you swallow some of the ocean spray?" George shrugged.
"Yes." Ringo thought deeply.
"Uh, then let's just get away from whatever the hell we might be in." George motioned Ringo back to their little picnic spot.
"Do you still see whatever you saw?" George calmly asked.
"...No. I don't think so." Ringo rubbed his eyes a couple of times.
"Great. So did you tell Morgan?" George made a pitying face, already knowing the answer.
Ringo sighed. "I did."
"Well, now everyone knows now, don't they" George sneered, as he stood up and walked towards the shoreline, staring at the horizon.
"Aw Ringo, you f**ked up big time." Paul shook his head.
"Watch it, McCartney! You had something to do with this problem too, y'know!" Ringo spat.
"Poor George." Emmi said.
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"Oh please George, don't be mad at Ringo! It's my fault anyways, I made him tell me!" Morgan pleaded as she held Ringo's hand.
"Yeah, well he should have know when to say no! This was really important to me and now he blew it!" George huffed as he paced back and forth wondering what his next move would be. He walked over to Ringo and grabbed his arm and began to pull him towards the ocean.
"George!! What are you doing?!?" Morgan Shrieked as she chased after them.
"Doing what I should have done earlier!"
"What's that?" Ringo asked scared out of his mind.
"Teach you a lesson in keeping a secret!" George replied, with a stern look on his face.
George continued to walk to the water, with Morgan, Emmi and Paul in tow. He finally reached the edge and took Ringo and shoved him into the water. But Ringo landed on a rock and hit his head real hard. Morgan and Emmi shrieked.
"Why in the world would you do that George?" Morgan pleaded. "I told you it was my fault! Now look at him he's bleeding!!"
George looked around at what he had just done with a stunned look on his face.
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"Oh no!" Emmi said, running back to their stuff to get a first-aid kit. She put a bandage on Ringo's head where it was bleeding. "There...." She said.
George looked as though he was about to cry, "I'm sorry Ringo..."
Ringo looked to him, "It's alright, as long as you tell Emmi whats going on, she's the only one that doesn't know."
George sighed and Emmi looked from George to Paul, "Hon, whats going on?" She asked Paul.
George cut in, "I asked Pattie to marry me.." he said shyly.
Emmi smiled and hugged him, "Thats great! What did she say?!"
"I don't know. She's going to give me an answer when we get back."
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"Oh gee I hope she say yes Georgie!" Emmi replied with a sweet smile.
"Me too!" Morgan chimed in.
"I feel so bad, I shouldn't have done something so crazy as to hurt you Rings! What's wrong with me?" George shouted to himself.
Everyone look at him in concern.
"Aye, don't worry bout it George, Ringo looks alright. And besides he's got Morgan to baby him back to health." Paul said with a sly smile and wink in their direction.
"Emmi! George! I'm tired can we go back to the hotel now??" Julian begged as he rubbed the sand out of his hair.
"OK all let's get going!" Paul Shouted to the lot.
They all got up, Paul and Emmi hand in hand, George carrying Julian on his back, and Morgan helping Ringo up and slinging his arm around her shoulder. Heading back to the hotel, it was getting quite dark.
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When they got back to the hotel, they all plopped down in various places. "I'm hungry!" Julian complained.
"Let's get a quick bite to eat, eh? How about we order pizza!" Paul smiled.
"Yay Pizza!" Julian shouted. "I want pepperoni!"
Paul laughed, "Alright." He looked over to the others, "How about everyone else?"
They all told Paul what they wanted and he ordered it. When he hung up, he went over to the couch and sat next to Emmi, resting his head on her shoulder.
"Uncle George?" Julian asked, "I want to watch A Hard Days Night! It's on the tele now!" He pointed to the clock.
"How did you know it was on?" He asked Julian. And Julian pointed to the TV guide.
"Ah." He said. George clicked the TV on and instantly the boys in the title scene appeared, and Julian giggled with delight.
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They all sat around the tele in excitement, watching Julian as he laughed and giggled at them.
"He's so sweet, don't you think so Paul?" Emmi said while gazing into his big hazel eyes.
"Of course, I love our Julian he's always been a sweetheart." Paul mused as he stared back at Emmi, pulling himself closer to her.
Morgan was getting Ringo a towel with ice in it for his head, she was trying her best to make him feel better, showing her nurturing side.
Just then the door buzzed and George ran to it, he was delighted to see that the pizza had arrived.
"Pizza's here all! Looks really great too!" his mouth was watering.
"YAY!" Julian shouted as he jumped off the couch and ran to the table to grab a slice.
They were all have a blast, chatting over dinner when...
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... The phone rang. (So exiting! :P) George got up to get it, "'Ello?" He said. His british accent ringing like bells.
"George!" John said on the other side of the phone, "We can go home! I was mis-diagnosed!"
"Really?!" He said in exitement. "Guys! John's okay! We can go home!"
Paul and Ringo smiled and cheered, but Emmi and Morgan frowned.
"What's wrong, love?" Paul asked, seeing her eyes start to swell, "We're going home!"
"That's the whole thing..." She said.
He looked at her, shocked, "You didn't expect me to leave you behind, did you?" He smiled. Her face lit up as she embraced him in a hug.
"Same here, Morgan. Your coming with me!" He laughed and kissed her forehead.
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Everyone was excited to be going home, especially Emmi and Morgan who now know that they would be living with the Beatles in London!!
As the plane set down in the airport, they all filed out in to the terminal. Everyone was so happy to just be back home.
Morgan and Emmi were all giddy, they had never been out of the country.
"Emmi, look over there!" Morgan Squealed.
"Oh look at that, it's Big Ben!!" Emmi yelled.
"This is fun! I can't believe this is really happening." She stated.
They all were well put out from their crazy and long journey they had just embarked on. So they all decided to head home for some well deserved R & R. No one was as happy to be home then John, Cynthia and Julian.
"Come on hun, let's get home!" John whispered in her ear.
"Come on Jules, were almost home, aren't you excited?" she said.
"I can't wait, I want to play with all my toys and have daddy read all my books to me." he smiled.
Paul and Emmi were settling nicely into his flat. 
"This is just wonderful having you hear love." Paul said with a big smile and a kiss on Emmi's check.
Ringo and Morgan were still on their way home, his flat was out farther than the rest's.
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At the Lennon's place, things were suprisingly quiet. Julian was asleep by nine and so John and Cynthia had some time to themselves after the whole ordeal.
"Ahh home!" John said, plopping down on the couch and flipping the tele on.
"John," Cyn said, approaching him. "I was so scared for you..."
John sighed, "I know love. It scared me to think I wouldn't be able to see you..." They curled up on the couch together.
At the Harrison Home, George had invited Pattie over for dinner.
"George, I made my desicion." She stated. They were sitting down to a meal of Lobster. (Yumm!)
George held his breath, "Yes love?"
She sighed, "I'd love to be your wife.." She smiled.
"Yes!" George said, picking her up and giving her sweet kisses. "I love you!" He said smiling and sliding the diamond ring on her finger.
"So, how do you like it?" Paul asked Emmi as they stepped in to his posh flat.
Emmi sighed, "It's amazing!" She turned to him and smiled.
They carried their bags into the livingroom and plopped them down. "Man, the jet lag really gets to you after a while..." He said yawning and plopping down in his E-Z Boy chair.
Emmi sat on his lap, and he smiled. "So, where will I be sleeping?" She asked.
"Well, there's the couch, and the guest bedroom, and my bedroom with the super comfy matress and the really beautiful bedspread and-"
She cut him off by pressing her finger to his lips, "Sounds lovely." She smiled.
Ringo and Morgan reached his flat a little after ten pm. They carried their things into Ringo's flat, which was, might I say, rather big.
"Wow... This place is huge, Ringo!" Morgan said delighted.
"Yeah, you could say that!" Ringo laughed. "Would you like some dinner?"
Morgan nodded, "Yes, I am quite hungry."
Ringo called the Chinese food place to bring them some food later on.
"Here, let's take the bags into my room." He said as they carried them in there.
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Wow, it's so complete! Should more stuff happen? Or should we do a sequel or something  ha2ha
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Wow, it's so complete! Should more stuff happen? Or should we do a sequel or something  ha2ha

Well, it is never-ending! ha2ha Why not keep the freight train a-rollin'? ;) I do like writing :P
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(Okay! Just checking.)

While John and Cyn were sitting snugly onto the couch, arms around one another, the T.V volume was low.
"So, is Brian setting another tour any time soon?" Cyn finally asked.
"I'm not sure yet, ever since that whole 'bigger than jesus' thing, it's risky now. I never said I was better, why don't people understand that?" John sighed out of frustration.
"Things will get better, love." Cyn stroked his bangs to the side.
"Oh my goodness! It's brilliantly wonderful!" Pattie beamed.
"I'm so happy you like it!" George hugged her and swung her around.
They resumed chatting happily with eachother, but this time, they were holding eachother's hands for the rest of the evening.
"The trip back was pretty active! I'm going to take a shower, I'll be right back!" Paul waved as he headed to his bathroom.
Emmi smiled and waved back. She sat politely on the edge of his couch, scanning his living room. She finally got bored and looked at the pictures hung on his wall, or looking at the little trinkets on his shelves he retrieved from the tours. Emmi paused and looked towards the hall where Paul was showering. He's singing!
They reached Ringo's room, and Morgan had dropped her bags with suprise.
It was beautiful! The polished, large drawer with brass knobs on one side. The wide window revealing a perfect view of London. And the layered, cozy mattress before them!
"Ringo, you must've been yearning on the whole trip to come back here! This is glorious!" Morgan complimented.
"Aw, it's not all that. Though, my bedroom is far better than John, Paul or George. Just saying." Ringo shrugged.
Morgan laughed. There was a framed picture set onto the drawer that caught Morgan's eye...
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"Who is in the picture, love?" Asked Morgan. Ringo rushed to grab the picture from her hand and pushed it into the inner pocket of his coat. "I'm not photogenic in this picture" is made up an excuse that a strange picture, he (age five) and three yellow teddy bears. This was the picture he most loved.
There was a knock at the door. Morgan rushed to open. Door stood Emmi she look very excited! "Come quick! To Patty and George has something to tell us!"  :D
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
They all sat in the living room of their apartment, George and Pattie. The couples sat huddled watching the new couple standing in front of them. "Friends" began George. "You were with us all the way. From the day we received a phone call and then chased us a spool of pink. On Santa threatened us with a gun, kidnapped on us aliens" Emmi remembered it was the day she and Paul first met :). "Even on the day just playing in puddles when it rained." Paul recalling how he did not want to get dirty but eventually pulled him into the mud. ha2ha
"So aniway. I do not really know what all I said is now connected to why you're here. But ...." Patty approached strained couples showed everyone her finger with the ring. "We're getting married"
There was a roar of joy in the living room. ;yes John, Paul, Ringo jump George in the air, ;D and Emmi, Morgan and Cyn went to congratulate Patty. :D
After all the joys Cyn took John and said: "John. I should tell you something. I and Julian leave. We're going back to Liverpool." John opened his mouth. He seemed a little disappointed "but Cynthia! Why!?" :-[
"you gave me a proof that you are good enough father, and Julian can rest easy after so much time with his father"
"But we  haven't seen each other almost!" "It doesn't matter John. The situation was terrible before we came here. Jules feels much better now ..." "Oh, please, Cynthia! Stay at least until the wedding!" "I'll be back in time for the wedding. But we have to go now," Cyn and John kissed goodbye. He saw her go and hold to Julian the hand. Julian turned and waved to John. John waved him back with a funny smile. Julian laughed and continued to jump.
John turned to see the three couples who were standing before him. Paul with Emmi, Morgan with Ringo and George with Pattie. Only he was lonely. Lonely ... Lonely ..... Lonely ...... Lonely ..........Lonely ... Hey! He see the girl standing beside him. "How did you get here?" He asked. The girl turned to him and said: "My friends say I can fly. But that's not true. Although my mind is flying," she said, staring at John, who was staring at her back.
"Hey, you come here often?" He asked spontaneously. "Just when parting me into the story, but it didn't happen a lot. Usually when you forget me in the stories, I fall into a different story. the last time i fell, i fell to a story on a desert island where a monkey was hit himself. Not just an experience huh?" John looked at her and said: "Your teeth are crooked," the girl hurried to hide her mouth with her hand. "So ...i'll fix them" "No, no!" John said "I like them curves"
In fact, her teeth were not crooked, but green love clouds, blurred John completely.
"Hey, you're not married?" The girl said, when John put his face towards the girl with eyes closed. "Ah ... yes. But .." "But your wife left you for a period and you don't want to be the only man between your "double friends"?" The girl replied quickly raised an eyebrow "I like the style of your mind, let's conduct a conversation a little more depth if you don't mind...remind me again what's your name?" John invited her round the garden while love green clouds hovered over the two ...
Emmi made a list for a wedding :.....
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"Ok that's everyone" Emmi said finishing the list, she starched her fingers from writing so much. "Who's on the list love?" Paul said picking up the list. "I don't know I just wrote down names" Emmi gave a deep sigh "I hate to say it but I think we need a wedding planner." she said defeated. Paul hugged Emmi telling her that it'll be fine. Morgan's eyes grew wide, she pointed to the open door. "Uh guys, I think that's a fan!"She said with her voice a little shaky. George rolled his eyes,pulled himself off the couch and said "That's not a fan that's just our neighbor."He trot ed over to the door "Would you like to come in?"he asked the girl standing in the door way. The gil noned her head and walk past George, and went straight to Ringo's room. Morgan tucked on Ringo sleeve "Why is she going in your room?" "Oh she doesn't talk so she's getting the writing pad. Emmi squirmed under Paul's embrace. "Why doesn't she ta-" George interrupted "We don't need to talk about that!" John cleared his throat "Well I think they should know." George huffed and plopped on the couch "Fine but you're telling the story"
   "We've know her since she was five, she was the cutest thing ever and we would all have conversations with her!" "Why have you know her for so long?" Patti asked "Her father used to be a rodie for us"Paul answers, continuing the story John "When she was 7 she saw her father and brother killed and she hasn't talked for 6 years!" Just then the girl walked back into the main room and............... 
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She looked at them all. She had brown eyes, straight brown hair that tied braid. She sat on the couch looking at Patty. She motioned her to come closer. Patty sat beside her. The girl wrote something on her clipboard and showed to Patty. Patty cried.
Lucy back  from the yard and sat next to John. John told her briefly Who is the girl. "I can understand her, I'm also an orphan from a Father ..." John hugged her shoulders. Recently he felt more relaxed and calm when he next to Lucy. He loved her a little more than a friend, as Paul loved Emmi, or Ringo loved Morgan. He also loved the smell of her perfume....
Patty looked at the little girl. She told her softly: "Thanks for the compliment, honey, I think you're beautiful too" the girl smiling little and cute smile." You know I and George get married?"
 Emmi asked Paul: "Who takes care of her now?" Paul answered.....
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"Well, I guess we could take her in, Em?" Paul said, morely as a question.
"I don't know Paul," She whispered, "Are we going to be together, then?"
Paul smiled, "I'd like nothing more." He kissed her forehead and walked over to the girl.
"What's your name, Hon?" Paul asked. But the girl just looked at him. Paul looked down and went over to Emmi, "Did I say something wrong?"
"Maybe she's more comftorble with women." Emmi offered and went over to the girl, "Hello, I'm Emmi." She said and smiled.
The girl smiled a little and waved.
"What's your name?"
She looked down to the paper and scrawled the name Michelle.
"Okay, Michelle. Can you tell us how old you are?"
Michelle looked down to her paper again and wrote the number 6 (Sorry I kinda made her younger :P)
Emmi nodded, "Okay, dear. Would you like to stay with us?"
Michelle looked around to Pattie and Morgan and wrote something on her notepad, then handed it to Emmi.
Emmi read it and looked to the other girls, "Morgan, Pattie, will you guys be here too?"
"Of course we will! And I think Lucy is here to stay for a while, too." Pattie added
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Lucy put her head on the shoulder of John. He put his head on her head. They will look  really cute together. Emmi winked to Lucy, and turned back to the girl: "in my list, we need to organize the yard in pink and white roses, white fabric and hang with pink  ribbons. would you like to help in decorate?" Emmi said. The girl nodded happily, and jumped into the yard. Patty and George came to Emmi asked anxiously: "Emmi, when the wedding? exactly?" "I think after tomorrow it will this great! We just need to find a sponsor, buy clothes, find good Catering, and invite many people. It's not that hard" Emmi smiled.
George and Patty fell back on the couch. Emmi laughed. "Come on!" She pulled them back "We have a wedding to prepare!"
Everyone went into the garden and helped preparations. Their garden was very large and beautiful with grass and trees. It was just perfect to a wedding, and soon she looked as a banqueting hall. Morgan put phonograph record: "a hard day's night" and they all worked with the music.
Michelle just made friends with Ringo and love to be around (she wrote her that he is very funny), Lucy tried to hang a one tall ribbon, and John picked her unexpectedly helped her hang the ribbon. In responded she kissed his forehead. Emmi and Paul went to pick roses. Morgan was sitting by the phone and ordered catering, and George and Patty invited people, with the approval of everyone. Everyone was a lot of work, but they were all happy ...
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
At recess they did. Patty went to Morgan, Emmi and Lucy. She told them: "Girls, lets give our men a rest from work, while I take you on a shopping spree!" The girls looked at her. "Come on girls, you do not want to find me a wedding dress?" The girls looked at each other, and then at George, Paul, John and Ringo. Watching a fashion magazine for men, and sought a suits for them. "Let's go" they said at once and walked toward the car with Petty.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
They moved everything possible street fashion stores most wanted everything the city. And finally they found the most beautiful dress you can ask the bride. Patty stood before the mirror and turned instead, gives the dress opened like a flower during rotation. "That dress really flatters you, Patty!" Confirmed the girls. And it was true, Patty blushed. They stood out from the store and Patty stopped the girls. "You don't think we're back home before I find you three a dresses?" The girls looked at each other happily. They went to the store for girls fashion, measured three bright purple dress with purple ribbons a little darker. "You just visibility as three young princesses!" Patty said. Emmi, Morgan and Lucy looked really beautiful visibility. Emmi approached to one doll display, bowed before him and said: "sir Paul, would you dance with me? because I'm happy just to dance with you" Morgan and Lucy laughed. Three boys (who apparently sought a dress for ther little sister) go to the store and whistled to the girls. Morgan said to Lucy and Emmi: "They would begging to look like our boys" Emmi added: "They would begging to look like my Paulie!" Then they paid for the dresses out of the store (Emmi squinted malevolently towards boys) and Patty announced they now going to do hairstyle . What to do, shopping can't be shopping whithout a haircut. and after Half an hour later they left the barbershop with Penn, Biibilis, Ummm ... and another beautiful hairstyle you come with it to a weddings ....
After they ate lunch in a restaurant. Lucy go into a clothing store and walked out with a white dress and bright pink. "It's for Michelle! She also need a dress, no?" The girls could not believe how they could forget the little Michelle. And then they went home.
 When they came home, expecting them to surprise. The boys found themselves alternately, and advancing toward the girls in "slow motion" with background music of the song "Who let the dogs out". ( ha2ha)
The couples embraced and kissed, the rest of the day they continued to work on the wedding until night. Then they went to sleep ...
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Poor little Michelle couldn't fall a sleep,she tossed and turned but still nothing! Michelle sat up and hugged Ollie (her stuffed elephant) tightly. She couldn't take it anymore so she threw the covers off her bed and went to the garden, with Ollie of course.
Morgan woke up to check on Michelle. Once she did and she noticed that Michelle was gone! Morgan ran back to Ringo's room "Ringo! Ringo! Wake up! Wake Up!!!" Morgan screamed. "Calm down hon what's wrong?" Ringo sheeply asked "She gone! I don't where she is!" Morgan screamed. "Who's gone?" Ringo asked again "Michelle! She's gone!" Morgan exclaimed. Without another word Ringo jumped out of bed woke everyone else up told them what had happened, and rushed into the living room with everyone else. They were all still pretty sleep George rubbed had his eyes and yawned quite a few times. "Where could she have gone?" Lucy asked, "Maybe she went to the park" Paul suggested. "Maybe she went to see her father and brother." John also suggested "Ok Paul and Emmi will go the park, and John and Lucy will go to the cemetery!" Ringo exclaimed "and where will you and I go?" George asked. "Well we will go around town!" Ringo said and with that everyone parted their ways to look for their little Michelle............
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Michelle! Michelle! Hello!? Where are you?!!? Michelle!! These calls were heard throughout the city at three o'clock in the morning ...
Paul and Emmi went to the park.
John and Lucy looked at the cemetery with flashlights.
And George, Ringo and Morgan searched in the rest of the city and asked people. George really worried. "In less than 24 hours, my wedding is going to start  ! What would happen if we don't find her!" Ringo tried to comfort him "Do not worry George, I assure you that we found it, max, we will ask police for help," Morgan started to dial the number of the police in her mobile phone .
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------
"John, I'm afraid," said Lucy clung to John "This place reminds me of my father" "don't worry Luc, I don't believe in ghosts, just stick with me and don't get lost" The truth was, that John was afraid too. both have a reason - the cemetery was attached to the forest that no one liked to enter, there were wolves and bears even the viewers didn't like to do with their camp. "Hey!" Suddenly said John "Look! Tracks!".
Rustling sound in the bushes. Lucy screamed in panic. But from the discourse get out-  Emmi and Paul! "What the hell did you do there !?!?! 1" shouted John, frozen from fear. "We saw traces in the park, We followed them and came here!" Emmi and Paul visibility confused. "Hey!" Someone shouted behind them. George, Morgan and Ringo wanted them. "We asked one man and he said he saw her walking to the park! "Emmi and Paul looked at John and Lucy. All the evidence fit - footprints in the park, trail in the cemetery. All came one point. But it's not particularly pleased them, cemetery trail led into the forest. But Michelle was important to them than their fear. and they came looking for her ...
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
Little Michelle , went to the big forest and looked especially scared. She dragged her Ollie, dropped her. She felt that something breathing on her behind a large rock, but she continued on, Matt afraid. She reached a wide intersection tree separated into two. Michelle did not hesitate and turned left. You could see she was not worried about to go get lost ...
Wet ground, stay in her tracks to the effect that they wanted to seventh. They reached the intersection and did not know where to go. "Right!" Stated John. "Left!" Morgan stated. Giant wolf jumped behind them and growled. "Run to the left!" John shouted, and they wanted to.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
Michelle approached a small wooden lodge. She looked at it closer to the door. Thunder roared in the sky. Rain was going to falling. the group fall and roll (because who ran  first, encounter with a stone and they all fell on him.) On the ground, and when they stopped they checked where are they. They saw Michelle in front of rickety wooden door. She was banging her. "Michelle, no!" Emmi shouted and George ran quickly and raised her before her hand touched the door. Michelle looked at him tearfully and hugged his neck. George held her head. Everyone could see that he will this good father. Everyone approached 
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them. They said things like: "Michelle, you scared us!" And "Where did you disappear?" But implementation where they heard a woman's voice says: "leave - the - girl - now..." a woman answered the door. She had brown hair disheveled and wearing a white dress and worn. "Leave that girl!" The woman jumped to George. Michelle fell and began to cry. Emmi raised her and soothed her. John and Paul tried to separate the woman from George. it's not like the woman and she bit John in his arm. He screamed and fell backwards. Paul grabbed the woman's hands behind her back. He shouted to Morgan: "Bring me a rope!" Morgan went to the root and pulled it.  She gave it to Paul - he tied the woman's hands.
Ringo and Lucy wanted John. Ringo brought John his coat and shirt. He got blood. "That woman knows how to bite!" Ringo said, tore his shirt sleeve of John, and had funded a bandage "If she lives in this forest, she got her inspiration for the wolves. Aahhh!" Shouted John pain. Lucy cleaned the wound and stroked the head of John. "You'll be fine, John. You have lose a lot of blood but it's not so bad," said Ringo. John had a sudden dizzy "Lucy, stay here," he muttered.
The woman screamed and writhed on the floor. Finally, George and Paul were able to push her into a corner. "Who are you !?!?" Paul shouted as she will not surrender them. "I'm the mother of this child! Leave her alone!" Everyone looked at Michelle.
She hid behind Emmi, and Paul understood everything. Day of the accident, Michelle's mother decided to be alone in the woods. Michelle probably didn't want to stay with her so she left her in the town. Lucky for Michelle, she had the Beatles. Them! Should serve as her home occasionally. Michelle could not bear the loss of her father and brother and wanted to see the only thing left to her from her family. This woman. But the woman was totally freaked and could harm Michelle!
While Paul thinks the woman managed to get the relationship of the root. Pulled out a gun in front of them. "Or you bring me the girl, or I'll shoot everyone of you ..." Everyone raised their hands. But then a bright light dazzling came down with the sound of a helicopter. They heard the sound of a police officer speaks from a tape recorder: "You down there! What are you doing?"
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
They all sat at the police station wrapped in blankets. Two police officers treated the wound of John, The woman sent to madhouse. Morgan playing with her phone. A policeman approached them and told them: "Guys, we examined the little girl and she's fine, except that she has no parents. We called for adoption of children, and we found parents interested in adopting her and ...." "No!" Everyone shouted. The cop seems surprised. "Please sir, this girl is important to us!" Emmi said. "I'm sorry, maybe she can visit you from time to time. And I think that new parents will help her speak again." They were all very sad. But also happy for Michelle, now she can grow as a normal girl. Before they left, Lucy gave Michelle the dress they bought her. Michelle was very excited and hugged Lucy. Then everybody. She waved them goodbye when they left the police station.
That's what I call, a hard day's night ...
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"Emmi!" Michelle shouted from her berdroom. Everyone was at Morgan and Ringo's apartment. And Michelle had her own bedroom in each couples apartment.
"Yes, hon?" Emmi called back. She was sitting by Paul on the couch, and he had his arm around her shoulder.
"I can't find my other shoe." She said. Michelle was now comftorble enough to speak around the gang, but not to strangers.
"Hold on just a minute." She said, getting up from next to Paul and walking into her room.
Ringo and Morgan were on the loveseat opposite of the couch, and Lucy and John were in the armchair.
"Aye, did George and Pattie say they were coming too?" Paul asked. Everyone was going out for Pizza.
"They said they would catch up with us later. They had some 'wedding businness' to take care of" Ringo replied with an eye roll.

(Sorry this was kinda crappy. I had 5 minutes to do it, but it should get the story moving ;) )
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"How are you feeling Michelle?" Emmi said "Excellent!" Michelle said "Good! That brought you a present!" Emmi took her case to "Ollie". "You forgot it in the woods, a bear bit him, but I think now is much better!" Emmi put "Ollie" on the floor. "Ollie," began to walk like a zombie and say: "Michelle ... Michelle ... Michelle ... Michelle ..."
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------
"Michelle ..... Michelle ... Michelle ..... Michelle? Michelle!" Michelle woke with a start. Morgan was next to her bed with pajamas. "You cry, horribly frightened me. Are you okay honey?" Michelle rushed to embrace in fear of the Morgan. Emmi and Lucy go into the room "Hey, are you doing party pajamas without us?" They approached the bed and hugged Michelle. Lucy arranged her wild hair. It was not long, and John, Paul, Ringo go into the room. "We saw you "How are you feeling Michelle?" Emmi said "Excellent!" Michelle said "Good! That brought you a present!" Emmi took her case to "Ollie". "You forgot it in the woods, a bear bit him, but I think now is much better!" Emmi put "maybe" on the floor. "Ollie," began to walk like a zombie and say: "Michelle ... Michelle ... Michelle ... Michelle ..."
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------
"Michelle ..... Michelle ... Michelle ..... Michelle? Michelle!" Michelle woke with a start. Morgan was next to her bed with pajamas. "You cry, horribly frightened me. Are you okay honey?" Michelle rushed to embrace in fear of the Morgan. Emmi and Lucy go into the room "Hey, are you doing party pajamas without us?" They approached the bed and hugged Michelle. Lucy arranged her wild hair. It was not long, and John, Paul, Ringo go into the room. "We saw you leave the rooms, and we looked for you." Lucy the rooms, and we looked for you." Lucy squawked, "John! What happened to your arm ??!!" Michelle blanched. "Oh ... it ... it's nothing. I always run out of regular morning route, but this time someone left a rusted iron rod on the way ..." "In the morning take care of it," said Paul approached the bed. "Hey, where are George and Patty?" Emmi said "" . They had some 'wedding Businness' to take care of "Ringo replied with an eye roll.
"at Five o'clock in the morning?" Asked Paul and everyone laughed .... squawked, "John! What happened to your arm ??!!" Michelle blanched. "Oh ... it ... it's nothing. I always run out of regular morning route, but this time someone left a rusted iron rod on the way ..." "In the morning take care of it," said Paul approached the bed. "Hey, where are George and Patty?" Emmi said "" . They had some 'wedding Businness' to take care of "Ringo replied with an eye roll.
"at Five o'clock in the morning?" Asked Paul and everyone laughed ....
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"Hey, I'm tired, I think we should all go back to bed." Emmi said, "Especially you Ms. Michelle." She smiled,
Michelle nodded and lied her head on the pillow. "Will you sleep with me, Morgan?"
"Of course." Morgan said, "I think Ringo will be alright alone!" She giggled.
"Come, love." Paul said, swooping Emmi in his arms. She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

When morning came, Michelle was first to wake. "Morgan?" She said, shaking Morgan's arm.
Morgan awoke slowly, "Yes, Michelle?"
"It's morning!" She said happily.
Morgan nodded, "I'll be up in a few."
Out in the livingroom, Emmi and Paul were already awake watching the news.
"Hello Emmi." Michelle said, rubbing her eye.
"Hello, sweetie." Emmi said, "How did you sleep?"
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"I slept pretty good, glad that Morgan was with me though." Michelle groggily replied.
"What's wrong sweetie?" Emmi questioned her.
"Oh, it's just I'm really hungry and Morgan wouldn't wake up!"
"haha, well she's probably tired from being up with you all night, you seem to have all those bad dreams." Emmi stated as she patted Michelle's small head and headed into the kitchen to start some breakfast. Just then Ringo came into the room asking where his Morgan was. Forgetting that she was just in the next room.
"What's wrong with you Rings? Have you gone completely potty?" Paul answered.
"Wha? where is she?" Ringo questioned with a confused look on his face.
"Stop Worrying!" he said back to him. Just then George walked in, looking quite confused.
"What's all the noise about out here?" he questioned.
"It's Rings' inferiority complex acting up again!" Paul quipped.
"ah, lay off guys, just tell me where she is."
"ok, if none of you mean guys will tell him I will, She's in Michelle's room Ringo!" Emmi yelled from the kitchen. Just as soon as Emmi had yelled the answer Ringo had already run into her room and scooped Morgan up and carried her to the living room.
"What's this all about?" Morgan said.
"He thought you had died or something." George said sarcastically with an eye roll.
"Why do you always do that Ritchie?" Morgan said with a concerned voice.
"I'm just afraid you'll be gone one day when I wake up is all."
"That's not going to happen, so you don't have to keep worrying about it. ok?" She grabbed his face and pulled it into hers and gave him a kiss.
"Well glad that's over with, don't know how much more of Ringo's freak outs we can take." Paul said as he went into the kitchen to help Emmi serve the breakfast. John walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table, asking about what all the early morning ruckus had been about.
"You don't want to know." Paul stated as he dug into his eggs.
"I won't ask then." John said pouring Michelle a glass of juice.
"What do you all want to do today?" Emmi questioned.
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"Who? me?" John said "Um ... I think I'm going to be in my friend's wedding today ..."
George smiled.
"Oh! right! The wedding today, I almost forgot it! We must to prepare quick!" Emmi recall. "Do not worry love, the wedding is in this afternoon, at sunset. Right George?" Said Paul. "You guessed right, but also Emmi charitable , murderous wedding preparations! And we don't have so much time ..." Lucy sat down at John. Everyone looked at her. She went quietly up the stairs and sat at the table, half asleep. "Good morning sleeping Beauty" kissed her John. She smiled. Then she said: "Time is now seven in the morning. Just three minutes ago in my room phone rang and it was the chef from the Bakery, he said the cake was inviting will late in a hour. Then he asked if it's okay ..." "WHAT  :o?!?!?!" Suffocated everyone. "Ah ... so it's not ok hah ..." Lucy said looked worried.
"We need to drown that chef ! This is a wedding cake! Not just a birthday cake of a boy of five years old!" Morgan got angry. Ringo went to her and kissed her, he said: "We must not waste time and get angry, lets think what to do ..." Everyone began to think. And then Michelle said abruptly: "Let's bake a cake in ourselves!" Patty lifted her and kissed her.
Emmi wasted no time:: "Ringo! - you go with Morgan, John and Lucy to the store and buy all the flour, sugar, eggs, milk, chocolate, vanilla, strawberries, bananas, cookies and candies to decorate a cake!" "Getit!" He said the the four were quick to go.
"George, Patty and Paul- you are preparing the necessary tools to prepare cake + aprons for everyone. It's going to be very dirty work!" "Got it!" They confirmed that went into the kitchen. "And Michelle, you have the most fun job!" "yay!" Michelle happy. Emmi whispered to her mission in her ears. Michelle nodded and hurried to make the little dolls to put on the top of the cake. (Oops! I just discovered you what was her task ha2ha ...). After half an hour (well, a little less), John, Ringo, Morgan, and Lucy from the store with groceries. They all wore the aprons that they have. Emmi opened before them a cookbook with a huge picture of a wedding cake of 5 layers. "You really expect us to do it?" Asked John. "Yap!" 8) Emmi said ...
(Now I expect from whoever will write the sequel, write how they made the cake, and not to leave out details! ;))
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(I'll get down to the gruesome details, Lucy! ;) )

They approached the painful task with an open mind, John kneaded the dough, then passed it to Morgan who was forming the dough balls to hand to Paul, who made the balls into the tears of cake, who slided it to Emmi who put them in the oven, then when they were done Ringo toook them out of the oven, then passed it to Lucy who stacked them and then everyone helped Michelle put the frosting and flowers on!!! (whew!)
When the cake was done, it looked fabulous!
"Oh, I love it!" Pattie cried, "It's perfect!" She hugged each person, "Now girls, will you help me into my wedding dress?" The girls nodded exitedly and went to Pattie's room.
Her dress was georgus. It was a white ball-gown style dress, with beautiful layers of lace and tulle. When she was in it, she stepped in front of the mirror and everyone gasped.
"It's beautiful, Pattie." Emmi sighed. "Paul better hurry up and get that ring on my finger!" Everyone laughed.
"Now now Emmi. Me and Rich are the oldest, I think It's my turn first!" Morgan teased.
"Guys!" Michelle said, "It's Pattie's special day!" She giggled and lightly tugged on Pattie's dress. "Where's my dress?"
"Oh thats right!" Pattie said, "Your the flowergirl, aren't you!" Michelle nodded sligtly.
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The girls helped Michelle to dress her little dress. "Oh!" Patty admired "you really cute little princess!" Morgan went to Lucy and told her: "Good idea, Lucy! The dress" Lucy smiled and muttered something unintelligible to herself ...
"Now it's your turn to dress, girls" said Michel Patty, and left with the room. Morgan dressed first, followed by Lucy and Emmi. It was four o'clock. The wedding was to begin at six. All organized with the suits, the dresses, the food (was get in time) and everything else. Everything was perfect except that none of them bought George and Patty gifts ....
"Ooooh!! How could we be such fools !?!?" "Why everything must be complicated !?!?" "Stop everyone! Take your wallets and run to your nearest mall! Now!"
Everyone rushed to hurry and run to buy gifts. George, Patty and Michelle stay home and not understand where all gone.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
Three men and three girls ran with evening clothes, and fancy hairstyles throughout the mall.
They wanted the intriguing shop and stopped running, because they were intrigued to know what's there. But then they remembered that they had something more important to continue to run.
They wanted full garbage can full on garbage, and then another garbage can full of garbage, and then another garbage can full of garbage, then another garbage can full of guitars. They had a feeling there was something odd last trap, but they continued to run, fill out their mission.
Then they passed the huge store, and then store at medium, and then a small store, and then the store is really, really tiny they looked like gravel. In fact it's was gravel.
They ran and ran and accidentally get to an area with a wet and slippery floor. Everyone slid quickly and tried to steady themselves. they reached the escalator. Paul stopped abruptly so as not to fall. He exhaled with relief. But than Emmi collide on his back, Ringo collide on her back, Lucy collided on his back, Morgan collide on her back, and John collide on her back. BOOM! Paul rolled down the stairs  :-X...
They ran and ran and past a red curtain with a line of children before him. Ringo was arrested. "Hey! Is Santa Claus! I want to see him!" . John and Paul came to him, picked him up and continued running impatiently.
Finally, after running insignificant they went upscale gift shop with mountains of gifts perfect. "George and Patty could not tell us anything now!" John said and protested the sweat on his forehead. Everyone returned home enough to hide the gifts in the basket of gifts, just before George came and shouted at them they just click it when they disappeared. "Guests should be here any minute friends! Why are you panting like this? what, you just done now Marathon? Quick! Why are you standing?! get dress!" The group looked at each other and fell to the floor wearily ...
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Just then guests started piling into the house. They all looked at each other and whispered good luck! They all trailed off into different areas where the guests had begun to enter so that they could keep them entertained until the big ceremony began.
"Boy keepin' all these people entertained sure is a lot of work!" Lucy quipped as she headed to the punch bowl. John followed after her.
"Man, is it hot in here? Or is it just me?" Paul winked to Emmi. She giggled as they walked together outside to the garden.
Ringo was chasing Michelle around in the backyard, trying to keep her busy and out of any trouble she might get into. Morgan was making sure everyone had enough Jam butties to keep them full before the wedding cake was to be served. George and Pattie were each in seperate rooms getting ready for the big moment, both were a little nervous. Just as Pattie was putting on her vail she heard a knock on the door.
"Come in!" she yelled.
"Hey Pattie, It's just us girls." the three of them stated.
"Oh, I'm ever so nervous guys!" she replied.
"Why should you be nervous Pattie? George is just so gear!" Lucy stated with a big smile.
"Yeah, he is so kind and sweet to everyone, why are you afraid Pattie?" Morgan questioned.
"Oh it's just...I'm getting married!! Shouldn't everyone have cold feet? Even if it's only for a few minutes! I mean, I'm still just a young woman." she said with a slight quiver in her voice.
"It's ok Pattie, we'll be right by your side the whole way through, that's the plus about having bridesmaids!" Emmi smiled to her, as she helped her put on a necklace.
"Besides, I'll be getting married soon, and you won't have to worry about being the only Beatle wife!!" Morgan said with a wink. They all giggled.
"Will you really Morgan?" pondered Lucy.
"Well I sure hope so. He better get to it soon if he's gonna do it!" she coyly smiled.
"We better get you out there Pattie, I think I hear the music starting! You ready?" Emmi said as she lead her to the door.
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She nodded and the girls helped her into the chapel. When George saw her, his eyes lit up like stars. It almost looked like he was about to tear up. And when Pattie smiled at him, he did.
The ceremony went great. Everything went just as it was supposed to.
"You may kiss the bride!" The preacher said with enthusiasm. George leaned over to Pattie and kissed her like none of the gang had seen.
"You did it!" Emmi said as Pattie ran up to them and hugged each of them.
"We are so happy for you!" Morgan chimed in.
Then George walked up to them, "Hello ladies, do you mind if I steal Pattie?" He smiled down to her.
"No go ahead!" Lucy said. And George wisked her away. "They look so cute together!" She said.
"Yeah they do. I bet the fangirls out there are just furious." Emmi joked.
Just then the other 3 Beatles came up to them, "Where's Michelle?" Paul asked them.
"With Brian. He just loves her!" Emmi replied.
"Ah ok. We didn't want to lose her again!" Ringo smiled.
As Ringo finished his sentence. The DJ started to play music. Paul looked over to Emmi, "May I have this dance?" He asked and bowed.
Emmi giggled, "Why Mr. McCartney, I'm charmed." She said and curtsied. He chuckled and lead her into the dance floor.
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They both waltzed out onto the dance floor hand in hand, smiling at each other so happy to be together. Lucy and Morgan were at the bunch bowl chattin' away, while their guys were across the dance floor.
"Aye Ring?" John questioned.
"Yes  John? What's up?" he asked.
"Should I go ask Lucy to dance with me?"
'Why of course! Don't be afraid to dance John, you're a mighty fine dancer!'
"Well I don't think I am, and what if she laughs at how terrible I am?"
"She won't, she's mad about you and you know that!" Ringo winked then gave him a nudge in the girls direction.
"Do you think they will ever come over her and ask us to dance?" Morgan whined. "I mean look at how much fun Emmi and Paul are having!"
"Look, they're coming over now!" Lucy said with a grin.
The guys slowly walked over to them, Ringo was pushing John in front of him.
"Go on John ask her" Ringo whispered.
"Well Lucy would you so gladly dance with me miss?" he asked with a worried look.
"Of course thought you were never going to ask me!" she smiled as she grabbed his hand and flew to the dance floor.
"Glad he got the courage to ask her!" Ringo smiled to Morgan.
"Yeah, sure is great that everyone is having fun now." she retorted with a slight frown.
"what's wrong luv?"
"oh nothing!"
"Well I was going to ask you to dance but..." he coyly smiled.
"Oh please sir! Can I dance with you!"
Ringo grabbed Morgan's arm and took off onto the dance floor, her face beaming with happiness. Everyone was having such a great time, the party was a real success. They were now just about getting ready to cut the cake.
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"Okay folks," The DJ said over the P.A. system, "Before we pass out that delicious lookin' cake, we are going to have the Bride and Groom dance!"
Everyone turned to see Pattie and George walk into the middle of the dancefloor and begin to slowdance.
"Aw, they are so beautiful together." Emmi sighed to Paul.
"Yes, they do. I'm really happy for George." Paul whispered back to her.
Beside them, Morgan and Ringo were talking about the couple as well.
"Ringo, will that be us someday?" Morgan asked as charming as possible.
"We'll see. As long as some tall dark stud doesn't steal you from me." He laughed.
"Of course not, love!" Morgan hugged him, "And you won't leave me?" She asked.
"Never! No one would come between us." He said, wrapping his arms around her waist.
Things seemed different with John and Lucy. They wanted to be more than friends, but Cynthia came between them.
"I've never felt this way for someone else." He whispered. They weren't watching the dance, they were sitting together on a couch in the reception room. "And I do love you. But Julian stands in the way..."
"I know John." Lucy whispered, "If you need to go back to Cyn, I'd understand." She looked down from his gaze.
He stroked her hair, thinking about how he was caught in this love triange. (Ohhhh exiting! :P Johnny in a love triange!)
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"when must you go back to Cynthia?" Lucy questioned him.
"Soon, she'll be wanting me home, she keeps calling all the time." he answered with a sad look.
"This is so hard for me John! I think I might really truly love you. But I can't break up a marrige."
"Oh Lucy darling, this whole things my fault, I should have never led you on like this." he said as he brushed her hair from her face. "It was cruel of me and I feel so awful now."
"No John, I could never see you as anything but a kind and caring soul. I know what you must do even if it will break my heart." Lucy cried as she ran towards the house.
"Lucy!!" John shouted as he ran after her. Emmi and Morgan gave each other a questioning look.
"What do you think that was all about?" Emmi whispered to Morgan still holding onto Paul as they slowly danced.
"I'm not sure, but most likely it had to do with Cynthia, you know the situation." Morgan said back with an obvious eyebrow raise.
"Well don't you think we should go talk to her? She might be really hurt."
"Well I suppose we should, wouldn't hurt to ask her if she's alright." Morgan answered.
"Hey what's all this whispering about?" Paul asked Emmi.
"Didn't you see Lucy running away into the house? John chasing after her?" she questioned him.
"No, I was to busy being distracted by a beautiful woman in front of me." he smiled as he spun her around. Emmi blushed, then gave him a kiss.
"Come on Ritchie let's go!" Morgan insisted as she pulled him along. They headed into the house to find Lucy sitting on the floor in her room crying. Morgan and Ringo walked over to her and gave her a reassuring hug.
"Oh sweetie, what happened?" Morgan asked.
"It's just John and I, I knew it was too good to be true! It can't work out for us!" she sobbed into her arm.
"Well, it is a very complicated situation you got yourself into. Cyn has been with John well since forever!" Ringo chimed in. "And there is the matter of Julian, you can't forget about his poor heart breaking!"
"I know I know, that's why I told couldn't possibly work, even though I love him so." she cried louder this time. Morgan handed her a hanckerchief and patted her on the back.
"It's ok, everything will be alright in the end. No matter what the outcome Lucy." Morgan stated trying to sounds somewhat optimistic.
"I better go check on John, see if he's doing alright." Ringo said as he headed for the door.
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John was sitting against the wall outside the chucrh, puffing on a ciggie.
"John, are you okay?" Ringo said, sitting down next to him.
John sighed, "No, I don't know what to do, Ringo. I really do love Lucy. She gives me a thrill Cyn didn't even give me. But I love Cyn and Julian, and I don't want to hurt them." He put out his ciggie and wiped a single tear from his face.
"Well, I believe you will make the right situation. I believe in you, John." Ringo smiled.
"Thanks, mate." John softly said. "But why does this have to be so complicated!" He shouted, punching the ground.
"Because love is complicated, it has been since the beginning of time. Some people just get lucky though, like me and Morgan, or Pattie and George. But you never know, Pattie might run off with George's best friend someday!" He laughed.
"Leave a Beatle for Clapton? Nah." John laughed.

When they went back inside, John made a B-Line to Lucy, and overflowed her with kisses.
Lucy stood still, "John, I can't..."
John frowned, "Lucy, let me hold you, and I will work it out later. Let's enjoy it while it lasts."
Paul and Emmi came up, "Guys! Stop the worrying and have fun! Work it out later!" Paul said, then wisked Emmi back onto the dancefloor.
"See?" Ringo whispered in John's ear, "I think they have it easiest of all."
John nodded, "But why does everyone have it easy besides me?"
"When you find the right person, it will be easy." Ringo said with a smile.
John looked down to Lucy, she had her head on his chest with her eyes closed. John stroked her hair, "Lucy?" He said.
"Yes, John?" She said with a sad smile.
"Would you like to take a walk with me?" He asked. She nodded and smiled.
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 :o :o :o :o :o :o What The?!?! Why me?!?!
One fat man and woman chatted and ate one serving refreshments. Suddenly the fat man coughed and waved his hand, as if chased a fly. "Gee, what's this green smoke?" I do not know but it's coming from this guy with the girl next to him. "Shame! Smoke near a little girl!"
"Lucy, you get hurt by what I told you before?" "I do not want to talk about what happened before,John, I don't want to be sad at the wedding of George and Patty, so before everyone gets involved ..." John put a finger on her lips. "Less talk, more action"
He lowered his head toward Lucy's head and stood to kiss her. Everything was so perfect as in the American films, Until a woman with red dress and bouncy and a little boy inside. John and Lucy stood up immediately and straightened his clothes. "Daddy!" Julian ran toward John. John leaned on his knees and spread his hands. They clung on long hug. John got up and kissed Cynthia "Oh John, I'm sorry for being late, the train was late in the half hour and ..." "It's okay Cynthia, I'm just glad you're here. I love you" "Really?" Cynthia twisting the nose "So, who's she?" John turned to Lucy. "Ahhh ...." He stammered. Lucy thought fast: "I am a second cousin of Grandma Patty's third generation" She smiled. Cynthia turned to John: "Darling, it's true?" "Um, yes.'s Always difficult to figure out how to remember to invite your distant cousins weddings ..." He offers nervously "Oh! Ha ha! What luck! For a moment I was sure you kissed her! HA HA HA!" Cynthia laughed. John played with the fingers. Lucy cleared her throat and rolled her eyes toward the ceiling.
"Momy! Momy! There's cake! I want cake!" Jumped Julian. "We'll talk later honey" Cynthia said, "Come baby, go get a cake," she and Julian left. John and Lucy laughed in relief. "Wow Luce, you real success to persuade Cynthia." He grinned and added, "You were really cute in the.... piece you did on" Lucy looked at him in a sad look. "What happened?" He asked her. "Cynthia made me something, maybe we are not suited to be together," John opened his mouth "Lucy! D...Don't talk like that! Cynthia is my wife, and you're my friend" Lucy looked at him "I mean, you're more than a friend, of course, I mean, but, hey, wait, wait! Lucy! Don't go! Lucy! " The situation could be worse. Lucy went out walking angry. She didn't want the relationship between her and John destroy. Oh, how will she just wanted that he will be only her. Even John thought so. But his situation was much worse ...
John didn't find Lucy. But Cynthia had found him. They talk about all sorts of things and Julian, and then Cyn told him: "I want you to come back home with me. Do a short vacation of your friends here ... and live with me and Julian" John sprayed the punch out of his mouth and coughed . "My request was exaggerated my dear?" Cynthia asked softly. "No, no, I'm fine" John just didn't want to leave the house where he, George, Paul, Ringo and their girlfriends live. They over so much Fun and games together and he didn't want him to leave for home with a little boy to look after him and a woman to give orders, when he can enjoy with his friends. Cynthia's phone suddenly rang. "Just a minute" she replied. "Hello? Yes, Cynthia Lennon speaking .... yes ... What? Really?! That's great! I mean, yes sir ..... of course, sir. Goodbye" She hung up. "Who was that?" Asked John. Cynthia excited "that my boss from work, I go out on a mission to China! From work! Five months!" "Wow! That  Great! .... but what about our planning, you and I and Julian" ask John sadly fake "Oh ... I think we'll have to cancel it dear" "Oh no! It will this shame .. . John said and kissed Cynthia "I know how much it means to you baby, but I don't want you to be sad about it," Cynthia hugged him. John smiled happily behind her back. "Well, as long as The Julian stays with you..." "What!" Said John. "Of course! There is no one to look after him except you" "Um .. I have to ask the guys. ... I am now Um .... must .... find someone" ...
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------
Slow danced all night full of fireflies against this. Music saxophone tune the time of the couples embracing. Lucy was sitting on the wooden steps and leaned against the wall. She saw Michel, Julian and Ringo running around on the grass, the saxophonist, the dancing couples and the John and Cynthia talk. As she sits she felt the weariness fall on her, her eyes slowly began to close and she sank in a dream......
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"Emmi, I have something to ask you..." Paul said. They were out walking in the garden outside the chapel.
"Sure love, anything." She said, praying that he was going to propose to her.
"Would you wear these?" He asked, pulling out a necklace box from his coat pocket.
She gasped, "Paul, these are beautiful." She said, touching the necklace, which was a string of beautiful white pearls.
"They were my grandmothers. I have been waiting for the right person to give them to." He said with a smile.
She smiled back, "Of course I will wear them." She lifted her hair and he draped the necklace across her neck and clasped it together in back. She turned back around to let him see.
"Wow..." He sighed. Then took her hands and kissed her gently. (Thankyou for letting me have my moment :P)

Back in the reception room, Cynthia was about to leave. "I will see you soon, boys." She smiled and kissed Julian goodbye. "But before I leave, I'd like to talk to you, John." She said.
"What is it, Cyn?" He asked once they were alone.
"I think we should divorce." She said with a frown.
"But why?!" He gasped, "I love you!"
"But I love my boss." She said softly, "Why do you think he wants to take me to China?"
John sighed. "But Cyn...."
"No, John. I've thought about this quite a bit, and it's my desision. I'm sorry." She said and walked off.
John was sitting there alone. Trying to figure out what to do next.
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O M G :o EMMI I love you! :D
^ ^ Line of a dream.
Lucy stood with a scarf and  huge sunglasses in a airport one path of cracked and needs to be corrected. Draft blew and had to order the rioting her hair every time. The air was dry and the sun painted everything bright orange, like old pictures.
John was wearing a helmet, brown leather aviator jacket. He moved to a small plane with a propeller and an old van, and double wing. "John!" She shouted, but the wind pushed the call distance. He didn't hear her. He entered the plane and turned on the propeller as the engine of a boat, or an electric saw. The plane began to move forward and grabbed the momentum. "No! John Wait!" She cried and ran after the plane. The plane began to take off. Lucy tired from running and landed on her knees, panting. Suddenly the plane started spending black smoke and cough. the Propeller stopped and the plane began to fall, with black smoke it leaves behind, like a rope. The plane crashed with a thud on the ground. Lucy screamed, but no sound came out.
The wind grew stronger, and Lucy shake from side to side. The wind whispered in her ear: "John, John, John ..."
"Luce, Lucy wake up sleeping Beauty ... , you're talking in your sleep." Lucy opened her eyes. John sat beside her and patted her shoulder. "John, you're alive," she said and rushed to hug him. "You all right Lucy, you fell asleep, and the wedding is over." "Where is everybody?" She asked. "Go home, come on, now is the most fun! We open gifts and eat the leftovers of cake!" He lifted her smiled a big smile, he looks happy. They went inside, the warmth has been replaced with a cold that prevailed outside. John put Lucy on the couch next to Emmi and Paul, and sat down beside her. Colorful wrappers and greeting cards that were distributed in the living room while George and Patty nature between them.
Ringo came to John and whispered to him: "When you going to tell her you and Cynthia are getting divorced?"
"Soon Richie," John winked "Soon ...."
Everyone laughed and enjoyed, opened gifts and ate the remains of the amazing cake. "Here a gift from my father!" Said George. "This is the bigest gift here! Open it George! Open it!" Laughed Paul. Everyone encouraged to George when he tore the red cover and opened the box .........

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O M G :o EMMI I love you! :D

Haha no problem!  ;)

"What is it?" Pattie asked, she was sitting next to George.
It's a-" George was cut off when he saw what it was, "A baby crib mobile..."
Everyone was silet until Paul blurted out, "George, is there something your hiding from us?!" Everyone laughed.
"Pattie, open the one from me and Paul!" Emmi said with a smile.
She smiled and took the present from Emmi. "Wow! A crystal vase! Thank you guys!" She said as George wrapped his arm around her.
They opened the rest of the presents, then started to serve the rest of the cake.
"You know, you did a great job on this!" Pattie said, feeding George a peice of cake.
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(I'm going to type more because I am bored :P)

John looked over to Lucy, who was sitting by Michelle and playing with her.
John cleared his throat, "Um, Lucy, could I talk to you?" He asked.
"Sure John." She smiled.
They walked out into the garden and sat on a bench beside a fountain.
"So," John said, "Cynthia wants a divorce...."
Lucy looked to him in shock, "Really? Why?"
"It seems her boss reeled her in..." He said, scooting a little closer to her, "So now I guess we can be together.... if you want of course." Lucy smiled and bit her lip, "Lucy?" John asked.
"Yes John?"
"I love you!" He blurted out, then covered his mouth like a little kid.
She laughed and rested her head on his shoulder. "I love you too..."

"Wow! Where did you get those pearls, Emmi?" Morgan asked.
"Paul gave them to me." She said with a smile, then Paul came behind her and rested his hands on her hips.
"Aww! That was so sweet, Paul!" Morgan said.
Paul blushed a little (ah!!), "Thanks." He said.
Ringo came and stood next to Morgan, "Hello, darling." He said and smiled, "What would you guys like to do?"
"Well, the newlyweds are kinda absorbed in themselves...." Paul said and looked to Pattie and George, who were sitting and just gazing at eachother.
"Yeah. Do you guys wanna go to a movie?" Ringo asked, "There's a new James Bond I am dying to see."
"Sure! Should we ask Lucy and John to come?" Emmi said. She turned to look at Paul, who was rubbing her sides.
"I guess it wouldn't hurt." Paul smiled.
When they reached the fountain, they saw Lucy and John kissing like there was no tomorrow. "Ummm.... Are we still gonna ask them?" Morgan asked.
"Here, I got it." Paul said. He walked up to John, "LENNON!" He shouted. And John jerked up.
"Wow, that worked." Emmi giggled.
"Yeah, I've been doing that since we were 14!" He laughed, "John, wanna come see James Bond with us?"
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"yeah, sure that's alright with me if it's alright with my love Lucy." John smiled as he turned his head to gaze into her eyes.
"Of course you guys, sounds like a blast!" Lucy said with a huge grin on her face. John took her hand and they got up to follow the others.
"Oh boy this is going to be so gear! I love James Bond!" Ringo cheered, as he pretended to shoot an imaginary gun.
"Ahh, you look so cute when you act like a little boy!" Morgan giggled as she tossled his hair. Ringo than grabbed her hand and they began skippin together down the sidewalk singing "we're off to see the wizard."
"Man those two are a gas!" Paul laughed as he and Emmi headed to his car.
"They sure are young at heart aren't they." she replied with a smile of approval as she got into the car.
"Aye guys, were going to meet you there!" Paul shouted as he hopped into his car and started to pull out.
"What? I thought they were all coming in my car?" Ringo stated.
"oh well, I guess we'll have to manage with out them somehow!" Morgan giggled as she grabbed Ringo and pulled him into his car.
"I guess we will." Ringo said with a huge smile on his face as he turned to her and gave her a long kiss.
"Oh Ritchie you're simply the greatest!" she smiled as they drove away towards the theatre. John and Lucy were also going to take a seperate car, seeing as all the couples really did want some alone time, before they saw the movie.
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they saw Lucy and John kissing like there was no tomorrow.  
Ugh!:-X Oh dear! I'm eating dinner now, for God's sake! :o

* After a nice film *- "Wow! This one the best films of the year!" Said Paul embraced the Emmi. "No, I think that" AVATAR "more beautiful film. With the blue people, you know ..." Said Morgan. Ringo kissed her on her cheek. "Hey, say, you noticed that Lucy and John were not with us in the film?" George said suddenly  "They'd been  evade  ?" Morgan opened her mouth. "How could they ..." Michelle and Julian visibility sad. Julian was sad because his father wasn't with him in the movie, and Michelle was sad that Julian was sad. Michelle really liked Julian, he was an excellent pirate, and also an Indian when necessary. And he loved wild, like her! "Where's Daddy?" Asked Julian.
"We meet him outside in the parking, sweetheart, "Patty said. They went out, but no car who reminiscent the car of John&Lucy was in the parked. Suddenly Paul saw John sitting at the pavement next to the wall and crying.
 Everyone wanted him and asked what happened? John said "We went to the cinema, but suddenly a man who dressed in black came . "John continued to cry bitterly. Paul grabbed his shoulders and tried to get financed more information." Where's Lucy? "She suddenly asked Patty." That's what I'm trying to tell you! The man grabbed her and gave me a kick in my belly, so I could not do anything! "
Emmi and Morgan stood behind them and listened to the story, shocked.
Suddenly a hand with a black glove blocked the mouth of Emmi, and dragged her back. No one noticed. Same thing happened to Morgan.
"Come on John, lets go to the police. Emmi you can he.... Emmi?" Paul looked to the sides. Emmi was not there. "Emmi! Morgan!" George called . No response came. Michelle and Julian stick to Petty in fear.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
"Officer This is an emergency! Three of our girls are abducted  !!..... yes they'r mine...... yes I'm bachelor  ........ no I'm not crazy! Hey! You do not talk to me like that sir! You should help me!! Hello?, hello!!! " Paul angrily slammed the phone on the floor and swore. Patty took Michelle and Julian in their rooms. Ringo opened the newspaper. He flipped it furiously and then found what he wanted. "Listen to this lads, pedophile who kidnap children under three loose on the streets of New York." "No it doesn't suit us, Emmi and Lucy are 13 years old, and Morgan is 14 years old," said Paul "15" corrected him Ringo snapped. "Continue to browse Ringo" said George. "here, a man 50-year-old kidnap children to work in a illegal factories, around the streets of New York" "No, no, no, the man who snatched  Lucy was a young man of 20 +, no way 50!" Said John.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------
'Tie the girl and Put her in the truck, "said the man who wore black, with stubble and a scar. "No problem boss," said another man, bald and plump with inhaler. He coughed violently, "Boss, why don't you ever stop smoking?" Said the plump and took breath from the inhaler. "Because I'm under pressure, you idiot!" Said the scary man and smoke out of your mouth. "But you know I'm sick in asthma is not it?" Said chubby and put Emmi into the gray truck. the scary man Ignore . The plump went toward Lucy and asked the scary man : "Are you sure your idea will work? You know, the whole point of a ransom request, etc. ..." "Sure it will work!" Said the scary "my band is a great band! And it's going to win at the:"Remarkable band in America!" But who could ruin my victory are those damn Beatles! "The scary man kicked a garbage. Morgan and Lucy (who were tied to a chair) were scared." So ... your idea is ask for these girls, that the Beatles would cancel their participation from the competition? "Asked the plump. "exactly Chubby! Got the idea, "scoffed the scary." But your band is terrible! Even her name is ridiculous! Ha! Ha! "The Rabeats"! "Laughed the plump "Ooh! Now I understand why you are afraid of them! Because you stole the idea of their name! But you can not even direct from your guitar properly! "The plump rolled from laughter. The scary man approached him and grabbed his shirt." If you say another bad thing about my band, I shove down your throat in so much cigarettes smoke until you die! Now! Get those girls already, and we'll be off! The announcement of the ransom request will be sent tomorrow morning! "

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(Interesting plot turn Lucy! But I'm 19! lol Everyone in real life does think I'm 15 tho, so oh well.  ha2ha)

After the men had tied up the three girls, they left them alone. The girls then frantically tried to get their hands freed from the knots but to no avail. They were beginning to wonder how long it would take for someone to find them.
"p*ssst, Emmi." Morgan whispered, the men had not gagged any of them so they could still talk they just were blindfolded.
"Yeah Morgan, I can hear you." Emmi whispered back to her.
"What is going on? A ransom, this is insane." she stated.
"I know, I just hope everyone else is fine and they didn't get little Michelle or Julian."
"When are we ever getting out of this mess? I guess it's one of the prices you pay for being a Beatle girl." Morgan said glumly.
"Lucy?" Emmi quietly called.
"Yes, I'm right here Emmi." she stated.
"I'm glad you're alright, we didn't know what happened to you."
"Well now we do!" Morgan said annoyed.
"We're just going to have to figure out something." Emmi said, trying to raise the other two's spirits.
"What are we waiting round here for?" John said angrily.
"We can't just going running the streets looking for them! It would be a field day!" George huffed.
"Why are you so calm about all this Harrison? Don't you realize what has happened!!" John screamed at him.
"Ok John, just take it easy!" Paul said as he pushed him down onto the couch.
"We'll sort this mess out." Ringo said with a look of fear in his eyes.
"We just have got to think of a plan!" shouted Paul. So they began pondering how to save their beloved girls. Wondering if they would hear from the kidnappers any time soon, as to get a lead of some sort.
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The girls were whispering to themselves about trying to get out, unil one of the men came into the room they were being held.
"Quiet!" His boomed. His bellowing voice shook the walls. He strided over to Emmi, he eyed her pearl necklace. "Well well well, what is this?" He smirked and ripped the necklace from her neck.
"Give that back!!" Emmi shouted, tears started streaming down her face, "Paul gave that to me!"
"Ah, so your Paul's girl?" He chuckled. "Do you not want your beloved McCartney's feelings hurt?"
"Give it back, you B*stard!" She screamed again.
"Shut up!" He yelled. Sticking a hankercheif in her mouth. "I don't wanna hear another word out of you until your Beatles give us their cash!" He concluded and went to the telephone.

As the boys were plotting away, they heard the telephone ring.
"Hello?" John answered it, then pressing the speakerphone button.
"Hello Lennon." The man's dark voice said, "We have your birds."
"You have them?!" John yelled, "Where are you??"
The man laughed, "Now now Lennon. No need to be brash. I'm rather enjoying their company!" He laughed again. "I suppose you can come get them, if you bring the money."
"Don't do it Paul!" Emmi shouted.
"Emmi?!" Paul said, "Hon are you okay?" He bit his lip in concern.
"I said quiet!" The man bellowed again. "Why can't you just shut up!"
"Why would I listen to you? You filthy pig!" She said, spitting at him.
The man dropped the phone and all The Beatles could hear was a scream.
"Hello? Hello?!" John asked from the other end of the telephone. While Emmi and the man were bickering. Morgan and Lucy had managed to get untied.
"John!" Morgan said, "We are untied!" She smiled.
"Good! Where are y-" John was cut off and Ringo grabbed the phone.
"Morgan! Are you okay love?" He asked.
"I'm alright Ringo. Just a little shook up." She said.
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"Well luv, can you tell us where you are at?" he asked her in a hurried voice.
"I'm not quite sure you see, they had us blindfolded all the way here." she said.
"well what does it look like in there?" his voice shook.
"It's dark and damp, and all the lights are out Ritchie! I can't see..." just then the phone was dropped to the ground as the man grabbed Morgan and threw her against a wall. The line went silent for a moment.
"Yes, luv! Morgan?? Hello?" Ringo shouted. The man had thrown Morgan to the ground and knocked her unconscious. He picked up the receiver.
"Hello, mate! How are you doing?" The fat man asked Ringo.
"What the hell have you done to her?" he shouted.
"Oh, I just finally shut her up!" he chuckled.
"Well I ought ta!" Ringo yelled into the phone, before John came over and yanked it from his grasp.
"Listen pal, we want them back and we'll do whatever it takes!"
"Well then bring me the money I request and I won't have to hurt any more of them!" he bellowed into the phone.
"Well what's the price you jerk? Are you going to tell us or are we going to have to guess?" he said in a frantic voice.
"I will send you a letter, disclosed will be all the details, ta ta for now!" the man yelled as he hung up the phone, in the background John could hear distant yells.
"Oh my god, that B*stard gunna get it!" John screamed.
"What now?" questioned Paul.
"We have to wait for their idiotic letter!! UGH!!" So wait they did until it was to arrive, they had no idea how long it would be before it finally did make it to their flat.

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Two days of frantic pacing and not leaving the apartment was what it took until the letter came.
"Guys! It's here!" Paul shouted as the mail carrier dropped the letter through the mail chute on their door.
"Well hurry up and open it!" John screamed.
Paul ripped open the letter. "Dear Beatles," he read, "We will give you your women back if you bring us €20,000. We live on 1234 Jerk Blvd."
"Heh, how ironic." John sighed. "Does anyone have €20,000 on them?"
"Well...." Ringo said and emptied his pockets. He had exactly the amount they needed.

When they got to the place their loves were being held captive, they cringed at the sight of the beaten up shack.
"My poor Em.." Paul sighed. They stepped out of their car and pounded on the door.
The door opened a crack and a horrible looking creatue stepped out. "Well, I didn't think you'd show."
"Of course we did!" Ringo shouted, "We have your money. Now let us in!"
"As you wish." The man escorted them to where Morgan, Lucy and Emmi were.
Morgan was sleeping in a ball on the floor, Emmi was sitting against a wall, and Lucy was lying on her back looking up at the ceiling.
"Lucy!" John shouted, and ran up to her.
"John!" She cried and threw her arms around him.
Paul walked up to Emmi, who's clothes were soaked in dried blood. "Love... what did he do to you?"
She sighed, "After I shouted at him, he threw me against the cement wall and I was knocked out until this morning. My arm was bleeding terribly." She lifted her sleeve up to reveal a scar going all the way up her arm. Paul lifted her up and held her tight.
Ringo was kneeling next to Morgan, he gently moved her hair to see her neck covered in blood. He checked her pulse and she had a steady pulse. "Has she woken up since our phone call?"
"A couple times." Emmi said, "But it was only for a few minutes each time. I think she needs food from her loss of blood, and we havent eaten in three days straight."
Ringo's eyes grew moist as he picked her up and carried her.
"Where's my money?!" The fat man asked.
"Give me back my pearl necklace and I will give it to you." Paul said. Wrapping hs arm tightly around Emmi's shoulder.\
The man sighed and dug it out of his deep pocket. He gave it to Paul who brushed it off lightly and put it in his rightful place around Emmi's neck. Then gently kissed her forehead. He thew the money sack on the floor, and they all got the h*ll out of there.
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They all ran to the door, got outside and hopped into Paul's car. The girls looked like wrecks, tattered clothes, blood stains everywhere, scratched, and bruised. Emmi and Lucy were grabbing a hold of their men tightly as they drove past all the dark and unfamiliar streets. Morgan had still not waken up yet, and it was starting to frighten them all.
"How is she doing Ring?" John questioned.
"She is still breathing, but why hasn't she woke up yet?" Ringo wondered.
"Well they did throw her pretty hard against that wall." Lucy stated as she held onto John, starting to doze off.
"Let's see if she needs food or water!" Paul stated.
"We can't just stop and get food, let's keep driving, I think she needs to get home." Ringo replied. They pulled up to the flat, and the guys carried the girls into the flat. Waiting at the door was George, Pattie, Michelle, and Julian.
"Oh my god! Look at them! I must get them cleaned up!" Pattie yelled. "Hurry up and bring them in!" They brought them to their rooms as Pattie got to work on each of them, removing their stained clothes and replacing them with new ones. She bandaged them up and got them some hot soup. Pattie was still a little concerned though, as she was bandaging Morgan up she noticed that her bleeding had become severe and wouldn't stop no matter how many bandages she blotted it with.
"George, would you come here please!" she shrieked from across the house. He came running to her.
"What's wrong?"
"Morgan looks to be in some bad condition, she hasn't woken and she won't stop bleeding!"
"We have to get her some help, it can't be good." he said as he headed into the living room where all the guys were.
"Rich we have some really bad news." George said to him, rubbing his arm.
"What?" he asked.
"Morgan is in a very bad state, we need to get her some help! And fast!" he said to him.
"Well whatever it takes, we have to!" Ringo yelped as he ran into their room, where he saw her laying there motionless.
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Emmi checked her pulse, "She still has a steady beat. Did you try washing her?"
Pattie shook her head, "How would that help?"
"How water will speed up blood flow. I know, I had an old boyfriend who was a army doctor." She looked up to Paul and smirked.
Emmi and Pattie filled their bath and gently lifted Morgan into it. After a few minutes she stopped bleeding, then a few minutes after that her eyes gently fluttered open.
"Wh-wh-where am I?" She asked quietly.
"We're home, hon." Emmi said with a smile. "You were knocked out for quite some time. I think Ringo almost suffered a heart attack!" She laughed.
"You got your necklace back." She smiled. "That guy was really a jerk."
"Yeah no kidding. He must have liked Lucy though, he didn't lay a finger on her!"
"Emmi? Pattie? How's everything going?" Ringo asked from the other side of the door.
"Should we suprise him and bring you out there?" Emmi smirked.
"Yeah! I'd like to see the look on his face." Pattie giggled.
So they helped Morgan out and she got dressed, "Rich?" Emmi called.
"Yes??" He came bolting back.
Morgan stepped out and smiled to him, "Hello hon!" She giggled.
"YOUR ALRIGHT!" He shouted happily and swung her around, and overflowing her with kisses. "I was sooo worried!"
"Careful, Ringo. She's still on the fragile side." Emmi warned.
Ringo carried her into the livingroom and sat her down on the couch next to him. Then hugged her. "I hope you know your never leaving my side now." He smiled.
Paul walked into the livingroom, "Morgan! Your better! We were all worried sick." He smiled.
"Where's Lucy and John?" Morgan asked.
"They went out for a few. I think they wanted some "time alone"" Paul replied.
Emmi came up from behind Paul and wrapped her arms around his waist. He jumped a little and smirked.
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"Well I'm glad that's all through with." Paul smiled at Emmi as he grabbed her hands.
"Yes, but you didn't even go through the worst of it!" she smiled back at him.
"Well I almost had a heart attack twice there!" he smirked.
"Twice?" she questioned him.
"Yes, once when you were kidnapped and I couldn't find you and the second time when you said you had a boyfriend who was a doctor!" he laughed and she threw a pillow at him. They were all happy to be back at home safe and sound.
"What's there to eat? I'm starved!" Morgan stated, and everyone laughed.
John and Lucy were out strolling along the creek, holding hands and talking bout the whole ordeal and their own situation at hand.
"I'm so happy you're safe Lucy. I wouldn't know what I would have done if you would have been hurt." John said as he touched her soft cheek.
"I know, it's strange really, neither one of those guys ever really hurt me."
"Well I'm just grateful that you are all safe." John whispered.
"John, where is this relationship heading to?" she questioned.
"What do you mean? I love you and you know that Cynthia and I are getting a divorce."
"yes... but I mean, what if we're not together forever? What if Cynthia changes her mind?"
"Don't worry bout that love, she wouldn't change her mind. It wouldn't change the way I feel about you anyways. So stop worrying." he comforted her as he stroked her hair.
"Alright if you say so, I love you John! And I never would want to loose you ever!"
"Well you won't!" He smiled back at her and picked her up carrying her back into the flat. Everyone was sitting round watching as Julian and Michelle were chasing each other around in circles.
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"Well, I could make something." Pattie smiled and stroked George's hair, standing behind the chair he was sitting in. "How does Hotdish sound?"
Every nodded and said that would be good. She nodded and kissed the top of George's head before returning to the kitchen.
"Should we tell John and Lucy supper will be ready soon?" Ringo asked.
"Nah. They'll get here in their own sweet time." Paul said, taking Emmi's hand and leading her over to the unoccupied couch. "So tell me about this Doctor boyfriend of yours..." He asked.
She laughed, "Don't worry about it Paul. It was a long time ago. Besides, he wasn't nearly as handsome as you!"
He smiled triumphantly. "Good!" He said and kissed her gently.
Ringo rolled his eyes. "Is that all you two can do is kiss?"
Morgan laughed, "Look who's talking, Ringo." She giggled and kissed his cheek, which made him blush.
"So George, how's married life going?" Emmi asked.
"To tell you the truth, better than I thought." He smiled, "She's so good to me, and I couldn't ask for more." George sighed. Completely oblivious that Pattie was right behind him.
"I'm glad you feel that way, George." She said. George jumped and then turned beet red. She laughed and put her hands on his shoulders.
Emmi looked up to Paul, "Did you hear that? George likes married life." She giggled.
Paul sighed, "George, I blame you for this talk of marrige." He smirked
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"Yeah I like the sound of that myself!" Morgan winked at Emmi. Then they both giggled.
"Oh boy, you really did get them started didn't you Harrison." Paul said with a sarcastic eye roll.
"Wha? I'm not lying, being married is great, you guys really should consider it." he chuckled at them, then spun around to look at Pattie. She was just about done with the meal, she and George were setting the table and getting Julian and Michelle involved in the placing of silverware. Everyone got up and headed to the table, no one as got there as fast as Morgan did though, she still hadn't eaten for three days! Just as everyone began to dig in John and Lucy came bursting through the door.
"Always have to make an entrance don't you Lennon!" Paul shouted at him.
"As a matter of fact I do!" he stuck his tongue out at Paul, then carried Lucy to the table.
"What to you two so long?" Pattie questioned.
"We were just talking is all." Lucy said quietly as she grabbed John's hand under the table.
"Well about what?" Emmi whispered to her.
"Just our relationship, where it's going and all those sort of things." she giggled.
"Well where is it going? Are you guys going to get married? What's going on?"
"Not anything, we have nothing to hide." She smiled in John's direction.
"Paul, what do you think that's all about?" Emmi whispered in his ear, trying not to draw attention.
"Who knows, John's a right sneak bout everything. They won't tell us." he stated bluntly.
"I want to know! Do you think Lucy know." Emmi pondered to him.
"nah, I wouldn't think they would get themselves into that kind of a mess. would they?" he wondered. They both looked at each other and then looked at John and Lucy's faces. Both acting very strange indeed. They had to find out what was up.
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Later that evening, the couples split off to do their own thing....

"What do you think is going on with Lucy and John?" Emmi said to Paul. They were curled up on their couch in their apartment.
"Emmi, I think your making a bigger deal out of this than it is, love." Paul said, trying to reassure her. "I thought we were going to spend some time together..." He looked to her with his big bedroom eyes.
She sighed, "Your right, it's just bugging me... You know I-" Her words were cut off when he kissed her. She wasn't sure if it was out of love or to shut her up.

Morgan and Ringo went out shopping. Ringo felt so bad about what happened that he promised to buy her anything she liked.
"Ringo, I really don't need anything..." she said quietly.
"I want to buy you some things. Please?"
She smiled, "Alright." They pulled up to a clothing store.
She tried on a red mod dress, "How's that?" She asked, spinning in a circle.
"Beautiful, love!" He smiled.

John and Lucy went back to his apartment. Julian was spending the night over at George and Pattie's with Michelle.
"John, I love you." Lucy whispered. "But you aren't even divorced yet..."
"Lucy, I am going to be, the papers just need to be signed." He said, stroking her hair. "Please, I need you."
Lucy bit her lip, "I need you too. But I just don't know..."
John sighed, not knowing what to say. All he could do was hold her.
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Paul and Emmi had decided to curl up on their couch and watch some tele, there were some good shows on tonight that they wanted to see. But Emmi couldn't help but think about John and Lucy. She kept trying to figure out what was going on with them, why did they act so strange at dinner. But her thoughts were interpreted by Paul kissing her over and over.
"oh Paul you're such a charmer." she giggled as she pulled him closer and started kissing him all over.
"And you are a wild woman!" he said with a smirk. "Still thinking about John and Lucy now?"
"Not much." she confessed. And then he started to tickle her. "Ok ok not at all!!" she laughed.
"That's better!" he said holding her tight.
Ringo and Morgan were walking hand and hand down the sidewalk. She was wearing her new red dress, and Ringo thought she looked smashing! He couldn't keep his eyes off of her and quickly pulled her into a doorway and started kissing her. She started to giggle and then a group of older people started eyeing them, and acting like they were showing way too much PDA. Morgan became embarrassed.
"Ritchie come on let's go home! Everyone's lookin at up funny!"
"Alright luv, I'll carry you there."
"No you don't need to do that!"
"Yes I do, I told you we would never be apart again! Remember?" he smiled at her and then lifted her up and carried her all the way back to their flat.
John and Lucy were looking into each others eyes. They both looked close to tears.
"John, are you... are you sure you would want to be with me?" she asked.
"Don't start that again Lucy, Dammit I love you!" he yelled this time.
"John please don't get mad at me, I'm frightened is all." she cried.
"It's alright, we're going to be alright, you'll see darling." he said grabbing her arm and pulling her into his chest. "We'll figure this out!"

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Paul pulled Emmi onto his lap and rubbed her knee. She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. She whispered something in his ear, which made him smile and blush. ( I know what it is, but I might get banned for posting it ;D JK!)
"Hey, I was wondering..." Emmi said.
"If it's about John and Lucy, I'd rather not hear it." Paul said with a soft smile.
"No no... Would you ever marry me?" Emmi asked quietly.
"Of course! I just don't know if I'm ready yet." Paul confessed. He kissed her shoulder.
Emmi smiled. "Okay, that comforts me." She smiled.

"I can't believe you carried me all the way home, love." Morgan said with a smile.
"Well, It's not that hard." He laughed. His eyes washed over her, "You look smashing. Just beautiful."
Morgan blushed, "You really think so?"
Ringo nodded, he lead her over to the couch and sat down next to her. He looked to her with adoration in his eyes. "Your prettier than you think, you know."
Morgan turned beet red, then playfully slapped his arm, "Your too charming!" Which made them both laugh.


Lucy didn't know what to think, she loved John. But in her eyes, John loved girls. And with being a Beatle wife, it brings competition.
"Lucy, I need to know you trust me." John said. Sensing what she was thinking.
"John... I-I-I dont know." She sighed. "To a point. I do." She could feel his eyes on her. But she couldn't bring them to meet his. "I need time." She said.
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Paul and Emmi had both fallen asleep on the couch, Emmi had her head resting on Paul's chest. They had been up for hours simply talking about everything. It was dead silent in their flat, until the was a loud rustling outside their window. Paul slowly got up as he didn't want to frighten Emmi. He looked out the window and he saw a man walking around below their flat. He just assumed it was a nearby neighbor and thought no more of the matter. He scooped Emmi up and carried her to their bed.
Ringo and Morgan were still wide awake they couldn't sleep after the long day they had had before. Ringo couldn't stop watching every move that she made out of fear of losing her again.
"Ritchie, you know you don't have to always keep an eye on me, right?" she smiled at him.
"yes of course I know that, it's just hard not to look at you anyways." he winked, then she blushed.
"Well I just don't want to make you feel obligated to always be watching me, I don't think anything will happen to me anytime soon."
"I might have something to do with that soon bit!" he said as he grabbed her and carried her to their bedroom.
"Ok, you can have all the time you need, but just know I will always love you." John said as he hugged her.
"Alright John, I'm sorry if I'm hurting you. You just have all those girls around you all the time! It's hard to trust anyone in that situation."
"I understand, but you also have to understand that I would never betray you. I want to be with you forever." he said then laid on the couch. Lucy headed to their bedroom trying not to make matters any worse. She knew that they should have some time to cool off, this whole situation was getting crazy.
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While Paul was carrying Emmi to their room, she opened her eyes and looked at him. He noticed and smiled down to her.
"Your too hansome for your own good." She smirked.
He smiled and rolled his eyes. "You must be tired."
When they were both in bed, Emmi turned to him and kissed him gently. He stroked her back. "I love you." He said.
Emmi blushed, "I love you too."
Paul smiled, "Prove it!" He joked.
Emmi thought for a moment, then kissed him deeply. "Proven?" She asked. He nodded, satisfied. Then they both fell asleep.

Once they were in bed, Ringo kissed Morgan over and over again. "Are you okay, Ringo?" Morgan asked. He had never shown this much affection before.
"Yes, I just love you too much." He smirked, "And I was so scared about you..." Then he started to kiss her again. He pulled away for a moment and took her in. "Will you do something for me?" He asked.
"Of course, anything." She said and smiled.
"..... Hold me?" He quietly said.
Morgan threw her arms around his neck. "Don't worry about me, love. I will be fine."
All Ringo could do was nod.

John awoke, he looked to the clock and saw it was two in the morning. He trudged off to his room, knowing Lucy would be there. He was true to his word when he said he loved her, and wouldn't hurt her. None of those other girls knew him like she did. He wished she would realise that.
When he got into the room, she was curled up in bed. He slid in next to her, and wrapped his arms tightly around her waist, "I love you, Lucy." He whispered into the darkness.
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Paul's eyes opened to see Emmi's beautiful face, it was 8 am and he decided he better get up and make them some breakfast. He trudged off to the kitchen, he got out some eggs and started to scramble them. The sound of all the ruckus in the kitchen woke up Emmi. She got out of bed and snuck into the kitchen to see what he was doing. As soon as she saw how sweet he was being, she came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist and squeezed him tightly.
"aye!" Paul jumped. "I didn't know you were up love of my life!" he grinned at her.
"Well I heard all the noise out here and was wondering what you were wrecking now." she giggled at him and pinched his nose.
"HAHA very funny Emmi!" Paul said with his tongue sticking out.
"It was only a joke Paulie!" she quipped. Then sat down at the table. "Do you think I can call Lucy today and ask know." she pointed towards the phone.
"I suppose, if it's buggin you so much then fine!" he winked at her. "But after we eat!" he said grabbing her arm.
Ringo and Morgan were still intertwined when they awoke in the morning. They didn't want to let go of each other. Especially Ringo who wouldn't loosen his grip, even when Morgan said they should be getting ready to head over to Paul and Emmi's for the day.
"Come on Rich, we got to get up!" she whined.
"I don't think I can ever let you go now!" he cried.
"Oh come on love, it's not that hard, you just loosen the grip and then I'm free!" she said with a giggle. Ringo always had attachment issues.
"I will never let you out of my sight again!" he said with love and affection.
"Ok then come with me, and we'll get ready together!" she smiled as they got up, got dress and headed to the kitchen for some quick breakfast.
John awoke to find Lucy gone, she wasn't in their room, which made him nervous. He soon found that she was in the living room reading the paper.
"Oh man, I thought you had run out on me!" he said out of breath.
"Nope, just reading the morning news love!" she smiled.
"Are you still upset with me?" he questioned her.
"No, I just still need some time to think things over is all."
"Alright, that's good to hear." he said as he patted her head. "I think I'll call George up and see how Jules is doing."
"ok, I think we should go over there? Don't you? I want to get out today!" she said enthusiastically.   
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When Paul and Emmi finished eating, Emmi picked up the dishes and kept looking to the phone.
"Emmi, you really don't need to worry about it..." Paul said, wrapping his arms around her waist.
"I know, I just don't want anyone to get hurt, that's all." She sighed and rested her head on his chest.
"Okay, for the rest of the day, whenever John and lucy come to your mind, think about this...." He leaned forward and kissed her gently.
Emmi sighed again, "That could work." She smiled. He kissed her until they heard a knock on the door.
"Anyone home?" Ringo asked, opening the door.
"'Ello, Rich!" Paul said enthusiastically.
"Should we come back another time?" He asked playfully.
Paul didn't notice what he was talking about until he noticed he was still in his boxers and a white t-shirt. Paul turned red, "Um, I will be right back." he said and ran off to his room. Everyone laughed.
"Aye Ringo!" Paul said. "Come help me set up my turntable!" Paul always had trouble getting the wires right. And Ringo was quite good at it.
"Okay..." Ringo said, "I will be right back, love." He whispered to Morgan. She smiled and nodded.
Once Ringo was gone, Emmi turned to Morgan, "So, did you guys have a good time last night?"
Morgan nodded, "Yes, he seems really clingy for some reason, though. He's being really sweet though. Not the obnoxious type of clingy."
Emmi smiled, "Paul is like that sometimes. On his good days!" They giggled to eachother.

John and Lucy reached The Harrison home about ten o'clock.
"Hello, John!" George said, opening the door for them. "Michelle and Julian are still in bed, they were up quite late.
"Ah, that's alright." John said, taking Lucy's hand. "Did they have a nice time?"
"They sure did! They seem to have hit it off quite well actually."
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Paul and Ringo were almost finished setting up the turntable, they were chatting away with all their guy talk. Emmi and Morgan were sitting on the couch talking about Lucy.
"So Emmi, did you ever get a chance to call Lucy?" Morgan asked.
"No I didn't, Paul doesn't want me to think about it, he says we're probably over reacting." she said pushing the hair from her face.
"I think there has to be something up, maybe I should ask, since Paul doesn't want you too."
"You could, I really would like to know as well." she sighed. "Maybe we can just talk to her in person. Would be easier."
"Yeah, I'll just call over there and ask them all to come over here!" Morgan stated as she got up and headed into the kitchen. Paul walked over to Emmi.
"What was that all about?" he questioned her.
"Well we're still worried about Luc.." she stopped.
"What was that?" he asked.
"I mean Morgan is worried bout Lucy!" she smiled as Paul kissed her check.
"Let's just invite them over then!" he said.
"That's what Morgan is doing now!" she smiled.
"Where's Morgan?" Ringo asked lookin worried.
"Don't worry Ringo she's just in the kitchen no need to get excited." Paul said punching his shoulder.
"Hey Lucy! Phone call" Pattie yelled from the kitchen.
"Hello?" she answered.
"Hey Lucy, it's Morgan, you should all come over to Paul's we're having a get together!"
"Ok, I'll tell everyone to get going! See you in a while!" she said then hung up the phone.
"Everybody that was Morgan, they're all at Paul's let's go and hangout!"
They all got ready and headed over to Paul and Emmi's where the music was blasting out of the house! They went to the door and opened it with everyone in tow.
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Paul and Emmi were sitting in their room where the turntable was. They had speakers hooked up all over the house, so they could her from anywhere. He put a Rolling Stones record on and whispered the lyrics in her ear. He kissed her gently. "Paul?" Emmi asked, "Shouldn't we go down there to see John and George?"
Paul kissed her again, "You have to promise me not to worry too much." He said. "Or I'm gonna bring you back up here with me."
She giggled, "Such punishment, Macca."
He smiled and rolled his eyes and they walked down the stairs. "Hey guys!" Paul said happily.
"Someone's chipper." John said and smiled.
Paul just smiled, "How were Julian and Michelle, George?"
George looked to Michelle and Julian, who were sitting on the floor playing with matchbox cars. "They were great! I don't think I ever got along that well with another kid at that age." He laughed.
"Yeah, they seem to be doing well." Morgan said, "Hey Lucy, do you wanna come help me and Emmi with something outside?"
Lucy smiled and nodded, and Paul looked to Emmi, "Remember, I will bring you back up there." He whispered to her and smirked.
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Emmi, Morgan, and Lucy walked outside to the garden. They all stood there for a moment before Emmi burst.
"What's going on with you and John!!" She yelled. Morgan came up beside her.
"Shhhh Emmi, do you want Paul to come out here?" she said.
"Why are you guys so insistent about this situation?" Lucy questioned the two.
"Because, it's gossip and we like it!" Morgan squealed.
"And...we really care about you Lucy and we want to know what's up. Make sure your okay." Emmi said as she rubbed Lucy's arm.
"I'm fine, guys really!" she shyly said then looked away.
"Come on Lucy, I got you all over here, you have to tell us!" Morgan begged her.
"uuhhh well..." Lucy stuttered.  "John wouldn't want me to tell anyone!"
"Please!" they said in unison.
"Well....I'm" Lucy was about to say until John walked out.
"Hey guys!" he said cheerily.
"Oh great!" Morgan said with a angry gaze at him.
"What John Love?" Lucy ran to him.
"Now we'll never find out!" Morgan sneered to Emmi.
"we will yet" Emmi said. "Follow me!" The girls headed back into the flat, then walked over to Paul and Ringo. They had to get them to talk to John for them if Lucy wasn't budging maybe John would. 
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"Ringo?" Morgan asked him. "Would you do something for me?"
"Of course! Anything." He said and smiled.
"Would you ask John what's going on with him and Lucy?"
Ringo bit his lower lip. "I can try..." He said. Morgan smiled and gave him a kiss.
Emmi was scared about asking Paul to talk to John for her, she knew he didn't like her worrying so much.
"Paul, would you do me a big favor?" she asked him.
"Is it illegal?" He said with a smirk.
She rolled her eyes, "No, it isn't."
"Then what, love?"
"Will you ask John about what's going on with him and Lucy?"
He sighed and picked her up and ran them to their bedroom. "I told you a mention of their name and you'd be punished!" He smirked and sat her on the bed. Then he kissed her deeply.
"What type of punishment is that?" She giggled.
"I'm trying to get your mind off them!" He smiled.
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Ringo walked over to John, really nervous not wanting to make him mad, because they all knew the Lennon temper. Morgan had asked Lucy to come over to the creek with her so John and Ringo could be alone. Ringo looked around for reinforcements but Paul had run away with Emmi and he was all by himself.
"Ello John!" Ringo said in his kindest voice possible.
"Hey Rings, how goes it?"
"Everything is great John." he swallowed hard.
"Then what's the big idea taking Lucy away from me?" he smirked at him.
"I wanted to ask you something about Lucy and you."
"yeah, go ahead shoot!" John looked him up and down trying to read him.
"Why are you guys being so sneaky? What's going on with you?" he questioned John, hoping to get a calm response.
"Lucy and I are having relationship issues. Everyone has them. That's all no lie." he said then quickly looked to the side.
"Are you sure that's all John? Because I'm going to get it good from Morgan if you're lying."
"I'm not, that it, just "problems". Now go and tell her before she spurts!" John chuckled.
"'ight but you swear to me John W. Lennon! I worry bout you too!" Ringo said with his hand out.
"I swear!" and they shook hands. Ringo walked back over to Morgan and Lucy, grabbed her arm and pulled her into the house.
"So what's up?" she asked him.
"Nothin, he says just regular problems." he confessed.
"That's all you got out of him?" she sulked, and he gave her a hug.
"I really tried luv, I did for you. He must not want us to know and we have to respect that!" Ringo said as he took her hand and sat beside her.
"Fine, I guess we'll never really know then." she whined to him. Ringo kissed her cheek.
John and Lucy were outside still and they were now talking. Asking if either had spilled the beans to the others.
"No I didn't John, I swear!" Lucy yelped.
"Me neither, I don't want them to know, not yet anyway." John said as he took her hand.  
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Paul and Emmi had stayed up there through three Rolling Stones songs, "Paul, can we go back down there now?"
Paul sighed, "Do you promise me you won't worry anymore? Please?"
Emmi smiled, "Okay, Paul." She kissed his lips gently.
He smirked, "I might need some more of that later."
She giggled, "We'll see." They walked downstairs where everyone was in the livingroom, besides John and Lucy.
"Where's John and Luc?" Paul asked.
"God knows." George said, rolling his eyes.
Emmi walked up to Morgan, "Hey, I think I might have an idea what they're hiding..."
"What?" Morgan asked.
"This is kind of a shot in the dark, but do you think she's... y'know... pregnant?"
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"you could be right Emmi!" Morgan shrieked, Emmi covered her mouth before everyone looked over. "Why didn't I think of that? Duh!"
"Yeah, I started to think about it, when Paul and I were upstairs." she said.
"You guys sure were up there a long time too, I might add." Morgan smirked.
"Let's stay on subject now!" Emmi said with a giggle.
"Well either way she's not talkin and he's not talkin. So we'll just have to wait and find out." Morgan stated glumly.
"Or we could just ask her straight out about it, maybe then she will talk!" Emmi said with enthusiasm!
"Well ok, could work, but don't tell Paul ok?" she pleaded on her knees.
"ok ok I won't!" she said pulling Morgan to her feet.
"What are you plotting now Morgan?" Ringo questioned her.
"hey it's all Emmi this time." she smiled.
"Well what ya gonna do?" he asked.
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"We are going to be totally straight forward with her!" Emmi said with a smile. "But don't tell Paul, okay?"
Ringo nodded, "Alright." He smiled.
Emmi and Morgan found Lucy and John, they were walking back to the house.
"Lucy!" Emmi said, "We need to show you something!" Emmi and Morgan pulled her away from John.
"What is it?!" She shreiked. "Couldn't it wait??"
"Are you pregnant?" Emmi said
"What!?" Lucy said, her face turning a little pale, "How did you think of that?"
"Emmi thought of it when she was in bed with Paul!" Morgan said. Regretting it when Lucy gave them a funny face.

"Yeah, I started to think about it, when Paul and I were upstairs." she said.
"You guys sure were up there a long time too, I might add." Morgan smirked.
"Let's stay on subject now!" Emmi said with a giggle.

 ;D ;D ;D ;yes
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"ok fine, you've figure it out!" she said, looking around.
"We we're right!" They both shouted, jumping up and down.
"oops sorry Lucy!" Emmi said.
"How far a long are you though?" Morgan asked.
"Only about 3 weeks, it's so weird that you know. You can't tell the guys!" Lucy pleaded.
"What? Why not?" Emmi questioned.
"Because John will kill you!" Lucy said bluntly.
"Oh duh, why didn't we think of that!"
"But I can't keep this from Ritchie!" Morgan whined.
"You have to." Lucy pleaded.
"Fine." They said in unison.
The guys started to look over at them funny, when they started touching Lucy's stomach.
"What are they nuts?" Paul asked Ringo.
"I have no idea, but I'll get it out of Morgan!" He smiled.
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(By the way, when Lucy finds this, I apologize in advance  ;sorry  :) )

Later that evening, Morgan and Ringo were lying on the couch together.
"So, what did Lucy say?" He asked, stroking her hair.
"Oh, like you said, just normal relationship stuff." She smiled.
Ringo nodded, "So why were you touching her stomach?"
Morgan tried to think up an excuse, "Um, well, she was trying to work her abs." She smiled.
Ringo nodded, "I guess that makes sense. But then wh-"
Morgan cut him off when she kissed him.
Paul and Emmi went to see a movie, they were sitting in the theatere, waiting for the movie to begin. Paul always arrived early to movies.
"So, what did Lucy say?" Paul said, draping his arm over Emmi.
She scooted into his arm, "Apparently it's just relationship problems. You were right, I got too worked up over it."
Paul smiled, "See? You were getting worked up over something that's been happening to John since I've known him." He smiled and gently rested his nose on hers. She gently held his chin and kissed him softly.
Things weren't going so great at the Lennon household.
"Are you okay now, love?" John asked with concern. Lucy had spent an hour crying, for a reason she didn't know.
"Yes, I think I'm okay." She sniffed. John held her close to him.
"It will all be okay, I promise." He said with a smile.
She smiled back, "I hope so, John." He kissed the top of her forehead/
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(I also apologize Lucy  :P)

Morgan had dosed off to sleep while they were sitting there together, when she awoke Ringo was watching her sleep.
"Oh hi, Rich." she said quietly. "what's wrong? Did something happen?"
"No, just wondering why you are lying to me, that's all." he said with a grin, knowing he was right.
"I'm not lying Rich, really. She has really great abs is all!"
"Fine keep making up stories, I'll get it out of you, one way or another." he said, grabbing her and kissing her face over and over.
"This isn't going to work!" she laughed.
"Oh it will eventually." he grinned.
Paul and Emmi were leaving the theatre, they got into Paul's car and drove home.
"Emmi love, anything wrong?"
"Nope, fine." she smiled. she couldn't stop thinking bout Lucky.
"ok, just checking because you can let go of my arm now, I gotta drive hon." he chuckled.
"Oh sorry, guess I'm just thinkin bout the movie is all."
"Right the movie." he said, knowing something was up, he knew her too well.
"I feel alot better now John." Lucy said, through broken sobs.
"OK honey, I'll go make you some dinner." he said rubbing her back. "Everything will be fine." As he got up and walked into the kitchen he heard her begin to cry again.
"Oh sweetie, don't worry, I know how to handle this sort of thing. I mean I have Julian already." he smiled at her.
"I trust you Johnny." and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him over and over.
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Ringo took adavantage of the being alone, and kissed her again and again.
"Ringo, your showing a lot of affection lately, is everything okay?" Morgan asked with a smile.
"Everything things fine, love." He smiled. "I just don't want you to leave me." He said softly.
"Ringo, you keep saying this, and I swear I won't leave you!" She giggled.
When Emmi and Paul got back to their apartment, they sat on the couch and just looked at eachother.
"Emmi, will you please tell me what Lucy said, truthfully?" Paul probed.
Emmi sighed, "I can't..."
"Emmi, you can..." Paul held her hands in between his.
"No, I can't. John will tell you soon enough." She bit her lip, "I hate not being able to tell you, but I can't..."
He sighed, "I can prolly work it out of John. But I don't like you keeping things from me."
"And I don't like to do it." She stated, "But I promised someone something. And I don't break promises."
He smirked, "Promise to love me forever?"
Emmi heart skipped a beat, she nodded and kissed Paul softly.
"Please stay with me for a while?" she asked.
John sighed, "Let me get Julian situated. Okay?" she nodded and let him go.
"Hiya, Julian!" He smiled to his son and picked him up. "It's way passed your bedtime, young man!"
"Is Lucy okay?" Julian asked.
"Oh yeah, she'll be fine, sweetheart." John said and tucked him in under the covers. He started to sing a few bars of Beautiful Boy and then he was out like a light.
He walked back into Lucy's room and held her tight as she cried in his shoulder.
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"I'm just afraid you don't really love me." he said sadly.
"I do though, how can I prove it to you?"
"I don't know, I just have this self-esteem problem is all."
"Well Ritchie you're just going to have to believe me when I tell you over and over I love you." she smiled.
"Even my large neb?" he said.
"Of course silly goose." she laughed. Then gave him a big hug.
"Can't you give me a hint?" Paul begged.
"No, I would love to but it's impossible."
"Why must woman keep packs with each other?" he questioned pacing back and forth.
"I have to love, you'll figure it out soon, I'm sure." she smiled. "Just think real hard!" she giggled.
"fine I will. Just give me a minute and I'll figure it out." he thought out loud.
"We'll see." she smiled to herself.
John held Lucy for an hour until she finally stopped crying. He then took her to their room and laid her on their bed. He thought it best to talk to her about the situation at hand, she was frightened and he could see it on her face.
"Luc, you're going to be fine, I've seen the process happen." he comforted her.
"I'm just feel to young to be a mother." she cried again.
"Well it's too late now, you and I are going to have this baby and it will be a beautiful baby." he smiled at her.
"I love you so much, this isn't how I wanted this relationship to start John, I swear. I didn't plan this so you would have to marry me."
"I know, I know it's just something that happened. Well be alright." he said to her rubbing her stomach.
"When will we tell everyone?"
"When you start to show, that would be the wisest idea." he smiled.
"We're going to have to start thinking about names John." she said tearing up again.
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He smiled down to her, then she kissed his nose. "Personally, I think your nose is very handsome, and you pull it off well. Could you picture Macca with a large neb? It'd look terrible. But you look georgus with it!" She giggled and gently kissed him.
"That makes me feel better." He said softly. "I love you."
"I love you too." She smiled, "More than you think."
He gently stroked her hair and looked in her eyes. "Your eyes are beautiful..."
She gently hit his arm. "Your too charming!" She giggled.
Paul thought for about ten minutes, and couldn't figure it out. "Well, I guess I'm just going to have to go to extreme measures..."
Emmi tried to think of what he meant, until he sat next to her on the couch and kissed her neck.
"Tell me!" He said in between kisses.
Emmi giggled uncontrollably, "No!"
He kissed her more, "I'm not gonna stop until you tell me!"
"Paul, no!" She kept giggling.
He smiled down to her, "Love, we have 8 1/2 months to think of names. Don't worry..." He nuzzled her cheek with his nose.
"But John, the thought of having a baby makes me nervous..." She cried.
He stroked her arm, "Love, please don't cry. You know, there is the alternative..."
She shook her head, "No. I couldn't do that."
He sighed, "I didn't like the idea either." He rocked her back and forth. "Now, you are exausted. Let's go to sleep, okay?"
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"I'm getting tired Ritchie, I'm going to bed." she yawned.
"Well don't think you're leaving me out of this!" he smiled and then grabbed her hand as they walked to their room.
"Paul you know I can't tell you!" she shouted. "Though this is quite fun torture."
"Oh well, I guess I can't get it out of you! Tomorrow I'm going to get it out of John one way or another." he smired.
"You won't be able to, and if you find out he'll kill us all." she squealed at him.
"He won't lay a hand on you! That's for sure." he winked at her.
"I'm off to bed, care to join me?" she smiled at him then ran to their room. Paul raced after her, then slammed the door.
"ok John, I'm so tired. Being pregnant must ware you out quicker." she said rubbing her tired eyes.
"I'll carry you love."
"Pretty soon you won't be able to carry me." she cried.
"And it makes you more emotional." he sighed.
"Sorry, I must be an awful bore." she said stroking his brown hair.
"Never, you make my life exciting! And I love you for it."
"We'll talk about this more in the morning right?" Lucy asked.
"Of course." he smiled as he turned out the light.
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***The Next Morning***

Morgan awoke to Ringo stroking her arm.
"Hello, love." she smiled to him. "How long have you been awake?"
"Long enough to hear that Lucy is pregnant."
"What!?" She shot up, "How did you know?"
"You explained everything in your sleep." He chuckled. "I even heared how you figured it out. A little too much information about the McCartney couple for my taste though."
She moaned and lied back down on the bed, "How did I let that happen?!"
"Well, at least we have no secrets now." He smiled.
When Emmi awoke, she noticed Paul was still asleep. She crawled out of bed and went to take a quick shower. When she returned, she noticed Paul wasn't in bed.
"NO WAY!" She heard from the kitchen. She ran out to see Paul on the phone.
"Paul! What's wrong?!" Emmi asked.
"I'll call you back, Ritch." He said and hung up the phone. "Ringo just told me everything!" He smiled.
"How did he find out??" Emmi asked.
"Apparently Morgan talks in her sleep." He smirked.
Emmi sighed, "Well, I guess Lucy can't blame her for that.
He laughed, "Now, are you hiding any more secrets from me?"
"Why, you know you can touture me anytime you want. No need for an excuse." she smirked.
Paul's eyes grew bright and he carried her into their room (  ;yes )
Lucy slept until noon that day. And when she awoke she saw a note taped to the dresser, "Lucy, brought Julian to preschool, be back soon. Love, John. xoxo"
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(That was a good one Emmi! talkin in my sleep!  ha2ha)

"yeah, it was really hard for me to keep this from you love." she smiled at him, then asked. "How long have I been talking in my sleep? And what else do you know?"
"Not much..." he smiled and then kissed her cheek, before running out of the door. She chased after him, finally caught up to him and began frantically tickling him.
"Tell me!! I must know what other awful things you know about me!" she pleaded.
"I would never tell, it's much much too good." he kissed her nose.
Paul and Emmi were laying on their bed, kissing and holding each other tightly.
"I can't believe you know! This is going to make John really upset you know." she said.
"We won't let him know, you should trust me by now Emmi, I wouldn't betray you." he said stroking her hair.
"I do, you are just hard to read sometimes." she laughed.
"You are a real crazy bird you know that? But the best bird in the world!" he smiled and kissed her lips deeply.
Lucy read the note and then wondered how long it would be before John got back. What would she do before he got back? She decided to call Emmi, she needed to talk to someone, she felt suddenly lonely.
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Hello Guys  :(.... you must wait to my continue story, but first I have some things I have to say:
1. I'll think a little about your apologies.
2. I'm 13.
3. I have no intention to give birth at age 13.
4. Stop making me stay with my mouth open when I read your stories (it's not nice)
5. I would give a whole addressed here, but I don't have all day ...
6. And for my health, I'll change a bit the story (I hope it will not ruin your future plans)
here the Continues tory :

She looked at her stomach. The thought that she had a living being inside her body shook her. But she knew that she had nothing to fear. After all, maybe a little hurt. But she took a deep breath and fell off the couch and looked out the window.
John went through the gate of the garden and then went home. Lucy wanted him. He smiled. "Guess what? I signed the papers, I and Cynthia divorced, finally!" He held Lucy and turned her in the air while. "Do you think we tell them today?" John looked embarrassed. "We have no choice Lucy, they need to know".
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---
They all sat on the sofas. Excited. Julian sat next to Michelle on the carpet, and played with her in dolls. "So you going to have a new little brother?" Michelle asked Julian. "Maybe, Daddy says yes. but I very confusing - if my mother is Cynthia, but I will this brother from Lucy, so who is the real mother of mine?" Paul and Emmi laughed quietly.
John and Lucy came down the stairs and stood in front of everyone. Everyone fell silent. "Guys. me And Lucy have two important things that tell you" said John. "First, me and Cynthia divorced!" Everyone rejoiced. " John looked at Lucy, "You want to tell them?" He asked softly. Lucy nodded and moved forward.
"I want this baby,"
Patty approached Lucy stood to hug her. Lucy away financed. "What happened dear? You going to be a little mother! You don't want a hug?" Asked Patty.
"Um ...the truth is ....No" everyone Inhale amazement. How can you refuse a hug?
Lucy looked at John and then both of them shouted: "You're all you guys booty!"
Then they began to dance oddly and make funny faces to the guys. After a brief appearance, John picked up Lucy and they read: "TA-DA!! Surprised?"
Everyone left with an open mouth.
"B...But Lucy?! We hear you cry! And you talked about name to the baby and everything ..." Paul looked at John and Lucy in amazement.
"Of course! we need all these performances, so that this stretch will be successful!" John put down Lucy. "I've never cried so much! You know that being pregnant so young!"
Ringo looked at Morgan: "But, but, it makes no sense, you, you ...." "On the day you ask us if I'm pregnant, we decided to make the business all one big hoax!" "Wow! Lucy! John, you're really successful to convince me!"
Emmi said. Everyone covering her. Except Ringo.
He stood and studied the two. Then he whispered something to John and Lucy. They jumped back in alarm and said abruptly: "What!?? Ugh !!??" They looked at each other, "Never!" Then John added: "I'll never do ani sex with someone who not in my age. What am I? a pedophile?" Paul laughed. John approached him and said: "I suppose you'd do the same thing, don't you Paulie?" Paul stopped laughing, blushing in embarrassment. Everyone laughed at his red face.
"So I want to clarify one more thing," Morgan got chairs. "If you and your strange behavior not was because of Lucy's pregnancy, so what happened between you?" Everyone looked curiously at the two.
"I've been trying to explain it to you over a week! Lucy concern Cynthia back destroying our relationship. But now, When Cyn, officially!, Not my wife, me and lucy a pair for every thing! And all the worries are gone "
"But what about  Julian? " Whispered George. "Jules will be my little brother! Or at least half a san." Lucy laughed and went to hug Julian.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------
Everyone played cricket in the yard. Everyone enjoyed the game except Morgan and Emmi, who didn't want to play. They were talking about Lucy.: "Gee, she really managed to dew me"
"Yes. But I think we did her not a little mourning , after all - how we touched her belly and everything .... I was really depressed if it was hapend to me, and also John suffered quite a bit."
"Um ... you're right Emmi, we. And "we" it's all: George, Paul, Patty, Ringo. we should compensate them, don't you think?"
"Oh, yes! No doubt! But ... how? Free trip in the zoo? Dinner in a restaurant?"
 "Morgan! You're a genius! Dinner in a restaurant! I have an idea!".....

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Hello Guys  :(.... you must wait to my continue story, but first I have some things I have to say:
1. I'll think a little about your apologies.
2. I'm 13.
3. I have no intention to give birth at age 13.
4. Stop making me stay with my mouth open when I read your stories (it's not nice)
5. I would give a whole addressed here, but I don't have all day ...
6. And for my health, I'll change a bit the story (I hope it will not ruin your future plans)

I'm not participating in this whole thing. But besides that, it is your responsibility to come here and post. You're underaged, but you choose to join this forums. Don't expect other people to behave like 13 year old as well. Apply to the given circumstances, although that may be hard for you.
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It's a bit impossible, there are differences in hours between countries. They write when I sleep.
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Hello Guys  :(.... you must wait to my continue story, but first I have some things I have to say:
1. I'll think a little about your apologies.
2. I'm 13.
3. I have no intention to give birth at age 13.
4. Stop making me stay with my mouth open when I read your stories (it's not nice)
5. I would give a whole addressed here, but I don't have all day ...
6. And for my health, I'll change a bit the story (I hope it will not ruin your future plans)
here the Continues tory :

I didn't mean to offend you in any way Lucy. Mind you, it is a story with fictional situations. I write fictional stories about myself all the time, and put myself in completely worse situations than we put you in. It you'd like us to change the story, that is perfectly fine. I just want you to know that we didn't mean to hurt your feelings and it is just as story :)
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I didn't mean to offend you in any way Lucy. Mind you, it is a story with fictional situations. I write fictional stories about myself all the time, and put myself in completely worse situations than we put you in. It you'd like us to change the story, that is perfectly fine. I just want you to know that we didn't mean to hurt your feelings and it is just as story :)

I agree with what you're saying Emmi! I thought it didn't really matter because in a story you can be any age you want. It's just a made up thing, you are kind of overreacting is all. I mean like what Emmi said we weren't trying to hurt your feelings personally, we were just making a story plot have a twist. I guess we'll just change the story round. The idea could have gone any way, we weren't trying to single you out. Any one of us could have been the "pregnant" one. But don't worry bout it. It's all good, we'll just add a different story line now.  ;) 
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^^ Yes, I pictured myself to be about 18 ;D Young, but legal ;) LOL!

Alrightly, I will add a different storyline. The last one was kinda fusing out anyways....

In late 1964, the Be-a-tles were working on the set of their movie A Hard Days Night....

"Excuse me madam, excuse me!" Paul rehearsed from his enternally memorised script, he walked up to a table where the two girls Emmi and Morgan were acting as schoolgirls on the train, "My friends were wondering if they could join you, I'd ask you myself only I'm shy..." Paul said, smirking. Emmi's heart skipped a beat, it seemed he was looking at her the whole time...
"Pardon me ladies, don't mind me prisoners!"
"Prisoners?" Emmi asked, right on cue.
"Umm... umm...." 'Paul's grandfather' studdered.
"CUT, CUT!" The director screamed, "No no your doing it all wrong!" He said, and rubbed his temples, "Your going to have to do it again!" He sighed, "After I have my soybean latte. MICHAEL! LATTE!" He said, snapping his fingers.
"Ahh, break!" Paul smiled. He turned to Emmi, "Was I okay?"
"You were gear." She giggled, then leaned closer to his ear, "Better than George."
Paul chucked and looked to George, "Poor lad, he doesn't have an acting bone is his body." Emmi giggled again and he felt his heart speed up a little, it seemed like instant attraction occured.
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^Nice idea Emmi!  ;) (Yeah and I was imagining myself 19 not 15.  :-\)

Paul really liked this intriguing girl named Emmi who he had just met a few moments ago, when the director called for the actresses who where to play the young school girls on the train. He didn't want to come off to desperate and infatuated by her, but he just had to ask her out. But it would have to wait as the director came back on the set and yelled "Places everyone!" Paul walked back into place and they redid the scene. After the got it right the second time around, Paul finally worked up enough guts to ask her out.
"Hey darling, what you doing tonight after we're done with the shooting?"
"I don't think we're doing anything, are we Morgan?" she asked her.
"Nope not anything, this is a lot of fun though." Morgan replied with a big grin, staring at Ringo from afar.
"I guess we aren't." Emmi blushed as Paul gave her a wink.
"Good, then you will have to come out with me tonight, dinner?" he asked, eyeing her face.
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Emmi smiled, trying not to seem too exited, "That sounds great!"
"McCartney! Pay attention!" The psychotic director ordered, "Since the schoolgirls are here, let's shoot the I Should Have Known Better scene!"
They all walked to the other side of the set, and got into postitons to play the song.
"Where you going, love?" Ringo smiled to Morgan, "The birds flock the drummer, remember?" He laughed as Morgan blused and stood behind him.
"Ready? ACTION!" The director shouted, with a scary amount of enthusiasm.
"So-o-o-o I___" John began. They all new they would put the origional recording over them on the movie, but John wanted it to seem as live as possible. Like rehearsed, the schoolgirls giggled and swooned at their playing. Paul flashed his eyes to Emmi and winked, which for sure helped with the swooning aspect. Morgan tried to touch Ringo's hair, and he laughed. When they finished, everyone seemed satisfied, especially the director.
"That was Fa-bu-lous!" The director sighed, "Boys, I could kiss you!"
"Sorry mate, I don't swing that way!" John laughed.
The director chortled, "Well, anyhoo. You may go if you'd like. That's enough for today! It's my teatime as well!"
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"Yeah we're out!" Ringo shouted. They all laughed, and then Emmi and Morgan started to walk off the set. But before they could Paul came over to them.
"Hey girls, you wouldn't mind accompanying us to dinner?" Paul asked in his most charming voice.
"No, not at all!" Emmi shouted with excitement, then got beat red when John looked at her funny.
"We'll then let's get going, I'm about right starved." George yelled from down the train corridor. Paul and Emmi walked together, until they had to get off the train. That's when all of them had to separate for a moment, all the girls had gone potty outside waiting for them, and the guys were too afraid that Emmi and Morgan might get hurt. Once they had all been safely escorted to their car, they began to get into some really intense conversations. Paul had grabbed Emmi's hand asking her to sit by him.
"Come here love, you know you have the most beautiful blonde hair." Paul said with a smile. Emmi blushed again.
"Thank you." she managed to squeak out. Ringo and Morgan weren't actually sitting close together, Ringo was too frightened to ask her to sit by him, so instead she sat next to George.
"You know me mate over there really fancies you." George whispered in Morgan's ear.
"really?" she blushed.
"Yeah, he hasn't stop talking bout you for the past hour." he laughed.
"Oh man, what should I do?" she asked him.
"Just wait, I'll get him to talk with you." George winked at Morgan.
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"Aye, Ringo..." George said, "Um, I know this is an odd question, but what do you fancy in a woman?" George smirked when Ringo looked straight at Morgan.
"Well, I like dark hair, and a great personality. It doesn't hurt when she doesn't mind my neb either!" He laughed.
"Ah. Hey Morgan, what do you fancy in a man?"
"Alright alright enough!" Ringo smiled. "Don't make the girl answer. Like you said, it's kind of a personal question."
"I didn't say personal, I said odd." George said bluntly.
"Well..." Ringo struggled for words, then slumped back in his seat.
"Aye Emmi, what do you fancy in a man?" Paul asked with a twinkle in his eye.
Emmi smirked, "You'll find out soon enough." Then her eyes slid over to Paul. And all he did was smile.
"Boys, and ladies." The driver said, "We're at the restraunt!"
"I've got this one, love." George said, winking at her.
When they got in, the hostess seated them and gave them menus. George was stuck between Ringo and Morgan on one side, and on the other side was John, Paul, then Emmi.
"I'll be right back, Ringo. I need to use the loo." Ringo let George out of the booth, and miraculously he found himself seated next to Morgan. When George came back, he gestured for Ringo to scoot in. Ringo didn't want to seem rude, so he sat next to Morgan. Which he was happy about, but he was just shy.
"I think this is the longest I've seen John go without a snark comment!" Paul joked.
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Emmi giggled at Paul's joke and just gazed at his beautiful face. He turned to look her in the eye.
"What you lookin at? This scruffy mug?" he smirked.
"You aren't scruffy at all, you're the most handesome man I've ever..." Emmi looked around, everyone was looking straight at her. Oh man, she thought, I've just blown it with Paul.
"It's ok love, no harm done." Paul smiled to her. Everyone went back to their conversations and that relieved her.
"When's the bloody waiter getting er I'm starved!" John yelled.
"Calm yourself man! There are woman with us ya know." George gestured to the two girls.
"Oh...pardon me misses. I'd gone an forgotten we had company." he laughed.
"He does that a lot." Ringo whispered to Morgan. She giggled, which made John turn to her and smile.
"Well what do you do a lot Ringo?" Morgan asked.
"You know, stuff." he gulped, getting nervous again. George elbowed him.
"Come on Ring, talk to her! you know you like her!" George whispered in his ear.
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"Well, I, um, write songs alot." He smiled.
"That's lovely!" Morgan smiled.
"You write songs?" John asked in amazement.
"Can you even see the paper over your neb?" George asked with a laugh.
"Aye guys, lay off. You don't know that he doesn't write! Hell they could be bloody good songs!" Paul defended Ringo. Emmi smiled at Paul protecting his friend.
"Your right, Paul" George smiled, "They could be good."
"I think it's sweet!" Morgan giggled, "I'd love to read one sometime."
Ringo blushed a little, "I'd like that." Then their eyes met, and Ringo had to restrain himself from reaching out and touching her cheek.
"Here you are." The waitress said, setting down their pizza and cokes.
"Yes!" John said, grabbing at the pizza.
Paul took a slice of the pizza, then set it down on his plate, "I've gotten into the habit of eating pizza with a fork," He explained to Emmi, "It keeps it from getting so messy..." He put a little on his fork and fed it to Emmi. She smiled at the romantic gesture and loved every minute of it. She returned the gesture by doing the same thing.
"Aye, I'm eating 'ere!" John said, seeing Paul and Emmi.
Emmi blushed, "Sorry John."
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"haha very funny John!" Paul quipped as he shot John a look.
"This is great pizza!" George roared.
"It's just pizza guys." Ringo stated with an eye roll and then a giggle to Morgan. After they finished their pizza and cokes they payed the check and walked out of the restaurant, being ushered into their car.
"This has been great guys!" Emmi stated with a huge smile.
"Will you guys drive us to our flat?" Morgan asked.
"Of course, we're not just going to throw you out on the street." Paul chuckled. The girls giggled. Then Paul turned to Emmi.
"Hey love, can I get your phone number?"
"Of course, I would love to see you again." she smiled at him.
"Uh, umm Morgan." Ringo asked her.
"yes, Ringo?"
"Can I see you again? Soon." he squeaked.
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I'm not participating in this whole thing. But besides that, it is your responsibility to come here and post. You're underaged, but you choose to join this forums. Don't expect other people to behave like 13 year old as well. Apply to the given circumstances, although that may be hard for you.

Ooh. Drama in the normally Tight As Three Monkees In A Barrell Our Never Ending Beatles Story Thread (or TATMIABONEBST for ease of membrance.)  Or the handy anagram ABBA MOIST TENT.
Keep this up and I might read the thing.
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It's okay guys :), no offense :P. Just yesterday I was laughing about it!  ;DSo, any apology - were made ;yes.
But I have only one request: please can I continue the relationship between me and John? ;) Please? (Face of a begging puppy :-* )
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It's okay guys :), no offense :P. Just yesterday I was laughing about it!  ;DSo, any apology - were made ;yes.
But I have only one request: please can I continue the relationship between me and John? ;) Please? (Face of a begging puppy :-* )

LOL alright. Everything's cool now! (Sorry Kevin) And Johnny is taken! (Anyone pending for George? Do I hear a bid?) Okay, continuing on....

Morgan smiled, "Of course Ringo!" She said and hugged him. Emmi and Morgan gave their numbers to the boys.
"So, can I call you tomorrow?" Paul said to Emmi with a wink.
She giggled, "Sure, hon."
The next day, they arrived on set. "Now, we need to get the train scenes filmed and out of the way!" The director ordered. "We need to film them again!"
"How did we end up with such an insane director?" George asked Paul.
"No idea. Maybe we were just lucky." He added with sarcasm.
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The boys continued on with their days work of shooting and lip-syncing. They we're getting quite bored, and the day was dragging on and on. Then some great news they heard sparked their interest. They over heard the director saying that they would need the schoolgirls back by tomorrow to shoot some promotional pictures. The guys were very excited, especially Paul and Ringo.
"Did ya hear that guys?" Ringo chimed.
"yeah those cute young birds will be coming back tomorrow!" George shouted.
"I can't wait to see Emmi again, she's so great." Paul sighed then looked over to see John giving him an eyebrow raise.
"yeah yeah, you guys are going potty just like all those crazy girls out there." he said motioning to the window.
"You're just jealous because you didn't get one of em." Paul said.
"Am not, they were much, much to immature for me." John replied with his tongue out.
"Whatever John, I just can't wait to see Morgan again." Ringo smiled to himself.
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*The Next Day*

"Isn't it great!" Emmi said to Morgan as they walked up to the building, "We must be the luckiest girls ever!" She laughed.
"Yeah, I just hope Ringo likes me..." Morgan sighed.
"Can't you tell he's crazy about you?" Emmi asked as she opened the door, "He's just shy!"
Morgan smiled, "I hope your right."
When they got to the set, Paul and Ringo's eyes lit up, "Hello darling." Paul smiled.
Emmi blushed, "Hello."
"Boys! Stop wooing the birds and get in your postions!" The director yelled.
John, being cheeky as always, went up to Emmi and wrapped his arms around her waist, "Is this good, sir?"
"Don't be cheeky!" The director warned.
"Yes sir!" John winked at the girls and walked back to where he was supposed to be.
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^John always so cheeky! lol

The girls stood on the sidelines as the guys finished up the scene they were shooting, it was "And I Love Her" sequence. Emmi was majorly swooning at the sight of Paul singing lead. Once they had finished the director gave them a fifteen minute break until they had to be back. The boys immediately ran over to the girls.
"Ello Emmi!" Paul said as he taped her on the shoulder, making her jump.
"Oh hello Paul." she smiled at him.
"How did you like the number?" he asked.
"Oh, man it was wonderful! You were great!" she blushed.
"I could listen to you for hours." he smiled at her, then took her hand in his for a moment.
"Well er they are." John yelled, as he came up behind Morgan and wrapped his arms around her shoulders.
"Hi John." she said to him very cooly.
"What's the matter with you?" he asked.
"I just wanted to.." she stopped as Ringo walked over to them.
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LOL alright. Everything's cool now! (Sorry Kevin) And Johnny is taken! (Anyone pending for George? Do I hear a bid?)

*cough cough* Well, y'know I wouldn't mind...
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*cough cough* Well, y'know I wouldn't mind...

LOL get 'em tiger!!!
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"Morgan!" Ringo said merrily.
Morgan ripped John's arms from her shoulders quickly and gave Ringo a friendly smile.
"Ringo! That song was lovely!" Morgan giggled as she gave a slightly annoyed glance at John.
John rose his hands sarcastically in surrender and walked off to his guitar.
"I was hoping you'd be here, I missed you." Ringo smiled shyly.
All Morgan could do was blush before the director wailed at everyone to herd to another set for a different scene.
"Here's your latte, sir." a girl held out a latte, and held a notebook under her other arm.
"Finally." the director yelled dramatically.
The girl noticed a couple of the Beatles walking to the set as told, and caught up with them.
"Would any of you like anything? It's my job right now since it's the closest I can get to movie making." the girl said hiding a frown.
"Really? You're into movie making? How good are you?" John walked over beside the girl.
"I dunno, I'm not really a professional." the girl said as she held her notebook tighter.
John snatched it either way, and looked through the pages.
"Ohhh! Cast me in this one!" John laughed in excitement.
"Hey what's your name?" John said as he read more of the hand written material.
"Oh, um it's Roxanne, but you could just call me Anne." she shrugged.
"Can I look?" Morgan glanced over John's shoulder.
"HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" the director snapped at the intern.
"Nothing! It's nothing!" she retorted.
George hadn't said a thing, but seeing as this girl didn't deserve that behavior, he stepped up and said...

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"Hey why don't you bugger off?" George yelled at the director. "She wasn't doing anything wrong, so just lay off her." George smiled at Anne and shook her hand.
"Hi I'm George!"
"hehe, I know who you are silly." Anne retorted with a laugh.
"Oh sorry." he blushed slightly.
"GET OVER HERE!" the director yelled.
"I'm coming! Talk to you soon Anne?" George asked her.
"Sure, anytime." She blushed as George walked over to the set. Anne walked over to Emmi and Morgan.
"Man that director is a pain in you know where!" she said.
"You can say that again!" Emmi stated with a frown.
"I want to talk to Ringo again, he seems like he's finally warming up to me!" Morgan whined.
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"Don't worry, hon. You'll get your chance." Emmi said with a smile, "Paul's just the classic romantic." She sighed.
"Hey guys, have you ever noticed how handsome George is?" Anne swooned.
Emmi laughed, "I think we have a George lover on our hands!"
"Well..." Anne couldn't help it. She just gelled with him perfectly.
"At least you didn't fall in love with Paul or Ringo, then we might have a problem!" Morgan joked.
"That's for sure!" Paul said walking by them.
Emmi giggled, "What are you guys rehearsing next?"
"If I Fell." He smiled.
"Great!" Emmi replied. Paul brushed her hand before as he walked off to the set.
When they began, the girls melted at John's voice and took it all in.
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"They are so amazing!" Anne swooned.
"Yeah, any of us would be lucky to be with one of them." Emmi sighed.
"I love the way Ringo bobs his head to the songs, it's so cute!" Morgan said with a big smile.
"Oh I think they're almost done!" Anne yelled.
"Are you going to talk to George again?"
"I don't know, if he wants to talk to me then, yes!" she replied.
"You are so in love with him!" Emmi smiled. The guys finished the song and started to head over to the girls.
"Oh here they come!" Emmi said with excitement.
"Ahh, it's so nerve wracking!" Morgan whispered.
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"Hello, Emmi." Paul said with a smile, and gently squeezed her hand. Then gently let it go.
Emmi blushed, "Hello" she managed to spit out.
"How are you today, Morgan?" Ringo asked, then shyly stood next to her.
"I'm good Ringo. I love being on set with you guys." She smiled to him, and he blushed.
"Did you like the song, Anne?" He asked, turning to her.
Anne's heart raced, "Yes, you were great on the acoustic." she smiled.
George smiled proudly, "Thank you" he said.
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Ringo's deep blue eyes met with Morgan's, and sensing that it was okay, smiled bigger.
John stopped walking and gawked at the two of them.
"What the hell? Is it really nessecary to do this right now?" John said perplexed.
"Why do you care?" Ringo said without averting Morgan's gaze.
John rolled his eyes and walked over to Anne and George.
"Ringo's hopeless in love, look at him." John smirked as he pointed to the pair, who were beginning to exchange eachothers phone numbers.
"I think it's adorable." Anne smiled sofltly.
"Aye? Look over there." John pointed towards Paul and Emmi, who were just a few yards away beside the camera equipment, standing very close to eachother.
"I wonder what they're talking about?" George examined.
"Oh, well y'know, that camera equipment is just so remarkably interesting to talk about." John said sarcastically.
George smiled coyly and slid the notebook from Anne's tight grip.
"NO!" Anne shot her arms over George's shoulder as he held it up out of reach.
"...I see you enjoy drawing too...of me." George laughed as he ran around, and Anne giggling as she struggled to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, with Paul and Emmi, they were discussing later plans for the evening...
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"So Emmi, you wanna catch a movie tonight?" Paul asked giving her a smile.
"Yes, But I have to check with Morgan first, make sure she's alright going home alone."
"Why can't she go home alone?" he asked her.
"Because we live in a very shady part of town."
"Oh I see...we could get ringo to take her home or something?"
"Ok, I really would like to go out with you!" she smiled and blushed at him.
"I'll just go and ask him." Paul started to walk towards Ringo and Morgan who were still staring into each others eyes.
"Aye Ringo, would you take Morgan home tonight?"
"Oh, Of course I would, if that's okay with you?" he asked Morgan with a reassuring smile.
"Sure, what is Emmi doing?" she asked.
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"She's coming with me, of course." Paul smiled happily.
"That's sweet!" she smiled, then caught George looking to Anne with adoration in his eyes. She smirked, when George saw her looking, he flashed a sheepish smile. "As her to come!" Morgan mouthed.
"Hey, um, Anne?"
"Yes George?" She said with a smile.
"Uhm, would you like to come with me to the movies? The rest of the gang is going..."
"I'd love to!" She said happily.
George smiled proudly. "Great!"
Later, they were pileing into the car, headed to the theatere.
"Hey Emmi, could you sit by me?" Paul asked. She nodded and sat down next to him. He took her hand in his, and she blushed furiously.
"You two seem to be hitting it off well!" Ringo said with a smile.
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Emmi look to Paul and smiled.
"Don't you guys seem kind of bad for John?" Ringo asked, scooting into the car next to Morgan.
"Why?" Paul asked. "We told him he could come but he chose not too."
"I know, but he probably felt left out." Ringo stated.
"Well I know I don't feel left out." George said as he grabbed Anne's hand and jumped in the car.
"It's alright Ringo! Let's not let it ruin out fun!" Paul said to him. "Besides you get to spend time with Morgan" he whispered to him. Ringo blushed.
"This is going to be so fun guys!" Morgan stated. "I just love movies!"
"Oh another thing you and Ringo have in common!" George pointed out to them. As they smiled to each other, Ringo touched Morgan's hand.
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Morgan felt a rush of exitement when Ringo touched her hand. He seemed to notice and he smiled at her. He held her hand and looked at her calmly.
"So what movie are we going to see, guys?" Paul asked.
"Well, aren't they re-showing Blue Hawaii in the theatre were going to?" George asked.
"Yes! I love that movie!" Morgan said exitedly.
"That settles it! Blue Hawaii!" Ringo said.
"I wonder why." George said with an eye roll. Then Anne giggled.
Paul lit a Ciggie, "I should have one now, I don't like smoking in the theateres. He draped his arm around Emmi and smiled to her.
"I could see that." Emmi said. Scooting in a little closer to Paul's torso.
When they got to the theatere, the boys bought the girls tickets, and they all walked into the dark room.
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Paul and Emmi walked in together, they still were holding hands as they took their seats. George and Anne walked in next, sitting down right next to them, and then Morgan and Ringo sat down next to them. Morgan seemed really excited to see the movie.
"I've seen this movie three times already." She whispered to Ringo.
"What a coincidence I have too!" He smiled at her, then took her hand  in his. Morgan started getting nervous and hot all over. Paul put his arm around Emmi.
"This movie, is quite a chick flick isn't it." Paul said to George.
"Yeah, but Ringo likes it, so what does that make him?" he asked through a laugh.
"ahh, guys stop picking on him, he's a sweetheart." Anne stated looking over at him and Morgan giggling away. George reached over and grabbed her hand and whispered sweet things in her ear.
"You look so beautiful Anne, I've never met a girl like you before." Anne Smiled to herself, feeling all happy inside.
"Well I've never met anyone as sweet as you are." she replied back.
"Oh you're too kind Anne." he smirked.
"Shhh, would you guys keep it down over there!" An audience member yelled.

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George scowled a little, "Nevermind them." He said, turning back to her. "You really are beautiful." he whispered softly in her ear. She blushed and scooted a little closer to him. He smiled and continued on.
Meanwhile, Paul and Emmi were off in their own world, "I'm working on a song. I just thought of it today, would you like to hear it?"
"Sure!" Emmi whispered.
Then Paul started to whisper the lyrics to I've Just Seen A Face. Emmi bit her lip and swooned through the whole thing. When he finished, he smiled at her "That was about you, by the way."
Emmi gasped a little, "Oh wow..." She sighed.
Ringo and Morgan were giggling away to the movie. "I love this movie." Morgan said to Ringo and smiled.
"I do too." Ringo sighed. He wished he was as good as flirting with Morgan as Paul was with Emmi or George was with Anne. He looked to them in admiration at their slick moves. Well, life is short! He thought, and rested his arm around Morgan. Morgan smiled wide and slid into him a little more.
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(Aw man! I just finished writing something long! Twice!  :-X Oh, well.)

The crowd from the theatre herded out the narrow exit, into the fresh chilly night air.
"Remind me to kick the director in the balls when we get back on set." George nudged Anne's arm. He was referencing to the conversation they had about the director accidentally spilling some of the hot latte onto Anne's hand.
"Let's not cause any trouble, it was only an accident, right?" Ringo said concerned.
"Of course! Besides, I'm sure George was joking." Anne laughed weakly.
"After knowing George for several years, he's not joking." Ringo guffawed.
Emmi clutched the tops of her arms tightly. "It's freezing!"
Paul whipped off his wool trench coat and slung it over Emmi's shoulders.
"Awwww. Paulie's so sweeeeet." Ringo cooed mockingly.
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The credits began to roll and the lights came up. They were all just sitting there still waiting for everyone else to leave, they didn't want to cause a frenzy. Once everyone had left the theatre they headed for their car.
"That sure was a lot of fun Paul." Emmi smiled as he put his arm around her waist.
"I must see you again as soon as possible." he whispered to her.
"Oh yes, I would really love that." she smiled back at him as they got into the car.
"Well Anne, this sure was a lot of fun, and I'm so happy I got to spend time with such a cute girl." George said to her.
"When can we see each other again?" she asked.
"Well we have to shoot again tomorrow, it's a pretty grueling schedule."
"Oh, well that's okay you can just call me." She smiled.
"Yeah of course, I have your number." he grinned as they got into the car. Morgan and Ringo we're trailing behind.
"This was the greatest day I've ever had!" She smiled at Ringo.
"Mine too!" he said as he took her hand in his and headed to the car. "I don't know how I can live with out you love." Morgan turned bright red, then said "You're just kiddin aren't you? You must say that to all the girls."
"No, never, you're the first one I've ever said that too." he said shyly.
"Oh" Morgan smiled big, as they got into the car.
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"Yeah," Ringo bent into the back seat, patting the spot next to his for Morgan to sit. "You understand me completely, and you're amazing to be around."
Morgan slid beside Ringo and wove her arms around his neck.
His eyes widened and he blushed furiously, and held her back.
Paul sat beside Morgan, and Emmi sat beside Paul.
Paul chuckled knowingly at Ringo.
"Gosh, I feel like I'm intruding them!" Emmi whispered to Paul.
"By the looks of it, we'll probably have to get used to it." Paul rolled his eyes.
Anne sat in the front passenger seat next to George, who was going to drive.
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"We better drive you girls home." George stated.
"Do we have to go home now?" Morgan whined. Then Ringo smiled at her.
"Morgan!" Emmi yelled at her, "how could you think something like that?"
"What? I wasn't." she giggled. Paul rolled his eyes at them.
"Ok break it up you two!" he stated, pulling Morgan away from Ringo.
"We have to drive you girls home now, we have work tomorrow and you saw how the director is!" George stated sarcastically.
"Yeah and we're already in it with him." Paul said.
"Ok then you better drive us home." Emmi said glumly as she sat as close to Paul as possible. Paul wrapped his arm around her, and she rested her head on his shoulder. They pulled up to Anne's house first, and George got out and walked her to the door. They exchanged cheek kisses, then he came back into the car with a huge smile on his face. They then pulled up to Morgan and Emmi's flat.
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Okay girls! Don't push! We reach the end of the zoo" a woman with a black dress and a lot of little girls walked near where they shot the film.
" Lucy !!!!!!!" screamed the woman "don't dragged in the back!!!!!" A girl with brown jumpy dog  played behind other girls. "Why did you bring your dog here!?" the angry woman approached to Lucy and pulled her back to the row of girls. The dog jumped after her. "But Mrs. Rita, I don't want to go to the zoo! Why can't we go there? Where they were filming a movie? "
"Orphanages are not going to movies, Lucy! "
"But I'm not an orphan!, I have parents! "
"Yes, but They don't want you, you trouble maker, and I don't think anyone ever adopt you! Even as a guardian!  
now come on! "
 John turned on the second floor of the studio. He heard a dog barking outside and looked throw the window. a Woman with black dress tried to kick the dog. The girl next to her begged she will stop. John hurried down the yard. "Hey! Lady!"
The woman was arrested. "Why do you kick that dog?"  
"This dog is just a poor stray dog," replied the woman. "Really?, it's not she said" John said and pointed at Lucy.
"Sorry sir,  but you have no right to interfere here!" The woman tried again to kick the dog "No! Don't let her kick my dog!" John stood before the woman. "Stop. right. now. to kick the poor dog" said John.
"Okay." Said the woman and pulled Lucy.
Lucy tried to resist. "Max!" She called the dog. The dog gave a sad yelp. John stroked his head and said: "So you her dog huh? She's lovely don't you think?" The dog shook his head in horror, "Not the woman you silly! ,the girl" the dog began to lick John. John laughed.
"Come on Max" John stood up, "Let's go find the girl" Max barked in joy ....

(The idea of the dog came from reality, two days ago we bought a dog! ;D ;D ;D)

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^(I'm watching "Blue Hawaii" right now! It's on tv! What a coincidence!  ha2ha )

John saw the young girl down the hall of the apartment building, he ran towards her with the little dog in his arms.
"Excuse me miss, is this your dog?" he asked. The young girl looked up at him in awe.
"umm, yes, that's my dog." she blushed. "Aye, you're John Lennon!" she squeaked.
"Uh yeah, that's me. Here's your dog, I saw what that lady was doing to it and had to tell her to knock it off." he stated to her triumphantly.
"Well thank you, how can I ever repay you?" she smiled at him.
"Nah, you don't have to repay me, I'm just glad the little guys safe now." he said patting the dogs head. "What's your name?"
"Lucy!" she smiled.
"Well it's nice meeting you miss Lucy!"
"I should probably get back now, I'm waiting for the rest of the guys to get back from the theatre." he stated as he headed to his flat.
"Can I ever see you again?" she asked him wide eyed.
"Sure." he winked at her.
The boys had just pulled up to Morgan and Emmi's flat. Paul and Ringo got out with them and walked them to their door.
"I've had a really swell time Ringo!" Morgan smiled ear to ear at him.
"Me too Love, I must see you again. How does tomorrow sound?" he asked.
"Oh yes, but I thought you guys had to shoot tomorrow?"
"We do, but you'll just have to come and watch again." he winked as he gave her a peck on the cheek.
"Paul this has been the best time ever." Emmi smiled at him.
"I've had a gear time too." he said stroking her long blonde hair. "Come to the set tomorrow?"
"Yeah, I guess I could, but I do have another job you know." she said sadly. "I could try to get it off."
"Well you better, because I don't think I could take a day without seeing you." he said as he kissed her on both cheeks. They walked back to the car and headed to their flat.

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The car was still turned on, and George was squinting through the window on the driver's side. This area of town is shady. There, at the littered corner of the street, were two men sliding questionable goods into eachother's hands, and shoving whatever it was into their pockets. They then walked separate ways to their home, possibly. George had watched the whole thing, and his expression was flat out disbelief. Several loud clanks errupted the side of the car, Paul and Ringo were cursing beyond the window for George to let them in.
He unlocked the doors.
"George, what's the matter? Didn't you hear us?" Paul smoothed his hair as he settled in the back.
"Yeah, the girls could've been watching" Ringo complained.
"Why would they live here?" George frowned. "Who knows what could happen to them tomorrow? Shouldn't you keep a good eye on them now that you lot are in relationships?" George stated.
George shifted the car to drive, and drove contently down the road.
"I saw a couple of haunched sods selling and buying something that's probably bad news." George glanced over his shoulder to Paul.
"Huh. Y'know, Emmi's too smart and clever to get into buisnesses like that. Her job is pretty average." Paul mumbled as he snuggled into the side of the seat, warming himself.
"Morgan too," Ringo frowned suspiciously to George. "Why do you care?"
"Well, like all friends, I tend to give a them." George darted his eyes.
"Okay enough enough." Paul grunted as he sat upright, his head popping between George and Ringo's front seats.
"This is getting to dark, let's talk about something else."
"Why haven't I seen Brian's wife?" Ringo rubbed his chin.
Paul and George looked at eachother, baffled.
"...Ringo, didn't Brian already tell you?" Paul said a bit uncertain.

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"No what?" Ringo questioned them, pulling on Paul's sleeve.
"Why don't you tell em George?" Paul stated.
"well you see Ringo, Brian is gay." he stated bluntly.
"What? How come always the last one to find these things out?" he whined.
"Because you're to busy being preoccupied, with other things."
"Fine, I won't talk about it anymore." Ringo stated with his arms crossed looking out the window.
"Anyways, I don't like the looks of that neighborhood, you should ask the girls about moving." George said to them.
"How can we ask them to move?" Paul asked.
"You just tell them you're afraid for their safety. That's all." George said matter of factly to him.
"I'll get Morgan to move!" he smiled.
"How you going to do that so easily?" Paul asked.
"George said she was in love with me, it couldn't be that hard to convince her." he laughed.
"How bout you Paul? Gonna ask Emmi?" George questioned him.
"Fine, but I don't think she's going to." He said as their car pulled into their driveway and they filed out of the car into their flat where John was up waiting for them. It was late too nearly one o' clock.

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"Wow, I can't believe it's already one!" Paul said as he plopped into the armchair. Emmi filled his thoughts, "Do you think she'd move in with me?"
"Why not? You two get along fine enough." George said, rummaging through the refrigarator to get a Coke. He plopped down on the couch and swiftly opened the bottle.
"I don't know. I mean we only met a few days ago."
"So? Roomates move in with eachother after one meeting!"
"That's true. Why not, eh? The worst she can do is say no."
They faintly heared Ringo talking on the phone in the other room...
"Hello, it's Ringo..... Yes, I miss you too... Really? That's fab! I will see you tomorrow then. Uhm, I love you... Okay, bye!" Ringo hung up the phone and nearly skipped into the other room. "She said she loved me!"
"She loves you yeah yeah yeah!" Paul sang jokingly.
Ringo laughed, "I guess so!"
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"You're lucky Ring, you already know she is totally in love with you." George smiled.
"Yeah, I guess so, I didn't know she would tell me that so soon." he smiled to himself.
"Well I guess I'm just going to have to wait and see what happens between Anne and me." George sighed.
"I'm sure you guys will be together, don't worry bout it." Ringo patted George on the back.
"Well I think I better be getting to bed." Ringo yawned. "Got a big day tomorrow." he winked at them.
"yeah yeah, we know!" they shouted back at him. Just then as they were all heading to bed the phone rang.
"Pretty late for a phone call." Paul exclaimed as he went to answer it.
"Hello?" he asked.
"Hi Paul, I just had to call you before I went to bed." Emmi stated back  in an excited voice.
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Paul's eyes brightened, "'Ello, hon. How are you?"
"Good." She said in a shy voice, "Me and Morgan got work off tomorrow, so we can come to the set."
"Great! God I'd love to see you again." He sighed. "Hey, um, I have a question..."
"Sure, what is it?"
"I was wondering if you'd like to move in with us, I mean we live in a nice part of town and I'd love to see you every day. And if you don't want to share a room with me I can go into George's room and-"
"Paul, slow down, dear. I'd love to move in with you, but what about Morgan?"
"She can come too! I'm sure Ringo wouldn't mind!" He laughed.
She giggled, "True. I think it's a good idea, love."
He smiled wide, "Gear. Hey, I love you.."
Emmi grew wide eyed and had to stifle a scream, "I... love you too."
Paul bit his lip, "Goodnight."
When Emmi hung up the phone, she squealed, "Morgan morgan!!! They want us to move in with them!"
"Really?!?!" She said, knowing exactly 'They' were.
"Yes! What do you think?" She bit her lip.
"Heck yes!!! That sounds amazing!" She smiled.
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"What should we do now?! I can't sleep after what he just said!" Emmi said in a jittery voice.
"Oh, I don't know, just try! We're going to see them tomorrow!" Morgan pronounced as she walked to her bedroom.


The next morning, the lads shuffled into the car swiftly and sped off to the busy movie set. Paul's hair was looking nicely combed and soft, he wore a white collared long sleeve shirt, with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows.
"Will this impress Emmi?" Paul opened his arms, waiting for an opinion.
"Sure, sure." John said plainly, swiping his long bangs gently to the mirror.
"I want to make a good impression, you know. I've only known her for a few days, and I'm asking her to live with me!" Paul bit his lower lip.
George and Ringo were sitting in custom designed chairs, waiting around until the director gave them their cue to film.
"I could really use a latte right now." George said in a flat voice.
"She'll get here soon, hey what did Morgan tell you about me?" Ringo instantly changed the subject.
"She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah." George said sarcastically, looking sleepy and bored.
Ringo scowled, until he spotted two glowing, ecstatic girls walking towards them.
"It's them!" Ringo jumped from his chair, running towards Morgan.
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"Hey Ringo!" Morgan shouted waving at him. They both ran to each other and Morgan jumped into his arms.
"Hello love!" he smiled.
"Emmi!" Paul shouted from across the set. She came over to him and he wrapped his arms around her.
"Hey Paul! I missed you so much, I couldn't sleep last night!" she stated with a shaky voice.
"Well you are here now! When are you going to move in with us?" he asked her.
"I'm not sure, we have to get all of our stuff moved."
"How bout when we're done here? We have a short day today." he smiled at her.
"Oh boy yeah!" she laughed.
Then the director yelled at them to get back to the set! 
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Emmi bit her lip, and before she let him go, she gently kissed his cheek. Paul smiled wide and gave her one more hug.
"Boys! I said NOW!" The director screamed.
"Sorry, love." Paul whispered in her ear. "I have to go..."
Emmi sighed and let go of him. And he walked away.
Emmi tured to see Ringo and Morgan kissing sweetly. And just yesterday they held hands for the first time... Emmi chuckled and walked over to where they would sit and watch them rehearse.
"STARKEY!" The director shouted, "Stop snogging your bird and come over here!" (Snogging = '60's slang for kissing)
Ringo jumped a little, "Sorry, love. See you later." He gave her one last kiss and caught up with Paul.
Morgan sighed and sat down next to Emmi, "Emmi, I'm in love..." She sighed.
"I can tell." Emmi giggled. "I think I am too."
"Is Anne coming today?" Morgan asked.
"Hello guys!" Anne said, running up to them.
"I guess so!" Emmi laughed.
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"So I hear that you're moving in with the lads!" Anne giggled.
"Yeah! I'm so excited, and I get to see Paul every day!!" Emmi smiled hugely.
Morgan smiled dreamily into space, her hand curled into her cheek.
Emmi snapped her fingers in front of her eyes.
"Morgannnn...." Emmi sang.
"...oh, um yes?" she snapped from her happy trance.
"Can't wait to live with Ringo?" figured Emmi, who hopped onto George's chair.
They laughed both nervously and excitedly, and then noticed a random paper cup in Anne's hand.
"Aw, is that for George?" Emmi cooed.
"Yeah, it's empty though. I figured it's the best way to catch up with him again." Anne examined the false beverage.
A woman in a baggy wool sweater walked with her arms filled with props, towards the girls.
"Ladies, would you care to watch the 'Can't buy me love' scene? The director accepted it, thanks to the lads themselves!" she chirped.
The three girls gawked at eachother in amazement.
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The girls ran outside to see the boys running around happily. Paul saw sight of Emmi and fell down. They both laughed and Paul got up to finish the scene. They did shots of them lying down, jumping and being plain out silly.
"Fabulous boys! Just fabulous!" The director smiled wide.
"Do we get a break now?!" Ringo asked, "I haven't ran like that since I was a young lad."
The director chuckled, "Alright boys. Five minutes!"
The boys ran over to the girls, "Anne! Your here!" George said happily and stood next to her.
"Yes, I couldn't stay away I guess..." They looked into eachother's eyes.
Paul walked up to Emmi and smiled at her, "Hello, darling."
Emmi smiled, "Hello..." Paul took her hand in his and gently kissed it, and Emmi blushed.
Ringo of course wrapped his arms around Morgan and smiled to her. Knowing she felt the same as he did, he wasn't shy to show her how he felt.
"Hello, my love." He smiled and kissed her cheek.
Morgan blushed, "Hello Ringo."
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"What did you think of that scene?" Ringo asked her.
"It was so cute how all you guys we're running about, and when they all tripped on you." she giggled.
"ah yeah, that was a little embarrassing." he joked.
"What did you think Anne." George asked wide eyed.
"I thought you guys were all just great! I love watching you film."
"What are you doing with that empty cup?" he asked.
"Well I was making an excuse to see you actually." she grinned.
"Ahh, you don't need an excuse to see me darlin." he smiled at her and grabbed her hand.
"Would you guys lay off all the mushy stuff!" John griped at them.
"Oh you're just mad, because you're alone." Paul said.
"Just shut it McCartney!" He yelled.
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After Paul said that, that girl Lucy flashed through his mind. She was pretty...
"Did you like the scene, Emmi?" Paul asked, flashing her a grin.
"It was adorable!" Emmi smiled.
"Your adorable..." Paul whispered in her ear, and she turned deep red.
Paul chuckled, "I love it when you blush at the things I say."
Emmi laughed, "Well how can I help it?"
Paul shrugged, "I'm sure you'll get used to it eventually." He bent down and kissed her cheek.
"Hey, when we're off we should go do something!" George smiled.
"Aren't we going to help them move?" Paul asked, tightening his arms around Emmi's waist.
All of a sudden John gasped, he saw Lucy! She was talking to the director!
"Lucy!" John called.
Lucy turned to see John, she smiled, "Hello, John. It's nice to see you again!"
"That's for sure!" He sighed.
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Paul smiled at John, knowing that he wasn't upset anymore, and held Emmi against his chest.
"It's cold out here, you, eh, need to keep warm," he chuckled.
Ringo slid his eyes down to Morgan, and she beamed instantly up at him. And then they began holding eachother and whispering and giggling into eachother's ears.
George and Anne were slowly backing away from the little group, not bothering to witness their little lovey dovey sweetness.
"Hold on, I'm coming with you." John wrinkled his nose at the couple and trotted after them.
So Ringo, Morgan, Emmi, and Paul were still standing cozily in the middle of the field, enjoying their little reunion.
As Ringo's lips were reaching down to Morgan's face, several icy pellets of rain plunged onto the tops of their heads.
"Aw!! Let's get back inside the set!" Paul dashed towards the large building, holding Emmi by his side along the way.
Ringo parted from Morgan with a soft smile, and they both walked slowly back to set.
When they shook their hair a bit to release a bit of the moisture, they hung out by the costume storage area.
John revealed an evil grin and dove into the room, a mixture of clattering and ruffling bounced in the air.
The rest except for Anne and George followed John into the room.
"I guess we'll be the critics for their crazy outfits." George chuckled as he looked down at Anne.
Anne was too bashful to look into his eyes.
"I know, I can't wait to see what John'll come up with." Anne shook her head.
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George looked to see Lucy coming up the stairs, "She's coming!" He called to John, "Eh, Lucy, John wants you to see the outfit he comes up with!"
"Uh-oh." Lucy said and giggled.
"Aye, you never knpw, I might look dead sexy!" John laughed and Lucy giggled.
"Here you go, Paul." Emmi said, she was assigned to dress Paul. She was making him look like a Phycotic Preist. (Don't ask.)
"Really, Emmi?" Paul said and laughed.
"Yes! It will complete it!"
While Emmi was dressing Paul, Morgan was making Ringo look like a lion.
"You look so cute!" Morgan said and giggled.
"Aye, I'm a fierce lion! Meow!" Ringo said, which made Morgan laugh.
"Alright, you guys done?" George said.
"Yessir!" Paul said and stepped out. He was dressed in a presit outfit and his hair was sticking straight up. He was also wearing a fake beard.
George laughed, "Alright, now Ringo?"
Ringo came out in his lion costume. He was also held on a leash by Morgan.
"Aw Ringo, she's already got you whipped!" Paul said and everyone laughed
"Okay John?" Anne called.
John came out in a nun costume....
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Anne shrieked in laughter, and then slapped her hand over her mouth. And continued to sblack person. George was beginning to laugh a bit more heartily as Anne's face turned pink.
John tilted his head down a bit, and his eyes pointed up at the ceiling. He pinched the corner of his baggy black gown and flailed his other wrist around, and began stepping around like a one legged woman.
Lucy's mouth was agape as she slowly began to smile widely.
"Hold on!" Lucy pointed as she sprinted into the room.
John's silly expression broke as he crumbled in laughter.
"She's going at it too!" Anne accused between her laughs.
George was laughing a bit more carefree, not a sign of insecurity at all. He then placed a hand on Anne's shoulder, and her laughter nearly automatically died down. She finally looked up at him without warning.
Anne was taking steady breaths from her mouth, regaining her breath from her laughter.
Their eyes were locked for a moment.
"Bwahh!!!!" Lucy pounced from the closet, wearing a large green wizard hat and a furry gorilla suit.
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"Paul, I think that one wins!" Emmi giggled as lucy stepped toward them.
"Aw, man!" Paul huffed. Then gave a small smile.
"A strange couple..." John said, stepping toward Lucy, "But I think it could work." He smirked then bowed her like they were dancing.
"Why John, I'm charmed!" Lucy said, giggling. John gave her and wink and she blushed.
"Well, I don't think John feels left out anymore," Morgan whispered to Ringo,
"Yeah, that's John for you." Ringo smiled.
"Aye, this is kind of getting uncomfortable..." Paul said, itching his back. "I'll be right back."
"Yeah, let's go change, then help the girls move into our flat!" Ringo exlaimed.
"Move into your flat?" Anne asked George.
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George looked down at Anne in confusion for a second.
"Oh! You see, Morgan and Emmi live in a pretty rough area of town, so we offered them some space at our flat." he finally stated.
George pursed his lips a thought a bit.
"Hey, where do you live?" George tilted his head, looking down at Anne.
"I live pretty close to this set, I gotta keep this job, y'know?" she said softly, hiding a bit of remorse.
"Is it safe?"
"Actually, yeah." she sighed.
"Oh...Won't you please visit our flat then?" George's creamy brown eyes beseeched Anne's.
Anne smiled with full appreciation. George took Anne's hand and pressed his lips gently on her skin.


Ringo chased Morgan playfully down the parking lot. Morgan was laughing maniacally as she sprinted as hard as she could, and Ringo was gaining on her. Ringo made a slight, yet quick crouch and leaped up and caught Morgan by the waist. They bumped into a couple of cars, and finally, they reached their own.
"Ringo, you're so silly!!" Morgan mused, playfully punching Ringo's arm.
"I'm still wearing this lion outfit aren't I?" Ringo wiggled his furry tan paw glove.
"We're waiting for the others, right?" she peered at the entrance to the set at a distance.
The two were about to kiss, until a loud thwap hit the window on Morgan's side.
It was John's face smashed flat against the window.
She rolled down the window, his face smearing down with it and glared at him.
"You scared the hell out of me!!" Morgan fussed.
"God, Morgan you should know how I am by now." he mumbled as he walked over to the back door. With Lucy trailing behind him, he let her climb in first.
The four awaited the rest.
George appeared from the entrance, his hands deep inside his coat pockets, and his head drooped in disappointment.
"Where's Anne?" Morgan pondered.
George opened the back door, and squeezed in next to John.
"She has to stay to work. This job is pretty important for her." George sighed, the intensity resumed in his expression.
"Oh, well she can always come by!" Ringo smiled from over his shoulder.
Paul and Emmi then appeared, holding hands tightly and running awfully silly over to the vehicle. They opened the door and took up whatever space still was there.
"We grabbed a few more props to keep to ourselves." Paul informed, giving a goofy smug smile.
Emmi grinned and pulled out handfuls of random objects.
"Okay...I guess we have some storage space for that." Ringo shook his head in confusion. He turned on the car, and they drove off to their flat.
Once they arrived, they parked by the curb and exited the car.
Ringo clapped his hands together. "Alright lads, to work!"

(Damn, this one's long  :-X )
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^that was a long one, but a good one!  ;)

The boys hopped out of the car and ran into the girls flat, they ran back and forth carring arm loads of stuff each time. Emmi and Morgan had offered to help them but they weren't having any of it, they said it was their job and that the girls should just sit back and watch. Hours past by and the girls started to get hungry and bored.
"Hey guys are you almost done yet? It's almost 7:00!" Morgan whined to them.
"Yeah and we're getting hungry out here!" Emmi shouted to them.
"Well we're almost done!" Ringo shouted from an open window overhead.
"And it's not our fault you girls have so much junk!" John yelled at them, as he walked down the stairs with a handful of dishes.
"Aye, be careful with those, they belong to me grandmother." Emmi yelled at him, grabbing the plates.
"Well you're the ones who wanted to take care of it all by yourselves, remember?" Lucy said to John, with a sarcastic look.
"Don't worry, we're finished!" Paul stated as he jumped out of the flat with his arms waving in the air.
"Well we just have to pay our last months rent." Morgan said reaching for her wallet.
"Already done." Ringo stated as he kissed her on the cheek. She smiled at him.
"But...why would you guys do that?" She asked him with confusion.
"Well because your my girl, I gotta look out for you." he stated with a hug and kiss.
"Come on, let's go get something to eat!" George shouted, as they all pilled into the car crammed full of stuff.
"I think we should just order a pizza, I'm really warn out." John stated as Lucy rubbed his shoulders.
"Ok then it's settled, we'll head home and then order a pizza!" Paul shouted to them all.
"Oh geez!" George shouted, "I forgot we have to get home and quick!"
"What is it?" Emmi asked.
"I told Anne to meet me there after she got off work!" he said in dispair.
"well when did she get off at?" Paul asked.
"I think around six, she told me. Oh man I feel awful." George said as his face sunk.
"It's ok George, I'm sure Anne will understand." Morgan said, trying her best to comfort him. "Step on it Lennon!" they all shouted. The car pulled into thier driveway and there sat Anne out alone in the darkness. As soon as the car was somewhat stopped, George jumped out and ran to her.
"Oh Anne, I'm so terrible sorry I'm such a jerk!" he cried to her.
"It's alright George, I haven't been waiting too long." she stated, seeing that he was very upset.
"But I shouldn't have made you wait like this. It was very rude of me!"
"Don't worry about it, I'm just happy you are here now. Can we go in? I'm getting quite cold." she smiled at him as he took her small cold hand in his and led her to the door. They all got into the flat and collapsed on the sofa, it was a very big flat a lot larger than Morgan and Emmi's had been, the girls were quite taken a back.
"Woah, this place is huge!" Emmi shouted, able to hear her own echo it seemed.
"It's really incredible Ringo!" Morgan whispered to him.
"I'm glad you like it, we're going to have so much fun living together." he mused as he took her hand and motioned for her to sit by him.
"Well lis someone going to order the pizza or what?" John grumbled as he got up. "No? I guess it's me that has to do everything!"
"Man, that was sure a tiring day." paul yawned as he put his arm around Emmi's waist. She giggled.
"What about all of our stuff? It's still in the car!" Emmi said to Paul.
"Can't you wait till tomorrow to have it?" he asked her.
"Well what will we sleep in?" she asked.
"You can borrow our Pajamas." he winked at her, and Emmi blushed.
"You hear that Morgan? We're going to have to sleep in their Pj's!" Emmi giggled to her. Morgan blushed as Ringo smiled at her, then touched her long brown hair.

(ok...that was a really long one sorry, got carried away.  :P)
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(^those were good though! I usually just slack off and write one paragraph :P)

"Alright alright, can we order that pizza now?" John asked.
"Fine Lennon. Hon, what do you want on it?" Paul asked Emmi, tightening the grip on her waist slightly.
"I'm okay with whatever the others want."
"Pepperoni!" John shouted.
"Green Olives!" George said.
"Alright, so two large pepperoni and green olive pizzas?" Paul asked, walking over to to the phone.
"Yes, I need two large pizzas..." Paul gave them the adress and hung up the phone. "Alright, it will be here in 30 minutes." he said as he swooped Emmi up and sat her on his lap in the armchair.
"So where do you live, Lucy?" John asked as she started rub his back.
"I live only a few minutes from here. Just go down about three miles and you come to my house!"
"Really?" John said, his eyes brightening. "So um, do you live with anyone?"
She giggled, knowing what John meant, "Just a roomate. But she has the bottom level and I have the top."
John smirked, "That's gear."
While John and Lucy were chatting away, Ringo and Morgan seemed to be off in their own world.
"I'm so happy you decided to move in with us..." Ringo sighed.
"Yes, I think it's best too." She smiled to him
"Do you know what I noticed?" Ringo asked, "I haven't kissed your lips yet..." He bent down and kissed her gently.
Morgan flushed, "Well, was that alright?"
Ringo laughed, "Just perfect." He whispered.
"So Anne, do you like working at the studio?" George asked, sincerely interested.
"Usually it's a great job, but this director just get's on my nerves." She scowled a little.
"I understand, trust me." He chuckled and wrapped his arm around her and pulled her a little closer to him.
She smiled, "Thanks for sticking up for me by the way."
He chuckled, "No problem, love." he gently kissed her cheek.
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Just then the doorbell rang, John shot up from his chair and ran to the door tripping on a few things a long the way.
"Pizza's here!" he yelled as he carried the pizza into the kitchen and began eating it.
"God John, can't you wait for everyone else?" Paul stated bluntly.
"What, I told all of you hours ago that I am starving!" he moaned.
"Fine, let's just all get some pizza now!" George stated as he walked with Anne into the kitchen, Morgan and Ringo trailing behind them. They all sat down around the table munching away on pizza, it had been hours since they last ate, so no one really said a word until they were finished.
"Ahhh, that was really gear!" John declared as he got up and walked over to the sink.
"Yeah, it was John." Lucy smiled to him, John walked over to her and picked her up and carried her to the living room.
"It's getting quite late." Lucy stated to him.
"I know what time it is." he smiled, as he kissed her all over her face.
"No John...really." she giggled between kisses.
"Do you have to go home so soon?" he asked with sadness coming over his face.
"Yeah, me roommate will be worried bout me, she gets that way."
"Alright just a few more minutes then I'll drive ya home." he said brushing a stray hair from her face.
"What should we do now?" Paul stated as he cleaned up his plate.
"What are you talking about Paul? It's nearly midnight!" Ringo shouted.
"Oh right, I forgot." he laughed. He then took Emmi by the hand and walked to the living room.
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"So where are these pajamas you talk of, Paul?" Emmi smirked.
Paul's eyes brightened, "Come, love. Let me show you to my room." Paul and Emmi walked down the hallway into Paul's bedroom. When they were in there he walked over to the dresser and grabbed a pair of checked bottoms and a Rolling Stones t-shirt. "Um, will this work?" He asked, walking back over to her.
"It will work." She giggled. She wrapped her arms around his waist. "So will I be sleeping in here with you?"
"If you'd like." He smiled softly. Then bent down and kissed her very softly.
Emmi smiled wide, "I'll be right back." She said and went into the bathroom to change.
"Are you almost ready for bed, love?" Ringo asked Morgan.
She yawned, "Yeah, I'm pretty tired." She sighed.
Ringo smirked, "Here, let me help with that..." He swooped her up in his arms and carried her into his bedroom.
She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck, "Will I be sleeping with you?" She asked.
"Unless you'd like to sleep with George." He laughed.
"Nah, I'll pass." She smiled. He sat her down on the bed and went into his closet.
"Lesse... will this work?" He asked and got her essensially the same thing Paul got Emmi. Exept his was a Elvis shirt.
"That will be fine." She smiled.
"George, I have to go soon..." Anne whispered.
"Do you want me to drive you home?" George whispered back. Stroking her hair and kissing her neck gently.
"Well... It'd be nice." She smiled.
"Alright. We'll wait until John needs to bring Lucy home." He smirked and kissed her cheek.
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Emmi walked back into his bedroom, and Paul just paused for a moment and look at her.
"What do you think?" Emmi giggled.
"You look damn sexy in my PJ's!" Paul laughed as he scooped her up and placed her on the bed.
"You're not just saying that are you?" she said touching his soft black hair.
"No, I'm dead serious, you look hot! So hot I'm afraid I can't let you leave this room, for fear another man will steal you away." he laughed as he kissed her tenderly on the lips. Emmi blushed.
"Oh..was that too soon for that?" Paul said, noticing her hot face.
"No, that was just on time!" she smiled.
"Oh this Elvis shirt is so gear!" Morgan said jumping up and down.
"Yeah, I thought you would like it." he said smiling.
"You don't like him better than me do you?" Ringo asked giving her a serious look.
"Let me think about this for a minute..." she said, knowing she was torturing him. "....NO silly, I could only love you!"
"Good, and don't scare me like that again!" he laughed tickling her.
"I won't, I promise!" she giggled as she wrapped her arms around his waist, and he carried her to the bed.
"Don't worry love, there won't be any funny buissness, unless you start it!" he laughed.
"Aye John, are you taking Lucy home now?" George yelled. "because Anne needs to be getting back."
"yes, come on then!" John shouted at them. They all got into the car, and headed for Lucy's house first.
"I had a really great time with you George." Anne smiled. "When can I come again?"
"Anytime you would like." he grinned at her. "You know Anne..."
"Yes, George." she looked at him.
"You could move in with us if you wanted too!" he smiled at her.
"I don't know George, I don't know if I'm ready for that yet."
"oh. It's ok, just let me know when you do feel ready!" he smiled at her and wrapped his arm around her pulling her in.
They pulled up to Lucy's flat and John got out with her.
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RIght before Emmi and Paul were about to drift to sleep, Emmi cut the silence...
"Paul?" Emmi said
"Yes, love?" He whispered.
"I love you..." She whispered back.
He smiled, "I love you too." He kissed her shoulder and fell asleep.
In the Starr room, Ringo and Morgan were just about to go to bed.
Ringo joined Morgan on the bed and smiled.
"What?" She asked.
"Nothing. I just think your too beautiful." He replied. She blushed and he leaned into her and kissed her passionately. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. "I love you."
"I love you too, Ringo." She smiled.
"Goodnight, Lucy." He whispered, kissing her softly.
"Goodnight, John." Lucy sighed. And walked up to her house.
"Bye!" John called after her, "See you tomorrow?"
She nodded in the distance and quietly slipped into her home.
"I think I'm in love." John said, getting back into the drivers side.
"I know I am." George whispered to Anne, and she giggled.
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John stepped on the gas and began driving to Anne's flat. They pulled into her driveway and George and her got out.
"Be right back." George said to John.
"I've had a most wonderful time with you tonight Anne." George said sincerely.
"Me as well." she smiled. They were at her door when George leaned in and kissed her on the lips for quite a long time. They separated after a minute.
"See you tomorrow." Anne said.
"yeah see you tomorrow Love." he smiled and skipped off of her porch. George skipped all the way to the car.
"Man you look crazy skipping around like a bird!" John laughed at George.
"Sor-ry if I'm in love!" he sighed. "She's just so great!"
"It's kinda strange ain't it?" John stated.
"What is?"
"The fact that we are all in love, all at the same time all these great girls came into our life." he grinned to himself thinking of Lucy.
"Yeah, but our girls won't live with us!" George stated with a blank face.
"Ahh, give it some time man, we only just met them."
"But Morgan and Emmi already live with us." George stated.
"Well..." JOhn said trying to think of what to say.
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(I think romance fanfics are cute, but wow, this is incredibly mushy! I don't really mind, but I hope the mods don't check around here often  ;) )

George climbed into the front seat next to John's, and they drove off.
"I dunno. Do we really need the paparazzi on our backs about this? Besides, Brian gets a little strict when it comes to how much we bring girlfriends out in public." John frowned in distress.
"That's what I hate about fame right now, it seems like everything good has a catch." George replied in agreement.
They drove along the dark road in silence, thinking of some sort of loop hole to this situation.
John parked the car in the drive way, and they both walked back to their flat.
They opened the door, and silently closed it behind them.
"What the-?" startled George.
Emmi and Paul were sharing fancy shimmering glasses of champagne on the couch in front of the television. Their arms were intertwined as they took a sip from their glasses.
"After 3 days Paul?!" George cracked in disbelief.
"Um, yes." he chuckled.
"Why aren't you in bed?" John asked.
"We both couldn't sleep," Paul stared dreamily into Emmi's eyes.
"Oh, God. You have a T.V in your room don't you?? Move it!" John complained, shooing them off the couch as if they were a flock of pigeons.
Emmi and Paul giggled all the way back to their room, and John fell upon the couch.
"We should call Brian in the morning, I guess." George called from across the living room behind John, loosening his tie.
"Alright." John simply said.

The next morning, John was slumped over on the couch, snoring into the cushion.
Morgan and Ringo crept up to the couch, fighting back little sblack persons of laughter.
Morgan's hand's hovered over John's shoulder.
"JOHN!!!" Morgan screeched into John's ear.
"WHAT!!" John bellowed back, with his eyes still closed ironically.
"We can never get him! He's always one step ahead of us!" Ringo accused in defeat.
Paul and Emmi came out of the kitchen after having a chat over coffee.
George poured himself a cup and walked up to one of the windows.
Someone's car was parked right outside of their flat, and it wasn't theirs...
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"Aye guys." George called as he was looking out the window.
"What?" John asked as he walked over to him.
"Who's car is that?" he said pointing to the mysterious black car parked in their driveway.
"I don't know, try asking the girls if they've ever seen it." John stated and headed back into the kitchen.
"Hey Morgan!" George shouted.
"Yeah George what is it?" she asked.
"Do you know who's car that is?"
"No, never seen it before, why don't we just go down there and find out?" Morgan stated as she went to the closet to grab a jacket.
"NO!" Ringo shouted.
"Why can't I?" she asked him with a puzzled look.
"What if it's a paparazzi or a reporter?" he said, turning to John.
"Why would that matter Ringo?" she asked.
"Because they're just print lies and say awful things about you." he said sadly.
"Well what are we going to do then? stay in the house all day?" she questioned him.
"NAH, we'll just call Brian, he'll come over and straighten it out." John stated with a big grin.
"So you guys are to afraid to go and look." Emmi said.
"No, were just afraid of bad press, that's all." Paul smiled, rubbing her arm.
"Oh so we're bad press?" Emmi stated glaring at him.
"Yeah, what's with that?" Morgan agreed.
"Look, we haven't exactly told Brian that you've moved in." Paul said honestly.
"WHAT?" they said in unison.
"So we're just a secret?" Emmi said to Paul.
"It will be ok, once we get Brian to put out a statement, that's all." Paul said giving her a big hug.
"Ok then, get to calling him!" Morgan said to Ringo. "I don't want to be stuck in this house all day." Ringo went to the phone and dialed Brian's number asking him to come to the house as fast as possible. Brian pulled up to the flat about a half hour later...
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(I'm going to experiment with other genres here  ;) )
"What's the matter, again?" Brian yawned.
"Uh, we didn't tell you exactly, but there's a car out and it might be a paparazzi." John motioned to the vehicle.
"Right." he stated as he headed out to the car.

Paul closed the door behind him, and walked back to the coffee table next to Emmi.
He brought the steaming cup of coffee to his lips, looking as if he were about to doze off.
Emmi giggled and nudged his shoulder with hers to open his eyes.

George peeked out the window, with deep concentration. Something is going very wrong here.
He looked at the closet a few feet from him where he kept a signed baseball bat his brother gave him...

"Ringo, nothing will happen to me. If that coward were tough, he'd be at our door by now." Morgan soothed. Ringo only responded by holding her hand.

John was watching T.V as if nothing serious was going on, his eyes struggled to keep open.

"Hey, why's Brian walking back to his car?" George spat.

Brian was walking, rather awkwardly and shakey, back to his car. He swiftly got in, and drove off.

"What the hell?" George rasped loudly as he ran quickly to get the baseball bat, and ran outside stealthily.

The window of the car shot down instantly, and a shot gun shooped out. Anne was inside, tied up. And there was a gangly looking man holding the gun.

George's eyes snapped up in shock, he rebounded the bullets by breaking into a swift roll, easily getting back to his feet. Before the man could re-load, George ripped the door open and pulled the man violently on the grass.
"WHAT'S GOING ON." George said with anger.

Emmi and Paul ran out with knives, John sprinted beside them with his fists ready. And Morgan and Ringo were inside calling the police.

"Even if you kill me, there's still more of me." The man croaked, laughing maniacally after a few seconds.

George slung back the baseball bat, and brought it down 1 milimeter in front of the man's nose.

Paul was half inside the car, sawing off the ties on Anne.

"What're you doing this for?" Emmi scolded.

"My men will get you too." said the man evily, pointing to Emmi.

George paused, then aimed steadily at the man's groin.

The man's eyes widened.

"Go ahead, you sod. I'LL GET YOU" the man screeched.

The cops finally arrived, running over with their aimed guns and hand cuffs jangling at their sides.

They clasped his hands behind his back and shoved him back to their car.

"YOU'LL SEE MORE OF ME AGAIN!!" he bellowed over his shoulder.

Paul pulled Emmi hastily to him, holding her tightly and not daring to part.

George huffed as he stood up straight, using his baseball bat as a kick stand.

John patted Anne's back, trying to sooth her.

They eventually all walked back inside, with a dead spirit.

"What an...interesting morning." John broke the silence.

Morgan looked up at John, and held up a letter that was sitting on the counter...

(This one's REALLY long!  ha2ha So what do you think? The Beatles kicking other peoples asses to save their girlfriends? This one was actually pretty fun to write, okay let's continue how it was before if this one was too irrelevent.  ;D )

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^(I thought that was really great Peppie!  ;D Adding some adventure is a good idea!)

John snatched the note from her, and walked into the other room to open it. He slowly started to peel open the flap, inside was a note from an "annoymous" person. It in detail described what the person was planning to do, it read as follows:

Dear Mr. Lennon,  

I am writing this letter as a warning to you and whoever else is involved in your life. That includes all those pretty little girls you have stashed up in that flat of yours. I knew that you all would call the cops on my first attempt to get them, but don't worry the next time I will get all of the girls that you all hold dear, so don't even try to call the cops now, I have all of your lines tapped. I know right? I've thought this out pretty good huh. So just know that you better watch out around every corner, because you'll never know where I might be waiting.

Your worst nightmare.

John then sealed the note back up and hid it under his pillow, he didn't know what to do next. Should he just flat out tell the others? No, that would only make matters worse. He paced around his room for a few minutes before he thought he better atleast tell the guys, he might need some help in the future and he would want them to know. He walked back out into the living room where everyone was still a little shaky from all the action that had just taken place an hour ago. He grabbed Ringo, Paul, and George and took them to his room. He started to explain the note to them and then showed them what he was talking about.
"See, it's all right there." he explained, handing the note over to Paul who glanced over it, while Ringo paced frantically about the room.
"Well, what if it's just a hoax?" Paul questioned, repeatedly shaking his head.
"I don't think it was man, I mean you saw what happened this morning." George stated. "That awful man had Anne with him and he said he wasn't through with us all."
"Yeah, you have a valid point George. but I don't want to scare the girls." Paul said still shaking.
"Then let's not tell them about it, maybe nothing will come of it." John stated cooly.
"I don't like it, not one bit. I'd like to show that guy a piece of my mind!" Ringo shouted, jumping up and down and punching the air with his fists.
"Cool it Ring you'll spurt!" George stated grabbing Ringo's hands and lowering them.
"We have to keep this on the D.L." John said. "And that includes you Paul, no telling Emmi!" he pointed at Paul and gave him a stern look.
"ok ok I won't I promise." he said.
"We all have to swear, because you know girls they'll freak if we tell um." John said with a blank stare.
"We swear!" they all agreed and walked out of the room and back to all the girls who were looking at them with curiosity.  

(I don't know if that was good at all or not, but I was still trying to go off of what you wrote Peppie!  ;))
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(I really liked the method of defense of the Beatles HA HA HA!  ha2ha)

They stood. They didn't know what is better? tell them and scare them, but if so, they might get caught in an unpleasant situation, especially if the threatening letter man decides to attack.
John opened his mouth and was about to explain what happens, but when a vigorous knock at the door change every thingl. John went to open the door. As soon as he opened it, Lucy came running scared inside. she clung to John and cried. John stroked his head and tried to calm her. "What happened dear? What happened?" He leaned toward her.
He looked at her shocked. "Oh God! What happened to your eye!" Her eye was purple, and smaller than the other eye. Lucy sniffed: "When I walk with Max, and a scray man appeared and asked me about you. Then he started hitting me," Lucy continued to cry on the shirt of John. Paul looked at Ringo and George in fear. They looked at it that way.
"Where's Max?" John said softly. "This man hit him too, I could not see it! I ran up here," John looked at his friends and watched them with a look of: "What the hell should we do now !?!?!?!?"
Emmi took the initiative "Let's go Lucy, we wash your eye," Morgan and Anna went after them.
John got up, and the four looked at each other. Helpless. "Well ... um ... now we have to put some very clear rules about leaving the house and everything "....

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"What the hell are you talking about? We're a clear target now, we need to escape now!!" George stood up in protest.
"Oh, sure. Let's just suddenly escape now, when we don't even have a plan." John scoffed, turning the other direction in thought.
"Haven't you seen what they've done already? Lucy and Anne. We can't just sit here and let them attack us, that'd be just plain idiotic." George retorted.
"Well alright, let's just go then! I'm sorry, John. But I'm on George's side on this." Paul added.
"Where??" John faced Paul.
"Well...I know a place." Ringo said uncertainly.
"New York. It's densley populated, which means it'd be even more difficult for the criminals to find us. Plus, they have highly inclusive hotel suites. We can each have our own, with our girlfriends." Ringo smiled.
"You know, that's actually not a bad idea once you think about it." Paul tapped his chin.
"So...It's settled?" George glanced at each Beatle.
"What about the rest of the movie?" John fussed.
"We don't come back for another month! They're assembling the stage for the last performance scene."
"Really. Then, it is settled." John said, still cautious of their security.
"The girl's clothes are still in their suitcases, right?" Ringo glanced at the bathroom.
"Yeah, they've only been here one night! Paul, go tell the girls our plan!" George smiled with triumph. Everyone's going to be fine!


Paul sprinted to the bathroom, and grabbed the frame of the door to keep from slipping.
"Girls, we're eloping!" Paul laughed out of breath.
"What??" Emmi hesitated with placing the wet cloth on Lucy's eye.
"Well, not exactly. But we're escaping to New York to hide from those criminal guys!" Paul emphasized largely with his hands.
"Oh, Paul! You're so sweet and protective!" Emmi sang as she ran over to wrap her arms around Paul's neck.
He blushed deeply and held her back, beaming a goofy smile and forgetting to state the other information.
"Um...Paul??" Anne snapped her fingers.
"Wha?? Oh, right." he parted from Emmi, just holding hands. "You lot need to get your things together, NOW!" Paul pointed.
The girls ran from the bathroom, Lucy was still holding the cloth to her eye, and ran to stuff their few pieces of clothing back into the suitcases.
George and John lugged everyone's belongings into the trunk of their average car. It all somehow managed to fit. (Haaa, yeah right.  :P)
After about an hour, everyone assembled themselves into the car. And headed to the airport. They went through the stressful process of getting their tickets, going through airport security, and finding proper seats on the plane. The trip took several hours, but they finally reached NYC.
George and Paul wore large black caps, to conceal their identity from the public. And John and Ringo wore thick sunglasses, with false mustaches. Lucy, Morgan, Emmi, and Anne didn't require disguises, but they walked the streets of NYC, still holding their creepy looking boyfriend's hands.
They finally reached the front of their destinated hotel, when....

(How the heck did I fit all that in?? You guys can carry on with the romance parts again, heh heh sorry   :-X)
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George saw who was standing at the front desk. It was his long-gone ex girlfriend Pattie. Thankfully, they all had their disguises on, but he still gripped Anne's hand a little tighter.
"What's wrong Ge-" Anne was about to ask why he got so tense until she saw Pattie at the front desk.
"Uhm, we have four rooms?" Paul said to the man.
"Name?" He asked in a perky voice.
"McCartney." He smiled.
The man nodded. "Here's 210-214. Enjoy your stay." He said, handing Paul the room keys.
Paul smirked, "Well let's go!" he said, taking Emmi's hand and walking them all over to the elevator.
"Which room do we get, babe?" Emmi asked as they all piled into the elevator.
"We get 212, I have something in there for us." He said back with a wink. "So here guys, take whichever you want." Paul said to the others.

(A small contribution, sorry :P)
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Anne and George got room 210, John and Lucy got 211, and Ringo and Morgan got 213. They all ran over to the elevator and got in. They pushed the button for floor number 11.
"How much longer do you have to wear that dorky mustache?" Morgan giggled to Ringo, grabbing at it.
"You guys can probably take those off now!" Anne laughed.
"We better wait till we get into our rooms before we do that." John stated. "You never know who might be around the corner."
"And this could be used as some good role play later!" Paul winked at Emmi as the doors opened and they all jumped out, basically running to their rooms. Before they all got into their rooms they said they would meet again at 10pm in one of their rooms to talk.
"Ok Emmi darling let's go!" Paul said grabbing her arm and pulling her into their suite.
"Alright, see you girls later!" Emmi smiled to them all.
"Ok McCartney, don't forget about meeting at 10:00pm sharp, and we better all meet in my room!" John shouted at him, as Paul slammed the door. Everyone else got into their rooms and started to settle in.
"George, this whole thing is really wild!" Anne told him as they sat down and got some drinks out.
"Yeah it is, I'm sure it will pass soon." he said wrapping his arms around her, and handing her a drink.
"Man, what a crazy day!" Ringo yawned, stretching out his arms.
"Yeah it sure was, I'm just glad we are in a safe place now! And I'm glad that you thought of it." Morgan smiled at him.
"Thanks Love." he said kissing her on the cheek.
"What are we going to do till 10?" Morgan asked, with a wink.
"Oh I can think of something!" Ringo said grabbing her hands and kissing them over and over.
"Are you doing ok?" John asked Lucy.
"Yeah, I think I just need a nap or something. I've never been on a plane before is all." she said laying down on the bed.
"ok I'll wake you in a bit." he smiled, covering her with a blanket.
Paul and Emmi were playing dress up in their room....
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"Do you really think they will not find us here, :-\" said Emmi apprehensively. Paul went to her and kissed her a long kiss. "I'm sure, in every way, if they do, I will not even let them touched you!" Emmi laughed with relief. She was glad that she has Paul, a (handsome :P) guy that you can be trusted him. She looked at him dreamily. Not every one was winning in flight to New York with Paul McCartney.
"Now come on," he ruined the dreams of Emmi "We have breakfast three minutes. (Wow :o, how time passes quickly!!)
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------
George dressed. Anna sat on the bed and yawned. She didn't want to get up for breakfast, not when they reached the hotel at 5 am, and the breakfast at 7 in the morning. George decided to help her. He took her hairbrush was lying on the dresser, and began to comb her. Anna smiled wearily, she took a small comb of George and combed him back. They both laughed.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
Ringo asleep and snoring ........ BOOM! Pillow landed on his face! He woke up in a jump. Morgan was on his bed with a pillow in hand. "Come on Richie! Serve today pastrami sandwiches!" She hit him with the pillow again. He laughed and began to chase after her in a room. He grabbed her waist and they both fell on the carpet. Ringo used in the intimate pose, and kissed her. Morgan kissed him back.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
"Lucy, Lucy ... It is time to wake you," said John. Lucy opened her eyes. "What? What? Oh ... Jet lag ..." She covered her face with a blanket. John pulled the blanket and threw it on the floor. Lucy curled up in bed, shivering. "Give me my blanket ..." She mumbled and put her pillow over her head.
"I have a present for you" John said, smiling. Lucy got up immediately.
"Close your eyes"
Lucy closed her eyes. John handed her a packet of pages. Lucy opened her eyes and looked them. "What's that?" She asked. "A few days ago, I adopted you!" John grinned. Lucy looked at him like she going cry. "It's okay? That does not mean I'm your father, but it's like you are my daughter" Lucy hugged his neck. "I'm so glad it's you!" She said, "and I'm so glad it you!" He said. Lucy suddenly kissed him. So suddenly, that John didn't know whether to be confused or happy. In every case, both were happy.
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After everyone had gotten dressed and ready they all met out in the hallway at 10 am. Everyone had their own plans for the day, Paul and Emmi wanted to go sight seeing in the park. John and Lucy wanted to go to the art museum. George and Anne wanted to stroll around downtown and go sight seeing. And Ringo and Morgan wanted to go shopping and get some ice cream. This was the first big trip that any of the girls had been on and the guys wanted to make the best of it, even if that meant doing it in disguises. 
"Oh Paul this is going to be so much fun!" Emmi squealed as they stepped out onto the sidewalk.
"Yeah the only probably is this itchy mustache!" he laughed, "But you look wonderful love!" he smiled to Emmi.
"Oh Paul can we go to the park?" she shouted.
"Of course we can, we can do anything you want!" he smiled to her, grabbing her hand. "I think some shopping for you is also in order!"
"OH Paul really??" she grinned at him, squeezing his hand ever so tight.
"Yes, anything for my love!" he smiled as the strolled down the sidewalk.
"So Lucy, I thought we could go and see some art exhibits." John said, looking down at her with a big grin on his face.
"Oh boy! That does sound like fun!" she giggled as the stepped outside.
"And anything else you want to do, just tell me and it's yours!" he winked at her.
"You are the sweetest guy I've ever known." she sighed as they held hands walking so slowly down the sidewalk.
"What should we do first darling?" George asked Anne wide eyed.
"Oh, well....I don't know, anything you want is fine by me." she shyly smiled up at him.
"Really? cause I thought you would want to choose." he grinned, taking her hand in his.
"Well I've always wanted to go on one of those tour buses!" she laughed, and turned slightly pink.
"Alright! It's done, we're off to see the sights my love!" he stated as he jumped up in the air and they began to run down the street.
"So Luv, what do you want to do today?" Ringo asked Morgan with a huge grin.
"I don't know, everyone always has plans except us." she sulked.
"We can make any plans we want to, it's our choice." he said sitting down next to her in the hall.
"yes, but what are these plans?" she asked, putting her head on her knees. "And anywhere we go you'll have to wear that dorky mustache." she laughed.
"I know, that part does stink, but just pick some place, I'll go anywhere you want." he smiled at her.
"Well I did want to check out some shopping boutiques and....maybe get some ice cream?" she giggled in embarrassment.
"As you wish my luv!" he bowed to her, then laughed while grabbing her hand and heading to the elevator.
Everyone was having a great time on their individual dates, they finally were getting some real alone time and they all loved it.
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Ha ha ... nice. Hey guys, you do not feel that someone is missing? In every way ...
"Paul, what do you think of my dress?" Emmi came from the measurement and showed him her beautiful dress. Paul turned toward her, his eyes widened. He began stammering in embarrassment "Um .. Emmi ... i .. it's really beautiful" He blushed.
Emmi approached him, he started playing with he's fingers. He had never seen Emmi more beautiful  "It will be an honor to go with you on the street" Emmi smiled "with my dress?"
 "Yes. Now, you want to buy more things?" "Oh yes! More elegant mustache to my partner" Paul closed his eyes and breathed " only if it will be not scratch"
George and Anna were on the bus. They sat two nice seats with a nice window, and everything was nice until the George's phone rang (let's say he had a telephone) He answered grimly, "Hello?" Ringo was on the other side "Hey, George, we're going to a restaurant"
"Who is" we? "
"We all! Now just you and Anna are missing, we found a huge restaurant and luxurious! That is both sushi tuna" Ringo said.
"What? Great! We come! Where the restaurant Ringo?"
"I have no idea what street we are, but you do not miss it! We'll wait for you, bye bye"
George hung up. "Are you hungry Anna?" "Yes, very!" "Excellent!  we go to the restaurant!"
 Anna widened her eyes and looked out the window. "Wow !!!!!!" She opened her mouth. George also looked through the window. He was in shock.
They hurried to get off. They stood at the foot of the huge restaurant that they could ever find. It really was huge. Very. And payers. "Hey guys!" George and Anna heard Ringo. Lucy and John was neer him, Paul and Emmi was ther too, and also Morgan. "Come on guys, go eat!" Emmi said.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
 John arranged for his mustache, "Remember everyone, in Rome Be Roman"
"You mean, in a  polite restaurant, be polite," corrected George. "Same thing," said John scornfully, "but if not behave like this, they will send us out in a kick!" . He said and crossed his arm through Lucy. All boys linked arms with their girls and they entered the row.
"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen," one waiter greeted them, and kissed the hand of Emmi. Paul looked at him vindictive. Three other waiters took them to their table. Music of violins sounded in the background.
"I've never been in such high-brow" scoffed George. Ringo laughed.
One waiter approached them and asked: "What you want to order?" Everyone looked at their menus. The waiter looked at Emmi, Paul looked at the waiter. Emmi looked at her menu.
"If I may say young lady, that your dress really suits you" said the waiter. Emmi blushed but not smiled. Paul shrunk in his chair. Everyone invited to their dishes. The waiter passed between them all gathered up the menus. On the way he kissed the hand of Emmi. Paul stood up, startling everyone. "You better leave my girlfriend or I will not hesitate to use my fist," he snapped at the waiter.
"Paul, Please sit down" asked John. Paul sat down. The waiter hurried off.
" what Doyou looking at?" Paul said angrily.
"Paul, please promise me that they would not take us out before we receive our meals" Emmi pleasantly stroked his arm. Paul sighed, "Okay love, everything you ask," he smiled slightly and kissed her.
After several minutes, the waiters arrived with a  trolleys white cloth covered. They turned around their table like the table was square in the middle of the street. Then arrested. They removed the cloth at once over the carts and served everyone their dishes. John clapped his hands enthusiastically.
When the waiters were leaving, one waiter winked to Emmi. Paul dropped "accidentally" lemon slice off his plate. The waiter slipped and fell. Paul felt satisfied.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------
They ate and chatted quietly, George and Ringo did a forks fight, Anna and Morgan enjoyed to watch the fight, until a waiter arrived with a small beard came and read from a note: "Who is:" Lucy "." It's me! "Lucy raised her hand." We have a package for you" Two waiters sweating and panting put in front of the table the box with the holes. They opened it and bouncy brown dog jumped out.
"MAX!" Lucy screamed happily. Max barked happily and ran towards Lucy. "You brought him here!" John was surprised. "I knew he would run the orphanage, so I called my girlfriend and ask her to send him here on a airmail" Emmi, Morgan and Anna came over to pet him. Max was very happy, especially beacos he should not be in the irritating box. But he was hungry. Very very! He sniffed the air, and found a great piece of steak! and started running around the restaurant.
People were screaming and were on their chairs, tables flew through the air, one Chihuahua barked enthusiastically from bag of one woman, people and waiters bumped and food flew all over, our eighth chased Max throughout the restaurant. "Lucy Take Max get out of here!" John shouted. Lucy picked up Max, who ate a piece of steak in the sauce, and ran with her friends to a safety place.
They were nice quiet park. Ringo lost his mustache, Anna discovered a stain on her pants, and Paul found sardine in his hair . "Well, at least we should not have to pay 3,000 dollars for the meal" George shrugged. "Ooh! Naughty Dog" remonstrated Lucy, Max howled with regret. "So, if we want it to will not happen again ..." John said
"We will have to return it," said Lucy, "No" John said "We'll get a collar and leash" Lucy beamed with happiness. Everyone felt better now, and then, without knowing in advance, they started to laugh ...

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 how much I wrote! :o
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(Thought I'd add something.  ;) )

They all headed back to the hotel, it had been a long day. They strolled down the sidewalks hand in hand. It was a very beautiful night and they all were just trying to take it all in before anyone might notice who they were.
"This has been just wonderful." Paul whispered in Emmi's ear. She blushed and squeezed his hand tighter.
"I love you so much." she sighed into his ear, with a huge smile on her face.
"I love you too my sweet!" he grinned.
"I'm glad that you got you're dog back!" John said to Lucy as the two strolled behind Paul and Emmi.
"Well I'm sure you had something to do with it, didn't you?" she smiled slyly at him.
"yeah, well you caught me." he said coyly as he took her hand.
"Morgan, you know that I love you right?" Ringo asked with a sad look on his face.
"Of course, how could I not know that silly?" she giggled grabbing his arm and pulling him closer to her.
"George, this day was incredible, I will never forget it." Anne smiled.
"Why do you say it like it's our last day together?" he laughed, touching her cheek.
"I'm not, I'm just trying to tell you how happy you make me is all." she grinned at him and pulled him closer to her as they neared the hotel.
They all walked into the lobby, but something seemed a little different. Everyone looked different, the staff members were all wearing dark shades and all black suites. Quickly the guys figured out what was going on. They hastily pushed the girls into the elevator, trying to keep them as quiet as possible.
"What the heck is going on?" Emmi shouted as the elevator doors closed on them.
"Shhhh!" John yelled at her.
"What?" Emmi asked again.
"Those guys out there weren't working for the hotel!" Paul whispered in her ear  with a raspy voice. Emmi's face suddenly went white as a sheet.
"So they were with those jerks that sent the letter?" Morgan asked him.
"Yes, we have to figure out something to do." John whispered as the elevator opened onto their floor. "And it has to be fast!"
"Ummm, ok let's sneak out of here."  George stated, pulling Anne close to him.
"Yeah, we know that Georgie! But how do we get out of here?" John said sarcastically.
"Don't they have fire escapes in buildings like these?" Ringo stated, knowing he was right.
"Oh yeah, why didn't I think of that!" John laughed to himself. They all ran to their rooms and packed up everything they could. Then they all met back up in the hall, running to the nearest fire escape, which led them to a dark alley way behind the hotel.
"Now what?" Morgan asked grabbing hold of Ringo tightly.
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"Now we need to find the exit door" Ringo reassured her. They hurried to the door, according to what they knew, it should be red. Every time they passed the people suspects, and were quick to show natural. But this trick didn't work much longer, the hotel, apparently, was surrounded by these people, and they had to change tactics:
1. Morgan taught everyone a crash course in French, and they began babbling in French as they passed by the people of the suspects.
2. Everyone wore hats of tourists and sunglasses.
3. They exchanged suitcases.
4. They did replace - George went with Emmi, John went with Morgan, Ringo went with Lucy and Paul went with Anna.
5. They ran. But it was the worst idea becos Ringo didn't notice where he ran and ran into one of the people. His mustache fell. "HEY!" Shouted the man. He took his  walky talky and in less than a minute, dozens of people chased them.
"Oh! How I would prefer them to be girls screaming" Paul ran in frustration. "Believe me Paul, you really would not want them who the girls screaming, after what happened in one of the first scene filming the movie" John gasped. Emmi looked at Lucy. Both pulled shoulders Misunderstanding. "Quick! There!" Ringo shouted. They entered into a long corridor. With the door:" Opened only from one side" at the end. "Oh no! Now we were caught!" Morgan said, almost crying. "No wait! Have a small window up here! Someone should go and open the door for us on the other side!" Anna smiled hopefully. The window was not particularly high, but no one was small enough to go through it.
They could hear people running and approaching them. "What to do? What to do? What to do?" George came to stress. "Hah! Max!" Lucy exclaimed suddenly. "He can go out the window!" "But how did he open the door?" "He trained to jump on doorknobs, I taught him that when we had to sneak into the kitchen in the day that they don't give us the pie they were promised" Lucy smiled. "So come on, Lucy! We don't have time!" Paul rushed. John picked up Max and put it through the window. Max jumped to the other side and barked, as he confirmed that he reached the other side safely.
"Max!" Lucy bent at the door. "Handle!" She shouted. One scary moment nothing happened and then the door swung open. Everyone rushed to stroke Max and praise him. And then they rushed to get away. Everyone ran towards to another door.  Red one! :D
behind them they heard the men struggling through the door that "opens only from one side" and sighed with relief. Ringo opened the door. They reached the other side of the hotel. Beneath them was a iron staircase shape of a square spiral, and a spread a huge lawn in front of them. Ringo shouted: "World!"
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Everyone ran out onto the field, it was pitch black outside so nobody could see a thing. It was quite cold outside as well, considering it was only March in NY. They all began to blindly walk through the huge field, not even knowing where they were headed to.
"Uh guys, where are we going?" Ringo asked them, holding on tightly to Morgan.
"I don't know." John yelled at him. "All I know is that, nobody is around here and that's good news."
"But how do we know that nobody is around here?" Ringo asked in curiosity. "It's too dark to tell either way."
"Just put a sock in it Ring!" Paul shoved him.
"Paul what are we going to do?" Emmi whispered in his ear shaking a bit.
"Don't worry, we'll figure this out." he said with a gulp. He could feel her trembling, so he took off his coat and put it around her shoulders.
"Anne, stay close to me." George stated, grabbing her hand and pulling her along faster.
"I'm trying, it's just so cold out here, and I'm very tired." she sighed into his shoulder.
"I know love, but you have to keep up, don't wanna lose you." he whispered back to her, stroking her hair. They continued to walk through this field for about an hour, wondering if it would ever lead to anything. It was really late and the girls could barely keep moving. John was pulling Lucy along and carrying max in his arms. Anne was so tired she was basically zombie walking, and Paul and Ringo had opted to carrying Emmi and Morgan, considering they both had fallen asleep a while ago.
"This is never ending!" John huffed.
"I say we just go to sleep." Anne yawned.
"Right here in a field?" Paul questioned.
"Sounds good to me, I'm so tired." Anne replied as she laid down on the soft grass.
"Anne... you can't just. Oh sod it all." George stated laying down next to her.
"Are you both crazy?" Paul shouted at them. "We can't sleep here, think if those guys were to show up, waiting for us."
"Yeah Paul has a point." Ringo stated, holding on to Morgan tightly.
"I don't really care either, we've walked forever!" Lucy stated, starting to sit down.
"Ok fine, we'll just take a little rest, that's all." John said, sitting down next to her.
"I ain't doing this!" Ringo shouted. "it's too dangerous!"
"Yeah! But what else can we do Ring?" Paul stated blankly, looking into the darkness.
"Alright, we'll stay but only for a while." he said lowering Morgan and himself to the ground. Paul followed suit. Everyone had fallen asleep fast, and the sun rose in no time. When they woke up they found themselves, not in a field but a park... central park.

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Emmi groggily opened her eyes, "Wh-wh-what?! We must look like hobo's sleeping in central park." She sighed, brushing off her clothes and picking up Paul's coat that they slept under together.
"Nah, you look fine, love." Paul said, sitting up next to her.
"So where do we go from here?" Asked Anne.
"Well, we could book a hotel in Queens and take a cab there." Ringo offered.
"Good idea. Lemme go use the payphone." said John, he stepped over to the payphone and dialed information.
"How did you think of Queens, Ringo?" George asked, brushing Anne's hair for her.
"Only if you tell me why your brushing Anne's hair." Ringo said.
"Because I wanted to. Now why did you think of Queens?"
"It's the next biggest city close to Manhattan." He stated bluntly.
"Enough you two! Your bickering like children" Paul said, digging through his suitcase. "Ah, here it is!" Paul said, putting his hat on.
"Okay!" John said, "I called a cab and the driver said he'd be here in a few minutes.
"How are we all going to fit in one cab?" Asked Lucy, walking over to John and bringing her hand to his.
"It's not just a cab. It's a Limo." He said with a grin.
"You rented a Limo to drive 24 miles?" Asked Morgan in amazement.
"Sure why not?" He said with a shrug, but all the girls were amazed.
When the Limo came, they all piled in, and you can guess who's by who.
"I'm so sorry we dragged you into this girls, but hopefully we've shaken them for a while." Paul said, stroking Emmi's hair. Which was now combed thanks to Anne having one.
"Well, it's the most exiting time I've had for a while, to say the least." Emmi giggled and Paul kissed her forehead.
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The limo cruised down the boulevards, until it reached the hotel. They all climbed out slowly, it had been a very long and uncomfortable night and they were all sore. John walked in first with Lucy, and asked for some rooms. Once he got the keys he handed one to each couple. They all filed up the stairs and into the elevator, just hoping to get some peace and rest. Once they all had gotten into their rooms they each took a long nap, trying to refresh themselves for whatever may lie ahead of them. The telephone rang in Paul and Emmi's room.
"Ello?" Paul yawned into the receiver. "Did you have to wake me up for that? Ok, bye."
"Who was that Paul?" Emmi questioned him as she rubbed her eyes.
"Oh it was just Ringo, he called to see if we wanted pizza." he replied looking annoyed.
"Well what did you tell him?" she asked, pulling on his sleeve.
"I said, yeah sure whatever Ringo." he laughed.
"Paul, I'm starving! We haven't eaten in forever!" she whined in his ear.
"Fine, I'll tell him to send some in here." he said rubbing her arm. Once the pizza arrived, everyone snuck into Paul and Emmi's room to chow down. Everyone was dying of hunger after they woke up.
"Guys?" Morgan asked between bites.
"Yes?" George answered her.
"What are we going to do? I mean these guys are after us, and we're sitting in here eating pizza." she replied with a worried look.
"What do you expect us to do?" John barked at her.
"Well... you know, get someone to help us or something. How long are we going to have to keep running?"
"I dunno... until we lose them." John confirmed, looking down at her.
"But this is madness! Morgan is right!" Anne shouted back at him.
"Well, I don't know what else there is to do." John stated, pacing in circles around the room.
"This is going to have to do for now." George said trying to comfort Anne.
"Don't worry Morgan, we'll think of something." Ringo reassured her.
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Just then, they heard a knock on the door.
"Oh no, what if it's them!?" Morgan asked.
John pulled a baseball bat out of the closet, "Don't worry, I've got them." He walked up to the door with the bat raised.
He opened the door, "Your champagne si- Ahh!" it was a hotel worker bringing a bottle of champagne Emmi and Paul had ordered.
"Oh, so sorry mate." John said, lowering the bat.
"T-th-thats alright sir, j-j-just take the bottle." The man said and shoved it in John's arms and ran down the hallway.
"Smooth move, John" Paul scoffed.
"Well you could have told me you orderd something!" John shot back.
"Boys boys, don't get mad at eachother! We're going to be together for a while, might as well not create tension!" Morgan said.
"Your right, babe." Ringo sighed, kissing her softly.
"Jeez, get a room." George muttered.
"Alright then!" Ringo said, picking Morgan up and running back to their room.
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(I laughed out loud at this one.  ;D )

The color in George's face drained in pure horror.
"AUGH! Not now!!, are you mad??" George said, appalled.
Ringo gently placed Morgan on the ground, not being able to contain their laughter from George's face.
"George, if you keep making that face, it'll stick that way." Paul instructed in his fake posh voice, poking George's scrunched up nose.
"God, we were only joking, George." Ringo chuckled as he walked hand in hand with Morgan back to the group.
"No, wait. Who's that out the window?" he scrutinized at the balcony beyond the sliding door. There were 2 dark silhouette figures peering in the shadows straight at them.
Morgan suddenly yanked the baseball bat from the ground, and sprinted towards the figures, screaming a battle cry. She wrenched the door open and swung forcefully. She could feel her arm sockets popping and straining slightly.
The two figures retreated in shock.
She panted, still gripping the baseball bat horizontally in her hands in front of her. She realized that she looked hostile, and ran a hand through her hair and looked at everyone.
Ringo's jaw was wide open.
"Morgan...YOU WERE F$%KING BRILLIANT!" Ringo bellowed as he squeezed Morgan tightly to him.
"Where'd that come from?? You looked like a psycopath!" John said merrily in astonishment.
"No one. Touches my friends." she stated, as she squeezed Ringo back.
Paul twisted the baseball bat out of her grip as if he were trying to remove a lightbulb.
"Let go now, hon. They're gone. We need that for later." Paul said uneasily.
Anne was squinting out the balcony, still uncertain that they're actually gone.
"They're gone, Anne. I'm not sure when they'll be back, but we all realize that we have a useful amount of raw 'toughness' in all of us." George said, holding her hand.
Anne tore her gaze away from the balcony slowly and smiled at George.
"Everyone keep a good, painful weapon near them tonight. Who knows when they'll come back." John announced, pulling the baseball bat onto his shoulder, gripping it lightly.
Everyone agreed, and searched around the room for anything. Umbrellas, fire place pokers, the wine bottle, etc.
Paul was rummaging through the coat closet near the front door, when the knob began rattling. Paul poked his head out of the closet, and stood before the front door, armed with a shoe.
"Guys! Someone's at the front door, trying to get in!" Paul hissed, a bead of sweat sliding down the side of his face.
John stepped quietly by Paul's side, holding the bottle of wine.

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The door slowly opened, they stood ready with weapons in hand. The room was very dark, all they could see was a slight shadow of a man walking in the room. Both John and Paul raised up their weapons then struck the man! He thudded to the ground, all the girls gasped in horror. Ringo ran over and turned the light on. Indeed it was one of the henchmen, he was wearing all black and had those infamous dark shades on.
"Eh, it's one of those jerks again!" Ringo pointed at him.
"Yes Ringo, good work!" John said patting him on the head.
"Well, don't you think there is more of them?" George stated, looking out the window for any sign of them.
"I dunno, maybe." John said.
"Turn that light off Ringo, they'll know we're in here!" Paul yelled as they heard another set of feet walking down the hall. They all prepared themselves for another intrusion.
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"I wish I were James Bond..." Paul whispered softly in Emmi's ear, "Then I could beat the pulp out of these guy like no one's business."
"Well, you did see the movies, didn't you?" She whispered.
"Yes! They're my favorites!"
"Then use some of the moves and save the danzels in distress! Just like him!" She smiled.
"Will I get any action afterwards?" He joked and raised his eyebrows. She rolled her eyes and pushed him out there.
"Prepare to meet McCartney, James McCartney!" He yelled and smacked the guy over the head with the bat.
"AOW!!!!" The man yelled and fell to the floor. Paul ran over to the light switch and flicked them on.
"I did it!" He cheered and hugged Emmi. "That was such a rush!" He sighed.
"Way to go, mate!" George said and high-fived him. "What brought that on?"
"Emmi told me to!" He smiled and kissed her cheek.
"She's got you whipped already!" John howled.
"John! That was mean." Lucy said, "He just saved our lives!"
"Oh so sorry dear." He quickly said and rushed over to her, he couldn't figure out why all the others were laughing a little.
"Do you think we're okay for the night?" Morgan asked.
"Well we should be. What are we going to do with the guys?" Ringo asked.
"I think I have an idea." Anne said with a wicked smirk.
"Yes, we need a bell-boy to come pick up suitcases being sent to Guam?" John said into the phone, "Yes, thank you."
When the bell-boy got to the room,  he picked up the very heavy suitcases that looked a little too much like a human figure. "Well, they must be paying a fourtune for shipping." He said and rolled his eyes.
Later that day, their attackers woke up in a baggage claim in Anderson Airforce base.... in Guam.
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"well I'm glad that's all over with now." John sighed as they got into the limo.
"me too." Lucy said as she scooted closer to John.
"That was quite an experience." George stated.
"Yeah, it sure was." Paul said, putting his arm around Emmi.
"Where are we going next?" Ringo asked, in a very happy voice.
"Where should we go?" Morgan asked.
"I thought we we're just going home." George said pulling Anne closer to him.
"I thought we could go to Hawaii!" Ringo said with a huge grin.
"Well I guess we do deserve another vacation after all of this." John said.
"Fine then, it's settled." Paul said.
"YAY!" The girls all shouted in unison!
"This is going to be the best." Emmi whispered in Paul's ear.
"yes love it's going to be great!" Paul winked at her.
"Mo, this is going to be amazing, can't wait to hit the beach!" Ringo smiled at her. They all headed for the airport to Hawaii instead of London for a proper vacation in the sun, before they had to get back to shooting the film. 
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When they got to the airport, they checked in and got first-class seats. "I fly constantly and I've never been in first class!" Emmi said with a smile.
"Well today's your lucky day to be dating a Beatle, babe." He smirked.
"I'm always lucky." She whisperd in his ear and he blushed.
"Come on Lovebirds! We need to get to the plane!" John said as he took Lucy's and his suitcases. Following John's example, the boys took their girlfriend's suitcases.
"You didn't have to do that, Ringo." Morgan giggled.
"But I did, because I love you." He smiled and kissed her cheek.
"I love you too." She whispered back.
"Here we are!" John said as they got to the terminal. "We have twenty minutes, use it wisely."
Emmi and Paul sat down on the chairs. "Do you want to know a secret?" Paul said with a smirk.
"Sure, babe." She smiled. He leaned close to her and whispered sweet things in her ear.
George and Anne went walking hand in hand in all the shops in the terminal. "Ohh look!" Anne said as she pointed to a shop with a bunch of New York painting in it, "Can we go look?" She said with a smile.
"Of course love!" George said as they ran in together.
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They approached the store. Max ran after them, and after him- John and Lucy. Emmi had to say something to Lucy and wanted her, probably Paul ran after her. But Ringo just talked to him and wanted to end the conversation, so he ran with Morgan. In short, everyone went into the store.
"Boss, I see them, they went into the store"
Good! Now send some guys to wait them out "
"But with those girls have! They might ruin the plan!"
"Hmmm...You're right, if the little witches were not sticking to them all the time they were in our hands long ago!"
"So what do we do boss?"
"Mm............Shoot on girls'
"But boss! We can't shoot, they're children!"
"Quiet! I Don't care if they even babies! Give orders to the guys to shoot on the girls and take the boys! And if you not like it, then you will be the one who shot him"
"Yes boss, I get it..."
"Now, come on! They have a flight less than 15 minutes!"
Max sniffed the shelf with little puppets shaped dogs, while the others roam the store. Max suddenly felt something strange. You know, kind of sixth sense of dogs.
He smelled black sunglasses, lead, men's cologne, impatience and he smelled danger...
All the smells come from the outside. A shiver over on his back and he ran toward Lucy, he barked in fear. "What happened Max? Why do you look so down You want to go outside?" Max gave a yelp. He barked in frustration. All the people stared at Lucy. One woman told her to shut her dog. Lucy tried to calm Max, but he doesn't clam.
"Lucy, what happened to Max? Everybody looks at us," John hissed, embarrassed. "We need to get him out," Paul said. Max barked anxiously. He could see what would happen next. "Well let's get out of here, people look at us," Morgan and Ringo tried to get everyone out. Lucy held the Max. But he objected to get out ...

My sister always hear the song: "russian roulette" by Rihanna, it starts to affect me ... :o
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They all exited the store in frustration, looking down at max in irritation.
"What's with your dog Lucy?" Anne asked.
"I don't know, he doesn't get this way unless he feels threatened." She said rubbing his ears.
"Well we better get to the security so we can get on the plane, only ten minutes till take off." John stated, grabbing Lucy's hand.
"Yay!" Morgan said jumping for joy. Ringo grabbed their luggage and followed after her.
"George, do you think there was something wrong with Max?" Anne asked him, a little worried.
"Nah, I'll bet he just got a whiff of some food around here or something." George smiled at her, as they headed to security after the others. Once passing through security they headed to finally get on the plane and fly off to paradise. They all got on and sat down together, usual seating arrangements.  ;)
"Oh Paul, this is going to be amazing, in the sun with you, running around on the beach with you..." she smiled at him stroking his hair.
"Yeah I was thinking the same thing love, except I was think of you in a bathing suit, instead of me!" he laughed. Emmi blushed and then started to giggle herself a little. Anne and George were over in their seats in conversation drinking cokes.
"This is the greatest, and it's a thousand times better with you here Anne, I'm so glad we met." he smiled at her, placing his hand on hers.
"I know, just think if we never met each other on the set, I would have never gotten to know you, see how kind you are..."
"... and show you how much I love you." he finished her sentence, then kissed her tenderly on the lips. John and Lucy were both drawing, they really enjoyed drawing and it was one of the many things they had in common.
"I hope Max is ok in that awful trunk they stuck him in." Lucy worried.
"He'll be just fine, they know what they're doing darling, so just relax." he smiled at her, leaning her back into her seat.
"ok, I guess you're right, it's just..." she sighed.
"Shhh, it's ok now, just enjoy the trip." he winked at her then raised his eyebrows in a seductive way.
"John!" she pushed him.
"What? Can I just show you some love." he smiled kissing her on the cheek. Ringo and "Mo" had gotten their books out and started reading.
"Ringo?" Mo asked him.
"Yes, what's wrong?" he asked lowering his book.
"Aren't you at all concerned or worried those guys could be following us?" she questioned him, searching his face for fear.
"No, I'm sure we lost them already." he smiled stroking her face.
"But what if we didn't? What if they're trailing us?"
"You are worrying way too much!" he laughed pulling her head onto his shoulder, then kissing her forehead.
"Fine I guess you're right love, it's just I have this weird feeling in my stomach." she sighed. 
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The men ran into the plane and tried to get to their seats, but one of the men had his gun holster showing...
"What?! How did you get passed security?!" A flight attendant said and ran them back into the terminal, "Sorry, you can't fly today." She said and shut the door.
"Bullocks! How are we going to get to them!?" He cursed and kicked the ground.
"If we can't bring our guns, we have to drive..." He sighed.
"Drive across the country? It will take days!" He sighed, "Then we have to get on a boat to get to Hawaii."
"Well it's our only choice!" He yelled and they headed to their car.
"I'm so exited!" Emmi squealed and hugged Paul. "And I have a feeling they're behind us."
"You think so?" He cooed, "Hopefully. I'd like to somewhat enjoy Hawaii."
She smiled, then glanced over to George and Anne who were across from them in the isle, "Look." She whispered. Anne had fallen asleep on George's shoulder, he was gazing at her and stroking her hair. "They're so adorable together!" She sighed.
Paul smirked, "I like our relationship better." He smiled and kissed her lower cheek.
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After several hours on the plane they finally landed in beautiful Hawaii! They were greeted by hula girls who gave them all leis. Everyone was so excited to be there jumping up in down in celebration.
"This is amazing!" Emmi shouted as she ran toward the sand.
"Where are ya going? We haven't even checked into the hotel yet love." Paul shouted at her.
"That's ok, I'm going to jump in!" She yelled from the distance.
"What? With all your clothes on?" Paul questioned.
"I don't care! I'm going to have fun!" She said hitting the water and soaking herself. Everyone started dying with laughter at the sight of her.
"Are you about done yet?" John questioned her.
"Nope!" she replied splashing him in the face, which only resulted in John doing the exact same back to her.
"Come on you guys!" they both shouted from the water. Everyone came running over to them and it turned into a giant water fight, they stayed in the water until all of them were good and soaked. They all treaded back to the hotel, once they entered everyone gave them a "what the heck" look of confusion, as they walked up to their rooms.
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Max jumped after Lucy and John, leaving behind puddles of water. the Ushering didn't like the new  wet tourists in the hotel, and also the wet dog who shook every five seconds and wet the walls.
Immediately, when Lucy and John entered the room they needed to do to Max a shower . The smell of wet dog was not exactly the smell they want in their room.
"Johnny, you want to help me to shower Max?" Lucy asked, filling the tub with warm water.
"Sure Luce, I'm bringing him" John approached to Max and picked it up, in the way to the shower He stroked it, to feel good before the big torture (Moohahaha!)
Lucy checked what shampoos can accommodate to dogs but she stopped and turned her head quickly when Max jumped back to John when John brought him to the bath. Lucy giggled "I'll help you"
they both took Max into the bath and kept him to stay in. They started to rub it in soap and wash it with water. Then they had to use a different soap, but Max wanted to finish, and they had to hold it in place. What caused them to fall into the tub. They burst out laughing and then, after they go easy, they just look at one other. antil Lucy sprayed foam on John. They began to foam fight antil a usherette knocked on the door. Max ran to the door and jumped on the handle. When the door open the usherette looked at him in horror. John rushed to the door and took Max away "Sorry ma'am If the dog wet you," said John as he dripped water and soap.The usherette looked both shocked and arranged her hair. After she recovered, she turned to arrange the room.
John returned back to Lucy with wet Max  and began to wipe it with Lucy. Then Lucy wiped John and they laughed again. "I'm going to shower now, and you after me okay?" Asked John and smiled his beautiful smile. "No problem, Johnny" Lucy gushed. Max, with ruffled fur, sat beside her cuddled up to her knees. She stroked him.
After half an hour they were all clean. Lucy combed Max's fur and put him his red collar.
"Let's go see what others doing," suggested John.
 "What are they doing now?" Asked Lucy, and went with John and Max out of the room. "Yes, and also asked them what they're doing tonight," John raised his eyebrows in a seductive way. "If they're available, we can go to the restaurant:"The Red Lobster" said John.
"You invite me to a double date with our friends?" Lucy excited. "Why a double date? We're four!" John laughed ....
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Everyone was in their rooms drying off from all the wet fun they had been having earlier. It was going to be a great vacation, as long as the bumbling mobsters didn't show up.
"Anne, you have the softest hair." George stated brushing her long brown hair.
"George, you're always so kind to me, I've never met anyone like you." she smiled at him and then kissing his cheek.
"Ah, you are so adorable." he smirked as he grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap, showering her with kisses.
"No you're the best!" Anne giggled, smiling up at him, then resting her head on his chest.
"Paul! You better stop that right now!" Emmi giggled as she got up from the floor, where he had tackled her and wouldn't stop kissing her.
"I don't think I can! You drive me wild woman!" he shouted, grabbing her again. Emmi tried freeing herself, but couldn't deny him when he looked so cute with his dreamy bedroom eyes.
"Ok..come on Paul, we told John that we would meet him for dinner." she laughed between kisses.
"They can wait, but we can't." he laughed.
"Well I'm sorry to tell you this Paul but we can wait." she smiled at him, stroking his soft black locks. Paul stopped and looked at her, then a sly smile came across his face.
"Alright, we'll go to this dinner thing, but you can't run away from me tonight." he winked at her getting up and grabbing a towel to dry his hair.
"Shesh, you're a pushy one!" she blushed, then ran to her room to change.
"Come on Ringo! We have to meet John before he bursts!" Morgan shouted from across their suite, brushing her hair.
"I'll be there in a minute luv." he stated.
"Well what's taking you so long? You're taking longer than me even!" she yelled, walking to the bathroom where he had been for a half hour. She knocked on the door, wondering if he was alright.
"I'm fine! Just don't worry about me." he answered.
"Well then come out here and show me you're alright." she contested, standing outside the door. He walked out with his head hanging down.
"What is it Ritchie?" she questioned him.
"Nothing... I just wanted to give you this thing."
"What thing? What are you talking about?" she wondered, looking for whatever he was talking about.
"This!" he said holding out his hands, with a small box.
"What is it?"
"You're going to have to find out yourself." he smiled at her grinning from ear to ear.
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Laiter... (What a voltage! ;D)
Everyone came to the counter, close to the exit and waited for the next step. John and Lucy were waiting for George and Anna arrive. They arrived a little late. "Sorry guys" George shrugged.
 "Well, come on we're going to spend a beautiful evening," John nodded and they all leave. They walked until they came to the restaurant: "The Red Lobster"
"What a stupid name for a restaurant" Emmi murmured. They entered. Lucy held Max in his leash, who will not runs to them suddenly. in the Restaurant was rhythmical music of tango, and many different colored lights. The walls were covered in bamboo sticks and on the ceiling- hung with plastic fish. our heroes came round the table and a waitress came. "Ole, matey, what you want to order" She was  too smiling, and she wore a skirt of green leaves, a chain of flowers, bra of fake coconut-shell and a giant red flower in her hair.
The boys looked at her with huge eyes. The waitress winked at Paul, Emmi looked at her vindictive. After everyone ordered their dishes, the waitress returned to the kitchen purpose by the chair of Paul. She giggled and send him a kiss on the air. Paul blushed. Emmi shrank in her chair.
 Max sat with Lucy in her chair, waiting like everyone else for his portion. They chatted and laughed, and John began to do the tango dance movements. Lucy dance with him also. Soon everyone began to dance in place. They laughed until the waitress returned with their dishes. she distributed to all the dishes, and when she given to Paul hes dish, she patted his shoulder seductively. Emmi looked into the cup with her shrimp. One shrimp was still alive in the cup. Emmi took him outside and threw him "accidentally" on the skirt of the waitress. The waitress screamed and started running around the restaurant until we hit one man who holding a pitcher of juice. The sticky juice spilled on her. Emmi felt satisfaction.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
Toward the end of the meal, Ringo stood up and held wine goblet and spoon. He knocked gently on the cup to deflect the distinction of all him. He put the cup and shoved a hand into the pocket. "Guys, I think there is no time more appropriate to ask my question than now," he said. Not only the guys look at them, all the restaurant fell silent and looked expectantly, like there were broadcasting thriller. "Morgan" Ringo said quietly. Morgan got up in a misunderstanding. Ringo took the small blue box from before. He opened it gently.In the box was a shiny silver ring with tiny beautiful diamonds in light blue and silver
He asked: "...

WHAT A VOLTAGE :o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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"Will you-" there was a loud crash then the lights went out. A few screams were heard through out the restaurant a hand of a child brushed against Anne's arm she took the hand. The child showed her it was going to be alright but clearly it wasn't. Anne was very confused 'How can this poor little girl be happy! in a time like this' she thought to herself, the child led her outside into a cab in the cab waiting for them were the mobsters."HAHA!!! We got one!" One of them cheered. "And we have to thank layla!" The other one patted "layla" on the head. Anne looked at girl "Huh?  I thought you only six!" she shouted, layla chuckled and said "No I'm 14 what six year old would be smart enough to lure you into this cab?" Layla asked Anne."Oy! Shadup you two we're here." The car had stopped in front of a very nice mansion. They all got of the car the mobsters dragged Anne to the door with the others waiting for her......... 
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When the lights came back on, George looked around for Anne, "Anne! Anne!" He called frantically, "W-wh-where is she?!" He panicked.
Then Paul picked up a small envelope from the table, "Dear Beatles, we have you Anne." He read.
"No!!!!!!!!!!!" George cried.
Paul read on, "If you give us $1000 we will give her back. Call at this number if you agree."
"We need to give them the money!" George cried. "That's probably what they've wanted all along!"
"Your probably right, George." John agreed. "Let's get back to the hotel and we will call them."
"Where the hell are you taking me?!" Anne cried, kicking and thrashing around in the cab. "I need my George!" Se started to cry.
"You'll get your precious Beatles back if they give us the money." The man said with a wicked grin.
"They'll give you whatever you want! Just let me go!"
"Please..." She whispered.
"We need our money first!"
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They all got into the limo and headed for the hotel as fast as possible. Once in John's room they dialed the number, not knowing what to expect this time. The phone rang and rang but there was no answer. Everyone got very nervous, then wondered why they had given them a number that no one was at.
"Oh god!" George shouted pacing the room.
"it's ok Georgie we'll fix this yet!" Ringo said patting him on the back.
"Well what are we going to do??" he asked them with a dumbstruck look.
"Let's just wait a while, the idiots probably haven't gotten there yet." John stated, trying to stay calm to relieve George of his stress.
"yeah, I guess you could be right." George sulked. "But what if they're hurting her?"
"I don't think they would, they don't seem the type." Paul chimed in, sitting on the bed next to Emmi.
"How do you know their type?" George questioned him.
"Well they just seem like they care more about money then hurting girls, that's all." Paul sighed.
"Paul, I can't let anything happen to her, I love her." George cried into his hands.
"Oh George..." Emmi came over and sat next to him rubbing his arm trying her best to comfort the fragile man that sat beside her.
"It's all too much." he sobbed into her shoulder.
"Don't worry, Anne will be fine, we will be sure of that." she stated running her hand through his hair.
"Well do something John!" Lucy stated stomping her foot.
"What?" he asked.
"Call again!" she shouted at him.
"I think we should wait a while longer." Morgan said, standing next to her. "I don't it's been long enough yet."
The mobster's car drove through the dark streets, not knowing where they would end up, Anne began to go into panic mode wondering if this might be the end for her. She was frightened and didn't know what was to happen next. The car finally came to a stop and the door flew open, a very tall man pulled her out and into a garage. Once Inside she was pushed into a chair and tied up. The men all stood around waiting for the phone call, which they knew would come soon. They waited for over thirty minutes and still no call.
"Man! This is taking forever!" One man shouted. "Maybe we grabbed the wrong girl, maybe they don't care about this one as much!"
"Oh will you shut up!" the other man yelled back at him. "They care about all of them, you saw how they treat them."
"Like little princesses!" the man said stroking Anne's hair.
"Oh bugger off!" Anne yelled at him.
"Why don't you make me, little girl?" he laughed, pointing a knife at her neck.
"Oh, just please call George." she whispered to herself. Just then the phone rang, the fat man answered it and said "Hello? Yes she's here."
"Well is she hurt?" John asked on the other end of the line.
"No we haven't done anything to her." he retorted.
"How can I be sure? Let me talk to her." John said slyly.
"Ok fine." the man said and held the phone up to Anne's ear.
"Hello?" she asked into the reciever.
"Anne, it's John are you alright hon?" he asked her calmly not wanting to shock her.
"Yes John, I'm fine. I just really want..." she was cut off as the man pulled the phone away and back up to his ear.
"Are you satisfied now?" he yelled.
"I suppose so." John replied.
"Well what about our money?" he asked him.
"We'll give it to you if you meet us on the beach...with Anne unharmed." he stated cooly.
"ok ok, we'll do it. When?"
"Now would be ideal!" John snapped at him.
"Fine, we'll just load her back into the car and head to the beach by your hotel." the man said hanging the phone up.
"George! Anne's fine, we're going to get her now!" John told him.
"What about the money?" Ringo asked. "Does anyone have some on them?"
"We can all pitch in!" Morgan smiled, giving George a hug.
"Thanks guys!" George grinned, running to his room to get all the money he had. Everyone else followed suit and dug out every last penny that they brought along.
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They hurried to collect every penny, until they have accumulated amount they needed. Ringo volunteered to put the money in his pocket. They entered the car and started to drive to the beach. When they reached shore, they could see the black car, and the gangsters waiting. There were four men who look like they came from the Blues Brothers movie. And beside them was Anna, scared like a little rabbit by four wolves. Now they need only to approach, to give the money, and return home safely with Anna.
"I will give them the money, Ringo" George reached to Ringo to bring him the money. Ringo fumbled in his pocket. A strange look came over his face. He began looking for a panic then looked at his friends. "I ... I think I have a hole in me pocket," he apologized "RINGO!!!!!!!!" George shouted angrily. Before they start hitting each other, John said: "OK, so we don't have the money, we will have to be creative" Everybody started thinking. The ideas raised were: to raise money again, give something else instead of the money and stealing Anna. They had no time to collect money, they didn't have anything that could be a substitute for money, and they decided to get Anna on their own.

They found random black clothes in the back of their car. And Morgan did to all black stripes under his eyes with a makeup she always have in her bag. Emmi gathered her hair and Paul put on hes head a black wool cap. They sat with small flashlights (that authors to a key holders) behind the car, make plans:
George and Ringo - crawling on the sand and jump on two of the people.
John and Paul - climb the tree that on the car and waiting for a sign from George. Jump on two other people.
Emmi and Morgan - crawling under the car as soon as the four were captured by the Beatles, rush out and get Anna.
Lucy - get into the car and traveling with Anna, Morgan and Emmi far away.

After the four giving up, tie them and put them in the car.
They began to creep toward the car. George and Ringo were crawling in the dark on the sand. They jumped to two people.after they were defeated, George shouted to Paul and John: "Now!"
 Paul and John jumped in surprise on the other two. Morgan and Emmi went into the car and hurried to get Anna. "Wow! Is strong!" Morgan groaned. Lucy wanted and went into the car. She turned her and pressed the accelerator. The car was going forward rapidly. The people shouted: "No !!!". the Beatles not surrendered, especially George. "You give up !?!?" George shouted. to the People, the car was more important than Anna. "Yes! Yes! Just returns us to the car!" Wailed one of them. Lucy did Reverse.the Beatles tied the four and put them into the car instead of Anna. Anna was still tied but she and George didn't care. He hugged her and kissed her. Anna cried.
 "Let's take these four to jail, sure they will this be more comfortable there," John winked. Lucy came to him and kissed him. "Tell me, from where you know to do this perfect round of  with the car?" John marveled. "Don't ask me, it was all completely improvised" Lucy shrugged. "Come on!" Paul went into the car "to the prison, and home!" "Then to the tailor" Ringo asked. Morgan kiss him. "Maybe now you tell me what you wanted to tell me in a restaurant"
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"O-oh yeah..." He stumlbed. He took Morgan's hand, "Morgan, I knew the moment I saw you I loved you..." He smiled and got down on one knee, "Will you marry me?"
Morgan was in tears by then, "Yes! Yes I will!" He quickly slid the ring on her finger and she threw her arms around him.
"Go Ringo!" John shouted and everyone laughed.
The girls ran up to Morgan, "Your so lucky!" Anne said.
"Yeah! That's so sweet of him!"
"Well, we are the oldest..." Morgan laughed.
"Well if we're going by age me and Paul would be last!" Emmi giggled.
"Girls!" Paul shouted, "We need to get these criminals to their rightful home!"
The girls all got into the car that the hotel brought for them, since they all couldn't fit into the criminal car.
"Excuse me sir?" The man said to John, who was about to drive the criminals to the jail. "MY boss at the hotel said to drive them for you, since you are a..a.."
"A Beatle?" John finished for him.
"Yes a Beatle." He smiled a little.
"Sure! If you want to, that is."
"Oh yes sure."
"Well then here you are." He said, giving the man a tip. John crawled into the car with the others.
"John, if you were able to tip that man, where did you get the money?"
John flushed, "Oh, um, I took it from the criminal's pocket." He smiled slyly. "Didn't you do that too, Ringo?"
But Ringo and Morgan were in their own world, they had their arms around eachother, and Ringo was whispering to her something the others couldn't make out.
"Aw, that's so sweet." Emmi whispered to Paul.
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"yeah I'm happy for them, one day that will be us." he smiled at her.
"I really do hope so." Emmi sighed into his shoulder.
"You don't have to hope love, that will be us." he stated to her pulling her chin up to look in her eyes. She smiled up at him and ran her hands through his hair.
"Hey! Is anyone listening to me?" John yelled.
"NO!" Everyone answered, then burst out into laughter.
"I'm listening to you." Lucy grinned up at him.
"Well I'm glad I can count on you." he laughed kissing her on the cheek. They pulled up to the hotel, got out and headed to their rooms to clean up.
"I'm so glad you're safe now Anne." George smiled stroking her back.
"Well I'm just glad that you came and got me I thought you might not." she cried.
"What? How could you think such a thing?" he asked her puzzled.
"It was just so frightening." Anne cried into his sleeve.
"Well you're safe now darling and nothing will happen to you again." he whispered into her ear. They sat there holding each other for an hour, becoming closer than they had ever been before. Their love was everlasting and nothing would come between them.
Ringo and Morgan were in there room, Morgan was still a little shocked at the question he had asked her only an hour before.
"I still am lost..." she said standing up from the bed and pacing the room.
"What's wrong? Don't you want to marry me?" he asked her.
"No, I do! It's just still so unreal is all." she said rubbing her head.
"Well, you know I will always love you Mo." he said grabbing her hands and stopping her pacing.
"I know, and I love you, it's just so incredible!" she giggled trying to hide her blushing face.

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"I know, darling." He whispered in her ear, "I can't believe it either." He smiled.
"You could have any girl in the world.."
"Exept lesbians." He chuckled.
She laughed, "You know what I mean!" She playfully slapped his arm, "But you chose me."
"Yes. I don't understand it either, but I did." He smiled and kissed her softly. "I love you" He whispered.
"I love you too." She smiled
"I'm so glad I have you home!" George carried on about how much he was worried about Anne, "I don't know what I'd do without you."
"Find another girl?" Anne smiled
"Nope. I'd die alone." He softly smiled.
Anne blushed, "I'm sure you'd find someone esle." She said softly.
"No, I will never find anyone else. This is the closest I've ever been to anyone. It's like your part of me. The better part." He chuckled. He kissed her softly.
"Your so sweet.." She said and kissed him back.
"Paul!" Emmi called from the bathroom, "Where's my shirt?" She asked, wrapping a robe around her cleaned self.
"What shirt?" Paul smirked as she walked into the room. Paul had her shirt around his neck like a scarf.
"Give me my shirt back, Mr. McCartney." She giggled.
"Nope!" He smiled as she chased him around the hotel room. He jumped on the bed and she followed.
Emmi pinned him down, "Now can I have my shirt?"
"Well if we're in this position I'm not sure if you want it now." He chuckled.
"Dirty boy!" She giggled and started to take her shirt back.
"Nope." He smirked and this time pinned her down.
John and Lucy were having a much more quiet evening. They had decided to watch Bonnie and Clyde, which was being shown on TV.
"Did you see that?" Lucy asked exitedly, pointing to the TV.
"Nope, there was this georgus girl beside me, which was quite distracting." He smirked.
"You softie." Lucy saidm gently pushing John.
"What? The other three swoon at their girls feet, just following a good example."
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"Are we going out tonight?" Morgan asked Ringo hanging her head over his shoulder.
"If you want to, I thought we could just stay in and watch the sunset from the balcony." he smiled.
"Aww.. you're so romantic Ritchie." she giggled, kissing his lips tenderly.
"Well you better get use to it, you're going to be marrying this romantic!" he smirked at her.
"Oh I'll figure out a way to." she laughed pushing his arm, then he suddenly grabbed her and started kissing her all over.
"Let's go out!" George smiled.
"Where?" Anne questioned him, feeling alot better about herself.
"I thought we could go out onto the beach. What do you think?" he asked pulling her into him.
"yes Love, let's do it." she giggled. They grabbed a blanket and some champagne and headed down to the beautiful beach.
"Paul!" Emmi giggled. "What if someone walked in?"
"I don't care, let the world know!" he slyly smirked at her.
"Well I would rather not let the world see that much of me." she said shyly.
"Oh come on love, don't stop playing now!" he begged her.
"Nope, I'm not risking it, you guys walk in and out of each others rooms too often." she got up, grabbed her shirt and walked into the bathroom.
"I love being with you." Lucy smiled.
"and I you love." John smirked.
"No seriously, you make me happy." she giggled.
"i was being serious!" he stated, raising his eyebrows. Lucy laughed and then cuddles into his arm, having the best time ever being close to her man.
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Mo and Ringo grabbed some red wine and went to sit out on the balcony. When they got out there, Ringo moved the table from in between the tables and put them closer together, "There! Much better!" he laughed.
Morgan took her place in one of the chairs and Ringo went to the other one.
"So, love, where do you want to have our wedding?" Morgan asked.
"Well, I'd like it in England. Maybe Liverpool or London?" He asked.
"Oh that sounds lovely!" Morgan swooned.
"I thought so." He smiled, "What about you, love?"
When they got to the sand, they layed the blanket down.
"Oh this is lovely." Anne said and sat down on the blanket.
"Yes, it is." George agreed, "Especially with you here." He sat down behind her and wrapped his arms around her from behind.
Anne smiled and leaned back on him, "Maybe we could go swimming tomorrow, when it's warmer."
"That could be arranged." He smiled and stroked her hair, "Maybe some parasailing too."
"Ohh that would be fun!" She smiled.
"Yeah, but you better come with me so I'm not scared." He smirked.
"Scared for my health or yours?" She giggled.
"A mixture of both, I believe."
When Emmi got back fully clothed, she lied down next to Paul who was still waiting on the bed.
"Aw come on, love." He played, "I can lock the door.."
"Nope." She said. "I've made my desision. You can have me clothed or I can go visit Anne and George..."
"Okay sorry." He sighed. "Can I at least have a kiss?"
"Now that could be arranged..." She came closer to him and softly kissed him.
"I feel better now." He smiled, then wrapped his arms around her.
"Good, love. Now what would you like to do? We could go out..."
About mid-way through the movie, the TV station cut to a message from the station.
"What?! What happened?" John asked.
"Sorry for the interrution, folks. But our channel will be undergoing maitnence. We will be back shortly."
"Aww! That's not fair." John sighed.
"Well it's okay John, what else would you like to do?"
"We could go for a walk on the boardwalk if you'd like." He smiled.
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"no, I love your idea!" she smiled at him in adoration.
"You don't have any ideas?" he asked her.
"No, I love your ideas, you always have great ones!"
"Me? Not many." he sighed.
"You never give yourself enough credit babe." she smiled kissing him on the cheek. "And yes, I would love to marry you in London!"
"Glad you still want to marry me!" he laughed.
"That will never change." she said giving him a huge hug.
"This is just lovely." Anne smiled at George clanging their glasses together.
"yes it is, and I can't wait to do this with you all over again, for the rest of our lives." he said giving her a tender kiss.
"You are too good to me you know that!" she laughed.
"Nothing is too good for you." he said kissing her again passionately.
"Sure, let's hit the boardwalk!" Emmi grinned.
"Anything you say love." Paul smiled as he took her hand and they headed to the door.
"Oh, it's quite dark out here isn't it?" Emmi said.
"Yeah, but I'll protect you my darling. There is nothing to fear." he said pulling her close to him.
" hero!" she giggled.
"Let's hit the beach, my bathing beauty!" John laughed and took her hand.
"OK my love, this is going to be fun, let's run into the water!" she smiled.
"Really? you want to?"
"Yeah let's go crazy!! I'm in love and I don't care!" Lucy yelled.
"ok then, let's do it!!" he laughed, grabbing her hand and running toward the water.
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"Y'know those mobsters they remind me of them" Lucy said pointing at the tele. "There not coming we put'em in jail." John reassured her and stroked her hair back out of her face. "Yeah we put two away I'm sure there's more and those two were whimps! remember that girl who took Anne?" Lucy asked, John nodded his head. "Well I think she'll and others will be back!" she exclaimed "Lucy she's not coming to take anyone again" John said rapping his arms around her. "Okay then" she whimpered. They sat there curled into each other a ticking noise could be heard just on the other side of the wall then BOOM the wall exploded! They both jumped back 15ft they asked each other if they were ok. Then they heard footsteps John turned his head and saw the girl "See that's were you're wrong Johnny Boy I always get what I want and right now I want you" she exclaimed, Paul burst through the and saw what had happened...... 
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^sorry I wrote mine while emmi and randy did there's and posted before I could so just ignore my post = /
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So I ignored what you wrote ::) Anyway ...
Anna was sitting front the mirror and combing her hair. George sat behind her. Beside him was his guitar, he took it and just looked at Anna. He looked at her comb her hair. Then, words just came out of his mouth, "Something in the way she moves, Attracts me like no other lover" Anna turned to him: "Wow George, that was really nice, write that so you don't forget the words" "Yes, yes, I'm immediately impressed. But, why?"
"Maybe you'll use it one day," Anna hugged him.
"The sea is so beautiful at sunset" Emmi was sitting with Paul on the boardwalk. No one walked by this time the sea was just theirs. Everything was so nice until Paul suddenly noticed something in the sand. They approached him and saw it was fish that came ashore.
"Let's get him into the sea, little poor" Emmi didn't want to want to touch it So Paul picked it up and put him gently into the sea. The fish swam a little and then looked at both. Then he turned and hurried away. "Did you see that!? It was like he wanted to say something to us" Emmi smiled. "No! wait! It comes back!" Paul noted excitedly. The fish swam them back, and put a wire on the beach with five small shells strung on it  . Emmi raised it. "It's too small for a chain, and a bracelet too" she said, "but too big for a ring" Paul added. They didn't know what to do with it. But they decided to keep it.
"Well, let's go home"
"But it's too dark and we can go lost!"
"We must not despair Emmi, let's try to find the way" but like Emmi said, they very quickly lost
"Ugh! I wish we had come back to the hotel," Paul said in frustration. Suddenly one of the shells from the gift they received from the fish, began to shake and then exploded into a thousand pieces. Now, only four shells were on the wire. After a bizarre incident, a jeep and one approached them and honked. He stopped front of them and the driver asked: "You need a ride home?"
  Lucy fell asleep on the sand. John lay beside her. Who could have known that raged in the water can so tired. Lucy fell asleep and John didn't know what to do. The hotel was just behind them and he knew that if they don't come back now, they will spend the night on the beach. So he got up, picked up Lucy gently and began wearily back to the hotel.
As soon as he entered the room, Max jumped beside him "Not now, Max, I'm really tired" John yawned. Max returned to his little carpet. John dropped by Lucy on the bed. Both quickly sank into a deep sleep.
Max jumped on the bed and relaxed between John and Lucy.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
I'm sorry, I didn't find anything to Morgan and Ringo ;sorry
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Everyone got safely back to their rooms for the night, it was way past midnight when everyone finally fell asleep.
"Paul! Wake up!" Emmi shouted into his ear, startling him from his sleep.
"Wha? What's going on?" he asked her, rubbing his eyes.
"Nothing." she smirked at him, then jumped up and down on the bed.
"Nothing? You woke me up for that?" he said in a serious voice.
"Yeah." Emmi smiled at him.
"Well you deserve some punishment for that!" he laughed, grabbing her waist and tickling her all over. She began to frantically kick everywhere, trying to escape his grasp.
"STOP! Please..." she whimpered.
"OK love." he winked at her, letting her free, and then kissing her sweetly on the lips.
"We better make plans for today! I don't want to waste a minute in Hawaii!" Emmi squealed.
"Lucy Love." John whispered softly into her ear.
"Yes." she giggled back to him.
"What do you want to eat?" he asked rubbing her back.
"Oh, breakfast already?" she questioned him. "Well I guess some eggs."
"As you wish, my love." he smiled then headed into the kitchen of their suite, Max tagged along. Lucy got up combed her hair and then put some clothes on, she already had plans for their day together, it was to be a surprise for John.
"Oh George." Anne said to him as they sat on their balcony looking out at the ocean.
"Yes Anne." George Answered her.
"I just love that song you wrote about me." she giggled and then slightly blushed.
"Well you are quite the muse."
"Oh I don't think so." she turned beat red, and hid her face in her hands.
"Don't be ashamed love, I think you're incredible." he said as he kissed her tenderly on the lips and put his arms around her.
"What shall we do today?" he asked.
"I don't care, as long as it's with you." she quipped.
"Mo!" Ringo shouted from across the room.
"What?" she asked him in a worried voice.
"I just thought of something." he said hastily.
"What? Will you just tell me."
"We should get married in the Bahamas!" he shouted.
"What made you think of that?" she asked him puzzled.
"I don't know, it just sounds like a nice place, and I heard them mention it on the tele." he smiled.
"Oh... Well that sounds nice and all." she sighed,
"But?" he asked.
"I thought we were going to get married with all of our friends in London, that's all."
"No matter where we get married it will be with our friends luv." he laughed.
"What if we have our honeymoon there instead?" she asked him.
"yeah, I actually like that idea better." he stated kissing her on the cheek. Then walked into the bedroom and got dressed.
"What do ya wanna do?" he yelled from the other room.
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Emmi Paul intended to leave the room, but Emmi remembered the strange chain the bizarre fish gave them. Emmi ran back and took it. Paul said: "Any idea what could it be?"
"I don't know, but you remember how that shell exploded right after you asked to go home?"
"Yes, and immediately after that, a jeep took us back home, do you think that fish brought a Oysters us..."
"Wishes" Emmi opened her eyes. Even Paul looked really surprised and shocked.
"PAUL! WE HAVE FOUR WISHES :o :D :o! We should use them wisely!"
"Should we tell others?"
"Ummm ... I don't think, wait! We can give each pair a wish"
"Meanwhile, Emmi, keep it as a secret"...
John leaned over and put in a bowl of MAX dogs food. He and Max actually becomes good friends, Max loved to run wild and jump with John, and especially if Lucy was to Join us in this frenzy and jumping.
Max started licked John fondly before he eating . "Stop MAX! Sssstttooooppp!" John laughed. Lucy looked at them both with love. She held her hand a map of Hawaii and she wore a white and purple cap.
"Come on you two, we go for a walk, John, please bring Max's leash"
And after breakfast they set off.
Lucy looked at the map all the way, holding a strip of Max. John held an dripping ice cream cone. Max tried to catch the vanilla drops that fell from the cup.
Just a bunch to glory.
Lucy told John that they were going to the museum of art. But when they had to turn left to the museum, Lucy said purpose right. (HA HA HA HA!)
And they came a beautiful park with fountains, giant green meadows, children with balloons, ice cream stalls, trees, jugglers everywhere, view of sea and girls in bikinis (Just thought I'd mention it.) Max barked impatiently, he wanted so badly to run without his strip. Free on the grass with other dogs. Lucy undid the strap and told him not to go lost, and when they whistled to him, come back Immediately! Max barked in agreement and ran to play. John was still stunned. "Why didn't you tell me we're going here?" :D
"It was a surprise"
"Oh Luce, I could bring my guitar, this place is great to sit and play"
"Never mind Johnny, let's go now to see the place"
George hugged Anna then they heard allowance music . "Let's go see who is playing!" Anna and George hurried to find the players and found three guys with chains of flowers and drums on strange drummers . One dancer with a skirt of cloth   and small green leaves bracelets on the feet and the hands danced to the beat. The drummers were singing in a strange language, but they sang great. Anna and George clap hands rhythmically and George threw coins into the upside down hat they put near them. "Thanks matey" said one of the drummers.
Anna noticed suddenly stall selling the dancer wearing the costume. She and George rushed to the podium. "Love, I think you look lovely with this costume," said George and bought her a costume. A few minutes later, Anna returned dressed in costume. George felt that he fills with love. "I don't believe, you're so beautiful!" Anna giggled.
"Well, I think maybe we can consult with our friends"
Morgan sounded disappointed with the answer of her fiance. Ringo left the room. He saw Morgan down and asked optimistically : "How would you want to call your first child?" Morag opened her eyes and then laughed. "I think we can call him...
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Emmi and Paul were in their room contemplating what they would do with their wish. It was a very tough decision, they were having a hard time deciding.
"Well what do you think Paul?" Emmi questioned him.
"I don't know...what if it doesn't really work anyways?"
"Oh well I never thought of that before, I guess I was just caught up in the what if of it all." she smiled and then sat down in a chair.
"I still don't know what more I could possibly ask for." he grinned at her. "I mean I already have the best girl in the world, and a successful job."
"You have some good points there." she stated, placing her hand on her chin.
"Maybe we should just save the wish, for later on." Paul suggested, holding it in the palm of his hand.
"Yes, I think that would be a wise idea. You know think it over for a while."
"yeah, nothing to rush into." he winked at her.
"Ok then, it's settled, we'll just save the wish." Emmi said with a big smile as Paul walked over to her and gave her a big hug.
"What about the others?" he asked her, with a puzzled look on his face. "Should we tell them?"
"Nah, maybe we should save all of them for later." Emmi responded.   
"OK love." Paul said planting a big kiss on her lips. "Besides we have the rest of our lives to decide."
John and Lucy walked the park hand in hand, it was so warm and sunny out, the grass was bright green and the atmosphere was filled with happiness.
"This was a wonderful idea Lucy." John smiled at her.
"Well I'm glad you like it." she giggled. "I thought you might think I was just a big softy."
"You? A softy? Never!" he laughed.
"Come on, let's go look around, Max is getting restless." she said tugging at his arm. They walked around the park and stopped to watch the mime who was actually quite good. John did his own impersonation of the mime, which made Lucy go into a fit of laughter. Everything was going splendid they were having a great time together. They decided to lay down together in the grass.
"You are simply the best." John said gazing into Lucy's eyes.
"Oh you don't really mean it." she blushed.
"Of course I do, do you love me?" he asked her.
"yes, I love you oh so much." she smiled, putting her hand onto his face and lightly stroking it.
George and Anne were having a blast jumping around and dancing to the street players music. They were both dressed up in Indian garb and were pretending to be from India. It was so much fun that they ended up dancing for over an hour, both of them completely consumed in what they were doing.
"Oh boy! This is a lot of fun." Anne laughed, jumping around to the music.
"Yeah, I really dig this Indian music. Don't you?" he asked her.
"Oh yes, it's quite fun to dance to, I've never heard anything like it before." she giggled as George picked her up and swung her around.
"Come on love, let's get something to eat. I'm starved." George suggested.
"Yeah, it's getting quite hot out here anyways." she stated as they walked down the boardwalk to find a place to get some chow. They finally found a nice little bistro that serve more traditional food, like tea and crumpets. They walked in and sat down at one of the tables.
"Oh now this is nice, no sea food." George laughed.
"Yeah I'm not much for the sea food myself either." she giggled as she pulled her napkin onto her lap.
"I'm surprised no one has recognized me yet." George stated, eyeing everyone around them.
"Me too, no one has noticed any of you. Maybe Hawaii is so remote they've never heard of you before." she said.
"no, I doubt it, they know us everywhere. I don't know what it is." he thought out loud.
"My first child?" she asked him puzzled.
"Yes luv, you know." he said giving her the eye.
"I know what a first child is, but we haven't even got married yet." she sighed and then looked at him.
"So? Can't we just daydream about it." he smiled and then took her hand in his.
"yes, I guess it wouldn't hurt to daydream about it." she said, starting to gaze out their window. They had been inside all day because Ringo's skin was very sensitive and the day before he had gotten badly sunburnt. He had felt bad for keeping Mo in all day when everyone else was out having a good time.
"So any ideas yet..." he asked her in excitement.
"haha, not yet silly! I just began to think about it." she stated rubbing his hand.
"oh, sorry I just get excited about these kinds of things." he chuckled.
"What made you think of asking me this?" she asked him, looking at herself in the mirror. "Do I look fat or something?"
"No! Nothing like that." he said, walking up behind her.
"Then what is it?"
"Nothing, I just really am excited about getting married and one day having a child with you. That's all luv." he said kissing the back of her head.
"Oh ok, as long as I don't look fat to you or something." she blushed.
"Nope, you could never look fat to me."
"well just for your information when I get pregnant I will be fat!" she sighed.
"I won't care!" he said turning her around to look at him, then kissing her face. "I'm sorry about making you stay inside all the time."
"I don't mind, as long as we're together I'm happy!" she said wrapping her arms around his waist.
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Emmi smiled wide, "You want to spend the rest of your life with me?"
"Of course!" He smiled, stroking her hair, "Who else would I spend it with?"
"I don't know, I mean you constantly have girls throwing themselves at you..."
"So? Your too pretty to resist anyways!" He chuckled and kissed her softly.
"Do you want to know my wish?" She smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist.
"Sure love." He smirked.
"I want you to marry me.." She said quietly.
"Someday..." He whispered. "Let's let Ringo and Mo get their shining moment." He smiled.
She nodded, "I understand."
John put his hand on hers, "Every time you touch me, I feel this spark go off.."
She smiled, "Your just flattering me, John."
"No, I'm not." He smiled. He pulled her closer to him and gently rubbed his nose against hers.
"Do you love me?" She smirked.
"Of course I do! I love you like no other." He smiled.
Just then Max came up and lied down next to them. "Hey buddy!" Lucy smiled and sat up. She picked the dog up and set him in her lap.
"That dog is getting more action than me!" He said jokingly.
"Cheeky!" Lucy smiled.
"Well, maybe it's the get-up." She smiled at their outfits.
He chuckled, "Maybe. Maybe they only recognise me in a suit." He smiled.
Just then the waitress came up to take their order. When she got to the table, she stopped in her tracks.
"Your, your, your..."
"Shh, yes I am. But me and my love here would like to have a peaceful dinner, so could you keep it on the DL?"
She nodded, "Of course! Can I start you off with drinks?"
"Yes, I'll have a Coke." He smiled, "What about you, love?" He asked Anne, taking her hands in his."
She smiled at the gesture, "Yes, a Coke's fine."
She quickly wrote down the order. "Alright! I'll be back in a few minutes!"
Ringo smiled and held her against him. "Do I get a kiss, my lovely fiance?"
She giggled, "Of course!" She gently kissed him. "How's that?" She smirked.
"Perfect." He stroked her hair from her face. "Do you want to know what names I like?" He smiled.
"Sure, love." She touched his cheek.
"I like the name Zak." He sighed.
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"Well we better get a move on if you want to go swimming!" Paul smiled, trying to cheer her up.
"I never said anything about swimming." Emmi stated with a confused look on her face.
"Well I think we should, don't you?"
"Yeah of course!" she cheered.
"Ok then let's go!" he said grabbing her hand and they went frolicking to the beach.
"Come on Luc, let's go back to the hotel now." John said grabbing her hand and pulling her up.
"OK, what do you want to do?" she asked him.
"I don't know, I just thought you would like to get some shade, indoors. I'm getting quite burnt." he stated pointing at his arm which was bright red.
"Oh my! I'm so sorry love." she sighed.
"It's not your fault, I just think we both need to get out of the sun, you're not looking very well either."
"What do you mean?" she asked. He took her hand and led her to a window, her face was as bright as a tomato.
"Oh GOD, I look horrid!" she cried, covering her face.
"You're my cute tomato!" he laughed and then gave her a hug.
"That was a close one." George sighed, looking at Anne.
"Yeah it was. I'm glad your good looks are useful." Anne giggled.
"What's that suppose to mean?" he glared at her.
"Well I'm sure she didn't do that for my benefit." she smiled at him.
"So you think I can get anyone to do anything, just because I look like this?" he questioned her.
"uh, yeah!"
"Or really?"
"Yes!" she said grabbing his face and pulling it to hers, planting a big kiss on him.
"Oh that's a lovely name!" Mo smiled.
"You think so?"
"yeah I really do!" she giggled.
"Good, I thought you would hate it."
"And why would I hate it?"
"I don't know..."
"Well you know I love all of your ideas." she beamed at him. "What about for a girl? What if it's not a boy?"
"oh yeah..." he said, trying to think of something quick.
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Paul and Emmi were sprinting crazily across the sand, until Paul tripped on a jutted out piece of stone and fell face down into the water.
"Paul!!" Emmi slid to a stop, running back a few feet away to Paul.
She knelt down, reaching for his arm. When he suddenly yanked her down with him.
He held her closely to his chest, and several gleaming bubbles escaped from his mouth as he began laughing.
Emmi was struggling to keep her mouth shut, but his grin was too contagious.


"Nevaeh?" Ringo suddenly thought.
"What? That's an awfully strange name." Morgan wrinkled her nose.
"... It's heaven spelled backwards." he cooed softly.
Morgan slowly smiled with pure love towards Ringo.
"But still. I have such a big feeling that it'll be a boy. I just know it!"
"If you say so, love." Ringo rubbed Morgan's shoulders.

They yelped in pain, and toppled away from eachother.
"GAWWW!" John angled his arms awkwardly, haunching his shoulders.
"Ouch! How long did we sit out here?!" she blubbered in remorse.
"Oww, I don't care, let's get back inside!" John motioned a stiff arm.
"Right, come on Max!" she choked with an uncertain smile.
They walked very gingerly across the street on their way to the hotel.
"Boss, they look pretty vunerable. What should we do next." the man snarled into a pay phone.


"You know, if you're really interested in Indian culture, I can explain to you more about them." Anne pointed out, noticing that George was rubbing the texture of the fabric he was wearing.
"Really? How'd you know more about them?"
"When you're an intern for the movie industry, you tend to travel along with the crew. I find the Indian culture very facinating. There's this man named Ravi Shankar, I saw him perform!" she stated proudly.
"What was so special about him?" George rose an eye brow suspiciously.
"No, no, I didn't like him that way! He plays this strange, yet beautiful instrument called a sitar."
"...Really. What's it like?" George asked with high interest.
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"Oh you jerk!" she shouted.
"What?" he said between laughs.
"I thought you were severely hurt!" she giggled, not able to stop herself.
"I'm sorry that I scared you love." he smiled stroking her back.
"Come on you big goof lets go swim!" she said grabbing his arm and pulling him to the water.
"Yeah it's got to be a boy." she laughed.
"Well, what shall we do now?" he asked her.
"I don't know, I would like to go to the beach but..."
"But nothing, we're going." he smiled at her.
"But...your skin will be toast!" she blurted out.
"Don't worry bout me." he winked at her, rubbing himself down with sunscreen.
"But it's my job to worry about you." she grinned.
"OW" John yelped as Max jumped into his arms.
"No Max down!" Lucy yelled at him.
"Man, this is so painful, now I know why Ringo was whining yesterday." he stated putting aloe vera on himself.
"yes, this is so uncomfortable." she sighed.
"They looked awful, sir." the man said into his walkie talkie.
"What do you mean awful?"
"I mean you know vulnerable, we could get them so easily."
"Well get them then!" the boss shouted through the phone.
"It's a very unique instrument. It kind of works like a guitar." she smiled at him.
"Oh this sounds too keen!" he stated, taking a drink of his coke. "So you actually went to India?"
"Yeah, I loved it there. I think you would love it there." she smiled.
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They plunged deep into the water. Emmi looked beautiful shells and Paul pursued a starfish. As they almost ran out of air, they took their heads out of water. "Look Paul, I found a heart-shell shaped . Paul laid it on his chest on the left. Emmi smiled and kissed him. They dived again. Now Emmi help Paul catch the starfish, They managed to catch him and went up for air." that will be  Ringo's wedding gift" Paul joked. Emmi laughed.
"That's right, hey! Just a minute! It's not supposed to be the opposite?"
Morgan laughed. "I need to take care of you as you should take care of me," Morgan approached Ringo and held his waist.
"And we have to worry about our children"
"Maybe enough of it now?! Let's agreement that only after the wedding we can talk about it, okay love?"
"I agree"
"Now let's go to sea before this sunscreen evaporates!"
They both kissed romantically and went out. Not before they bought ice cream of course.
"Oh, how I wish now to be in the pool with ice cubes, my skin's killing me!" John scratched his head. Lucy opened her mouth. "But. John. We do have a Jacuzzi in the suite!" John looked at her happily. "I'll go to get ice cubes!" He crowed and left the room in skips. Lucy filled the tub with cold water and put two towels near them. Before John had to return she also wearing a swimsuit.
John entered the room with a huge plastic bag dripping, spilling into the tub the ice. Max jumped into the Jacuzzi. When you have fur, always warm to you.
 "Ready?" Asked John and held Lucy's hand. Both jumped nervously into the Jacuzzi and screamed. "IT'S COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" John shouted smiling.
The man hung up the phone and closer to their rooms. All the rooms were empty except for the room of John and Lucy. They both shook, screamed and sprayed water and ice cavies, while Max swimming between them and chewing ice.
"Completely vulnerable" muttered the man and took out of his pocket.....
George began playing in sitter, Anna listened entranced. When George finished. She kissed him a short and sweet kiss. Anna's kiss was so sweet, that George felt like strawberries kissed him. "I love your kisses Anna" He smiled. "Can i call you Barry?" Berry? Why?"
"Because you're sweet like strawberry "
"Oh, George, that's so sweet of you" Anna hugged him and kissed him again a long kiss. Suddenly there was screaming, two girls spotted on George and started running towards him. "ther ya go George, somebody recognized you" "But why now?" George picked up Anna and started running.
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Emmi went back into the water, with Paul on her tail. "I bet you couldn't catch me." She called back to him.
Paul smirked, "I bet I could!!" He chuckled and chased her. After a few minutes of chasing eachother, Paul finally caught up to Emmi.
"What do I get for winning?" He smirked, wrapping his arms around her waist.
Emmi thought for a moment, "How about a kiss?" She giggled.
Paul smiled, "Works for me." He kissed her tenderly, which made Emmi blush.
When they got down to the beach, they saw Emmi and Paul kissing in the water.
"Maybe we shouldn't bother them..." Morgan said.
"Agreed." Ringo said, surpressing massive giggles.
Morgan took his hand and lead him into the water, "I love the ocean!" She smiled.
"I do too, love." Ringo smiled, "Especially the scenery." He said, letting his eyes wash over her.
"Silly boy!" She giggled, splashing a little water on him.
"Don't worry, I'll keep you warm." John smiled, holding Lucy against him.
"Cheeky boy." Lucy giggled, but she wrapped her arms around him too.
"I love you." John whispered.
Lucy's heart skipped a beat, "I love you too."
Max barked and jumped in John's lap. John chuckled, "I love you too, Max."
They ran down the street until they lost the crazed fans.
"George, you didn't have to carry me all the way!" Anne giggled.
George smiled, "Well, I wanted to." He walked over to Anne and kissed her softly, "Like berries."
Anne blushed, "You charmer." she giggled.
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Emmi and Paul were released long kiss. Emmi played in Paul's pony, "Get down," she told him smiling. Paul dropped to his knees. Emmi did with her hands to Paul a punk hairstyle. Paul laughed and started to do to Emmi no less strange hairdo. They both laughed lovingly.
Suddenly they heard the horses delighted. One brown horse pulled wagon that said: "renting a horse, $ 50 for an hour"
Emmi jumped with excitement, she pulled the Paul and both rushed back to the hotel. They showered and dressed. Then they went to rent a horse.
"But Emmi, I don't ride a horse"
"We can always rent one horse and ride together" Emmi smiled from ear to ear.
They arrived and asked to rent a horse, double saddle , and two helmets.
"It will be so fun! :D"
"Emmi and Paul gone, now the beach is all our!" Morgan joy.
"You don't want to eat something first?" Ringo asked and took his bag. "Only if you prepare a pastrami sandwich " Morgan sat down beside him.
"Maybe you want  to do a picnic on the beach?" Ringo smiled enthusiastically. Morgan kissed him. "I love your ideas"
Ringo handed her a one sandwich and suddenly noticed a man watching them. The man noticed that Ringo noticed him, and rushed to hide again behind the stone he sitting behind her.
Ringo sniffed the air, he smelled sulfur and lead. He continued to look occasionally at the stone, to see if the man returns. But the man apparently walked away.
"Love, You okay? You look upset" Morgan poured orange juice into a plastic cup. "I'm fine darling, I just think of something...... annoying"
Morgan stroked his head. "I concluded, our honeymoon have to be in France!"
Lucy stroked Max .....and John. They both were hairy, wet and cute. Slowly they got used to the water temperature, their skin felt much better and John turned on the TV. Lucy asked, "what's the most most most thing you would like to do now?"
John think and said: "Drink a milkshake"
Max barked :D.
Lucy came out from the Jacuzzi, and called the rooms service. A few minutes later she returned. "They'll bring us the milkshake in a few minutes, say, you think they would allow a dog in their Jacuzzi?"
"We hide it," said John. Max growled at him. >:( Lucy laughed ha2ha. John stroked Max and smiled ;). Max licked him back :P ;D.
George smiled, they heard a bunch of girls. "Hold the wall" George looked over the wall to see if the girls had them. "They're gone, love?" Anna asked. "Yes, they are gone, now let's do something fun. I know! Let's go do massage, man, my back really hurts." Anna kissed him.
They boarded the taxi and drove to the nearest spa. They go in, and received two white coats. Two women, who look Japanese made them massage.
Then they made foot treatment by small fish who look like sardines. The fish ate the dry skin in their legs. Anna shrieked. and George hugged her and laughed.
Then they go into the sauna. George used the darkness and kissed Anna romantically.
Suddenly the door opened. They were quick disconnect from the kiss. One old woman go in and sat down beside them. They looked at each other and then burst out laughing.
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Paul and Emmi road around the beach together, the horses galloped all the way to a small little lagoon where no one else was at.
"Oh Paul! Look at that!" Emmi shouted pointing out to him the beautiful crystal clear water.
"This is incredible!" he smiled at her.
"I'm glad you let us do this." Emmi told him, staring into his hazel eyes.
"Anything for you my love." he grinned pulling her horse's rains over to him and then kissed her tenderly.
"I love you, so much Paul." Emmi blushed as he kissed her again.
"And I you." he smiled then took her hand in his. Emmi looked down at his hand and then whispered something into his ear.
"I can't wait till we get married." Paul looked at her as she waited for a reply.
"France eh?" Morgan questions him looking into her glass of juice and swirling it around.
"Yeah, France! It would be wonderful, the lights, the city, everything is great in France!" he laughs, and then peers over at Mo, she doesn't look very happy. "What's the matter luv?" he questions her, rubbing her arm lovingly.
"Oh.... I just don't feel very well." she states rubbing her head. "I feel a little dizzy."
"Well we better get you inside right away!" he says grabbing her arm and pulling her up  off the sand. He then proceeds to carry her back to the hotel in his arms. Mo seems to be getting very pale and then slips into unconsciousness. Ringo tries to figure out what is wrong with her, he thinks she may have been poisoned. Where did I get that juice and those sandwiches he questions himself pacing the room. I got if from that guy who said he was.... a sandwich vendor on the beach. "OH MY GOD!" he shouts, it was one of them. He feels terrible and runs to the phone, he has to call a doctor but what if it's too late?
John and Lucy were still laying in the freezing cold bath when they were startled by a shout from what sounded like Ringo and Mo's room.
"Did you hear that?" John questioned Lucy.
"Yes I did, you don't think it was from Ringo's room do you?" she asked him with a worried look on her face. They both got out of the bath and rushed over to their room. Ringo was running around the room frantically. John grabbed his arms and stopped him.
"WHAT'S HAPPENING?" he asked him puzzled.
"Uh ummm... I think Mo's been poisoned or something. I feel awful, it's all me fault." he cries.
"How?" Lucy asks, walking over to her and feels for her pulse.
"I got these sandwiches and some orange juice from this beach vendor." he states looking over at them.
"Well her pulse is steady, I think I have an idea!" Lucy states, motioning for John to come over.
"What are you going to do? I called the doctor." Ringo states pointing to the phone and then collapses onto the floor.
"We're going to take her over to our room and put her into some ice, that may stop the shock that she's in now." Lucy answers him. John picks up Mo and carries her to their room and then places her into the freezing cold tub of ice.
"Is it working?" Ringo shrieks.
"I don't know yet, we just put her in." John retorts.
"This probably will take some time, she is in shock and who knows when she'll come out of it." Lucy points out.
"Well, how much time? Don't you think it's going to take more than that? She has poison in her system!!" he remarks looking at her. John grabs Ringo's arm and takes him out of the room.
"Where was this guy on the beach?" he asks him.
"I can't remember, somewhere over there." he points to the boardwalk, John looks out the window and then begins to run out of the room. As he reached the boardwalk he bumped into someone, he becomes startled and turns to see that it's George and Anne.
"What the ell John!" George yells at him.
"I'm looking for the B**tard who poisoned Mo!" he shouts running over to the stand that Ringo had pointed to.
"WHAT?" they both yell in unison, running over to him.
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Ringo bit his lip anxiously. He looked so worried that he was likely to lose consciousness.
Anna called the ambulance and George went to open the door. Two waiters with glasses of milkshake gave him the glasses and hurried to go. George laid confused the glasses on the table.
Lucy called to Anna to come and help her. Anna came and asked: "What to do!?" "We need to get out the poison from her body as soon as possible! Ummm ... Anna! Bring me a syringe! And fast!"
The man stood behind the window and rushed to run. He stood on the main road and saw an ambulance coming to the house. He took out his pocket tacks, and threw them on the road. The ambulance  had lost air from the two front wheels.
Two doctors came out and rushed to find spare wheel. After they fixed the ambulance approached the man behind them with a stick and knocked them both on the ground. They fell unconscious. He took the clothes from one of the doctors, Bound them with rope and put them into a large trunk. He dressed in clothes of the doctor.Get out of his suitcase a wig  and caught himself a black beard and mustache. He drove toward the house.
"Boss. I finished the first part of the task, I'm on the way to their home..."
Ringo, George, Lucy and Anna raised mo and laid her gently on the sofa. Lucy went to the kitchen to bring white rubber gloves for everyone. Anna lit the lamp above the couch. "Well ... someone has to do it" Said Lucy, she looked at George, but he looked pretty shocked. Even a little green. "I do it," Ringo said firmly. "Wait, you have to wait for John, And where Emmi and Paul?"
"I'll call them" George hurried to the phone.
John went inside. "The man disappeared," he breathed. Luce gave him a pair of gloves. "gloves for What?" He asked. "We need to act quickly! if the ambulance didn't arrive soon, we'll have to save Morgan ourselves"
Ringo stroked the head of Mo. "Hold on, my pretty" he blinked hard to not cry. Lucy tied Max in his lash on the leg of the chair. Max yelped and hid under the chairs. There was a knock at the door and immediately after, a man with a black beard and mustache opened the door. He was dressed in the clothes of a doctor and he near to Morgan. He looked at her a few moments and Said: "It looks very bad. I'm not sure if she will survive, a poison is a very deadly thing!" He picked up Morgan and left the house.
"Have you seen him? He didn't tell us anything, just came to mo like everything is fine!"
"Doctors usually take the patients to the ambulance on a stretcher"
"How did he know that she was poisoned?"
Ringo opened his eyes in panic. "This is the man ..."
"What's? what did you you say Ringo?"
"THIS IS THE MAN!!!!!!!" Ringo screamed and ran out like crazy.
The man saw him and rushed to get the ambulance and leave. At the last moment- Ringo jumped on the ambulance and disappeared with him down the street. "RINGO!" John screamed. They all stood out in despair. "We have to chase them!"
"But how? We're out of fuel in the car!"
"Hi guys! We came fast as we could!" Emmi and Paul arrived with the horses. Everyone looked at their two horses. "Emmi! Paul! you're geniuses!"
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"What's happening?" Paul asks hastily.
"We have to follow that ambulance!" Ringo yells.
"And why?"
"Because they have Morgan in there!" he shrieks in despair. "So just hurry up and follow them!" Paul and Emmi both begin racing after the ambulance, dodging all the cars and pedestrians that get in their path. They finally catch sight of the ambulance and see that he's driving like a mad man, swerving all around the road honking and slamming on the gas. They decide to trail him and see where he takes her. After a while of chasing after him he finally turns off onto a deserted looking road and then pulling up to a small house. Paul and Emmi slowly follow after him, and then wait until he goes into the house with Mo before they get off their horses. They see that she is still unconscious and so they worry that they may be too late.
"Look at her Emmi!" Paul whispers to her. "She looks dead awful."
"Oh, I'm sure she'll be fine. DOn't say such awful things." she replies as they peer at the house from behind a tree.
"Well what if we're too late? I mean she has poison in her system, what if she doesn't make it?" he asks her in a worried tone.
"We can't think about that now, we just have to go and get her." Emmi retorts, looking around and then sneaking around the house. They both look into one of the windows and see that there are three men inside and Mo is laying on a couch. They look at each other trying to figure out wht their next move will be.
"I think we should create a distraction." Emmi says, rubbing her chin.
"What kind of distraction love?"
"Well I could knock on the door and then run away from them, and you could go in there and get Mo."
"No way that's much too dangerous!" he retorts. "I can't let them chase after you."
"There's no other way, I don't think I am strong enough to carry her by myself." she states, and then turns to Paul and kisses him on the cheek.
"Alright, but I would die if anything happens to you." he replies. Emmi seperates from Paul and heads towards the door.
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Emmi thought of a plan. She took out her make-up from her purse, she would pretend to be selling Avon.
She made herself look presentable and knocked on the door.
"Hello?" Said a fat man and opened the door.
"Hello good Sir!" Emmi smiled wide, "I am from your county Avon dealer, and I am going to give you a complimentary make-over!" She smiled and walked into the house, "And of course your freinds here too."
The men looked utterly confused, "Well, my skin is looking rather pale..." He said.
"That's the spirit!" Emmi smiled, "Now bring me into your bathroom and we can start!"
Paul looked amazed at how easily Emmi had lured them in. He quickly snuck in and got Morgan out of there. It was completely simple, thanks to Emmi's distraction.
"Tada!" Emmi concluded with one of the men.
"Wow! I look 5 years younger!" He smiled.
"Great! Now if you want the products I can send them to you soon!"
"Great! See you later!" They smiled as Emmi quickly got out the door where Paul was waiting.
"Did you actually give them a make-over?" He chortled.
"Well, one of them." She smiled.
"WHY OH WHY!?!" Ringo cried into John's sleeve. "I'm a good person!!!!"
"RINGO! Get yourself together lad! Your a strong Liverpool boy!"
"NOT WITHOUT HER!!!" He sobbed again.
Suddenly John smacked Ringo across the face, "Keep it together!"
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"You sly dog you!" Paul laughed at the thought of a fat man wearing make up, Emmi began to giggle at her ingenious idea.
"Come on Paul let's get her to a doctor and quick!" Emmi retorted looking down at Morgan. They dashed off on horseback to the nearest doctor they could find, they had her placed under observation. The doctors were not sure what type of poison was in her body, it would take a few days to figure out what was going on. Paul was sure that Ringo was probably out of his gourd by now and decided to call him up and tell him that Morgan was in the hospital.
"Hello?" Ringo ran to the phone.
"Ello Ring it's Paul."
"Well where is she?"
"She's in the hospital, don't worry she'll be fine in a few days." Paul comforts him.
"Oh thank god!!" he wailed into the phone.
"It's going to be alright now Ringo." he assured him. "Well see you guys in a while." Ringo hung up the phone and then turned to John and collapsed into his arms sobbing once again.
"Well? What's going on?" Lucy asked him.
"She's going to be okay, but she's under observation."
"Well that's great news Ringo!" George chimed in, rubbing his arm.
"We must go and see her." He shouted getting up and running out the door. They all followed suit and headed for the hospital.
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When the others got there, they quickly found Emmi and Paul.
"Is she going to be alright?!" Ringo asked right away.
"Yes Ringo, she'll be fine." Paul soothed him. "They just had to give her some meds and she was okay. We were waiting for you to come wake her."
Ringo nodded, "Alright. Let's go see her then."
When they got into the room, Ringo walked over to her bedside.
"Morgan? Morgan love?" Ringo said softly and took her hand.
Her eyes fluttered open, and when she him she smiled, "Hello, Ringo. I was hoping you'd come."
"Love, I was blummin' terrified, of course I came!" He bent down and kissed her forehead.
The Doctor came in and smiled, "Hello! She can go home whenever your ready!"
Ringo smiled wide, "Thank you doctor!" He smiled and lifted Morgan off the bed.
"Ringo! Don't you think I should put regular clothes  on?" She giggled.
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"Oh I guess you're right luv." he replied laughing a bit and then lowering her back down. Morgan walked into the bathroom and got dressed. When she came out everyone was looking at her and offering her anything she might need for the journey back to the hotel.
"It's okay guys, I'm fine now.... really." she replies weakly, her legs were still a little wobbly. Ringo came over to her and put his arm around her for support. They all trailed out of the hospital, forgetting that a few of them had come by horse and the rest had come by bus. Everyone looked at each other in dismay knowing they would have to take the bus home. Ringo was a little upset about the whole idea, he didn't want Morgan to have to ride home on the bus. But there was no other way back and he would just have to stomach it and get on the bus with her. Everyone piled in and sat down in exhaustion, it had been a wild night.
"Are you alright?" Ringo asked Morgan as she drifted off to sleep on his shoulder.
"I think she's out for the night Ring." Paul smiled down at her.
"yeah, she's been through ell." he stated stroking her head.
"How are you doing?" Paul looked over to Emmi who was snuggled up against his side.
"I'm good, just real sleepy." she yawns.
"So does that mean I don't get any action tonight?" he whispers into her ear.
"Yeah that's pretty much what that means." she giggles running her hand through his hair.
"John?" Lucy calls him. He has fallen asleep on the bus seat.
"Oh never mind then." she states, resting her head on her hands. George and Anne are sitting close together at the back of the bus resting their heads on each other.
"Oh Anne, seeing Ringo go through all that pain over Morgan makes me worry about something happening to you." he states looking down at her and meeting her eyes.
"It's okay George I know you won't let anything happen to me." she smiles and then rubs his cheek with the back of her hand. "I trust you." They both sink back into each other and wait for the long bus ride to come to a close.
The bus finally reaches the hotel, they all file out Ringo carrying Morgan up to their room. Everyone else trudges up to their rooms in a zombie like walk, when they finally reach their beds they collapse onto them too tired to do anything.
*******THE NEXT MORNING**********
Ringo slowly turned over to look at Morgan who was sound a sleep, he was anxious to wake her and hear her voice. But he knew she had been through a lot and needed as much rest as she could get. So he got up and headed over to Paul's room to talk to him about something. He walked out into the hall and knocked on their door. Paul opened it looking quite worn out and his hair was a mess.
"Hi Ring. What's going on?" he whispered to him, trying not to wake Emmi.
"Oh I just need to talk to you." he whispered back.
"What about? And why is it so urgent that you had to wake me up?"
"Well can we go outside to talk about it?" Ringo asked, looking at him in a nervous way.
"Alright, fine let's go." Paul said grabbing some shoes. They walked out the back door and stood on the boardwalk.
"So what's this all about?" Paul asked.
"I wanted to ask your advice about something." Ringo answered in a quiet tone.
"Well about what? What's going on with you and Mo?"
"It's just..." Ringo paused and looked around before continuing his sentence with..."

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"After my wedding, I worry that the band would fall apart, you will not find you a new drummer, right?" Ringo said apprehensively.
"That's all you wanted? So ... of course not! We aren't fall apart just because you marry, Ringo, and we never take a drummer that he's not you!" Paul said and smiled."Can you swear to me?". 
Paul rolled his eyes and put one hand on his heart. "I swear that I, Paul McCartney,and John Lennon and George Harrison would never replace Ringo Starr in another drummer after his wedding. Are you satisfied?"
Ringo nodded, he seemed much more relaxed.
"There's something else you wanted to ask?" Paul added. Ringo kick on one stone." It's about...our children"
George came down the steps toward breakfast. George always got up before everyone else, Paul says it's because he does meditation, and John says it's because breakfast. In fact, both were right. George knew that if you getting up early, you get all the benefits.
He gathered himself a few slices of bread, butter, coconut, tomato salad, Piece of chocolate cake, cheese and a cup of tea.
After he sat down at the table, Anna arrived. She took just a huge red strawberry and sat in front of George. "Good morning Georgie Pye" she said. He raised his head and smiled. Anna ate her strawberry and her lips painted in red. George took a napkin and wiped her lips. They looked at each other.
George had never seen more beautiful girl than Anna all his life.
John combed his hair. Lucy was still asleep in bed. Max curled up beside her. Her golden hair spread on the pillow and shine in the sun light that penetrated through the window. John looked at her and smiled. He loved her curly hair. He approached her and stroked her soft hair. And so he thought that he had never seen more beautiful girl than Lucy all his life.
Emmi go into Morgan's room. Morgan was already awake but still lying in bed. "How are you mo?" Emmi sat down beside her. "Much better now, thank you Emmi" Emmi smiled and looked sideways. "Where's Ringo?" Mo lifted her head. "I don't know, I'm  sure he'll come back soon." Mo yawned. "Emmi, can you bring me a glass of water please"
Emmi ran to the kitchen in a suite and came back with a glass of cold water. Mo drank and sighed. She looked at little picture of Ringo who placed on the dresser. She said to Emmi: "I don't think I saw someone more beautiful than Ringo all my life"
"Yea, that's how I think of Paul"

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Ringo and Paul made their way back into Ringo's hotel room, to find Emmi and Morgan sitting on the bed chatting away.
"Morgan!" Ringo smiled and hugged her tightly.
"Hello, love." She smiled and sunk into him.
"How are you feeling?" Ringo asked and leaned back to look at her.
"Alright, better than yesterday." She said.
"How about you, love?" Paul asked and laced his fingers in Emmi's.
"Good, now that my doting boyfriend is here." She giggled as Paul pulled her into a hug.
"So do you guys know what we're doing today?" Morgan asked everyone.
"Well, we could go to a little town near here, and look in all the shops." Emmi offered. Emmi and Morgan started to gush about how fun that would be.
Ringo gave Paul the "look", and Paul returned it. "That would be fun." Paul smiled.
George took Anne hand, "Do you want to see what the others are doing today?" He asked with a smile.
"Sure, we can go up there later. But I need to get ready first." She stood up and walked into the bathroom to brush her hair.
George soon followed and took the brush from her, "May I?" He smiled.
Anne blushed, "Go ahead, love."
George began to tenderly brush her hair out, "Your very beautiful.."
"Lucy, Lucy, darling. Wake up..." John gently stroked the hair out of Lucy's face.
Lucy eyes fluttered open, "Hello, love." She smiled.
"Sorry to wake you, but it's pretty late." He looked over to the clock, and her eyes followed his gaze.
"Sorry, John." She said softly.
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George and Anna go into the room of Ringo and Mo. "So what do we do today, guys?" George smiled.
"We go to shopping for our loves" Ringo kissed Mo. Mo laughed. "Good idea, so why are we waiting for?" Anna happy. "I'm going to call to John and Lucy" Paul said, and left the room. He went to the door of John and Lucy's room and opened it. Lucy slept with Max and next to them John was snoring in bed. Paul clasped hands and raised an eyebrow. "Didn't you wake her?" He asked. Everyone woke up and John saw Paul looking for an excuse: "Umm ... she bewitched me" He got out of bed. Lucy laughed. Paul sat beside her and stroked Max.
John washed his face and asked: "So what do we do today?"
"Today we are going to make our to loves shopping day"
"Max is my love," said Lucy, "I'll buy you a new bone and a new collar" John cleared his throat. "I'll also buy you a collar and a bone if you want" she joked. John began to tickle her. "That'll teach you to know who your real love!" John pretended to be evil. Lucy rolled on the bed with laughter and Max jumped around excitedly "We immediately come, Paul" said John.
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Everyone was excited to go shopping, especially the girls. They were all jumping around the room in happiness while the looked on in confusion.
"All you have to do is mention shopping and they go nuts!" John pointed to them.
"Yeah I have to agree with ya on that one, I mean look at the loonies we're dating!" Paul said loud enough for even the girls to hear. They all turned their heads and shot him an angry look.
"Hey what's the big idea?" Emmi shouted over at him.
"Oh nothing... it's just you lot are nuts!" Paul stated and then all the guys began to laugh uncontrollably.
"Haha, very funny!" Anne chimed in.
"Yeah you guys are so funny I forgot to laugh." Mo said rolling her eyes. The guys continued to laugh and roll on the floor, the girls just walked out of the room and headed for the elevator without them. They all knew that would drive them crazy and that they would be following after them in less than a minute. Of course the girls were right and as soon as they stepped into the elevator they could see all the guys running around the corner of the hall trying to catch up with them. The doors closed and the guys were left upstairs waiting to catch the next elevator down. The girls were loving every minute of this sweet revenge.
When they all piled out of the elevator the girls thought it would be funny to just "disappear" even if it was only for a moment, just to freak the guys out a little bit.
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"Hey, I have an idea!" Emmi smirked, "Let's leave our purses in the elevator, just to freak them out." She giggled. So the girls left their purses and hid behind the wall outside the exit elevator.
When the elevator reached the boys, they found their loves purses ripped open and left on the floor.
"Wha!?" Paul screamed, picking Emmi's red purse up and clutching it to his chest, "We leave them for 3 minutes...."
"Do you think they left because we made them mad?" George whimpered.
"We didn't mean it! We were just joking." He stroked Lucy's metallic purse.
"Let's see if we can catch them!" Ringo shouted. They got down to the bottom of the elevator and saw the girls were nowhere in sight.
"NO!" Paul sobbed. The boys were trying to figure out what to do when the girls came around the corner.
The boys ran up and hugged the girls, "Why would you trick us like that?!" John asked Lucy.
"Yeah, you scared me to death," Paul sighed in Emmi's neck.
"Payback's a b***, isn't it?" Emmi giggled and hugged Paul.
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"It sure is." he whispered into her ear. "Don't ever scare me like that again!"
"Alright Alright... I won't." she smiled.
"Promise, cross my heart." she smiled and then pulled his arm to get moving.
"Are we going or what?" Lucy yelled at them all. They all turned to look at her and shouted "YES!"
They walked around to all the closest boutiques to see what they could find. The girls pretty much wanted to stop at every store and guys were turned into clothing hangers, carrying everything they bought in their arms.
"How much more?" John whispered to Paul after hours of shopping.
"I don't know, it could probably go on for days at this rate." he sneered.
"Oh god, i can't take much longer! Me feet hurt!" George wailed as he sat down on a sidewalk bench.
"Come on guys, it's not that bad!" Ringo chimed in at a very bad moment. They all looked at him in anger.
"Not that bad?" John shrieked.
"Yeah I mean, something much worse could be happening, look at the bright side of things." he smiled walking into another store with Mo.
"He's lost it." Paul stated giving a crazy look on his face.
"Yep, that's for sure." George said.
"But we knew he was crazy from the start." they all laughed. 
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"Paul!" Emmi smiled, running up to him. "Isn't this pretty?"
She help up a lacey top in front of him, "Yes, it's very pretty, love." He smiled up at her.
"Wanna come help me try some stuff on?" She giggled. He smiled with wide eyes and nodded, then followed her into another store.
"They're both whipped!" John said to George and they both chortled together.
Anne and Lucy called them from a store they were in. They both half-heartedly went up to them, "Yes love?" John asked Lucy when he reached her.
"We both like this dress, but we both can't buy it!" Anne said, holding up a green sundress.
"Well, why not?" George asked, "We wear the same clothes all the time!"
Anne huffed, "No! You don't get it." She sighed.
"Here, there's the same one in purple here." John said, "One of you can buy green, and another purple!"
"Oh that's perfect Johnny Boo!" Lucy giggled and kissed John's nose. Then took the purple dress from him.
"Is that okay, love?" George asked Anne, "I just want you to be happy."
"Yes, it's great, love." She smiled and traced his cheek bone.
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"Uh... Just a quick question." John chimed in.
"What Johnny?" Lucy asked him.
"How much longer is this going to be?" he questioned her with a look of annoyance on his face.
"oh not too much longer why?"
"Because we're all dying here." he whispered to her.
"Really? Maybe we should go a while longer for that comment." she smirked at him.
"Wha? NO!!!!" he cried out before flopping onto a chair in the dress shop.
"What's going on?" George walked over to him.
"We are stuck doing this.. for god only knows how much longer." he complained.
"It's fine John, just calm down." George said, rustling his hair.
"Fine, Ill just be outside for a while, getting some air." he huffed and walked out the door.
"Where's john going?" Ringo asked.
"He needs some air Mate." George stated walking back over to Anne.
"Why does John overreact so much?" Mo asked Ringo.
"He has a anger problem, mood swings and such." he stated.
"Oh I see, I'm sorry that we are annoying him." she sighed. "maybe we should stop now and do something else."
"You're probably right love!" Ringo smiled at her and went out to console John.
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Ringo walked out to see John sitting on the bench, "John, we can go now. The girls are done."
"Really?!" John smiled and ran into the dress shop, "Almost ready, Lucy?"
"She's in the fitting room trying the dress on." Anne said.
"John, is that you?" Lucy called from behind the curtain.
"Yes, love." He smiled.
"Would you zip this dress up for me?" She asked. He slipped behind the curtain and caringly zipped the dress up for her. "How does it look?"
She asked, twirling in a small circle.
"Beautiful, love. Absolutely stunning." He smiled and kissed her neck very softly.
When they were done, they stepped out and brought Lucy's items up to the counter.
"Where's Paul and Em?" George asked.
"They're in the next shop, we should go get them." Ringo said. They walked over to the next shop and saw Emmi and Paul coming out of the dressing room, and Paul was straightening his belt and shirt.
"Ems has an excuse to be fixing her clothes, you don't" John said and laughed.
"Yes I do, a very logical one. You just don't need to know it." Paul smirked and winked.
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^oh Emmi!  ;) ;D

"So we all finished up here?" John asked, looking at Paul. "And I'm not talking about whatever you two were doing."
"Yeah we're all finished." Emmi winked at Paul.
"Alright then let's move um out!" John said motioning to the door. They all headed out onto the sidewalk.
"What do you wanna do now?" Ringo asked everyone.
"Can we get something to eat?" John whined.
"Sure why not?" Ringo stated. They all headed down the streets till they found a nice restaurant that everyone agreed on. They headed in and sat down at the table, everyone had so many bags they could barely fit in the booth.
"A bit crowded isn't it Love?" Paul turned to Emmi, motioning to the bags.
"Oh sorry!" she smiled pushing them aside.
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They settled in the booth, and the boys were shaking their jackets off and stuffing them at the base of their back.
Paul gently placed his hand over Emmi's, which caught her attention, and her eyes met with his. He was smiling very warmly towards her.
"You know, guys. I'd prefer it more if each couple had separate tables..." he bit his lip.
"Why?" George said flatly with a hint of sarcasm.
"Well wouldn't you want a closed conversation with your woman?" John tilted his chin up to glance at George from under his long bangs.
George slid his eyes towards Anne, who was circling her finger around the rim of the candle holder.
"Where'd Ringo and Morgan go?" Emmi said skeptically.
"They're waay ahead of us, luv." John chuckled.
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^oh Emmi!  ;) ;D

Haha!!! I know. But at least I'm open! XD
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Emmi smiled up at Paul, "I'd like that."
His eyes lit up, "It's settled, then." He took her hand and lead her to another booth. She sat down on one side, and he sat on the same side.
"This won't give us much room to eat." She giggled, but she was grateful for him being there.
"I'll move when our food comes." He smirked and stroked her hair from our face.
Emmi put her arm around his neck and stroked the back of his neck with her thumb, "It was sweet of you to take us shopping."
"No problem, love." He smiled and kissed her neck warmly.
John and Lucy were all for the idea of some alone time. They got a booth completely away from everyone else and were glad. As soon as they got to their table John started kissing Lucy like crazy.
"John, were in public..." Lucy said in between kisses.
"Let them see, I don't care." He smirked, "Let all those crazy fan girls see that your the one I love."
Lucy swooned, "I love you too, John"
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When Ringo saw that John and Paul and their dates have fled to different booths, he swiftly hooked his hands beneath Morgan and carried her to a booth not too far away, just in case. When they arrived, he gently placed her at the end of the side, and they both slide into the opposite sides.
"Oh, Ringo. You're eyes look so much intense and amazing near this candle light." Morgan murmured with a big smile.
"Well, everything about you is breathtaking." Ringo shook his head, a grin slowly forming.
She blushed and looked down.
"Oh, Ringo-" Morgan began.
"Hello, welcome to Moulini's Basket (made that up, lol). Should I come back in a few more moments?" she said nervously.
"No, no!" Morgan straightened herself up. "I'll have water."
"Me too. Morgan dear, we have so much in common!"


George coughed nervously into his fist as he glanced at the empty spots near him.
"Well there's no use going to another." he chuckled nervously.
Anne brushed her hair behind her ear and returned the smile.
"I wonder if anyone's noticed how much a simple candle light can enhance someone's beauty." George said in his deep voice, that rose goosebumps on Anne's arms.
"WE NOTICED THAT TOO!" shouted Morgan.
Anne cleared her throat. " So, um, have you made any new rocker friends?" she shrugged with a nervous look on her face.
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"You know I would do anything for you." Paul smiled stroking Emmi's cheek. She blushed a little and then smiled up at him.
"Well I kind of guessed that after you endured three hours of shopping with me!" she giggled into her hand.
"That was a give away wasn't it?" he smiled.
"Just a little one." she looked into his eyes, which were glistening in the candle light. He leaned into her and whispered in her ear.
"I can't wait till you're my wife. Then you will be mine forever." he beamed, she turned bright red and then gave him a tender kiss on the lips.
"Ah, this is good, I was starved." John sighed after taking a bit of his sandwich.
"I'm glad you're not as moody as you were before, that was kind of embarrassing." she confessed.
"Really? I embarrassed you?" he asked.
"Well... a little bit." she replied sadly.
"I'm sorry, I don't mean to hurt the ones around me, I just get so upset about things."
"It's alright, you should just talk to me instead of bottling up all your emotions." she smiles at him brushing his hair to the side.
"Okay, I'll try my hardest to do that Love." He smiles looking at her with a sincere look on his face.
"I just want you to be happy is all." she states happily running her hand up and down his back.
"I love that about our relationship! We have almost everything in common!" she grinned at him from across the table.
"I know, we were just made for each other." he replied. Morgan giggled to herself, before looking back up at him.
"Did you want to say something? Before the waiter came over?" Ringo asked looking deep into her eyes.
"Ah no, it's alright it can wait." she said stirring in her seat a bit.
"You can tell me, what's going on?" he questions her getting more concerned.
"Not here, I'll just tell you later. I don't want to here, I'll be embarrassed." she blushed.
"Ok, but you're not breaking up with me are you?" he questioned with a look of sadness across his face.
"No Love, NEVER!" she comforted him, "You know I would never do that, you're not getting rid of me that's for sure!"
"Well at least I can breathe again!" he yelped running his hand down her side.
"Not really why?" George pondered her question.
"I was just making conversation is all, you never talk about any of the people you've met." she pointed out to him.
"Well maybe not very man people spark my interest." he grinned at her.
"Well does anyone spark your interest?" she asked him, eyeing him up and down.
"Ummm.... I guess there's this one girl." he winked at her.
"What do you think of her?" she asked in curiosity.
"Huh, how would I describe her?" he chuckled. "She is breathtakingly beautiful. She has the face of an angel. She makes each day of my life brighter. I love her." he singed into her ear and kissed her face all over.

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********** 4 hours later **********
"Hey guys! What a coincidence that we meet along the way, huh?" George waved his hand toward Paul and Emmi. John and Lucy came over and, unbelievable, even Ringo and Mo. It really was a coincidence that everyone we meet without pre-planning.
"So what do we do? Hawaii is full in activities in the night"
"I say we do a night swimming"
"No, now the sea is frozen! I want to go somewhere warmer"
"So let's go to the nearest club! There is music, dancing people, drinking, and lots of colored lights!"
"But can identify you there!"
"But don't be forgotten ther is an colored lights! No one spotted us in the density and we know to take care of ourselves"
So determined ther were going to the club...
 -------------------------------------------------- ---------
When they entered, each lad had to cling to his girl, there will not be lost. They came to the bar safely. Ringo invited to everyone beers. Okay, everyone except Emmi, Lucy and Anna. They get lemonade with ice. After they drank, they ordered more beer. Probably after two glasses, they were a little giddy, what that caused them to order more beers.
"Paul, stop with the beer, let's go dance" Emmi tried to distance Paul from the bar, but Paul did not hear her because of the noise.
"It's okay Emmi, let's go to dance without them, they're from Liverpool, they know how to drink!" Anna pulled Emmi into dancing people . A few minutes later Lucy gave a scream. Apparently they didn't know quite how  to drink, and after 7 glasses of beer the situation was this:
John and Paul were on the table and sang "A hard day's night" and occasionally hiccups, George was somehow without his shirt, Ringo was sitting on the bar and laughed inexplicably and Morgan lay faint under the table.
"Oh no! A bunch of fools! They disclose themselves!" Anna was frightened. "Don't worry Anna, half of the people here are drunk too, so if we can get them out from here in time, maybe we can saved!" Lucy, Emmi and Anna split up - Emmi wanted to the DJ, and turned up the volume without his notice.
Lucy dragged Morgan into the corner and poured on her a bucket of cold water. Mo woke up immediately and started to cough.
Anna found the shirt of George and dressed him. Then she pushed him to the toward to Lucy, Lucy keep on Mo and George.
Emmi looked at Paul and John and was at a loss. But then a brilliant idea rose in her head! She ran to the main power switch of the club and...
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Then she decided that she didn't need to turn the power off! She had a better idea.
"Boys! The girls left without you!" She called.
"WHAT?!" They screamed and ran outside the club where the others were waiting. The cold air hit them and their minds started to clear.
"Aye, don't leave me again, babe." Paul said and threw his arm around Emmi, "Because I don't know if any of the other girls will do that one thing you do-" Emmi cut him off by clasping her hand over his mouth, "If you continue on with that I won't stick around much longer." She new she was lying, but she needed to shut him up.
"Yeah Emmi, why don'tchya shut him up." John's words slurred.
"Don't talk to my girl that way!" Paul yelled.
"Then don't hit on Lucy!" John shouted back.
"Who says I do?!"
"Oh please! Your flirtyness goes out to all these birds."
"Mo, when's the limo going to be here?" Emmi said worridly. She didn't want to hear about Paul hitting on other girls.
"Pretty soon." She said, just as worried as Emmi. Ringo and George were just standing next to their girls mindlessly.
"Anne, my head hurts." George said. He wasn't as drunk as the others, and he was starting to sober up.
"I'm sorry George." Anne frowned. George lied his head on her shoulder and she stroked his hair.
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They waited and waited but the limo never came, the girls began to get nervous, what were they going to do? They knew they had to somehow get the guys back safe and sound but that would prove to be quite the challenge with all that booze in their systems. John, Paul, and Ringo were staggering around laughing at everything, basically acting the fool. George was still a little woozy but he was slowly getting better and was semi-conscious.
"OK now what?" Emmi asked Anne.
"Ummm..." she thought.
"We could take the bus or walk." Lucy chimed in from behind them trying to hold John up.
"How are we going to hold them up?" Mo asked struggling to hold onto Ringo.
"I don't know what to do, this is awful." Emmi sat down to think for a minute.
"Aye Love, I can help you guys walk with them." George whispered.
"But there's only one of you George." Anne stated. "And we would need at least three of you!"
"Hey Emmi!" Paul shouted. "Watch this!" He stated climbing up onto a car and about to jump off.
"No Paul!!" Emmi shouted trying to grab onto his legs and pull him down. John and Ringo stood there laughing in hysterics.
"Oh stop it! Stop laughing!!" Morgan shouted at him. Nothing could control their antics and the girls had to make a decision and quick, this was getting really out of hand.
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"I've got an idea!" Emmi said. She ran over to a pay-phone and started to dial a familiar friend's number.
"'Ello?" His accent rang into a phone.
"KIETH!" Emmi exlaimed. "Your still in Hawaii, right?"
"Yeah, with Mick and Bill, why?"
"Well, um, our boys got hammered."
Keith chuckled, "Alright, we'll be over in a few."
"Thanks so much Keith!" She sighed.
"No problem, love." He smirked. She gave him their location and they were over quickly with their limo.
"Aye, Keith." Paul smiled, giving him a big hug. "I've missed, ya!"
Keith laughed, "He is hammerd, isn't he?" He asked Emmi.
"Yeah, when in Rome." She giggled.
The Rolling Stones helped get the Beatles and their girls into the limo and drove them over to the hotel.
"I can't thank you enough, Keith." Emmi smiled.
"Aye no problem." He smiled and Emmi kissed his cheek swiftly. They were able to get their boys up to their rooms. And by that time they were starting to sober up.
"Emmi..." Paul moaned and held his head.
"Yes, Paul." She said, stroking his back.
"My head is gonna bloody hurt in the morning." He sighed.
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^hey nice plan Emmi!  ;)

"Well what do you expect when you get drunk out of your mind" she stated matter of factly.
"Ahh, you got a good point there love." he whispered and laid his himself down on the bed. "How awful was I?" he asked her.
"BAD!" She exclaimed.
"Oh geez, I'm sorry Em."
"It's fine, I'm just glad nothing happened to you, you tried to jump off a car for bloody sakes!" she told him rubbing his head.
"I did what?" he shot up for a moment before Emmi pushed him back down on the bed.
"Shhh, just go to sleep now love." she comforted him and rubbed his back until he drifted off to sleep. Lucy wasn't having much luck getting John to get to sleep he was still pretty out of it and he hadn't calmed down much.
"John please be quiet it's past midnight!" She wailed at him.
"I'm not going to be quiet you can't make me!" he slurred and then flopped into a chair.
"Yes I can, now stop acting this way!" she yelled at him and then ran into the bathroom got a glass of water and threw it at him. He looked at her like she was crazy.
"What was that for?" he asked her.
"Uh let me think, for acting like an idiot!" she retorted standing in front of him with her hands on her hips.
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John frowned, "Well you didn't have to get me all wet!" He took his suit jacket off and threw it over the chair. "I'm tired." He said, a little mad.
"Then go to sleep!" Lucy said, "John please, for me?"
John contemplated the idea, "Alright. Fine." He plopped down on the bed and was out like a light. Lucy sighed with relief and took his shoes off for him.
"Aye, don't get too kinky there." John mumbled. Lucy rolled her eyes and pulled a blanket over both of them. And soon John's arm was around her waist.
"Morgan!" Ringo yelled from the bathroom. "I need my robe!" Morgan had forced him to take a shower, she said it would sober him up.
"Alright." She called back. She grabbed his robe from the closet and threw it to him in the bathroom.
To both their suprise, he caught it. "Thanks love." He smiled. She came up and tied his robe for him, then kissed his nose.
"Now, go to sleep. I don't need you having a terrible headache in the morning." She smiled.
Soon they were both in bed, tired from the stress of the club.
If the hangover effect was hitting anyone hard, it was George. His headache was so terrible him and Anne were sitting in bed, and Anne had to massage his forehead with a hot towel.
"I'm so sorry, love." George moaned.
"It's okay, your just not getting drunk for a long time." She warned.
"Don't worry. I won't be." He said.
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"Luc..." John whispered to her.
"Yes?" she asked him a little annoyed.
"I'm real.... sorry." he quietly answered turning his head into the pillow so he wouldn't have to see her reaction.
"It's fine, just please don't ever do that again."
"I wouldn't, I feel like a train wreck." he moaned. Then Lucy turned out the bedside light and they both fell asleep.
Ringo started rustling in the night and it awoke Mo. She turned to see what he was doing, he had gotten out of bed and was walking around. She turned on the light and asked him what was happening.
"Why are you walking around it's 2 am!" she questioned.
"I couldn't sleep, I keep thinking about what you were going to say in the restaurant." he moaned.
"Just don't think about that now, we'll talk about it later." she replied, motioning for him to come back to bed.
"I have to know."
"Later. I promise I will tell you later." she kissed his cheek and they went back to sleep.
"Ah, man I really hate this!" George moaned as he tossed and turned in bed all night.
"It's ok George, I'll get you a glass of water." Anne said rubbing his back. She got up and headed into the bathroom, filling up a glass and then handing it to him.
"Thank you so much Love."
"No worries, I've got your back always." she smiled at him. "Now do you feel better?"
"yes much." he replied kissing her head.
"No close your eyes and then everything will be better in the morning." she stated crawling back into bed.
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***The next morning****

"Paul, honey wake up..." Emmi brushed Paul's hair out of his eyes.
The sight of Emmi made Paul smile, "Hello, love." He said, almost a whisper.
"Is your head doing any better?" She asked him softly.
"Yeah, a lot  better than last night." He said smiling.
"Okay good, me and the other girls talked and we're all going out for breakfast. And we're planning on bringing the boys if they're up to it."
"Sounds lovely." He said, rolling out of bed.
After waking Ringo up, Morgan was getting ready as she slipped one of her new dresses on.
"You look bloody smashing." Ringo smiled. Which made Morgan jump and turn around.
"I didn't know you were there." She said, embarrased.
"Ah, it's okay darling." He smiled and pulled her into a kiss.
"You shouldn't do that." Morgan smirked.
"What, kiss you?!" Ringo said in a worried tone.
"Yes, because you make me swoon too much." She giggled and hugged him.
Lucy had a hell of a time getting John out of bed.
"John, please get up?" She said, shaking him.
"No not yet." John mumbled into the pillow.
"John they already made plans, please?" Lucy was starting to become upset.
"Why don't you just go?!" John said with an angry tone.
Lucy recoiled. She sat at the end of the bed, fighting tears. "You know, sometimes I feel like you don't even care." She said and ran into the bathroom. John flinched, knowing what he had done. He walked into the bathroom and wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her against him.
George and Anne were attached at the hip lately. Right when Anne was up, so was George. And from that instant George was doting on Anne like it was his job.
"George, you don't have to brush my hair." She blushed.
"Oh but I do." He smi;ed, stroking her hair. "Do I get to pick one of your new dresses for you?" He smiled.
"If you want." She giggled.
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Paul got up and got dressed slowly, he still felt a little off.
"Where are we off to then?" he asked Emmi.
"Oh we were just going out to this place that serves Pancakes." Emmi smiled and licked her lips.
"Good, I'm starved and I love pancakes."
"I'm glad. Do you think all the other guys will come?" Emmi asked.
"Well, I'm sure George will come and Ringo is way to attached to Mo, so he'll come. I'm just never too sure about John." he replied straightening his shirt out. "I guess we'll just have to wait and find out." They both headed over to Ringo and Mo's room and knocked on the door. Ringo rushed to it and greeted them in excitement.
"ello guys!" he smiled at the two of them.
"What's wrong with you Ring?" Paul looked at him suspiciously.
"What? Can't a guy be happy anymore?" he laughed.
"I don't know, you're not usually this cheerful." Paul replied.
"Well it's none of your business why I'm happy anyways." he stated sticking his tongue out at him.
"Whatever Ring." Paul said walking past him and sitting down on their bed. Emmi ran over to Mo and started chatting about the others.
"Should we go and get Anne and Lucy?" she asked her.
"I guess, it couldn't hurt." Mo replied.
"I hope John's not throwing a temper tantrum." Emmi laughed.
"Yeah, that would be awkward to walk in on." Mo agreed. They told the guys they would be right back after they got everyone else and they left the room. They walked down the hall and knocked on George and Anne's door first, they thought they'd save John and Lucy for last just in case.
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When they got into Anne and George's room, George was zipping up a beautiful green sundress that Anne bought, it looked like this...
Paul and Ringo snickered at George's doting on Anne, but Emmi and Morgan just smiled.
"You look smashing, love." George swooned.
"Thanks, hon." She giggled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Are we almost ready to get the Lennons?"
"We were going to give them a few more minutes." Paul said with a tone everyone recognised.
"Lucy, I'm sorry." John said, stroking her hair. Lucy had broke down and sobbed into John's arm.
"Then why do you do it?" She said. "You yelled at me last night, and now you just did." She cried.
"I... I don't know." He admitted.
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"Well I don't think I'm going." Lucy cried.
"What? But they'll be expecting you go!" John said trying to convince her.
"I don't want to anymore, you hurt me again. Now will you please leave me alone." she sobbed and shut the bathroom door.
"Lucy... come on love, I'm sorry." John yelled into the door. But there was no answer. Just then there was a knock on the door, john went over and answered it. Paul burst in first pushing John around playfully. John just stepped away and sat down on the floor in the corner.
"What's wrong mate?" Paul kneled down next to him.
"I've been awful to Lucy, and now she won't speak to me." he answered in a low tone.
"Oh well, we'll try talking to her!" Emmi, Anne, and Mo said walking over to the bathroom door and knocking on it.
"Hello Lucy dear?" Anne asked her. But there was no reply.
"Lucy! Come on, don't be like this, John loves you." Emmi stated.
"Yeah and he's real sorry." Anne continued. Still nothing...
"Now what?" Mo asked.
"I think John should try talking to her again, maybe she would listen to him?" Emmi suggested.
"Why would she? She didn't before." Mo replied and Emmi gave her an eye roll.
"Well do you have a better idea?" Emmi retorted.
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"Lucy, please love. Come talk to John." Paul said into the door, "You know he loves you."
Lucy was sitting on the other side of the door, crying. And they could hear her.
"John, get your a** over here!" Paul said.
John trudged over to Paul, "what?" He said with no emotion.
"How could you do this to her?!" He said, loud enough for Lucy to hear they're heated discussion.
"I'm sorry! I wasn't bloody thinking. I love her." He said, starting to tear up a little.
"Well I hope it's a bit of a wake-up call for you. You hurt her terribly." Paul left John to sit by the door alone.
"Lucy, please let me in..." He said. Lucy stood up and opened the door. John stepped over to her and embraced her in a warm hug.
"If you hurt me like that again I'm gone." She warned him.
"I know, love." He sighed. He looked at Lucy's messy hair and smeared make-up. He took a damp cloth and wiped her make up away, then started to slowly brush her hair. Those little acts of adoration made Lucy realise he did love her, but he was a lost soul. When he was done he stroked her hair.
"Are you alright?" He asked with a shooken espression.
"Yes, I'll be okay." She replied. He lightly kissed her forehead then they walked out to meet the rest of them,
"Are you okay?" Emmi said and hugged Lucy.
"Yea, I'm fine now." She sighed.
"He didn't hit you, did he?" Emmi whispered so no one else could hear.
Lucy shook her head, "No, he didn't."
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"well thank goodness." Emmi smiled and put her arm around her.
"Ok, since all the drama is over now, can we go and eat?" George chuckled.
"Yes Georgie!" John smiled and pushed him. They all headed out of the hotel and walked down the sidewalk.
"Are you sure you're alright Luc?" Emmi asked her again in a truly concerned voice.
"Yes Emmi I'm fine now, I'm just a little shook up is all." she grinned at her.
"Alright if you say you're fine, I'll believe you." Emmi winked at her. "But if something ever happens just come and tell me. Ok?"
"I will.' Lucy whispered to her not letting John hear the conversation. They finally reached the pancake house which was called The Pig and Pancake.
"Strange name, isn't it?" Paul questioned them all. They all giggled in response. All the couples sat down in their own booths again, they thought it best considering the confrontation that had happened that morning. Everyone need their own space for a while.
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"I can't stand drama, it makes everyone off." Paul sighed.
Emmi rested her head on his chest, "Don't worry, love. I'm sure after breakfast everyone will be fine." She smiled at him.
He stroked her hair, "I hope your right." He smiled and kissed her softly. "I can't wait until we're married." He stroked her cheek.
"Then why don't we?" Emmi smiled and looked into his eyes. Paul bit his lip and looked down.
Anne and George were sitting in a booth a couple spots away from Emmi and Paul.
"Your so beautiful." George sighed. "Nothing can match your beauty."
"George, your too sweet." She blushed and looked down, then George came and kissed her neck. "Love we're in public..."
George chuckled, "I was raised a working-class Liverpool boy, do you think I have any manners?"
Anne giggled, "Well you sure know how to treat a girl."
"No, I know how to treat you."
Ringo and Morgan were brought back to the subject of their wedding plans...
"On Morgan! This will be wounderful!" He smiled and kissed her all over.
She giggled, "What makes you so exited?" She smiled.
"The thought of having you forever! And no one else can take you!"
She smiled, "Well, no one else could right now."
"Not even Mick Jagger?" he bit his lip.
There wasn't much conversation between John and Lucy. He had insisited on sitting on the same side as her.
"I'm so sorry." He sighed and looked at her sincerely.
"Apologies seem to be a theme here." She said.
"I know, because I mean it." He looked down.
She touched his hand, "Do you?"
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"What's wrong? Is it that horrible thinking about us being married?" she questioned him pulling his chin up.
"No of course not."
"Then what is it?" she asked again anxiously.
"I just, think we should wait a while longer." he sighed.
"But why? I don't understand."
"Well I want all the attention to be on us during our wedding, and if we have one now it will be on Ringo and Mo and us." he said looking into her eyes. "See what I mean? I think it will be better to wait till their wedding is done with." He smiled.
"I see your point, you want to go all out for our wedding and not let anyone take that away from us." she giggled. "You are so adorable."
"No I'm not, I'm just being logical is all." he grinned at her.
"Awww George you're such a sweetheart." Anne blushed.
"Well I can't help myself around you. You drive me crazy woman!" he stated kissing her neck again.
"Come come now, let's save that for later." she said between kisses.
"Why? Can't I show my love for you to the world?"
"Yeah, but not in a pancake house." she laughed.
"Alright, but once we get out the door you're in trouble missy!" he smiled and grabbed her hand under the table.
"Haha! Mick Jagger? What made you think of him?" Mo asked him.
"Well that night when we got wasted, I saw him talking to you." he stated.
"Oh please Ringo, don't become jealous of him now!"
"I'm not, I'm just simply pointing an observation out."
"You are really crazy aren't you?" she laughed.
"No, just crazy about you is all." he looked down at his hands when he said this.
"Nothing is going on with us, so stop worrying." she said rubbing his arm.
"Well that's a relief, he's so much better looking than me."
"Not in my eyes." she smiled.
"Of course I do!" he beamed at her.
"It's hard to tell sometimes John, you're mood swings can cause so much stress on me."
"I'm sorry bout that love, I can't control myself." he said honestly.
"But if you ever were to get mad and hurt me... I couldn't stay you know that."
"Yes, but that will never happen, I promise you." he said quietly grabbing her hand tightly.
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When everyone was done eating, they stepped out of the restraunt into the bright day.
"It's so always so warm here." Paul smiled and put his arm around Emmi's waist.
"Well love, we are in Hawaii." She giggled and Paul pulled her closer to him.
"Your laugh is adorable." He smiled and kissed her cheek.
Just like George had promised, right when they stepped out George pulled Anne against the wall and started kissing her like crazy.
"George!" Anne giggled, "I know you can control yourself."
"But I don't want to!" He smirked and started kissing her again.
Ringo and Morgan walked past George and Anne's frenzy over to Emmi and Paul.
"My lord, what's gotten into George?" Ringo said.
"I don't know. He probably wants to dote on her enough so she doesn't leave." Paul smirked and tightened his arm around Emmi's waist.
"That's true." Ringo said with a smile.
Then finally, Lucy and John made their way out into the sunlight, "I regret wearing a full suit." John chuckled. He was the only one dressed so warm, the other boys were in shorts and t-shirts.
"I bet." Lucy smiled and held his hand.
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"Oh so you're warming up to me again aye?" John smiled at Lucy.
"Maybe a little." she laughed and then pushed his shoulder.
"We only have a one day left in Hawaii then Brian is insisting we come back to London." Paul stated to everyone. "What should we do on our last day?"
"I want to go swimming." Emmi smiled at Paul. Paul returned her smile with a wink. "Well we're off all!" They ran off together hand in hand.
"Oh well they're gone now." John huffed.
"George! Lay off of it for a minute." John said pulling him off of Anne. "The girl needs air man!" George let go of Anne and then tenderly smiled at her.
"Well what should the rest of us do?" John asked them all.
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George went up to Anne and wrapped his arms around her from behind. "What would you like to do, love?" He smiled at her.
Anne smiled a little, "Uhm, maybe some shopping?"
George's eyes grew wide, "Y-y-you sure?"
Anne giggled and turned to face him, "No, I'm kidding," She giggled and kissed his nose. "Wanna go on a boat ride?"
George smiled, "That sounds very romantic." Anne rolled her eyes and they were gone.
"That lovesick lad." John rolled his eyes.
"I'd like to go take a boat ride, they have one for dolphin watching." Lucy smiled.
"Well, I guess we can go do that." They smiled at eachother and walked down the boardwalk.
"Well, what about us?" Ringo smiled at Morgan.
Morgan thought for a moment, "We could take a walk on the beach?" She smiled.
"Let's go the opposite way of The McCartneys. I'd rather not know what they're up to when they say "Swim""
"Silly boy!" Morgan giggled and they started down the boardwalk.
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Paul and Emmi reached the beach and ran straight to the water and jumped in splashing each other playfully.
"This is the best love." Paul said holding her close to him.
"Oh Paul, you are the best you know that simply the best." she beamed up at him and closed her eyes rubbing her cheek on his chest.
"no you're the best!" he laughed.
"Oh you silly boy, you are gonna get it now!" she giggled splashing him again and then pushing him into the surf. He then grabbed her hand and pulled her in with him, they continued to splash around together. Paul stopped for a minute and grabbed Emmi's waist pulling her closer to him and then kissing her passionately on the lips, he stayed their for a few moments before he stopped and looked at her in adoration. Emmi blushed and then returned his affection with another kiss. John and Lucy got onto the boat and sat down on one of the chairs positioned near the railings.
"I can't wait to see a dolphin Johnny!" Lucy stated in excitement. 
"Yeah it should be just great love." he weakly smiled at her.
"What's the matter?"
"I don't want to ruin this for you, so don't ask." he exhaled.
"No john tell me."
"I get sea sick is all. But I don't want to ruin all of your fun." he smiled stroking her hair.
"What? Why didn't you just let me know babe? I would never have asked you to." she said feeling guilty.
"Don't worry bout me, just have fun." he winked and then kissed her lips.
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Emmi and Paul were sitting on the beach, they were taking a break from the salt water and getting some sun. They knew it wasn't very sunny in London.
Paul pulled Emmi close to him and started to whisper in her ear.
"I love you." He sighed.
"I love you too, Paul." Emmi smiled and brushed Paul's wet hair out of his face.
"I don't want to go back to London." He sighed. "We won't be able to see eachother as much."
"But I live with you now. And I'm sure Lucy is going to be moving in too, it will be like here." She rested her head against his shoulder.
"But we are going to be recording again. And your scenes are done in the movie." He frowned a little and pulled her into a hug.
"John, are you okay?" Lucy asked him, feeling his forehead.
"Yeah, I'm alright." He sighed and looked out into the ocean.
"Alright, folks. On your left there will be a school of dolphins." The tour guide announced.
"John, look!" Lucy giggled and pointed to the ocean. There were at least ten dolphins swimming only a few feet away from them.
"Wow, that's really gear." He smiled and took Lucy's hand.
George had insisted on going full out and renting a boat for him and Anne to ride on.
"George, you really didn't have to do this..." Anne said. She felt a little uncomftorble with all the money George was spending on her.
"Love, it's okay. Money doesn't mean anything to me. I've got millions." He stroked her hair and kissed her shoulder.
Anne stroked his hair, "You are a sweetheart." She sighed.
"I know." George smiled and kissed her.
"Are you exited to go home?" Morgan asked Ringo. They were walking down the beach hand in hand.
"Well, I do miss home. But we have a lot of fun here." He smiled and held her hand a little tighter.
"That's true." She smiled and looked out into the ocean. The sun was starting to set and the horizon was beautiful shades of oranges and pinks.
"That sunset is beautiful." Ringo smiled. Morgan smiled, feeling he had read her mind.
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They sat there in silence for a few minutes before Emmi said "It's ok Paul we'll see each other, I mean how many hours are you probably going to be filming?"
"Pretty much all the time for another 3 weeks and that's a long time to not be with you all the time." he looked down at her hands holding his.
"It will work out. We will make it work." she smiled kissing his hand.
"I hope we do, It's going to be hard for me to restrain myself when I get home though. So you better watch out!" he laughed pulling her closer.
"Oh you're a naughty boy!"
"Those are amazing creatures!" Lucy smiled. "I would love to go swimming with them some day."
"Well you can count me out of that one." he laughed.
"You don't want to?"
"No, I'm not a very keen swimmer as it is and I'm not to keen on swimming in the ocean either." he replied looking a tad bit embarrassed.
"That's ok, we don't have to do that." she smiled and grabbed his hand.
"Thanks for understanding love, I hate telling anyone that." he swallowed hard.
"You can tell me anything you want." she grinned at him and closed her eyes and listened to his breathing for a moment.
"Are you sure you know how to drive this thing?" Anne questioned him.
"Well not really, but we can figure it out. Right?" he laughed.
"Are you serious? You can't drive this huge boat?"
"Nope!" George grinned deviously.
"Oh man! What if we get stranded out here or something?"
"That won't happen, stop worrying love." he said walking over and hugging her tightly.
"If you say so, ok then." Anne smiled.
"I'm excited about going back actually." Morgan smiled up at him.
"Yeah, I mean we're getting married soon!" she smiled at him. "Aren't you excited about that?"
"Of course, it's the only thing I think about all day long." he hugged her.
"Well I'm so happy, I can't wait to get married and be a mother and..." she was stopped by Ringo.
"A mother? You're not you know?" he said looking down at her stomach. 
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Paul chuckled, "You know me, love." He kissed her deeply.
She kissed him back and smiled, "But don't worry, we'll figure this all out."
Paul pulled her even closer, by then they were almost completely touching.
"Your amazing." He whispered. Emmi blushed and he kissed her again.
"Your better." She smirked.
Paul chuckled, "Nah, nothing can top you." That made Emmi blush even more.
John pulled her close and closed his eyes. He had never loved anyone more than Lucy, and he knew he never would. He felt her heartbeat and smiled. "You know I love you, right?" He stroked her hair.
"Yes John. You've made that pretty clear." She smiled.
"Good, making sure." He was silent for a few moments. "Do you love me?"
Lucy nodded, "More than anything."
But when she saw George fumble with trying to start the boat, she worried.
"George, can't you hire a driver?" She said, rubbing his shoulders.
"Maybe that's a good idea." He sighed. He walked onto the deck and found an off-duty boatman. "'Ello mate." He smiled.
"Hello Sir, what can I help you with?" He smiled back.
"Here, 100 bucks and you drive me and my lass around for a while?" George smirked.
The man's eyes grew wide, "Sure thing!"
When they got back into the boat, George smiled and sat down nex to Anne. "Oh, and no lookin' at us, you'll have to pay for that yourself." He chuckled.
"Oh sure thing." The man smiled and they took off.
"No, not yet." Morgan said, "I just want kids someday, that's all."
"Oh, good." Ringo laughed weakly, "Let's take things one step at a time, alright love?"
Morgan giggled, "Alright, love." She and Ringo walked on.
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"We better get out of the sun for a while, I'm burning up." Emmi laughed. "And I don't want to look like John and Lucy did!" They both giggled and walked to an open beach umbrella and sat under it.
"That's much better!" he chuckled.
"Yeah it is." Emmi agreed and then gave him a kiss. Some kids walked by and started pointing at them and laughing.
"Aye lay off 'er!" Paul shouted at them playfully.
"Hey, how do you know they weren't laughing at you?" she pointed out to him.
"No it was definitely you they were laughing at." he smiled.
"Good, I don't think I could go on with out knowing you love me." he smiled. The boat pulled up to dock and they both stepped off together hand in hand.
"What now? We only have a while left. What do you want to do John?" Lucy asked him.
"Huh, I think I would like to go buy a ukulele!" he smiled. "Then I can play it to you tonight!"
"Oh that sounds wonderful Love!" she smiled and grabbed his arm as they strolled down the sidewalk.
"You made me nervous there for a minute." Ringo said.
"I thought you were telling me you were pregnant that's why." he looked at her with worried eyes.
"Oh I see."
"It's not that I wouldn't have been happy about it, it's just..." he ponders his next words.
"....I wouldn't want that to be the only reason we were getting married." he sighed.
"What? We love each other, that's why were getting married silly!" she stated.
"I know, but Brian would have insisted we got married straight away and we wouldn't have had time to make it perfect." he smiled at her.
"Any wedding where I get married to you would be perfect." She stated, stopping and kissing him repeatedly.
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Emmi giggled, "Oh stop it, silly." Emmi smiled and gently pushed his arm.
"Ah don't push me away." he smirked. "I'd have to come running back." He put his hand on hers and smiled.
Emmi blushed, "You flirt." She giggled and kissed his hand.
Paul smiled, "Yeah, you know it." He chuckled. He kissed her fingertips and then her palm. "I love you." He whispered.
"I love you too." She said softly.
George and Anne were having a great time, and so was there driver.
Anne's hair whipped around her face as the boat drove around the ocean, and George loved the sight of her.
"Your hair is grogeous." He sighed and pulled her into another deep kiss.
"George, your acting really..."
"What?" George asked worridly.
They walked into the island shops and looked for a ukelele until they came across this adorable little shop and spotted a perfect one.
"Oh John, this one!" Lucy smiled and grabbed one perfect for John.
"You think so?" John smiled and took it from her.
"Yes!" She giggled. They brought it up to the cash register and John spotted a beautiful pink flower that went in a girl's hair.
"This too." John said and placed it with the ukelele. The man smiled and nodded. When he was done, John slipped the flower into Lucy's hair. "Perfect."
Lucy touched the flower and smiled, "How does it look?"
"Beautiful." John smiled and kissed her. They walked outside and saw it was dark out. "Wanna go sit on the beach?" He smiled.
Ringo ran his fingers through her hair. "You look beautiful." He smiled.
Morgan sighed, "You look handsome." She said, stroking his hair.
"Should we go look for the others?" He asked with a smile. "Or do you want some time alone?"
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(After I posted that last one, I looked at it and was all oops I forgot George and Anne!  :P)

"What would you like to do next love?" he asked her softly.
"I'm not sure, this is pretty nice right here." she smiled into his shoulder.
"Yes this is quite wonderful isn't it?" he agreed and wrapped his arms around her as they sat there staring out at the ocean as the sun went down.
"Passionate." she grinned shyly.
"Oh I'm sorry is it too fast for you darling?" he asked staring at her with his penetrating brown eyes.
"No... it's really nice actually." she giggled.
"I'm glad to hear it. I didn't want to frighten you."
"You could never do that, you're the nicest guy I've ever known."
"I sure hope so. You don't have any other guys do you?"
"Oh yes John can we?" she beamed from ear to ear.
"Well of course silly why not?" he laughed wrapping his arm around her and leading her down to the sand.
"This is lovely John." Lucy smiled.
"You're lovely my love."
"Oh jeez, you always make me nervous." she blushed into her hands on her face.
"I make you nervous?"
"Yeah, you're the most sexual man I've ever known and you give me butterflies."
"I do all that to you?"
"Sure do." she smiled tracing his nose with her hand.
"Let me tell you all the way I love you..." John started to sing to her.
"Let's go find the others." Morgan answered.
"Oh so you'd rather hang out with them?" he laughed.
"No, I just thought that was what you wanted."
"Actually I wanted to be with you a while longer." he sighed then looked out into the sunset.
"You know Ringo, you're a very moody guy."
"You think so, really?"
"Yeah you are." she replied bitting her lower lip.
"Do I annoy you so?" he asked.
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Emmi smiled and kissed his jawline, "Your so nice."
Paul chuckled, "Well, I sure hope you think so." He chuckled.
Emmi giggled, "I know. I'm just reminding you."
They held eachother and watched the sun go down, soon it slipped under the horizon. Only to return tomorrow.
"That was beautiful." Emmi sighed.
"Your beautiful." Paul cooed in Emmi's ear.
Anne shook her head, "No of course not! Why would you think that?"
"Well, if you didn't want to be passionate..."
"Of course I do!" Anne said, backing from George a little.
George looked hurt from Anne's recoil. "I'm sorry." He sighed and pulled her back into him, "I just don't want you leaving me."
"I would never leave you, don't worry." She sighed and sunk into George's embrace.
Lucy sighed and let John sing into her ear, a smile across her face. When John finished, Lucy beamed at him.
"That was amazing." She sighed.
John set the ukelele down and smiled, he stroked Lucy's back and kissed her softly, "It was good?" He smiled.
"Yes! It was great." She sighed and kissed him deeply. John used the opportunity and ran his fingers down her waist and through her hair. Lucy was overjoyed by the touch and smiled into him.
"No!" She exclaimed and hugged him tightly. "You just seem a little moody today."
Ringo nodded and hugged her back, "I'm sorry. It's just the tension." He sighed.
"Please don't yell at me like John.." She said with a shaky voice.
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"Come on Love let's get back to the hotel before I can't see anything at all." Paul smiled and took Emmi's hand in his. They walked along the dark beach until they hit the boardwalk and walked by streetlight.
"Oh man, the boardwalk always looks so different at night." Emmi pointed out.
"Yeah it does, and it also looks more... romantic." Paul replied.
"Oh you are a flirty one aren't you McCartney!" She giggled.
"Only when I really love the girl."
"No I think it's all the time." she stared at him.
"It is NOT! It's only for you my love." he beamed and then leaned down and kissed her.
"Well that's a relief, I will always love you." he said rubbing the nap of her neck.
"And I love you as well. Don't ever forget it Mr. Harrison!" she replied, leaning into him.
"We should probably get back now, it's getting dark!" George yelled to the driver. He turned around the boat and headed to the docks. They stepped off the boat and couldn't see a thing.
"George? Which way do we go?" she asked.
"Ummm...." he replied. They had never been around here before.
"Oh Johnny!" she yelped as he caressed her leg.
"You are so beautiful Lucy! I just can't get enough of you!" he replied breathing into her ear.
"You are way too much." she sighed into him.
"Way too much what?"
"Too much of everything." she moaned.
"Man, how can that be?"
"Oh it can." she smiled.
"We better start heading back now." John said as he got up and picked her up and carried her back to the hotel.
"I don't know, sometimes I just wanna......" he started. Morgan put her arm out in front of her face for protection.
"Please don't!" she cried out.
".....Kiss you and never stop!" Ringo finished. Morgan looked at him in shock and confusion.
"You're not going to hit me?" she asked slowly lowering her arms.
"wha? Why would I hit my love?" he questioned her.
"Well... I thought I upset you."
"No, I'm fine, I think it's just stress is all." he sighed.
"From me? Do I stress you out?" Morgan questioned him. 
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Emmi kissed him back and smiled, "You know, your right. It is more romantic." She smiled and leaned into him a little more.
"You think so?" Paul beamed and stroked her hair.
"Yes, I do." She smiled and brought her lips close to his, then pulled away suddenly. "Too bad I'm not in the mood." She started walking and smirked to herself.
"Wha?!" Paul said, dumbstruck. "I-i-i..."
Emmi giggled and ran back up to him, "I'm just kidding!" She trew her arms around his neck and kissed him softly.
"Don't do that to a man." He muttered in her neck, and Emmi giggled.
"Well, I have this app on my iPhone..." George said.
"We can ask the  driver." George said, "Aye mister!" George called to him.
"Yes, sir?" He gave George a smile.
"Which way to..." He gave the man the name of the hotel.
"Oh, not too far. Walk that way and you'll come across it." He nodded.
"Thanks sir!" George smiled and pulled Anne into him. "Don't worry, I'll protect you." He smiled as they walked.
"Yes, those Hawaiians can get fierce." She giggled.
"John, you don't have to carry me." She giggled and stroked his chest.
"But I want to. I can't let you get too tired on me just yet." He winked at her.
"You silly boy." She giggled and slapped his arm playfully.
When they got to the hotel, John carried her all the way to their room, then lied her on the bed. "Your tempting..." John said and stroked her hair.
Lucy smiled, "Your eyes are beautiful."
John blushed a little, "Your too nice to me.."
"No!" Ringo sighed and plopped down on the sand, "It's so hard. Because I love you so much, and I've never felt like this before."
"Ringo, don't worry." Morgan said and stroked his back consolingly. "Just tell me how you feel and I can fix it all."
"Really?" Ringo said, raising his head from his hands.
"Yes, I love you enough to do that." She smiled at him.
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They walked up the stairs to their room entered and started goofing around. They ran around the room chasing each other and Paul wouldn't stop tickling Emmi.
"Haha! Please stop!" Emmi pleaded.
"Not till you kiss me!" he laughed.
"Never!" she teased him.
"Fine than I'm not stopping." he stated continuing to tickle her.
"Alright!" she finally gave in.
"I knew you would!" he smiled closing his eyes waiting for her kiss. She reached her arms up and wrapped them around his neck and kissed his lips passionately.
"I think I can see the hotel from here!" George said pointing in the direction of a building.
"No I don''t think so..." Anne replied peering into the night.
"Yeah that's it, I think." They got closer and realized it wasn't the hotel but a pub.
"Oh great!" Anne stated. "Now what?"
"I'll just go and ask someone inside where the hotel is." he replied rubbing her arm lovingly.
"No, you're to nice to me!" Lucy smiled.
"Ahh, don't start that again!" he beamed at her.
"Sorry, it's just I love you so much!"
"How much?"
"This much!" she showed him holding out her arms.
"Well that's not very much." he laughed.
"It's not?"
"No! And besides I wanted you to show me as in..." he stated closing his eyes and waited for her lips.
"Oh, hahaha..." she laughed and then bent her head for her lips to meet his.
"Well what?" she asked him again.
"I just get so frustrated and nervous about things." he sobbed.
"Like..." she asked.
"Like us, like, the band."
"So pretty much everything?" she giggled a bit.
"Yeah, but mostly about the band. What if they don't want me after a few years?"
"That won't happen, they all love you." Morgan smiled at him.
"You think so?"
"Of course, I wouldn't lie to you." she smiled.
"I guess I just worry too much."
"That's an understatement love!" she hugged him and he began to feel a lot better.
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After the kiss they fell on the bed and didn't stop laughing. "See what love can do?"  :P
"I see the love in front of me"  :-*
"Really? where?" :D
"It's you, silly!" ha2ha
"I actually think that you are the symbol of love, in loveLand they hanging flags with your face on it" ;)
"Oh, it's so sweet of you! I can't wait until we're married!" 8)
"First of all, Ringo and Mo are getting married" Paul winked ;) :P ;) "we're next"
"You know Lucy, I really don't want to disappoint or hurt or even cause you to be sad again, but you can't be
nice and good forever." John hugged Lucy and sighed. "Hey, I have an idea," Lucy said, "Maybe we should make an oath as in my country."
Lucy got out of bed and looking for something in her suitcase. "We're not going to do some strange ritual sacrifice, right?" Asked John. Lucy smiled, she took from her luggage two red wires with hangman looked like little tiny mirrors.
She extinguished the light and lit two candles. She sat on the bed with John and handed him one chain "wear your necklace" she told him. After they were both with chains Lucy closed her eyes and her face grew serious. "Hold my hand" she said firmly.
John began to fear "we don't call to the spirits or something, right?" He was afraid. Lucy opened her eyes "you have no reason to scard, John. I'm not going to do you a seance or something," John swallowed, "Yes, yes, that's what I thought."
"Now come back after what I'm saying"
"I swear ..."
"I swear"
"Do not hurt those who sits in front of me ..."
"Do not hurt those who sits in front of me"
"I will did not make him any harm ..."
"I will did not make him any harm"
"Always love him with all my heart ..."
"Always love him with all my heart"
"And I'll be honest to myself ..."
"And I'll be honest to myself."
"Well, John, now you can open your eyes"
"What? that's it? We done?"
"I told you, it's just a swear"
"So what do we do with the chains?"
"You must promise not to remove them forever! That the oath was kept in them, and every time you looked in the mirror you will see your reflection and remember what you swear."
John hugged Lucy in Love "Now, may I kiss you? "
(Sorry that I wrote a lot :P)
They went into the pub. The pub was dark, and only one woman was in a bar and cleaned glass tumblers.
George approached to her and asked: "Excuse me ma'am, but maybe you know where is the hotel:" The golden starfish?
The woman lifted her head and stared at George as if he recognized her from somewhere. Then suddenly she shrieked and said: "Boolbool! It's you! I don't believe, my Boolbool!"
George's eyes shrunk and he began to sweat with anxiety. "Aunt Jane ..." He whispered. Anna was completely confused.
The woman ran to George and crushed him with a bear hug while she kisses his face and says between kiss and kiss: "Oh! my Boolbool, how I missed you Boolbool! Your aunt thought she would never see again her sweet Boolbool!"
Awooch!!!!!!!!" George screamed when she pinched his cheek in "love".
Anna began to understand that this woman really painful to George, so she pulled him from the woman and managed to save him frightening. They fled away from the pub. "I'll come to visit you in your hotel Boolbool!"
"Who is she!?" Anna gasped.
"My aunt, the worst person who exists in the world , since I was a baby she didn't stop "abuse" me. A few years ago she left Britain to America, and I was sure I got rid funded forever! But she apparently now lives in Hawaii!" George paled and arranged his wild hair .
Anna stifled laugh: "and she really calls you Boolbool?" George blocked her mouth with his hand. "More than 5 years I managed to hide the name from the guys, so you must swear that you never ever! don't tell them that I have that name"
"BOOLBOOL! BOOLBOOL! Ha! Ha!" Anna laughed ha2ha
 George began to chase after her.
(Don't give up!)
Suddenly there was a knock on the window. Ringo went to open. No one was at the window. Probably not, because the suites were on the top floor of the hotel and no man can reach this height and just knock on the window. "It was a bird?" Mo asked. "It must be a bird" Ringo replied and closed the window. some seconds later a knock came again. Ringo rushed to open the window. White dove hurried away from the windowsill. "Look!" Mo suddenly exam that the dove left a round little glass jar with a glitter powder inside. Ringo took it and studied it. "Let's try to open it," suggested Mo and they fought for 20 minutes cork who closed it. Strong. "I'm desperate, let's put it in the lobby, above the fireplace, it Help to the lobby be more beautiful " They went to the lobby and let the jar. "Now," Ringo said,and kissed Morgan "Where were we?"
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^^ I forgot to mention that I'm really excited about the stories you wrote :-* ;D ;D :D. I almost cried, It's so beautiful! John is so Romantic :-* ha2ha
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Ringo held both Morgan's hands between his hands and held it to his heart. They then strolled over to the chair which stood near the balcony, and sat. Morgan sat on Ringo's lap and twined her fingers behind his neck. They were pulling in for a kiss when the phone rang.
Ringo threw his head back in frustration and Morgan scootched off his lap.
"Someone better be dead!" Ringo warned as he pulled the phone to his ear.
"Are you lads getting comfortable?" said the person on the other line.
"Yes. Very." he stated, smiling apologetically towards Morgan.
"....We need you to...retreat...again." the person stuttered.
"Wait, who is this again?" Ringo squinted.
"Mal." he sounded offended.
"Ohh. Sorry mate. Well, where are we supposed to go?"
"Come back to London, becau-"
"London?? We just settled here? Are those guys still after us?" Ringo retorted.
"Let me explain. We have decided to see through their eyes, and think how they would try and kidnap you. London, where you lot live, is the last place they'd look."
"...Really." Ringo muttered dubiously.
"Yes. Also, Mr. Epstein called for a meeting. He's still shaken about what happened back at the flat."
"So is it a plan, then?" Mal piped.


Paul parted his mouth from hers and his eyes bored into hers.
"I like to look at you when we do nice things like this." he smiled, widening his eyes and crossing them.
She giggled. "Yes. Very nice." her face was getting very warm. "Your bangs are tickling my face, Paul." she murmured, biting her lip.
"Are you hinting that I need a haircut?" his eyebrows rose.
"Hell no! I was just sa-"
The phone shrilled.
"Dammit, that killed the mood." Paul kissed her nose and exited the bedroom over the the living room.
Emmi stealthed over to the door, placing her ear flat against the door.
She could only hear a muffled voice, complaining and reasoning about something.
Then it was silent.
Emmi jerked away from the door at the sound of Paul's fist knocking on bedroom door.
"Can I come in dear?"
"Yes." she smiled innocently.


Anne laughed maniacally down the street light beamed sidewalks of the night time city. She sprinted past several alleys and closed shops and offices. George was quickly gaining on her, and the cold air was numbing his face. She shrieked as he finally leapt and crashed onto her, the both of them sprawled onto the nasty sidewalk. They were to hyper and out of breath to laugh normally.
George pushed himself up into a push up position and stared down at Anne.
"What now?" he panted.
"Well, where are we?" she asked nervously.
He turned his head and glanced at both sides of the street.
"I dunno." he laughed darkly.
"Well," she began, as she crawled out from behind his elbow, and stood up. "We'd better search around."
George drooped his head and propped himself back onto his feet.
"Please stay close to me, this place doesn't look very safe at this time." Anne said firmly.


Lucy thought for a moment.
"..No!" she declared as she stood up from the bed and stared down at John.
"You're serious." he replied, sounding as if he'd won a million dollars, but had it all taken back with no explanation.
"Yes. I want you to prove to me that you love me. And no, that doesn't include shagging."
John laughed. "What kind of person do you think I am?!"
Lucy rose an eyebrow and crossed her arms.
John frowned. "What, you don't trust me?"
"I do." she stated.
"I'm not some pervert, you know!...Well I mean, I'm not like that when I'm in a serious relationship." John shrugged.
"Come back to me when you have an idea of how to prove your love to me." She poked his forehead gently and walked off, with a sincere smile.
"She's evil..." a smile crept onto his face.

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"Yeah I guess it is. We we're going to come back tomorrow morning anyways, so we were a step ahead of ya Mal!" Ringo chuckled into the phone.
"Ok good, so we'll be at the airpot tomorrow morning to meet you!" Mal replied before hanging up the phone. Ringo hung up the phone and walked back over to Morgan.
"Who was that?" she asked yawning into her hand.
"Oh it was just Mal, he said we should leave tomorrow for London, but we we're already doing that anyway." he smiled at her.
"Yeah, that is a funny coincidence isn't it?" Morgan chuckled. "Does he know about us?"
"What do you mean?" he looked at her for a moment in confusion.
"You know, our engagement, we haven't talked to anyone since London." she pointed out to him.
"Oh dangit, I didn't tell him!" he huffed and flopped down in the chair next to her.
"That's alright, I'm kind of glad you didn't. Now we can surprise everybody!" Morgan giggled putting her arm around him.
"Yeah, and won't that be a big surprise for them! Especially Brian." he laughed pulling her closer to himself and kissing her forehead.
"What was that all about?" Emmi asked him curiously.
"It was Brian! He wants up back by tomorrow night." he smiled at her.
"We're going home! I'm kind of starting to miss the clouds." She giggles, wrapping her arms around his sides lovingly.
"Yeah, the rain can be nice." he agreed rubbing her sunburnt arms a little and then chuckling to himself.
"What?" she asks him.
"Nothing, I was just pointing out that our skin is not made for this kind of weather." he smiles and then kisses her nose.
"Oh you just mean we're not made for the sun." she laughed kissing his nose in return.
"Precisely my love!"
"I really can't wait till I can hit the streets of London!" Emmi beamed.
"I miss it too, I'll admit that." he smiled. "But what I really can't wait for is to settle into our house together."
"Aww, you are the sweetest man in the whole world! You always make me swoon." she grinned pulling him closer to her.
"Shouldn't there be a street sign somewhere?" George asked looking into the darkness.
"I thought there was like a law about having visible street signs." Anne stated, grabbing his hand tightly.
"We'll get out of here, don't be afraid." he consoled her.
"I'm not the one shaking Mr. Harrison!" Anne couldn't help but giggle a little, she seemed braver than him.
"What? It's kind of getting cold out here."
"No it isn't you liar!" she giggled. Then they round the corner and finally saw sight of a building after only seeing darkness for about twenty minutes straight.
"Do you think that's it?" Anne asked in a shaky voice. "I don't want to run into anymore of your long lost relatives."
"I'm sure it's it, it has to be it." he answered her trudging toward the building gripping her hand extra tightly.
John paced the room trying to figure out what Lucy would want him to do. He was trying to think of the best way to show his love for her, so he decided to show it the only way he knew how. He got out the ukulele and started to play If I Fell for her. Lucy could hear him playing this beautiful song from in the other room and smiled to herself. She knew that John wouldn't be this sensitive in front of just anyone, he was a man who held his emotions deep with in himself. She knew it was a true testament of his love for her. She walked out of the bedroom and and placed her hands on his back. John slowly turned around to face her, a huge smile was plastered onto her face. This is the moment that they both knew their complete love for each other.
"Oh Johnny! That was so beautiful, I've never heard it before."
"That's because I wrote it for you, and it's going to be in the movie!" he grinned at her.
"Oh you are so sweet! When did you write it?" she asked him.
"The other morning when you were still asleep, I looked at you sweetly dreaming and you inspired me." he smiled big and placed the ukulele down so he could walk over to Lucy and kiss her.
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"The other morning when you were still asleep, I looked at you sweetly dreaming and you inspired me"
*^ Melting  ;D*)
George and Anna continued to wander, helpless, throughout Hawaii. Anna shivered from the cold and George trembled at the thought of his aunt to leap on him from the bushes. Finally they saw a sign that leads to their hotel. George kissed the sign and they skipped all the way to the hotel. When they entered, a waiter approached George and asked him sternly if he is the one who had left one whole plate of food at breakfast. George caught the waiter's hands and began to dance with him in rounds. Then he and Anna rushed back to their room. They fell on the bed and fell asleep almost immediately.
* A little later *
"Guys, you probably don't believe it, but guess who called me today?" Paul stood in front of everyone and not look so excited. John guessed first: "No! We don't need to come back to make the film!? Please tell me it's a lie!"
"I'm sorry John, but tonight we should already be on the plane" Everyone sorry, they remember the beautiful memories from last month in Hawaii. "So," Paul interrupted, "I thought it would be good if we do something nice and last before the flight"
"We can have a party!"
"Where? In the beach?"
"No, the beach occupied by students from Sweden - they are a lot! And there is no place on the beach"
"We're never going to have a party in a bar, right?"
"So where can we do the party!"
"I know! Here! At the hotel!"
"Where in the hotel?"
"The lobby is always available, and no one came to him except a few old people"
"Excellent! So now we arrange the luggage bags and come to the lobby! To party!"
***After three hours *** 
Emmi arranged her hair and wore a new pair of earrings. Paul knocked on the door: "Emmi, are you coming? the Party started!" "I'm coming!" Emmi got up and opened the door, Paul embraced her shoulder and walked with her to the lobby.
It was hard to believe it's the stupid lobby with the three chairs and  the fireplace looks like it looks - there were tables with refreshments, a record player made music On-Line and balloons. It really reminded to Emmi the "end of the year" party of her sister when she graduated from high school. Only instead of the whole school there were six people and a dog.
 She and Paul went and started dancing with their friends. They are so enjoyed, eating, drinking (not beer) and even danced. Max jumped and stole pieces of cake from the refreshments table. Toward the end of the party, each couple danced slow. It was so romantic But Max soon got bored and started to jump between the legs of John and Lucy. They became entangled and nearly fell and Max didn't stop. John rocked in un equilibrium and BOOM! Encountered in the fireplace. The ornaments that were on the fireplace, rocked, threatening to fall, and finally - the small glass jar fell and broke on the back of Max.
Lucy screamed. Max was full they could glinting powder and began to glow strangely. He started running around the room howling with pain and panic. Lucy wanted him. Max lay on the floor and continued to howl. Lucy patted and hugged and tried to calm him.  the light faded until it disappeared completely. "Oh Max, are you okay?" Lucy stroked him. "Yes, Lucy, I feel better now." Everyone Breathing astonishment, Lucy was pushed from Max. Ringo looked at Morgan with mouth open.
Max looked at them all. "What? What? Why are you all looking at me!"
"Max ..." Lucy trembled. "You talk"...
"Lucy!" Anna said "your dog speaks! It's so cool!" Everyone agreed.
Paul approached the shard of glass was a little powder. One insect walking beside him, Paul poured on him the handful of powder. glow insect and then said to Paul in a squeaky voice: "Good day!" And hurried away.
"Interesting" Paul said to himself. Meanwhile, John began to see what Max could, apparently. Max could now talk like a normal person. "Would you still love me?" He asked John and Lucy. "Of course we still love you! But promis to us one thing, don't talk to people who are not who is around you now," said Lucy, "I agree!" Max said and made a real bark.
Lucy hugged Max and John Join to the hug. They hugged him so hard that Max wanted to stop because he was choking. "Oh, my magic dog" Lucy kissed his nose.
"Oh! Guys we got a flight!" George suddenly remembered. Everyone rushed to clean the place, take them bags and go to the airport.
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The limo arrived at the hotel and everyone hopped in, they were finally going back to London to continue shooting the film. Some were happy about it and some were not. When they reached the airport they had to run to catch their flight, they couldn't miss it Brian would be very angry with them if they delayed the film. Everyone reached the plane on time and plopped down in their first class seats preparing for take off. Emmi and Paul were snuggled up together in their seats, Emmi had her head rested onto Paul's chest. She was really tired they hadn't got any sleep before they had to leave on the plane.
"Aww, you look so sweet when you're sleepy." Paul said stroking her hair.
"Well... you look sweet all the time." Emmi yawned nestling her head into his shoulder.
"You're too kind Miss." he chuckled before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep with her.
"Aren't they just the cutest?" Morgan said pointing over to Paul and Emmi.
"Yeah they are, so sweet to each other." Ringo agreed.
"Are you going to take a nap?" she asked him.
"Nah, I have a hard to time sleeping on planes, and I think I'll just read my book." he stated pulling out Pride and prejudice.
"Ringo! You are so sappy, you know that?" she giggled into his arm.
"Wha? I like reading!" he smiled peering down at her.
"Well I think it's cute, so just keep reading Love." she smiled to herself and rested her head on his shoulder.
"Is he settled yet?" John asked in annoyance as Max continued to walk in circles on his lap.
"Lie down Max!" Lucy ordered him. "There you go darling!" She smiled up at John.
"Good, now just stay there buddy." he said patting Max on the head. "Are you thirsty Lucy?"
"Yeah actually I am a little parched." she stated rubbing her neck.
"Uh Mam' could I get some water?" John asked the flight attendent.
"Yes sure sir." she replied and headed to the back of the plane.
"She's getting us some." he smiled and rubbed Lucy's arm.
"How long will this flight take do you think?" Lucy asked in curiosity.
"well... probably about 8 hours." he replied.
"Oh goodness, this is crazy!" she sighed resting her head onto her arms.
"Don't worry, it won't seem that long. And I'll be here to keep you company." he winked at her.
"Anne, I'm so glad we both made it back in one piece!" George laughed.
"why wouldn't we? I had you to protect me." she giggled rubbing his arm.
"Right, but you're a lot braver than me." he sighed.
"No, let's just say we're even. I don't want to argue about this."
"Ok love, whatever you say." George smiled and kissed her cheek.
"Are you still going to be on the set with us?" he asked her.
"Yes I will, I haven't mentioned it to the other girls just yet." she winked at him.
"Oh they're going to be so upset though."
"Maybe, but I'm not just coming to goof around, I have a job there you know." she reminded him.
"Yes you have a good point."
"But that doesn't mean we can't see each other during breaks in between." She laughed giving him a  tender kiss on the lips.
"YEAH!" George smiled big and kissed her again.
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Emmi slept for about half of the ride, feeling safe in Paul's arms, but she can't sleep well on planes. When she woke, she saw Paul reading a novel.
Paul glanced to Emmi and noticed she was awake, "Did you sleep alright, love?"
Emmi nodded and smiled, "Yes, I did. I had a nice pillow." She giggled.
Paul smiled, "Do you need anything to drink, love?" He asked.
Emmi thought for a minute, "Yeah, some tea would be nice." Paul pressed the flight attendant button and a woman dressed in all blue came up to them.
"Hello! Can I get you anything?" She smiled, when she saw Paul face her cheery espression dropped, "A-a-a-are you..."
"Yes, I am." He chuckled, "The others are over there." He pointed to the other Beatles. "Can she get some tea?"
"YES! Of course!" She giggled and ran over to get the tea.
Morgan was reading in her book when she heared Ringo wimper a little.
"What's wrong, love?" She asked, petting his forehead.
"It's so SAD!" He said, reading the novel and fighting tears.
"Oh love." Morgan giggled a little, "It's alright, it's just a book."
Ringo sighed, "But why won't Mr. Darcy love her!?" He said.
"Well, if you can finish it, it turns out good!"
Lucy and John were deep in conversation, saying whatever came to their minds.
"So, what is your thought about marrige?" Lucy asked John.
"What do you mean? Like marrige between me and you?" John was hoping that was what she meant.
"No, just in general." Lucy smiled.
"Oh, I think for some people it's good, but for others it doesn't make sense."
"Who wouldn't it make sense for?" Lucy wondered, she thought everyone should be happy and get married someday.
"Well, for someone like me who can control themselves, I can handle it. But for an actor who can't say no to some women, it doesn't make sense." He concluded.
Anne had fallen asleep, and George was sipping on tea when a woman came up to him.
"Are you George Harrison?" She asked with a smile.
"Yes I am." He smiled, stroking Anne's knee.
"Could I get your autograph?" She smiled and handed him the piece of paper. George nodded and quickly signed his signature on the paper. The girl smirked and took the paper from George, then leaned down and tried to kiss George.
"What are you doing?! My girlfriend is here!" He said with a stern tone.
"So? I'm sure it isn't the first time that's happened!"
The yelling was enough to make Anne wake up.
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Paul smirked as he glanced at Emmi. Her expression was a bit hurt.
"What's the matter, love?" Paul murmured sincerely, focusing into her eyes.
"It's nothing! It'll just take quite a bit for me to get used to that nearly every day." she returned smoothly.
"Well it's not like I'll give in to their girlish behaviors!" Paul kissed Emmi's forehead.
"I know that!" Emmi said, offended.
"Then what's the problem? I'm known as the sexy Beatle!" Paul declared, making an exaggerated suave look.
Emmi laughed. "I know that, too."
The flight attendant returned with a plastic cup of tea, and reached over Paul to hand to Emmi.
"Back off." Emmi spat, as she realized what the woman was attempting.


"Aww." Morgan placed a hand on her heart. She pulled a tissue out of her hand bag and dabbed softly at Ringo's lower eye lids.
"Hey, hey, I wasn't crying!" he said, with a suspiciously deeper voice.
"It makes you masculine if you aren't afraid to emit your feelings." Morgan consoled.
Ringo bit his lip as he glanced at Morgan, and then he shut his eyes tightly. Narrow threads of tears traveled down his face.
Morgan snuggled into his shoulder.
"I love that you're so sensitive. And manly."
A male flight attendant paused at the weeping Ringo.
"Sir? You're disturbing the others." the man warily said.
Ringo's expression changed as if removing a mask. He had a content, professional expression.
"How so?" he stated.


Lucy stared at him, expecting more out of him. But then she decided to settle into her seat, staring out the window.
"Hey...Um...Do you want to read my poems?" John suggested, digging through his carry on.
John handed her the mixed assortment of wordy, clever poems. And it included skinny, confusing drawings scattered about the margins.
She scanned the pages, raising an eyebrow every so often.
"These are....different." Lucy fought out, smiling at his drawing of a dog.
"I knew you'd like that one." he beamed.
"Can I make one?" Lucy grinned, bouncing in her seat.
"Here's a pen, good luck, love." he stroked her hair.


Anne didn't sit up right away, but she kept her head still, yearning to hear what else he would say.
"Look. I'm...flattered. But I'm not some easy, big-shot rock star. I'm still a regular guy at heart." George firmly stated.
The girl darted her eyes, not knowing how to respond. Then she suddenly drew out her scissors from her back pocket.
"What the hell? Do you regularly carry that around?" George guffawed.
"Yes, I'm a beauty school drop out." she said indignantly.
She was about to swipe at his hair, but a swift grip caught her wrist.
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The flight looked at Emmi look a little competitive. Emmi drank her tea while she looks at the flight. The flight looked a few more minutes on Emmi, like she's going to explode with jealousy about that Paul McCartney has a girlfriend who smaller then her least 15 years. Then, she walked away.
"So, that how battle between 2 girls on one man look a like, huh?" Emmi put her tea "You haven't seen anything" she said and curled up on his shoulder . "No matter who she is or what is she" She said "I win" Emmi kissed his cheek.
"Your nose takes half an airplane!" The flight said, "Excuse me !?!?" Ringo resisted to didn't get to the flight a punched in his  face. "Come on sir, you speak too loudly and there are people who want to sleep" the flight attendant walked away. "Then tell them to put cotton wool in their ears! Come on Sir, this is a flight of 8 hours!" Ringo shouted after him. Mo patted his shoulder after he returned to sit. "You should not make so much noise my dear, people may find you are Ringo Starr!" "Excellent! let them find! I don't care" Ringo folded his hands like a little boy. "What a rude! Seen how he laughed at my nose!? cheeky!" Mo kissed him "I love your nose"
Lucy wrote and drew on paper while John looked out the window. Than he heard chatter behind him. He thought he heard his name in the conversation. He turned slowly to see who talk about him in the contagious. Two women were talking and stopped when they saw him looking at them in secret. He hurried back to his seat. The two women behind him giggling. He felt foolish. Max rose to his knees and whispered: "John, I'm hungry" John patted her head and looked sideways to see if anyone noticed. Then he whispered back: "I immediately ask to bring you something to..." John looked up and stopped talking. One man looked at him like he was some maniac who talks to dogs. John smiled stupidly and waved to the man.
"Stewardess" John lifted his hand. One flight attendant paused beside him. "There is something to eat? You know, meat or something?" The stewardess looked confused "I mean, not for me, for the dog," said John. Max smiled a big smile. John rushed to hide it. "I'll... find out" the flight attendant walked a few steps and then stopped, looked at John with suspicion and kept walking.
"Thank you" whispered Max. "Oh, shut up" John pushed him. Max grinned. "Done" Lucy handed him the page. John looked at: "Hey, you don't write a song" John sounded a little disappointed. "I know, I just discovered that I don't had so much talent for writing poems, but certainly I have a talent when it comes to paintings" on the top were eight men, four boys and four girls. Above each character was her name. "This is Ringo, and this is Anna ..." Lucy pointed to each one. "And that Max!" She smiled. Max looked at the painting and growled on the cartoon dog. Lucy laughed. "Honestly, I'll think i keep it" John rolled his page and put it into his bag. Then he kissed her.
Anna was holding, George folded his seat while he holds his head, the flight struggled to get off grip of Anna and Anna looked at her with a look of: Only if you think to hurt my boyfriend, your head and the head of who sitting next to you will clash at 900 km for a second!
The stewardess pulled herself back. Anna left her hand, the stewardess flying backwards and fell on her bottom. She gotup angry, arranged her skirt and walked away angry. "Wow, that was scary," George breathed easier. Anna rubbed her hands with a triumphant smile. "I know how to handle people like her, I have plenty of those in my school. George kissed her. A few seconds later there was a message from the captain. Everyone looked up to the microphones:
"Passengers dignitaries, I would like to inform you an important message: the Beatles are on this plane!!! Thank you and good day"
Anna turned pale. It was not the captain, it was the stewardess! The four couples could see how 300 pairs of eyes looked on them. Paul swallowed.
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The Beatles stared at the flight attendant.
"Why?!" Emmi whispered, "Why would she do that?"
"She's a b****" George said to them, "She tried to kiss me."
"She WHAT?" Morgan said, holding Ringo's hand tightly.
"What are we going to do?" John asked.
"Come here..." Lucy said, and she put a fake beard on John, "Anyone else have their disguises?"
"We do!" Paul said, opening his carry on and Emmi put a mustache on him. The Harrison's and Starrs also followed suit.
When the flight attendant saw what was going on, she cringed, "No onw ever let's me have fun these days.
"She's a beauty school drop-out.." George sang, "Go back to highschool.." (Grease anyone? ;) )
The flight attendant huffed and stomped off into the back of the plane.
"Well she's gone." Anne giggled and kissed George softly.
"How much longer until we get home?" Paul whined and rested his head on Emmi's shoulder.
"Soon, love." She smiled and stroked his hair, "We shouldn't be too much longer."
"Well good, if we don't show up tomorrow Brian will be furious!" Ringo said.
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"I know, we can't be late or it will be the end of you." Mo replied.
"Well we better lay low until we reach London." John stated. Another hour passed before the plane touched ground at the London airport. Everyone got off the plane and started to walk around looking for Mal to pick them up.
"Do you see him anywhere?" Paul asked everyone.
"No, and he's a really big eye sore." Emmi laughed.
"We'll find him yet!" George said grabbing Anne's hand and walking into the lobby of the airport. Everyone followed after them, looking everywhere for Mal. They hoped they could find him before anyone recognized them.
"Have you seen him love?" Ringo asked Mo.
"Yeah I think I see him over there!" She said pointing in the direction of a man with his backed turned.
"Are you sure it's him?" Ringo prodded.
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"Maybe, I think Mal mentioned driving out front in that parking lot."
So everyone groaned as they had to shove past the rushed crowd.
Because Paul had his looks that stunned any woman in sight, Paul and Emmi easily manuvered through the people out the door. George and Anne were right behind Paul and Emmi, getting their share of an easy exit, and John and Lucy were already out!
Paul gawked at John.
"What? You need to stand your ground, lad. If you want everyone to get out of your way, tell them!" John declared, with a dramatic fist in the air.
Lucy stared dreamily at John.
"I think you're a softie at heart." Anne cooed.
John frowned.
"Oi! Morgan! Am I soft to you??" John hollered.
"Um. Ask Ringo." she avoided eye contact.
"What do you think Ringo, am I soft?" his voice cracked.
"Yes. You should consider dieting." Ringo replied.
John rolled his eyes. "Nice one" his voice simmering with sarcasm.
"She means you're soft because of your songs. They're so adorable." Paul stepped in.
"Sorry to interrupt, but when will our ride get here?" Morgan clutched her arms and shivered.
They were standing outside of the airport lobby, facing the vast parking lot.
"When a black Rolls-Royce comes up." John informed. "Anyways, what about you Paulie? Your songs are so sappy, that trees would harvest from you."
"What does that even mean??" Paul countered.
"You guys bicker like old women. Hey John, is that Brian? And don't just open the door and climb in, it could be the murderers." Morgan pointed to a vehicle coming by, which began to ease to a stop.
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The gang waited until the driver stepped out, "Boys!" Brian smiled and gave them each a considerably long hug. "How was your trip?"
"Fantastic." Paul smiled gave Emmi's hand a gentle squeeze.
"Great! Now get in, you have a long day ahead of you." He smiled and got in the driver's side.
When they got in, it was the usual order. Couples by couples.
"Je t'aime" Paul whispered in Emmi's ear.
"What does that mean?" She smiled.
"It's 'I Love you' in French. I'm trying to learn." He smiled at her.
"It's great." Emmi blushed and kissed his hand.
"Would you two lovebirds cut it out?" John huffed.
"What's the problem? We wouldn't mind you smooching it up with Lucy." Paul said, raising his eyebrows. Which made Lucy blush.
"What's gotten into them?" Anne whispered to Morgan.
"I'm not sure, I think it's because of the plane ride." Morgan whispered back.
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"Yeah that must be it." Anne replied and then scooted closer to George.
"Ello Anne." George winked at her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.
"Hello Mr. Harrison!" She laughed kissing his cheek softly.
"You know you can call me George." he answered in a goofy tone giving her a raised eyebrow.
"Oh sorry Mr. George!" She answered pressing her hand over her mouth to hold back the laughter. John looked over at them and rolled his eyes again, then leaned over to Ringo and asked him something.
"What's wrong with them? They're acting daft!" he stated whispering in Ringo's ear. Ringo looked at him strangely before answering him.
"Nothing is wrong with them John, they are just showing their love for the girls." he smiled at him.
"Yeah, but they could do it without acting like bafoons." he retorted sticking his tongue out.
"Come on John just give um a break." Ringo replied putting his arm around Morgan. John was sick of the "lovey dovey" scene in the car, so he turned and faced the window staring blankly out of it. Lucy tried to console him but nothing worked he was throwing one of his tantrums again. The car pulled up to their flat, everyone was so happy to be home. It had been a really long flight and everyone was so tired. Brian said they wouldn't have much time before they had to get to the studio to record some more tracks for the LP. The boys looked very annoyed when he mentioned this and trudged up the stairs and into the flat, sitting down on the couch in exhaustion.
"How long do you have?" Emmi asked Paul sitting down on his lap.
"Not much, Brian said we only had about an hour here before they want us in the studio." he groaned rubbing his eyes.
"This is so unfair, we just got back! Can't you guys have a longer break?" she asked him.
"Hahaha! That's what we've been doing for the past week!" he chuckled and pinched her nose in adoration.
"Oh yeah you're right! But I don't want you to go!" she replied, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.
"It won't be too long, just a few hours, or maybe more." he sadly stated to her. George and Anne were also saying their goodbyes.
"You can stay here tonight, if you want." George smiled at her.
"Oh I would like that a lot!" She answered stroking his soft brown hair.
"Good! I'll be thinking of you the whole time I'm there!" he said giving her a kiss.
"Oh well, you better not get too distracted." she smiled. Ringo was having a hard time with his separation anxiety.
"But I can't leave you here! What if something happens while I'm away?" he whined holing Morgan tightly in his arms.
"Nothing's going to happen love, I'm here with all these tough girls! Nothing to fear!" she smiled.
"I can't! I just can't!" he replied squeezing her arm even tighter.
"You don't have a choice, you have to go!" Morgan stated loosing his grip a bit. "I love you, so don't worry about me leaving you."
"Ok, I''l go. But you have to promise me you'll be here when I get back, and in my room!" he grinned.
"I promise! Why would I leave you? We're getting married you goof!" she giggled. John and Lucy were sitting on the couch together talking.
"I'm sorry I have to go love, but it will only be for a while. Are you going to be mad with me?" he asked.
"No, of course not." she weakly smiled.
"Then what's wrong?"
"It's just... I want to show affection for you." she answered.
"We do show affection."
"No I mean like everyone else. You always frown on their love for one another." she said looking down at her hands.
"I don't frown on their love, just the flaunting of it. Makes me a little sick feeling." he laughed, but saw how sad Lucy was at his response.
"Well never mind then." she answered him, looking away.
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He shrugged and laughed awkwardly, "just kidding" He said to Lucy.
Emmi approached Max lying on his little carpet. "Hey Max" Emmi woke him. Max looked at her and smiled. "Hello Emmi, how are you?"
"The truth is I wanted to ask you how are you, how the flight moved to you?"
"It felt weird, but much better than being in the trunk. It was also strange to see John with a beard with smell of plastic" Emmi laughed. Max rattled his tail. "You have really beautiful laugh," he added.
"Really?" Emmi blushed, "this is the first time I received a compliment from dog"
"Does a dog ever licked you?"
"So, it's not the first time"
"Max, do you like horses?"
"Horses? Well, I love to compete with them, I usually win because they didn't know I was competing with them"
"Do you ever lived in a farm?"
"I had a chicken once who was my friend, that count?"
Emmi stroked Max's head affectionately. "You're very smart dog, I'm sure that Lucy really happy that she had a dog like you" she smiled. Max rolled over on his back, Emmi scratched his belly. "You want to tell me how did you know Lucy?"
"I'd love to tell you about it. Well, it all started when I was a puppy, one old woman found and decided to add me things she was selling. Lucy walking with her orphanage near the Thames River, she saw me and immediately request from the principal permission to buy me. Of course, that the principal didn't agree, but Lucy love me so much (And I loved her) she bought me with her last remaining pennies she get, and hid me in her coat. of course that the principal tried to expel me (and Lucy) several times from orphanage - but I didn't gave up! I even bit the principal once ,Man, her leg was a taste of burning rubber. Yuck! "
Emmi laughed out loud. "Here advice for life, never bite people's legs" Emmi laughed so hard that Paul came over to see if everything is fine. "What did you tell her, Max?" Paul asked. "Oh .. nothing significant" Max said calmly. Emmi rolled on the floor, laughing. "Well, I'm hungry, where's Lucy?" Asked Max. "Ask Anna, she knows" Paul replied, trying to take over the Emmi. Max came to Anna and barked. Anna bent down and patted him "Anna, you know where Lucy?" "I saw her walking into the kitchen," she replied. "Thank you, Give George regards hydrogenous" Max jumped up and went into the kitchen. Ringo and Mo were there. "Have you seen Lucy?" He asked. Mo and Ringo thought and then told him: "She went into the bedroom of John" Max thanked them (he was very polite dog) ran towards the room.
Max entered the room. Lucy was standing behind John. John stood shirtless in front of a mirror. He looked miserable. Lucy put her hands on her hips. "You don't really think I'm fat, right?" John bit his lip. Lucy rolled her eyes: "I told you John, you're not fat, you start getting fat and we should stop it" She hummed a moment, then said: "There is no doubt that John, you should start a diet," John looked even more miserable . "That means I eat all his food?" Asked Max. Lucy turned to him. Max smiled and rattled off his tail. "See if who I have to deal, one of hungry and one starving" "I'm the starving?" Asked John. Lucy turned him back at the mirror. "You don't have to worry about diet, I and Max will support you, and of course that the guys will help".
"But Lucy ..." :-[
"No but!, since new you eat only vegetables, understand?"  
"Yes, Lucy..." :(
"And give up desserts"
"Yes, Lucy..." :'(
"And go with Max to morning runs"
"Yes Lu... Hey! But that's your job!" :o
"Now it's yours" ;)
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^(You made John go on a diet? That's not nice, he wasn't even fat in my opinion. I kind of liked that fact he wasn't stick skinny, I thought it made him more attractive!  ;))

Ringo and Mo were in the kitchen making some sandwiches for everyone.
"So do you really have to go?" Mo sighed.
"Yeah unfortunately, but it won't take too long."
"Why couldn't I just come with you?" she asked eyeing him.
"ah, I would love for you to come. But the guys wouldn't allow it."
"Why not?" she whined, tapping her foot.
"Because it's a rule that we all made, no girls in the studio."
"Oh I see." she mopped and continued to cut the sandwiches.
"Don't be upset. I would love for you to come, it's just a rule." he said patting her arm. Mo didn't look at him and headed into the living room with a plateful of sandwiches.
"Hey anyone hungry?" she asked holding the plate up in the air. All the guys immediately darted over to the plates and dove right in. The girls were a little bit more polite about their eating habits and slowly started to bite into their sandwiches. While they were munching Ringo asked Paul a question.
"Aye Paul?" he asked poking him in the arm.
"Do you possibly think that Mo could come to the studio?"
"wha... we don't do that!" he shouted a little.
"I know, but she really wants to and I want her to." he replied quietly.
"NO! We don't do that, sorry Ring." he answered patting him on the arm.
"I just think she's really mad with me."
"Don't worry so much, She loves you." he smiled and then looked over at Emmi.
"Ok I'll try not to worry so much." he answered.
"That's better man!" Paul laughed and then got up and walked over to Emmi. Ringo sat there moping until Morgan walked over to him.
"Look, I'm not mad at you! Ok?" she said looking down at him sitting on the couch.
"You're not?"
"No, it's alright. I understand you have to stick to the rules." she smiled. "I don't want to pressure you into something."
"Well I'm glad you're not mad." he said smiling up at her.
"Never could be!" she giggled sitting down beside him. Anne and George were just finishing up their sandwiches, when their was a knock on the door.
"I'll get it!" George yelled. He walked over to the door and peered out the window just in case.
"It' Mal!" he shouted with excitement.
"Hey George!" Mal smiled as he walked in.
"Hi Mal!" Everyone shouted, the guys ran over to greet him.
"Hey you guys ready to hit the studio?" he asked.
"Well, as ready as we'll ever be." John laughed.
"Ok then let's get going, George is waiting for you guys!" he bellowed and then waved at the girls. They all smiled and waved back in return. All the guys grabbed their jackets and threw on their shoes, and then went over to their girls and gave them a kiss before leaving the flat.
"What to do now?" Emmi asked them all.
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(I know he's not fat, but it's okay, I got his permission :P)

Anna looked at Lucy, Lucy looked on Emmi, Emmi looked at Morgan. Morgan shrugged with a smile and offered: "girls party?"
A Hard Day's Night part 4 (
"Cut!" Shouted the director. George stopped. "George, you should look like you see this place for the first time"
"I am really see this place for the first time"
"Stop joking lad, new go with the other guys to the buffet, do yourselves a break"
"Excellent," said Paul "I'm really exhausted"
"What's for dinner?" Ringo asked when they entered and sat beside a table. Paul looked at the menu and smiled "Pizza! Great!" John was silent and scratched his head. After the pizza arrived at everyone's plates, George noticed that John had not touched his pizza. He motioned to Ringo and Ringo motioned to Paul. Everyone looked at him. "John, why don't you eat your pizza?"
"Ummm ... I'm on diet" John piped himself. "You what !??!!?" Paul resisted not to laugh. "What you heard, I'm on diet, you have problems with it? Huh ????"
"No, no, just ... why do you need a diet?" George asked. "It's not your business" John closed his eyes and raised his eyebrows.( :P) "Come on John, even to people who do diets allowed to eat pizza may occasionally" ;) ;yes
"Well I ... I" :o
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The girls all sat around the television watching some old 1950's movie, they had popped the popcorn and were chatting away through most of it.
"I really miss Paul." Emmi stated munching on some popcorn.
"Oh come on woman, snap out of it!" Lucy stated snapping her fingers in front of her face. "We should be having fun!"
"I know, it's just I can't stand being without him." she said glumly.
"He'll be back soon enough." Lucy replied.
"Let's do something else." Morgan suggested, getting up and brushing off the popcorn on her lap.
"Like what?" Anne and Emmi asked.
"I don't know... maybe we should go out on the town, be adventurous!" she smiled.
"Really?" Emmi questioned her.
"Why not? We can do whatever we want!" she shouted, "What do yah say? I want to go dancing!"
"But without the guys?" Emmi asked.
"Yeah, come on let's go!" Morgan stated as they all got up and put on their shoes and jackets then headed to the nearest club.
"Fine I guess it's alright if I just have a slice." he said grabbing a piece.
"Good for you mate!" George smiled then took a bite of his pizza.
"I really wish the shooting was over with for today, I'm tired." Paul stated rubbing his face.
"Me too. And I miss Mo terribly." Ringo said quietly.
"I think we only have a little more to do today, at least that's what the director said." George said optimistically.
"Good! Because I want to see Emmi and soon." Paul replied.
"I wonder what they're up to." John piped in looking at the other three.
"I'm sure they're just hanging out at home." Paul answered. "They wouldn't dare leave the house without us. Would they?"
"Nah, I think you're right." George said. "They'd probably be too scared."
"I hope so." Ringo stated with a sad look on his face. The director yelled for them to get back on set, and the shooting began once again. They were there for another three hours before they were allowed to head home. They were very tired and just wanted to sit around and relax when they got in. But to their dismay they found a note sitting on the kitchen counter that read:
Dear Boys,
We went out dancing at a nearby club, don't worry we'll be back soon.
Morgan, Emmi, Anne, and Lucy.

P.S. it was all Mo's idea.

John finished the letter and was steaming.
"Why would they do this? They know how dangerous that can be." he yelled slamming his fist on the counter.
"Well, maybe nothing happened to them, it could be harmless." Paul stated looking at the letter again.
"Harmless? They're are crazy guys in the world Paul!" John yelled in his face.
"ok ok, it's going to be alright John."
"Well anyways, it's all Mo's fault." John huffed.
"Wha? Why would you say something like that?" Ringo yelled at him in disgust.
"You saw what it said at the bottom." he replied pointing it out to him.
"yeah so? Someone else didn't want to get in trouble is what that is." he stated matter of factly.
"Fine, whatever guys!" George said separating them. "Let's just go and look for them, they said they were at the nearest club."
"Okay let's go!" John yelled walking out the door in a rush.

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When the boys got to the nearest club, called Strawberry Maxwell's Inner Light, they quickly got inside.
"What is an Inner Light?" Ringo asked George.
"Well whatever it is, I think I could write a song about it." George said happily.
"No you couldn't!"
"Sure could!" George smirked.
"Stop your fighting and look for the girls!" Paul snapped. He stoop up on a barstool to scout the club. He spotted the girls dancing in a circle, having a great time. "There they are!" He smiled and they made their way over to them. "EMMI!" Paul said and wrapped her arms around him.
Emmi jumped a little, then smiled wide, "Paul! Why are you guys here?" She asked, wrapping her arms around him.
"We were worried, so we came and found you." He smiled and kissed her softly. "Are you mad?" His eyebrows raised.
"No! I was just curious." She traced his eyebrow and smiled.
The other boys had already made their way to their girls, and were dancing away.
"This is so gear you came!" Morgan smiled and danced with Ringo.
"Yea, I just wanted to be with you." Ringo smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist.
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"Oh, Ringo, I love you so much," Morgan kissed him a long kiss.
George hugged Anna "How's the movie?"
"Pretty well, now I have to do a scene with one secretary who don't knows how to wear shoes, she's very wierd! And annoying, but the director wants me to.... you know"
"I know Georgie, don't let her control you " "Never! You are my true love"
John took Lucy and kissed her a lot of little kisses all over her face.
"I know, and I don't care!  I missed you so much"
"But John, people watching"
"I know"
"No, really! they are"
"I know "
" John! the people really..." John looked up. All club paused and looked at him and the other couples.
*Effect of crickets *
"Save yourself !!!" :o :o :o Paul shouted and the guys ran like crazy outside the club. Dozens of people wanted after them. They found a bush and rushed to hide behind. The people passed them. The area was clear.
Lucy looked at John, folded arms and wrinkled her nose. John just pinched her cheek. "Wow!" Ringo exhale "That was close! Now let's go home, rest and eat lunch"
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They all headed back to the flat, trying as best as they could to not let anyone see them again. Once there they all collapsed in the living room.
"I'm glad everything worked out alright." Paul said to Emmi.
"What do you mean by that?" she asked him.
"Well you know, none of you were hurt or kidnapped." he smiled stroking her hair.
"Yeah that's really good! I'm glad you guys came and found us." she stated kissing his cheek.
"Well what do you want to do now?" George asked everyone.
"I think we should pop some corn and watch some tele!" Ringo smiled.
"Sounds good to me." John yawned putting his feet up on the coffee table. Ringo headed into the kitchen to make the popcorn and to get people drinks, he was always a happy volunteer for those types of things.
"What do you guys want to watch?" Anne asked them walking over to the television dial.
"I don't know, let's just see what's on first." John stated. Anne began flipping through the channels, they came across Frankenstein and decided to stop it there and watch.
"Oh I love scary movies!" Morgan smiled.
"Well I don't." Lucy said quietly which made John turn to her and rub her back. "It's alright Love, nothing to fear." he said.
"Alright, I'll watch for a while but if I get scared I'm leaving." she warned.
"Popcorn everyone!" Ringo stated as he walked into the room.
"Oh Gear!" They replied. Everyone started digging into the food and Ringo handed them their drinks.
"Thanks Ring!" Paul smiled at him.
"No problem, I like doing it all." he laughed walking over and sitting next to Morgan.
"What's on?" he asked.
"Frankenstein!" Morgan said spookily in his ear.
"Oh I love classic horror films." he smiled at her in approval. They all sat through the whole movie until it was midnight, some had already fallen asleep on the couch. Everyone that wasn't asleep got up and headed to their rooms.
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Morning. Shafts of sunlight penetrated through the window to reveal the eighth sleeping on sofas, embracing each other. On the floor were scattered popcorn, soda bottles and shoes. The door opened. Mal went and saw the mess in the room. He crossed his arms and said with a half smile: "Well, well. Our boys did a party last night." George blinked and scratched his head. "Good morning" he said. Morgan opened her eyes. "Good morning George, Now, enough with the nonsense, I understand you are tired after yesterday's wild" He laughed. George didn't understand what's so funny But he just shrugged. "so after you clean the room I'll tell you what I wanted to say, it's very urgent!"
***A few minutes later, at breakfast***
They all ate strips of bacon, eggs, toast, fried tomatoes and tea. All were neat and clean and the room already looks different. Mal sat beside them and drank tea. After graduating, he announced his message: "Listen guys, to our dear Queen have birthday this Wednesday. And of course she will invite all the important people of the United Kingdom" The boys lifted their heads a huge smile on their faces began to appear. Ringo dropped his fork with excitement. "Yes, yes. You are inviting, too," Mal said, giving the boys loose bricks around the room with excitement and joy. The girls actually felt the opposite - they wouldn't want to stay home while their boys in the Queen's Birthday! They was even without the boys and also missed the best birthday in the world. Emmi, bit her lip and looked at the floor, Lucy looked at her plate and lost her appetite, Morgan took a deep breath and Anna felt betrayed. Mal sat the lads back to their places and told them: "I have to go soon, so I just want to say two things: one, you need to sing one song on her honor. Two, don't forget that it's a prom, so you need to bring a partner for the dancing, of course". The girls couldn't breathe from excitement. They looked on their fellows. Anna stopped herself not to scream. Mal stood up and put his hat.
"Wait, but what about the movie?" John ask "Oh, we will stop it until the weekend, and you have until Wednesday to prepare for the prom, good day," he said and left.
Was a pause of several seconds, then each pair embraced passionately, Anna screamed and were so happy! John came on one chair and said, "Okay! So we have some designs - find song to the queen, buy new suits and of course buy our loves fancy dresses!" The girls jumped and screamed with joy.
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Everyone was so excited to be going to a royal party thrown by the Queen. The girls immediately ran to get dressed and ready to head out on a search for the best dresses they could find. The guys  on the other hand weren't so thrilled about the shopping part, they had been through the mill with them in Hawaii and didn't want to repeat it again.
"Umm, Anne." George whispered at her.
"What is it George?"
"I don't think this is such a good idea."
"What? Why not? We have to get dresses somehow!" she retorted, looking at him in confusion.
"I know but, you know how all us guys feel about shopping. Especially John." he states looking over at John who seemed extremely annoyed.
"Well what do you suggest we do? Go in our regular clothes?"
"No, but maybe we could get a designer to come over and make you dresses. And they'd be one of a kind." he stated with a happy expression.
"OH George!! That's a wonderful idea!" She smiled an gave him a big kiss on the cheek before running to the girls with the great news. They all squealed in delight, and the guys looked on in confusion.
"What's happening now?" John huffed at George.
"I told them that we could get a dress designer to come her." he stated waiting for the sarcastic John remark.
"Brilliant man!" John shouted, running to George and hugging him tightly.
"Glad you like it." he replied wearily.
"Umm, where are we going to find this designer?" Paul asked, looking confused.
"I don't know." George answered releasing himself from John's grip.
"Why don't we just ask Brian?" Ringo chimed in.
"Good thinkin' mate!" Paul smiled and ran to the phone. The girls were getting all excited about the thought of having their own one of a kind dress to show off for the Queen.
"This is going to be so Gear!" Emmi smiled jumping in excitement.
"Yeah, I'm glad we get to have specially made ones." Lucy grinned.
"Speaking of dresses, when are you going to pick out your wedding dress Mo?" Anne asked looking at her in curiosity.
"Oh well... I'm not sure when yet. Soon I hope!" Mo stated sadly.
"Why don't you just get one made when the lady comes to make our ball gowns?" Emmi asked her.
"I could, but I should ask Ringo about that first." she replied looking over at him.
"Well then ask!! We want to know when you are going to get married!!" they all squealed in excitement.
"ok, I'll ask him tonight, I don't want to do it in front of everyone." she slightly blushed.
"Fine, just make us wait. Keep torturing us why don't you?" Emmi giggled.
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Paul knocked on the door. Morgan opened. Paul was with the phone, page and pen. "We found a very nice seamstress who agree to make our suits and dresses" Anna and Lucy shrieked excitedly. "We all ready tell to the dressmaker how we want our suits, and now she asks how you want your dresses.
"Ooh, I want to start!" Emmi jumped and recorded on the page the dress she always wanted, but not found in any mall.
After her the other girls write (and didn't miss details). Paul rubbed his eyes as he read the page. The girls giggled. "Great, thanks" he said and walked away.
The girls went into the living room. John got up off the couch and followed Lucy. He whispered to her: "Hey, Luc, I asked myself what we do with Max?" "I had a great idea to get it to the prom with us, we tie to it a pretty ribbon instead of a collar and scanned it. I saw it once in a TV show - a fashion show with dogs!" "Ummm ... maybe you should ask the others ::)" "Okay, no problem" Lucy smile
"I'm making dinner tonight!" Morgan shouted through the house while she was banging on a pot with a spoon. After she graduated to a wide round the house she entered the kitchen and shut the door behind her. "Hey" John came down the stairs "I'm hungry, who make dinner?". Ringo made a  fake laugh and went back to his newspaper. Anna skipped toward George and hugged him. "When our clothes come?" She asked. "Um .. about today evening or tomorrow morning." George kissed her and stroked her head. "Anna"
"Yes George"
"You know to dance slow?"
"I? Ummm... you?"
"I.... well... no"
"So do I, what do we do?" She whispered. George shrugged. :-\
*After half an hour*
Morgan left the kitchen with a big tray with a baked potatoes. Everyone admired from the  large tray. Morgan handed out to everyone and sat to eat potatoes with everyone. Ringo kissed her and said that the most delicious potatoes that he ever ate. Everyone agreed with him. Even Max. But in the middle of dinner, someone rang the door. Emmi opened and shrieked. She returned to everyone and call happily: "It's here! It's here!" Everyone stood to see what "here" and than attacked the poor messenger who held a clothes who folded in brown paper. Each one run with his package to the living room, John and Paul gave the messenger a check and a tip of 10 cents and ran into the living room with the others.
Emmi tore the wrapping and take a bright green dress, with a gem and with a long ribbon pleasant to the touch in front .
Lucy opened the paper quickly and took from it a gold-colored dress with straps who made of silk.
Anna opened the paper and squeezed it into a paper ball. She straightened a white  vanilla and pink pearl dress and with suspenders swollen.
Morgan just took her parcel and went quietly into her room.
While the boys dressed in the living room, the girls dressed in the rooms and left one after another....
Lucy came out first- she looked beautiful with the golden dress who matched to her hair and her figure. John smiled a half smile and approached her while he brushing his hair with his fingers. Lucy giggled when he grabbed her waist and began to dance kind of slow dance with her. Max jumped beside her excitement. Lucy bent down and told him: "Would you like to come with us to this event we're going to?"
"I would very much like to! :D" Max jumped. "So here," Lucy took a golden ribbon from her dress pocket and tied it around Max's neck. "You look like a prince of the dogs," said John. Max stretched his neck, proudly.
After her, Anna went into the living room. The dress very flattering to her dimples. She turned and her dress was like a flower that opens, she looked like a princess from fairy tales. George approached her and kissed her cheek. Anna arranged his expensive suit.
 Emmi came out of the room and advanced toward the living room while small hops with her beautiful dress. She looked like a little fairy. Paul approached her shyly. Emmi hugged him tight. They both laughed.
Morgan went down the stairs in silence. She wore a black strapless dress who came to her knees and shiny black scarf adorned her arms. It suited her very much. They didn't notice her going at the dinner table and takes out of the vase a red flower. She predicted it close to her chest and walked slowly and grace toward the living room. They saw her approaching in silence. She was amazing. Mo smiled and moved closer to Ringo. She stopped in front of him and they kissed. "You are so beautiful" Ringo whispered to her. "I know, and I think I should ask you a very important question" Emmi winked at the girls. "Here it come..."
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"Yes love?" Ringo asked looking around at everyone in confusion.
"Well when are we going to get married?" she gulped, turning red.
"Huh, that's what this is all about?" he asked.
"Yes. What did you think it was about?"
"You don't need to know that." he chuckled to himself.
"Well what do you say? When can we get married?" she began again.
"Any time you want luv." he smiled holding her hands in his.
"Yes really!" he smiled.
"Well why can't we get married this week?"
"Sure why not?" he replied.
"I'll tell you why not, we have a ball to attend!" Paul shouted from across the room.
"Oh yeah." Ringo sighed.
"We could wait till next week." Morgan stated rubbing his arm.
"Sounds alright, but this week sounds better." he answered in a sad tone.
"Don't worry Ring, you will be married soon enough." John laughed hitting his arm.
"Ok then it's decided! Mo and I will get married next week!" he beamed. All the girls started giggling with excitement.
"Oh I'm so excited!!" Anne shrieked.
"I'm the one getting married!" Morgan laughed.
"I've never been to a wedding before it all." she replied.
"Ok then, we have to start planning things." Emmi stated, grabbing the girls and heading to the kitchen to start making lists.
"Oh boy here we go now Ring!" George said.
"Yeah now we have to fit a wedding in!" Paul sighed sitting down in the armchair.
"It will work out, don't worry bout it guys." Ringo smiled to himself.
"Well we're in for a long week!" John laughed, patting Ringo on the back.

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The girls scrambled into the kitchen and started planning out the wedding. (Mo, I don't know what your wedding will look like, so you describe it! ha2ha)
Paul slowly walked into the kitchen, everyone besides Emmi spotted him, but he pressed a finger to his lips, telling them to be quiet. He quickly wrapped his arms around Emmi's waist, "Whatcha doin'?" He laughed.
"Paul!" Emmi said and blushed, "You scared me!"
He chuckled, "Sorry, love. Your dress looks beautiful." He smiled sweetly.
Emmi blushed, "Thank you."
"How's the wedding plans going, girls?" John said as he walked into the kitchen.
"Great!" Lucy smiled and wrapped her arms around John's neck, "Your a bit of a distraction, though." She giggled.
"Yeah, I get that sometimes." He smirked and kissed Lucy's forehead. "I love you." He whispered in her ear.
"I love you too." She smiled and stroked his hair.
"Well, that didn't really work, did it?" Anne laughed to Morgan, "Let's do the planning sometime when the boys are away, I don't think Emmi can keep concentrated when Paul is here...." They looked over to Emmi and Paul, who were basically making out right in the middle of the kitchen, "Get a room!" Anne laughed and pushed them out of the kitchen.
"Will do!" Paul smirked.
"Silly boy!" Emmi giggled and playfully batted his arm.
"Hey Morgan?" Ringo said and walked over to her, "What do you think about roses?"
"I like roses." She smiled, "Do you want them in the wedding?"
"Well, maybe." He smiled and pulled a boquet of 24 red roses from behind his back.
"Oh.." Morgan smiled and took them from him, "These are beautiful." She smiled up at him
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"Oh you're so sweet, but how did you get them?" she laughed.
"I had them ordered for you last night." he smiled.
"Why would you do that?"
"Because... I was going to tell you something." he turned slightly red as everyone looked at him in confusion.
"What?" Mo whispered.
"We are getting married in a week, but you beat me too it." he grinned at her, then kissed her cheek.
"Oh, sorry love. I didn't mean to wreck your plans."
"You could never wreck anything." he smiled big.
"Ok now you too are getting too mushy!" Paul shouted from across the room.
"Ah lay off Paul! They're getting married!" Anne stated, smiling at the two.
"Fine, but if they can be mushy so can we!" Paul smiled down at Emmi. She slowly stood on her tippy toes and kissed him on the lips.
"Alright everyone, don't forget we have to get ready for the Queen's thing as well." John huffed and walked off into his room. Lucy slowly followed after him. Everyone else continued to talk in the kitchen about the approaching ceremonies.
"John?" Lucy asked as she entered his room and shut the door.
"What's wrong now?" she asked in concern.
"Nothing." he sighed, sitting down on his bed.
"Well alright if you say so..."
"That's right Lucy I'm just fine!" he said slowly turning and giving a sarcastic smile.
"Ok John, you just be that way." she said before leaving him alone in his room. Lucy walked back into the kitchen and sat down with everyone else.
"What's wrong now?" Emmi asked her.
"I don't know, his moods are insane.." she sighed looking down at her cup of coffee.
"Don't worry bout it, I'm sure his mood will turn around soon." she comforted her.
"I hope so."
"What did you expect picking the moody one?" Paul chuckled at her. Emmi elbowed him in the ribs.
"That wasn't very nice." Emmi whispered to him.
"Why? It's the truth."
"But you shouldn't be that way. Lucy is very sensitive about John." Emmi replied.
"Should I go see what's up this time?" he asked her.
"Yeah maybe you should." Emmi nodded. Paul trailed off to John's room to see what was the matter.
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Paul knocked on the door and asked as: "Knock knock"
"Who's there?" Asked John in moody.
"The disturbs cow"
"The disturbs c..."
"MOO!!!" Paul laughed and entered the room.
John raised one eyebrow, "Well, that was the worst "Knock knock" joke I've ever heard ..."
Paul sat beside him on the bed and asked: "Well, maybe I'm really bad at jokes, but will it prevent me from knowing what was happening with you?"
John thought a bit and then said: "Have you ever seen a girl that made you keep going down the street like a zombie, not remove the eyes from her and then..BOOM! clash a lamppost?"
Paul scratched his head and said: "Ah .... I ... don't think that girls ever made me clash a streetlights"
"No, no! You don't understand" said John, "Let's try to put it differently," he scratched his chin and said: "Did you have a girl that made you act like an idiot?"
"Yes, you remember Carolyn? She locked me once out of the house with tie and underwear only"
John hit his forehead. Paul laughed, "not what I meant, Paul. And Caroline really was a failure. Each of us tried to pick her up and failed." "Yes, Carolyn left Ringo and took his clothes off. He had to go home only when a piece of plastic hiding his ..."
"Yes, yes ... it was very funny" "Oh ... but you were the funniest, as you tried to enter her house through the window and you hiding the candy package in your pants because you didn't have the pocket and you woke up her dog and when the dog jumped on you ... "
"Paul! No need to mention it!" John blushed. Paul laughed out loud. "That must hurt," he laughed. John began to hit him with a pillow.
Paul hit him back "What is certain - never do the same thing with Lucy, I think Max bites hard!" "Don't talk that way about Lucy!"
John jumped on Paul like he was Tarzan or something like that and started making noises of a gorilla. Paul made the noises of the blonde woman from the film "King Kong". George and Ringo came into the room and tried to save Paul. The girls sat down around the table and heard a real zoo from the second floor. Mo raised an eyebrow.
Boom! They suddenly heard, like someone fell.
John opened his eyes slowly and then he looked around. He was tied to table and above- dazzling lamp. "Where am I!" He kicked the air, trying to break free.
Paul, George and Ringo came forward dressed in white coats with masks of the surgeons. "John, we concluded that you are ill is very difficult: you're sick on ... Ahhh ... George remind me that word ..."
"Oh ... Yes, it is  *clear in throat* So you have to take medication every two hours, rest and ......"
"Well, enough of this guys, were used that I got hit in me head from the fall, right?"
"Ahhh .. no! Really not! We have no idea what you're talking about" Paul looked embarrassed. "But you are sick with loveoplito... no matter! Your blood tests show that you love beyond the usual and it could lead to disastrous results!"
"What?!? you did to me a blood test!" John began to sweat. "What does it matter now? Once had a friend who had annoyed moods and sometimes anger" "Really? Who was it?" John ask "It was you. Now I make you some drugs you should take morning and evening"
"Oooh! I'm tired of this nonsense! Let me go from this table now!"
"Ringo .." Paul sign to Ringo. Ringo went electric switch and click it. John electrocution and relaxed back. "Hee hee hee ... I love this switch .... Anyway, John, I hope you understood the message. You are a sick in rare disease with a complicated name" "But is it prevent me from meeting with Lucy?"
George, Paul and Ringo looked at each other.
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"Yes, you can never see her again." George concluded.
John looked crushed, but then all of the boys burst out in huge laughter. "Whats so funny?!?"
"We... were... joking!" Paul shouted inbetween laughs.
John looked at them with a mixture of relief and anger, "Whatever." He sighed. "I'm going to find Lucy."
John trudged downstairs and saw the girls getting ready for the Queens party. They were doing eachothers hair, putting makeup on eachother, and all the rest.
"JOHN!" Lucy said and ran up to him, "I'm so glad you came to see me!" She giggled and kissed him everywhere on his face.
"Why wouldn't I?" He said, wrapping his arms around her waist.
"Well, I thought you left me.." She said, biting her lip.
"I would never do that. I love you." He smiled and kissed her softly.
Lucy blushed, "I love you too." She hugged him tightly, "Alright, we leave in an hour! Go put your tux on!" She giggled and pushed him up the stairs.
"Do I get any assistance with that?" He smirked and wiggled his eyebrows.
Lucy laughed, "Just do it!"
The first Beatle ready to go was George, and ironically enough, Anne was ready too.
George looked at her in awe, "You look smashing." He smiled and walked up to her.
Anne blushed, "You look great to, love." George smiled and kissed her softly.
The next one down was Ringo, and he was all smiles when he saw Morgan.
"You look AMAZING!" He gushed and hugged her tightly.
Morgan laughed softly, "Your so sweet." She kissed his cheek, "You look very handsome."
"Do I?" He smiled and struck a pose.
The next one down was Paul, and when he saw Emmi he smiled wide.
"How do I look?" Emmi smiled and spun in a small circle.
"Too good to be true." Paul smiled when he saw Emmi blush, "But thats not unusual."
Emmi giggled and rested her head on his chest, "You don't look bad yourself, McCartney." Paul smiled and kissed her forehead.
And last but not least... "John!" Lucy smiled when she saw him.
"Lucy, you look fab.." John said and hugged her tightly, then whispered in her ear, "better then anyone else in my eyes."
Lucy smiled and kissed his cheek, "Your so sweet to me." She giggled.
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Everyone was waiting round for the limo to come and take them to the Queen's party. It felt like it was taking forever for it to get there when a knock came at the flat door. Paul rushed over to answer it.
"Aye Paul!" Mal's big bellowing voice came from the door.
"Hey Mal, so good of you to finally show up!" he replied jokingly.
"Eh, sorry I was late, I had to get ready meself you know."
"Yes, no harm done old chap!" John said walking over to him.
"Alright then let's get going, can't keep the Queen waiting!" Mal stated opening to door for everyone to exit. Everyone hoped into the limo and the driver took off. It was an anxious car ride as no one knew what the Queen would be like.
"Do you think she'll like us?" George asked.
"I'm sure you have nothing to worry about guys!" Anne smiled up at George lovingly.
"Well I hope your right missy!" John retorted.
"Oh John, don't be so silly, everything will be just quaint." Lucy stated rubbing John's hand. The limo came to a stand still and they all took a deep breath before getting out. Once they stepped out of the limo cameras started flashing, they could barely see anything. They all walked together in a line posing with the girls for photos on the red carpet that was laid out leading up to the palace. The who thing seemed so surreal for them all, they didn't quite know how to act. After the red carpet they were ushered into the palace where everyone was standing about waiting for the Queen to make her grand entrance.
"Oh man, I'm so nervous." Emmi whispered to Paul.
"Don't be, she's just like anyone else." he smiled.
"Yeah, except she's the Queen!!" She sighed looking down.
"Does me tie look straight?" Ringo asked Morgan.
"Yes, it looks great, now stop fidgiting with it or it will be messed up!" she giggled. 
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Ringo kissed her and dozens of photographers began photographing them madly. "Let's go out of here ..." Ringo whispered to her and they both rushed with the other guys to safety, without photographers.
They started to turn around in the grand hall.
All kinds of fancy older women looked at Anna, Emmi an Lucy and whispered to each other in amazement: "Who invited here children?"
"Look at them! Barely at 14"
"The Beatles brought their daughters!? I didn't know they have childrens"
The girls felt inconvenience with all those women who were around them. Emmi approached to Lucy and Anna and whispered to them: "They're just jealous, they would be dead to be spouses of the Beatles" Anna giggled.
Every each time a man with a mustache and a suit stopped the lads to talk to them and shake hands with them. At one point it started tired and they decided to find a place where they can be alone. But before they could do something- one announcer came on stage and asked everyone to be quiet.
The group has found herself a round table with white tablecloth and a vase with red flowers in the middle. The announcer talked and talked and then he invited the Queen to speech. After 10 minutes of never ending speech- George began to play with the map, Lucy fell asleep on the shoulder of John, Paul and Emmi yawning one after another and Ringo drummed nervously with his fingers on the table.
But suddenly the queen said, "and for my birthday, I invited four special guests who gonna sing a song for me," she smiled from ear to ear "I invite to the stage: the Beatles!"
Applause woke the four. "Finally!" Said John. They rushed on stage with smiles and waving to the crowd. The girls waved back. Ringo Send a kiss to Mo.
Some servants took to the stage set of drums and guitars. The boys pointed their guitars and Paul went microphone. The clapping stopped. "Good evening everybody, we wrote a song especially the Queen, and we sing it now"
While they sang, the girls raised their hands in the air and laughing with excitement. Emmi stopped abruptly when she noticed four guys who looked at them sideways. They had talking with each other and didn't stop looking at them.
"Look at them," said Emmi an the girls turned their heads toward the other boys. Two of them were around the age of 14, one look 15 and the last one looked about 19 and a half.
The boys began to approach them. The girls turned their heads quickly back to "ignore them" said Mo "Maybe they just pass on our side" but the boys didn't do it. They approached the table and sat down next to each girl.
All had the same suits with the ridiculous bows, they had the same hairstyle that looked like someone made them do it. and everyone smiled the smile who reminiscent the smile of the Joker from the film "Batman".
 Anna tried to get away from the boy that sat next to her as much as possible. Mo couldn't stand the awkward silence and said impatiently: "Can we help you?" The big boy that sitting next to her said, winking at her: "Oh, we just see that you sit alone, without partners and we thought you might agree that ..."
"Forget it kid, we already have a couple and if you are looking for someone to dance with you, then I saw a lot of old ladies who really cann't wait for someone to ask them to dance with them slow"
The three other boys laughed loudly and the girls giggled. The older boy flushed with anger. Mo folded her hands and smiled a small victory. The big guy yelled at the boys that will stop laughing at him. Everyone fell silent immediately. "I don't see anywhere in your partner," he said to Mo and grabbed her hand. Mo yelled "Get out of here immediately!"
"You can't get rid of us, we are relatives of the Queen and we dance with everyone we want!" said the boy who sitting next to Anna. "Too bad that the relatives of Queen behave like barbarians" Emmi said. "I'm not a barbarian, look what a gentleman I am," said the boy sitting in place of John and said to Lucy: "You're pretty". Lucy stopped herself not to vomit. "would you dance with me?"
"No," said Lucy immediately. The boy got mad at this reply and grabbed the shoulders of her dress. Lucy screamed and hit him with her hand. "Leave me alone!"
The boy want to hit her back but then someone put a hand on his shoulder. John grabbed his shoulder and whispered to him sarcastically: "Kid, you better leave her now," the boy turned quickly and said: "Hey, you're John Lennon!" "Yes! And you're going to get a hit!"
A few seconds later the guy flying and landed on the desk of Prime Minister. The big guy took the opportunity of the confusion Morgan pulled out of the palace.
The two boys saw their brother on the table of the prime minister and began to tremble. Paul and George approached them and watched them as if they were thugs from ninth grade with two nerds from seventh grade. One of them could not resist and wet his pants in fear. (Ha ha! ;D) George and Paul looked at are a little more and Paul said, "boo ..." The nerds run away screaming. George and Paul laughed.
Emmi and Anna kissed them and told them they were really Knights.
Ringo approached them and asked: "Have you seen Morgan?"
"Yes, she went out with a fat guy." Ringo turned pale and ran outside.
"I'll call the police! Let me go! Ringo! help me! Someone!" The big guy dragged her after him into the garden with statues of animal-shaped shrubs. "You're not going anywhere before Kiss me, you're so beautiful, I can't stand it"
"Don't touch me, nasty one! Ringo !!!!"
"Whoever he will be, he can't hear you, he must dance with another partner that he found" Mo tried to push him back but he moved and her ring fell on the grass. The guy picked it up "Oh, So you engaged "
"I'm getting married in a week"
The guy laughed evil and put the ring on his finger "return it to me immediately!" The guy was still smiling,
"return it to her immediately! "Suddenly a voice said.
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The man marched over and pulled the dude's shoulder to face him, and then he forced a hard flying fist into the dude's cheek which sent him staggering to a collapsing fall. The man clasped his hand around his other wrist as he flexed his fingers. He realized that Morgan was running over to rip the ring from the dude's hand.
"Hey, are you alright?" he panted.
"Yeah, thanks for helping me out. What's your name?"
"Keith Richards."
Ringo was sprinting over the grass from the party.
"What happened?! Did he violate you?" Ringo cupped his hands around Morgans face, searching for injuries.
"No, a Rolling Stone helped me!" Morgan smiled coyly in suprise.
"I should've been the one to have saved you, not this drug addict!"
Keith took a swig from a bottle of whiskey.
"Do you want me to apologize for saving your broad's ass?" he rasped in sarcasm.
"No, just sod off, I appreciate what yeh did."
Keith pursed his lips and shrugged as he waltzed back to the party, the whiskey bottle loose in his hand.
"That was new." Morgan rose her eyebrows.
"Yeah, I wonder what other rock stars are here..."


"Here, you try it now" a smooth voiced man persisted, passing the item to Emmi.
"No thanks, I'm not that kind of person." Emmi faked a smile as she faced the crowd of people, looking for Paul.
"What do you mean?" the man scrutinized the rejected harmonica. It didn't look so offensive to him.
"I only play guitar." Emmi stated flatly.
"But harmonicas are great, it sounds like a mini train, or the perfect vocal harmony!" he retorted.
"You're Bob Dylan, right?"
"What're you bothering me for?" Emmi complained, scooting a bit further away on the bench.
"I dunno! Look. Try 1 blow on this thing, or I'll make you smoke pot."
Emmi's eyes widened.
Bob's glare melted in laughter.
"HA! Ha, ha. I was just messing with you. I can see that you're busy so I'll just head out. See ya." He waved as he left the bench.
Paul ran over to Emmi's side, which startled her.
"What did you say to him?!" he grabbed his own hair.


Meanwhile at the party, George had met Pete Townshend. They had just finished outdoing eachother on guitar.
Anne's smile was wide with enthusiasm and excitement.
Pete's thumb was leaking a bit of blood, but he just smeared it off on his pants.
"You're good." George shook his head.
"Ah, you too." Pete shrugged as he tuned his guitar.
"HOLY S%#T, GUYS." Anne's hand were over her face in pure excitement.
"Can I touch it, Pete?" Anne pointed to his guitar.
"Um. Sure?"
Anne bit her lower lip and poked the guitar, and began giggling.
"Sure! But you can touch more than just the guitar." he joked.
Anne laughed as she wove her arm around George's waist, and he did the same to her.
"We'll, nice meetin' you lot."

(That was fun to write  ;D )
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"I don't know, but I saw Bob Dylan earlier walking around looking stoned out of his mind!" Ringo stated in anger. "If he offers you anything, deny him flat out!" he said looking down at her.
"Alright." Morgan sighed.
"I'm serious, I want you to promise me!" he replied taking her hands in his.
"Ok I promise Ringo!" Morgan huffed at him.
"What did Keith say to you?"
"Nothing." she replied.
"Oh really? Because he looked kind of happy when I came over here."
"He said nothing to me. He was just being kind."
"Yeah that's what I was afraid of." Ringo said with a upset look on his face.
"Oh Ringo stop doing this!" Morgan said before getting up and walking back into the palace.
"Who?" Emmi asked nonchalantly.
"What do you mean who, Bob Dylan of course." Paul asked in excitement.
"Oh that bum? He asked me to play his harmonica. And then he offered me some pot." she stated.
"What? Why would he do that?"
"Because he's a jerk Paul. I don't like him." Emmi replied and turned to look away.
"I'm sorry Em, I didn't mean to offend you. I care about you more than anyone else." he said trying to get her to look at him.
"Well it's alright. I just wish you would hang around men like him."
"Those kind of men are everywhere in the music business."
"Well don't worry about it, I forgive you." she smiled kissing his nose. "Just don't leave me a lone for so long next time."
"I won't I promise Love."
"Do you think Pete was better than me?" George questioned Anne in a sad tone.
"No! Why would you ask me that?"
"Just wanted to know your opinion is all."
"Well of course my opinion is going to be a little biased." she giggled into his shoulder.
"You have a point there don't you." he smiled back at her.
"Yep. He look at Morgan over there." Anne stated.
"So? What's wrong with her?"
"She looks upset. Maybe I should go and talk to her." she stated getting up from the table and walking past everyone in the crowded room until she reached her.
"What's wrong?" Anne asked grabbing Morgan's arm.
"Oh it's just Ringo."
"Well, what about him?" Anne asked her.
"He is just so sensitive about EVERYTHING!" she sighed.
"What happened now?"
"Well he thinks I like Keith Richards better than him now!" she sobbed.
"Well can't you just tell him that you don't?"
"He would never listen to me."
"Yeah he would."
"Sure. I just want to leave. Tonight has been terrible." Morgan stated before heading to closet to get her coat and head home. Anne tried stopping her but she couldn't. She walked back over to the table where everyone was sitting, including Ringo who was looking very upset.

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End of Part One


End of intermission

Part Two
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With your permission, I'll write part two:

Then a huge spaghetti monster roar and came in! Splashing tomato sauce on them. Everyone rushed to run away but the monster all ready catch Keith Richards, Bob Dylan and the Pete Townshend.
She grabbed a few other famous and immediately began looking for its next prey. Everyone knows that spaghetti monsters like to eat famous. She saw Ringo ran with Morgan. She laughed and began to chase him. Mo screamed. The monster was right behind them. She want to start eating Ringo but when she saw George and John.
"Double-meal" she thought to herself and ran toward them. To the monster had their taste in her mouth but then she smelled very sweet and tempting smell. Paul. Who was shaking with fear.
 She approached him, looked at him and licked her lips. Paul couldn't stand it and fainted. The monster laughed and filled his suit and his face in red sauce. She took a white handkerchief and tied it around her neck. Ready to eat him.
"Somebody save him!!!!!!!!" One woman shouted in a panic. Many people were screaming when the monster approached Paul into her mouth
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When the party was done, all of the girls were so happy and the boys were dragging their jaws behind them, the girls looked SO stunning!
"Emmi, I need to talk to you." Someone said from behind her. She knew it wasn't Paul, she could recognise his voice in a heartbeat.
Emmi turned around to see Mick Jagger standing behind her, her heart thumpped a little. "May I help you?"
Mick smirked, "Nah, I just wanted to talk to the prettiest bird in the room."
Emmi rolled her eyes, but couldn't help a little blush touch her cheeks, "How clever, Mr. Jagger."
"No, please call me Mick." He knelt down to kiss her hand.
"Aye! What do you think you're doing?!" Paul yelled at Mick, then took Emmi into his arms.
"Nothing, just introducing myself to your lovely girlfriend here, Paul." He said with a devilish smirk.
"No, I know how you introduce yourself Mick, go hit on someone elses girl." Paul's eyes narrowed and he walked out of the party with Emmi to meet the others.
"What's up Paul?" George asked him, with his arm around Anne.
"Nothing. None of your business." Paul was fuming as him and Emmi climbed into the limo.
"What's got into him?" Ringo asked the others.
"No clue. Did Emmi break up with him?" John offered.
"NO! She wouldn't!" Morgan defended. "Besides, he was holding her when they got in."
"True." Lucy said, "So what happened?"
"well, we'll ask Emmi when we get home." Morgan offered.
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(Ohh, forshadowing a love triangle?  ;D )


"Oh, so I guess it seems fair to drive off in a limo and leave everyone else behind." John ranted sarcastically at the limo which sped off.
"They're probably just discussing whatever problem they have." Anne replied calmly.
"C'mon, we can just walk home. It's not to far off." Ringo shrugged.

George fished a set of keys from his side pocket and unlocked the door to their flat, with everyone crowding in before him.
"Hello!" bellowed John.
Emmi walked out of the bedroom with her arms crossed, looking slightly annoyed.
"Hi, guys." Emmi gave a weak smile.
"Where's Paul?" Morgan glanced around the room.
"In the bedroom, I'm just going to let him release some steam for a while."
"What's this fight about?" John walked over to the couch and dropped down.
"Mick Jagger just said 'hi!' to me, and Paul went insane over it!!" Emmi raged in frustration.
"Mick is known to seduce any girl he comes upon, I can understand Paul's anger." Morgan chuckled.
"It was completely innocent, Morgan, you should be on my side!"
"Oh my God, so how blue were his eyes, Emmi?" Lucy giggled.
"INTENSELY, PIERCINGLY BLUE." Emmi twirled her hair around her fingers.
"Why do you care, Lucy?" John spat.
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"What, men can talk about women but women can't talk about men?" She quipped.
John mumbled something illegible under his breath and Lucy smirked.
Paul came sulking out of their bedroom, and plopped down on the couch and flipped on the tele.
"Paul?" Emmi said softly, "Are you alright?"
Paul sucked in some air, then slowly let it out, "Yes, I'll be alright."
Emmi bit her lip, "Do you forgive me?"
Paul smiled softly, "Of course, I love you." He murmured.
"And I you." Emmi murmured back.
"No I love you, no I love you more, no I love you more!" John carried on, mocking Emmi and Paul.
"Ah Shut up John." George said, "You and Lucy are just as bad."
"Have you seen you and Anne? All you ever do is smooch up on eachother! I think after a while you'll forget how to breathe!" John spat back and laughed.
"Yeah  yeah whatever." He mumbled, and Anne rubbed his shoulders gently.
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(I'm not sure where you guys were going with this. So bare with me.)

"Come on you guys let's not get into another riff about something stupid." Ringo quipped trying to ease the tension in the room. John wasn't having any of it. He stood up and walked down the hall and into his room, slamming the door behind him.
"God, he overacts a lot!" Anne stated grabbing hold of George's hand tightly.
"He is just sensitive." Lucy said in his defense.
"Well in my opinion he is quite the sissy. Always acting a right fool in front of everyone." Paul said.
"Oh Paul you should go more easy on John. After all he is your best friend." Emmi whispered in his ear.
"I suppose." he grumbled.
"I should probably go check on him..." Lucy said getting up from the couch, but before she could keep walking Paul stopped her saying he would go and check on John.
"Alright if you think it would help him." Lucy smiled at him.
"I think it might." Paul grinned before heading down the dark hallway to John's room. Everyone looked at each other in suspicion as Paul disappeared down the hallway.
"What was that all about?" George asked.
"I'm not sure. But it didn't look good did it?" Ringo questioned.
"Oh I hope he isn't too mean to him!" Lucy wailed.
"It couldn't be all that bad." Morgan said trying to comfort her.
"Guys. Come on, Paul is a sweetheart!" Emmi smiled.
"Yeah to you maybe." George stated sarcastically. Then the room fell silent again, everyone trying to listen in to their conversation in the other room.
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(In the hall)
"John, hey, what's gotten into you?" Paul caught up with John.
"What're you talking about."
"Well you were laughing a bit ago, then you just stormed out." Paul narrowed his eyes.
John was breathing deeply through his nose. Paul began to look more and more worried.
"This isn't about what any of us said, is it?" Paul began. "It's something else."
"Don't tell Lucy, man." John warned, as he shoved past Paul to his room.
Paul just stood there for a moment, until he noticed two white pills sitting where John had stood.
"Oh, God." Paul pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.
George ran over to Paul, whose back was facing him.
"Got everything settled?" George asked with uncertainty.
"George, he's on hard drugs." Paul's voice sounded muffled from his sleeve.
George finally saw the pills on the ground, and sighed with great relief.
"Paul! Those are perscription pills! He's no addict! He's just treating some minor stomach pains, he didn't tell you?"
"No." Paul smirked in relief.

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What do you think, new story idea? I think we've burnt this one out, and it seems like Lucy is gone. If you guys don't like this idea tell me and I'll rewrite it...

The year is 1958, and the location is Liverpool, England. (suprise suprise)....

"Aye look at the birds ov'r there!" Paul said, "Think I should play 'em?" The mersey side group called "The Quarrymen" were getting ready to play their set in the Cavern Club, and they had some time to kill.
"I dunno Paulie, do you got your game face on?" John teased him, John was always like the older brother of the rest of the band.
Paul puffed out his chest and put a determind look on his face, it was quite hilarious, "Like this, John?"
John laughed, "Yea mate, if you wanna scare them away!"
Paul let the air out of his chest, "Your right, I'll try 'em though." He sauntered over to the table and put one hand on it so he was leaning down to them, "So, you 'ere to see the band?" He asked them with a seductive smile on his face.
"No, we're here together." One of them said and
Paul's eyes got big and his jaw dropped, "Oh... I'm so-"
The girls cut Paul off by laughing histerically, "Oh, I'm so sorry mate, we saw you looking at us and we just had to.." One of them said between laughs.
Paul's face got red, "Was it that obvious?"
"A little, mate." A blonde haired girl said and smiled up at Paul.
Paul bowed playfully, "Paul McCartney." He presented himself to her.
"Emilina.." She smiled, "Or Emmi, if you don't want to say the mouthfull of a name."
Paul smiled at Emmi, "A pretty name."
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^yeah I think the story started to wain out at the end which is sad because I never got to get married.  :-[
So we went back in time, okay. So who all is in this story then? Just you, me and Anne?

"Thanks slick." Emmi smiled at him then gave a wink.
"Well who are these other two girls?" he asked looking over at two brunettes sitting next to her.
"haha! Oh sorry girls seems I forgot to introduce you." Emmi giggled. "That's Anne and that's Morgan." she responded.
"Well nice to meet you two as well." Paul smiled before sitting down.
"Are you going to play soon?" Anne asked him.
"Yeah we're the next group!" he smiled happily.
"Well I can't wait to hear you guys." Emmi said smiling right at him with wide eyes. Anne and Morgan looked on in amusement.
"I can't wait to play for you." Paul said his gaze caught in hers.
"Who else is in your band?" Anne questioned him trying to look over the sea of heads in front of them.
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I think it's just us right now. But anyone wanna snag Johnny?? Maybe Jai Guru Deva? We could always use her touch.. hahaha. But seriously anyone wanna join in?
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How about just making John stick with Cynthia until a John fan decides to join in?
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^That sounds like a plan to me! Someone will join in eventually I'm sure.  ;)
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Hi everyone!
I didn't gone - I was just with my family on holiday in Barcelona ... ;yes
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I'm in a writing mood, so I guess I'll start.  :)


Paul cleared his throat and ran his fingers through his nicely slicked hair.
"Ay, George, John. Come 'ere a minute." Paul motioned.
John strutted over to the little amused group, followed by George coyly shuffling over with his hands in his coat pockets.
"Evening ladies, what're a posh bunch of birds doing hanging around these parts?" John mused.
"We're not posh!" Morgan retorted, obviously offended.
"Damn, I guess not." John chuckled.
"Hi." Anne smiled shyly at George. No one seemed to notice him until now.
"Hey, how's it going." George returned the smile. "I need a smoke. When do we go on?"
Paul smirked.
"Now. Well, it was a pleasure chatting with you," Paul glanced at Emmi. "We've got to go on."


The cavern that was once filled with eager voices echoing through the air finally died down as The Quarrymen finished tuning and approached the microphone. The lights were glaring at them. John cleared his throat and looked at the attentive audience. He inhaled the lingering scent of alcohol and second hand smoke.
"This is a cover of a song by one of our favorite musicians. Chuck Berry!" he announced loudly.
The first thing that was heard was the raw, intimidating guitar played by the still George. It was quickly followed by John and Paul responding with dominance over the small, round stage, booming their instruments so that it seared through the smokey air and penetrated every single attendant's ears. Chills ran up Anne's spine as she watched with wide eyes at the suprisingly amazing bunch on stage. The cigarette hanging on Morgan's lower lip nearly fell off as she stared in amazement at the band. Emmi smiled at Paul, who finally noticed her and grinned back.

Just before the song ended with a blaring chord, the crowd immediately responded in applause.
The boys put away their instruments and headed back over to the table, being complimented by other people along the way.
The Quarrymen were pleased to see that they have thoroughly impressed these girls.
"Were we good?" Paul scratched his nose.
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*Whispers*  May I join in your festivities?  It seems fun in here!   :D

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^YES! PLEASE JOIN US!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Haha thank you!  I'll apologise in advance for the fact that I might not get on every night, what with university and all that, but I'll have a bash.  :D

*Continuing from last post*

The voice was unfamiliar to Morgan, Emmi and Anne, causing them to swivel on the spot and face it.  The girl standing there was small, but with a strange sense of presence; short, choppy hair that stuck out defiantly, a smirk on her painted lips, and she actually appeared to be wearing some sort of men's trousers.  While the girls gazed, nonplussed, the boys seemed to have a knowing look in their eyes.
"You were bloody brilliant," she continued, her accent strong, "again, as usual...  except you, John."
Her eyes traced across the faces to rest upon John's, which returned the gaze steadily, and just when the gasping girls were about to give her what for, a defensive grin jumped onto his face.
"Never satisfied, are you, Shirli?"
For a moment, a subtle blush crept into Shirli's cheeks, and for the first time during this random appearance, she looked a little vulnerable.
"How about I get Pete in to practice his drummin' on the back of your chair tomorrow?"
Shirli exhaled in amusement, and John suddenly seemed pretty happy with himself.  All the while, George and Paul exchanged hidden glances that the other girls couldn't make out.  It was weird; this girl seemed to know the boys, or at least John, yet he didn't seem to want to introduce her.  The girls narrowed their eyes; it was strange.
Suddenly, as though he were reading their thoughts, Paul nudged John in the side, nodding at Emmi, Morgan and Anne.
"Aren't you gonna introduce your bird to the girls, then?"
"She's not my bird," John states quickly, his eyes darting back to Shirli, "she won't let me."
Again, Shirli snorted with laughter.
"What makes you think you have a chance, Lennon?  I have standards, you know.  I don't go out with fools."
It seemed as though she knew the comment would fire John up, and it worked; the smirk dropped from his face, and his nostrils flared slightly.
"Who said I was asking?  Anyway...  Yeah, Shirli, this is Morgan-" he cast a hand in her direction, and she smiled sweetly.  "-Emmi-" She shifted her weight to the other foot, displaying what she hoped was an unassuming smile.  "-and Anne.  Girls, this is Shirli...  she goes to college with me."
So, a college girl who John lusted after...  or was it the other way around?  Or did neither of them like the other, and they just constantly wound each other up?  Who knew?  Whatever it was, Morgan, Emmi and Anne were sure there'd be fireworks along the way if this kid was involved.

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"Boys!" A man's voice called from the opposite direction.
"Oh, the owner." Paul said, not too suprised, "Aye, do you want our money or should I take it all for myself?" He smirked.
"No way Macca! You got the biggest cut last time." John said as all the boys ran toward the club owner, and gathered up what seemed to be a fair amount each.
When the boys returned back to the girls, George gave Anne a confident smile, "So I was wondering if maybe you birds would like to come to dinner with us, over to Smith's maybe?" Smith's was a local diner where many of the young people hung out, and it wasn't a suprise the boys knew about it.
"Sure! I'd love to." Anne smiled wide and stood up next to George.
"Em, would you like to join me?" Paul asked Emmi politely.
"Of course I would." She smiled back, standing up and Paul rested his hand on the small of her back, which send a pleasent chill down Emmi's spine.

I know, it's short. But I'd like to get it going :)
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John kept a solid, care-free expression on his face as he slid his eyes towards Shirli.
"So, d'you want to come along?" John suggested, tugging a pack of cigarettes out of his front pocket.
"I guess so, if you're okay with it." Shirli crossed her arms.
John's expression broke into a pleased smile.
"Gear! Let's go." He declared as they shuffled past the crowded cavern.


They had arrived to Smith's, pleasantly suprised to see that it wasn't too busy. They all slid into a large, round booth at a corner of the diner. Each person was delighted with who they were sitting with.
"Hey, John, pass me a cigarette, will ya?" Paul glanced towards John as he snaked his arm around Emmi.
John flicked a cigarette, which landed in Paul's crotch.
Emmi swiped the cigarette before Paul could scramble at it.
Paul blushed and diverted his eyes.
"Oh, don't pretend something like that has never happened to you." John sneered.
"Leave him alone! Isn't it already awkward as it is??" Shirli elbowed John with a smirk.
"Do you still want one?" Emmi giggled.
Paul chuckled as he gently pinched it from her fingertips.
George was sitting very close to Anne, curling a hand beside her ear and muttering something that was obviously amusing to her.
Paul cleared his throat. "And what's all this?"
"Just sharing some stories." George replied with his signature coy grin.
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"What, stories about how rubbish you are with girls?" John shot with relish, and a huge grin spread across his face as he darted upwards in his seat, trying to avoid the foot that George fired roughly towards his shin.  When he'd settled again, his gaze returned to Shirli, his eyes softening, but she seemed to ignore him completely, watching Paul light his cigarette with a nonchalant expression.  Looking at the scene properly for a moment, it also became apparant to Emmi and Anne that while they sat next to their respective dates, John and Shirli had chosen to sit opposite each other, neither of them daring to look at the other at the same time.  It was truly bizarre.
"So, what do you girls like to do at the weekend, then?" George asked openly, glancing between the three of you.  Anne took a little breath in what seemed to be nervousness before answering.
"Well, usually we hang out at the coffee shop or come to The Cavern, but since you boys have been so nice as to take us out..."
A little heat rose in her cheeks, and you could tell she was thinking about George alone.
" looks like we've found a new hobby."
Bless her; she was smitten.  It appeared that George liked her too, as he struggled to contain his growing smile.
"Well," Paul interjected, "we'll just have to keep taking you out and showin' you a good time, won't we?"
Predictably, his eyes slid to rest on Emmi's with an almost suggestive look, which clearly seemed to shake her from the inside.  Great, now the four of them were sitting there all wide-eyed and blushing, and there were John and Shirli, the outsiders of it all.  For the first time since they'd got there, the two locked eyes, holding each other's gaze without a particular expression.  Shirli felt John's foot shuffle slightly under the table, and he looked as though he was going to say something, but then decided to bite his tongue and roll his eyes at the two couples, forcing strained amusement from Shirli.

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Emmi glanced at John and Shirli with a thoughtful look in her eye, she knew something was up between them. Was it a budding romance? Or maybe a romance that already happened and was never fully recovered. Whatever it was, she knew this wasn't the least of it. She looked over to Paul, who's eyes were rested on her. Emmi got a good look at Paul; He was quite handsome. With large, bedroom eyes and the baby face of the year. She realised she had been staring, and quickly swivled her head away from him and blushed.
Paul chuckled, "It's alight love, I know it's hard not to stare." He smirked.
"Cheeky boy!" Emmi giggled and Paul laughed, then rested his hand on hers. She blushed again and let him lace his fingers in hers.
John cleared his throat, "Hey Shirli, did you, um.. get the photo project done?" He said with slight hesitation.
"Yes.. I did." Shirli said, a little suprised John would ask about school, since he never really put much effort into the Uni, "Did you?" She smiled a little.
"Love, do I ever get the projects done?" John responded and they both laughed.
Shirli smiled, "No John, I guess you don't." John held her gaze for a moment, and he noticed how pretty Shirli's eyes were. He wished he could tell her how he really felt, but he was afraid of the rejection he might get. John could be rejected by a girl in a bar, but if it was Shirli, he'd be heartbroken.
George sipped his Coke as Anne stroked his cheek. He smiled and put his coke down, and placed a single kiss on Anne's forehead. Anne's heart flew out of her chest as she felt George smile against her. How could Anne resist him?
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After much more bravado and courting, and not forgetting the meal that you actually went out for, it was pretty much time to leave.  The six of you slinked out of the diner and off down the street.  It was late; the gig The Beatles had played while the girls were there wasn't early as it is, and now the air clung to the surface of everyone's skin, as the streetlamps became buzzing lanterns in the night.  Emmi shivered, goosebumps racing across her bare arms, to which Paul instantly swung in as the sneaky gentleman he was, hurling his arm around her and clamping her tight to his side.
"Can't have you goin' blue on us now, can we?" he remarked with a chuckle, and Emmi laughed melodically, averting her eyes.  It seemed like every time the pair of them looked at each other, invisible yet very tangible sparks flew.  Shirli was about to make a joke about George having to follow up Paul's act, but looking for him, it appeared he'd got there before Paul; he and Anne were walking a little way ahead, giggles and excitement brimming from the pair of them, while George not only had his arm around her gently, but had also rather kindly given up his jacket to brace against the cold, while Anne wore it draped around her shoulders like the cutest blanket.  It was so sweet.
"I'd give you my jacket too," John suddenly piped up to Shirli, "but you don't let a bit of cold bother you, eh?"  The pair of them smirked as Shirli indeed crossed her arms defiantly to the wind.
"I certainly don't," she replied after breaking away from his gaze, "I can look after myself."
"I know."  The response seemed odd, as though they were referring to something no one else knew about, but no one said anything.

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Paul paused and stared at John and Shirli, expecting some sort of hint to what they were going on about, but finally just shugged and gave all his attention back to Emmi.
It seemed like the solid barrier between John and Shirli had melted, but not all the way. They seemed to be less tense around one another, and despite the biting cold air, John's aura seemed to warm them both.
"Where are we going exactly?" Emmi scanned the shady streets they were strolling towards, with an uncertain look on her face.
"Well, the fellahs and I are going to hit the sack at a little house close by the cavern," Paul immediately read the puzzled looks on the girls' faces. "With our parent's approval first, of course. It's the weekend!"
"Oh, so that's where you're taking us?" Emmi bit her lip to keep from smiling to big.
"Well, y'know, if you want. We've got some space." George replied, glancing briefly at the girls behind him.
Not everyone seemed to be listening to George. A couple of the girls would occasionally peer at a few of the peculiar figures opposite of them on the street, that seemed to rush somewhere, leaving eerie noises that trailed echoes behind it.
"God, how can you stand living at this place and not even get a little bit cautious?" Anne murmured by George's icy ear.
"You get used to it." he smirked as he snuggled her closer to his side.
Everyone seemed to lighten up a little after getting familiar with this street, and the boys stopped.
"Well, this is it." Paul jerked a thumb behind him.
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*Waits for someone else to have a go*  :)

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The house wasn't particularly big, but it could easily fit the 4 boys. It was a light yellow, and it was right on the street corner. It seemed in better condition than most of the daft houses on the rest of the street.
"How do you manage to keep your house better than the rest of the neighbors?" Emmi asked Paul.
"Well, I pride myself in having a well kept home, like my father." Paul smiled softly at her as they walked up the paved driveway.
"Aww how cute!" Emmi said jokingly and Paul laughed with her.
"Come on you lot, or I'll lock you out!" John said loudly to the other couples, opening the door for Shirli.
"What a gentlemen!" Shirli said with a laugh.
John smirked, "You have no idea." All the boys had a bit to drink after the show, but John more than the others.
Shirli's heart beated a little faster, she has had a thing for John for quite a while now, but it always seems he's being flocked by girls. She yearned for the day where she could collapse into John's arms, but she didn't know if he'd feel the same way. She shook the thought and walked into the house.
George walked up the steps with Anne and John rolled his eyes, "Could they be any slower?" He gestured to Emmi and Paul, who had stopped in the middle of the driveway and were deep in conversation. "Alright, I'm locking them out." He shut the door behind Anne and George without another word, and left them outside.
Shirli and Anne were amazed at what they saw when they walked in the livingroom. They were expecting a dingy, college boy frat-esque house, but what they got was a nice and well kept home.
George noticed their shocked espressions, "It's all Paul's fault." he muttered.
"Yeah, his fault our house is more well kept than Mimi's." John laughed, and George joined in.
Emmi and Paul were slowly making they're way up to the doorstep, but always got stopped by a sweet comment or loving smile, "Paul, I bet they've locked us out," Emmi smirked as Paul took her hand in his.
"So? I know a way in. But do we really want to join them just yet?" He murmured in her cold ear.
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Emmi almost stammered out loud when his breath tickled her skin warmly, but quickly resolved to say nothing, merely leaning into his shoulder as he drew in to hold her.  His hands brushed lightly against her sides first, but moved to rest firmly on her lower back.  It made Emmi shudder with delight.
"Are you cold?" Paul asked, noticing the goosebumps on her arms as they worked their way up his chest and around his neck.  An uncontrollable smirk stretched its way across Emmi's face as she thought about what was going to come next.  She dared herself to say the line that was perched on the tip of her tounge.
"Well, I'm sure you can warm me up...  unless you're a coward?"
Paul's eyebrows arched highly as he grinned at her forwardness.  The look in his eyes suddenly became undeniably wanting.
The street was blissfully derelict as Emmi and Paul kissed under the streetlight, but had there been a whole crowd, Emmi wouldn't have cared; the moment his lips touched hers, she lost all of her nervousness and shyness, kissing him back like she'd never kissed anyone before.  Completely lost in each other, they remained entangled on the street, high with joy, while the others were still inside the house, unaware.

John sblack personed a bit louder than he'd intended.
"Look at them two," he said, throwing a hand in the direction of George and Anne.  Having ignored John and Shirli, and arranged themselves rather comfortably on the couch, they were now chattering away in conversation, the both of them blushing and laughing as the other made sweet comments.
"I don't know why he doesn't just carry her upstairs and have done with it!"
"John!" Shirli laughed, batting him playfully on the arm, "some people like to take it slow!  You know, drag out the anticipation."
This makes him quiet for a moment, shifting his balance with a slight wobble through his mild inebriation.  He looked at her through soft eyes.
"Do you like the anticipation?" he asked, his gaze dropping to her shoulder where the strap of her top had slipped down to reveal some extra skin, "or do you want it straight away?"
His hand slid up her arm slowly, touching the fallen strap, and as his eyes met hers again, there was a moment where he thought she was going to kiss him, or jump on him, or...  god knows what.  He pushed gently until she was leaning against a nearby wall, and her hands came up to rest on his chest.  However, to his dismay, they weren't there to embrace him; they were there to deny him.
"Don't," she urged in a near-whisper as he moved closer, holding him away from her strongly.  Their faces were close, eyes searching each other.
"Just don't, John," she replied with a little hurt in her voice, "you know why!"
His hands were grasping at her.
"Wait, let me-"
She slipped out of his grasp, moving rapidly across the room to bolt up the staircase without another word.  John was left staring after her for a moment, trying to comprehend what had just happened, and when he was fed up of thinking, he resigned himself to the unoccupied couch, plonking down and staring at his feet before shooting a gaze at an amorous George and Anne, shouting "get a room!"
Jumping slightly, the pair of them sported bewildered looks before giving in and trotting upstairs with huge grins.

[I've got a big story lined up for John and me!  Let's just say you'll find out the background between them very soon!  :D )

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Awesome! Their story sounds like it'll be really interesting.  ;D


With the effects of booze amalgamating with his deep thoughts, John sealed his eyes and breathed steadily through his nose, hoping that he could figure out what he should do next. Does it have anything to do with his mild alcohol intoxication? Well, she should be used to that now, he thought. It must be what had happened a while back...
A very distant sound of giggling seemed to get louder, until it came to the front door. Someone knocked, and it seemed as if they've finally gotten it out of their systems.
John slid off the couch onto his feet and walked slowly to the door, a headache began pressing at his temples.
He opened the door, and Paul and Emmi were barely aware that John was standing there.
"Now that you're all warmed up, what would you like me to do now?" Paul murmured, but John's dissapointment had caught he and Emmi's attention.
"What happened, John?" Emmi asked sympathetically, walking over to him.
"Nothing's changed. I don't know what to do." John clenched his jaw.
"What do you mean? Shirli? Where is she?" Emmi searched John's eyes, but he diverted her gaze.
"She'll get over it, I'm used to it anyways. But even though I always expect it, I still feel like s**t afterwards." John dropped back onto the couch.
"You always drop hints about something that's happened between you two, but you never bother telling us." Paul accused, taking a seat on the arm rest of the couch.
"I'll tell you later, after I get some sleep." he mumbled, barely awake.
George and Anne finally raced eachother downstairs, each had pleased grins.
"Oh God, George, you didn't!!" Paul slapped George's shoulder and laughed hugely.
"We didn't." George returned Paul's enthusiasm.
Anne adjusted her button up shirt, and smirked at Paul.
Emmi squinted at them, figuring out what to believe.
"Well yeah, we did stuff, but we're not ready for that yet." he chuckled. "Oh, and we saw Shirli up there, she looked so upset that we decided not to mess with her."
Paul and Emmi looked at eachother, and ran quickly up the stairs.
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There were two bedrooms in the house; the one to the left was silent, unoccupied after George and Anne had paraded back downstairs, their faces silly with excitement.  It didn't take Emmi and Paul long to realise that Shirli was hiding in the right bedroom.  Paul gave Emmi an unsure glance, and she returned it, plucking up the courage to knock on the door.
"Shirli?  Are you okay?"
There was silence for a few seconds, during which Emmi and Paul could only wait, shifting their weight from foot to foot.
"Ah, leave her," Paul urged to Emmi, "she's probably just waitin' for us to go away.  You know how girls are..."
"No," Emmi resisted, "John looked pretty rough downstairs, and he's the one that hides his feelings...  If he was that upset, Shirli's probably worse."
She rapped on the door again, a little harder this time, and it seemed to do the trick; a small shuffling sounded at the back of the room, and then heavy footsteps that sounded foreboding.  The door swung open slowly, creaking softly, to reveal Shirli.  It was easy to tell that she'd been crying; her bloodshot eyes and smudged mascara gave her away.
"What?" she shot simply, gazing indifferently at Emmi, then at Paul.
"We just wanted to know if you were okay," Emmi said comfortingly, "what happened?"
"I don't wanna talk about it," Shirli replied shortly, and folded her arms across her chest defensively, as always.
"John's pretty wound up down there," Paul added, and for a fleeting moment, the piercing look in Shirli's eyes softened.
Emmi and Paul both nodded vigorously.
"I think he might want to talk to you, when you've both calmed down," Emmi suggested, but Shirli's shaking head instantly denied any further contact between them.
"No, I don't want to."
There was a horribly awkward moment during which Shirli merely stared at the bare floorboards, appearing to be holding back more tears, and Paul and Emmi stood there giving each other helpless looks, wondering what the hell to do now.
"Shirli...  we know something happened a long time ago."
Shirli met Emmi's eyes, surprised at the statement, and shifted her gaze towards Paul as he added "John talks about you all the time, you know."
Shirli still couldn't say a word.
"...what happened, love?"
For a moment, both Emmi and Paul expected her to collapse into tears and tell them everything, her mouth wavering, but unfortunately, they were wrong.
"I can't tell you.  It's not for you to know."
"But love," Paul protested, "if you tell us, then maybe we can set it straight-"
"No," Shirli insisted more firmly, "I just...  I can't..."
Emmi sighed; how long would it be before Shirli let go of this defensive, closed-off characted she'd created?  Weeks?  Months?  Never?
"Please," Emmi pleaded, but Shirli shook her head again, the choppy ends of her hair flying, and slid back into the bedroom.
"Why the hell not?" Paul shouted as the door slammed.  There was a silent moment before a much more vulnerable voice replied "I'm just not ready yet!"
Great; another triumph for teenage romance.  What the hell had John done to make her so wound up?  Judging by this, it's a miracle they can even be in the same room together.  Emmi and Paul shared an exasperated look.
"Well, there's nothing we can do about it now," Paul said, squeezing Emmi's hand, and she looked at him with a small smile.  It didn't take long for Paul's mind to return to what he was thinking about before they'd come in the house.
"So...  how about a nice rendezvous to the other bedroom then, eh?"
Emmi couldn't help but laugh, and they turned away from Shirli's door to stride across the hall and into the room, shutting the door behind them.

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Well... how much detail are we allowed to go into? I'd like to hear about this lil rendezvous with Paulie, so how graphic will we/can we get?? Hm?
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Hehehe!  I'm not sure...  hopefully as long as it's not outwardly offensive, and we keep it in the thread, it'll be okay.  It's not like anyone other than us girls come in here, is it?

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Wasn't there that one time where Lucy got upset over something and a mod popped out of nowhere to set things straight? I guess the mods rarely check in here. We'll see what we can do then!  :D
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Go for it, Ems.  As long as you don't use too many graphic words to describe certain things or actions...  I'm sure we'll be fine!  :P

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(*cheats way out of doing this scene*)

Paul locked the door behind them both and kissed Emmi heatedly, his hands slid up and down her waist, finding new places to hold her.
"Paul.." Emmi said softly.
"Yes, love?" he asked in between kisses.
".. What do you think is bothering Shirli?" This wasn't the question Paul wanted to hear, he wanted to hear his name, not someone elses.
"Babe, let's not think about that now.." He murmued slowly in her hear, resting her against a wall.
"Paul, come on, I'm curious.." She gently pushed Paul off her and ran a free hand through her hair, thinking of what was wrong with the newly-friended Shirli.
Paul wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, "It really can't wait to be debated?" He asked, feeling the heat that was rising in him slowly disinigrate.
"No, it can't." She sighed, "Sorry." She said softly.
"Nah, it's alright." Paul said, "I should check on John anyways." He said. They unlocked the door and went downstairs to find John laying on the couch with his eyes shut tight. "John, John mate.." Paul tapped on John's shoulder.

Short, I know. Sorry.
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John's brow furrowed as he stirred from his sleep, squinting uncomfortably as he lifts his head.
"What, mate?"
"Listen," Paul said with a hint of anxiety, "we need to talk about Shirli."
He didn't let up when a dark expresson spread across John's face, insisting "you NEED to stop whatever this is.  Do you know how upset she is up there?"
This seemed to rouse his interest; he swung his legs off the couch, sitting upright and rubbing his face roughly.
"Look," he said, eyeing Paul strongly, "I know something needs to happen, but I don't wanna go into it.  Not when I don't know how she feels."
Paul shifted his feet worriedly, wondering what the situation could possibly be to tear the both of them up like this.
"Were you together once?"
The question remained unanswered.
"Did you hurt her?  She hurt you?"
John snorted huffily with some sort of morbid amusement.
"Both, mate, both."
"You know I can't help you if I don't understand," Paul stated, and John glanced up at him with apologetic eyes.
"I know, I'm sorry.  I don't think I should say anything without knowing what she wants to make happen first..."

Upstairs, Emmi trod gingerly across the hall towards the room that Shirli was occupying, taking a deep breath for the stubbornness and deflection she knew was coming.  Still, she had to try.  Her knocks came sharp on the door, unashamed.  This time, she didn't call after her like an over-concerned mother, but waited for a reply.  To her surprise, Shirli pulled the door open slowly after the first set of knocks.  Her eyes were no longer red and worrying, but she didn't exactly look happy.  She exhaled strongly when she saw Emmi.
"I...  I thought it might have been John."
Emmi smiled thinly.
"Sorry to disappoint."
The pair shared an earnest grin for the first time, and while nervousness rippled through Shirli, Emmi hoped that this would be the start of a proper friendship.  Shirli had been so closed off so far.
"I think Paul's having a word with John downstairs," Emmi informed, and Shirli nodded with a hint of worry.
"Look, I'm not being nosy here...  I just wanna be a friend, you know?"
Shirli met Emmi's eyes with some sort of surprise, but at the same time, she seemed thankful.  Her voice trembled as she spoke next, sounding uncharacteristically vulnerable.
"Can we go outside?"
"Of course," Emmi replied, knowing it would be bloody freezing, but if that was what it would take to make the connection, then fine.  The pair of them traipsed downstairs; Emmi had to catch Shirli's wrist and practically pull her towards the front door just to get her to walk past John, who was staring strangely at her from the couch.  On the way out, Paul shot the pair of you a look that seemed to say 'try not to worry'.  Emmi turned and shut the door behind them as Shirli walked on, making her way around the corner and taking a seat on some large concrete steps that lead up to the doorway of what looked like a small hotel.  Emmi carefully took a seat next to her, watching with a frown as Shirli pulled a packet of cigarettes out of the pocket of her baggy trousers.
"Ciggie?" she offered, holding out the pack to Emmi.
"You keep them," she replied, shaking her head, and Shirli retracted the packet, lighting her cigarette with a little struggle, due to the night breeze.  There were a few moments of silence, during which Shirli blew smoke into the cold air, clouds of it hanging densely before thinning into wisps.
"I'm sorry I'm a total recluse."
The apology came as a shock to Emmi, who glanced across at Shirli quickly.  Shirli didn't look back.
"It's fine, some people are just like that."
"I wasn't always," Shirli replied, "it's just when you get hurt...  You don't like to share things anymore, in case people wreck everything you have."
It was quite a heavy sentiment to say the least.
"Shirli, please tell me what happened between you and John.  I think I'll go crazy if you don't.  We all will."
There was a predictable silence again, and then Shirli actually began to tell the truth.
"I was with someone else," she began, still not daring to look at Emmi, "he was single.  He told you we were at college, didn't he?"
Emmi nodded, remembering the mysterious introduction.
"He joined my class last year.  Rubbish at everything, like."
She actually giggled, obviously remniscing about something that must have happened in class.  Thinking about John's mischievous nature, Emmi could imagine the type of hijinks he might have got up to.
"But we talked all the time.  At first I thought he didn't like me - he used to call me a boy and push me around."
She said it with a small smile, obviously not offended.
"But I was wrong...  We started seeing each other after class, goin' to the pub, the cinema...  I was spendin' more time with him than with my boyfriend!"
"Did your boyfriend find out?" Emmi pushed, when the conversation stopped.  Shirli winced a little.
"You could say that.  You could say he went round John's house and nearly pulled him apart with his bare hands."
Shock came across Emmi as she pictured the violence in her mind; John and Shirli's unknown partner, throwing each other all over Mimi's pristene house.
"It started after that," Shirli continued, her voice getting quieter, "they would fight over me.  Physically, whenever they saw each other-"
The memories seemed to cloud Shirli's eyes as they grew tearful.
"And they would bully me, equally...  It was so immature, like a f***ing...  tug of f***ing war between them, with me in the middle!"
Now her voice was getting high and sharp, and to be honest, Emmi was getting worried; Shirli looked pretty hysterical.
"And I couldn't stand it!  So I told them both to f*** off, and leave me alone."
She took a huge pull on her cigarette and took it back the wrong way, due to her ragged breath, coughing as the smoke came billowing out of her nose.  As she turned to look at Emmi, Emmi was taken aback at the amount of tears now shining on Shirli's face; it was a little scary.
"Come here," Emmi soothed, scooting across the cold, scraping surface of the steps to embrace Shirli.  Shirli accepted her, throwing the cigarette into the street and falling into the hug.  The pair held each other for a while, tears constantly streaking down Shirli's cheeks and onto the concrete.
"I don't know what to do, Emmi," she moaned, hurt rife in her voice, "I still want him!  But he might hurt me again!"

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John sat upright on the couch, rested his elbows on his knees to support his upper half from falling over, and hung his head. He squinted his eyes shut. He could feel Paul's dissapointed stare stabbing at him. John finally heaved an exhale and lifted his head to look at Paul. He grimaced, and went to tug a smushed pack of cigarettes from his pocket. Not diverting his grimace from Paul, he popped a cigarette in his lip and silently lit the other end. He inhaled, and and pulled the cigarette out with two of his fingers and exhaled a thin, translucent strip of smoke from a little opening he made with his lips.
John cleared his throat.
"So. What do you want to know." John drawled with an imprudent expression on his face.
"Everything." Paul firmly replied, his expression still solid.
John chuckled. "Why do you even care? Is this so that Emmi will be pleased and have a go with you?"
"Just tell me what happened, John."
John rolled his eyes and tucked the cigarette back into his lip. He told Paul of the warm moments between him and Shirli, and the horrible moments involving her boyfriend.
"...And I never meant..." John searched for the right words, his mouth still open to fill in the spaces. Just as his eyes reddened, his eyebrows scrunched together in anger.
He cleared his throat again.
"I never meant....for her be hurt." He closed his eyes and formed his lips into a straight line. "I was being such a bloody moron, I don't know what I was thinking."
For a moment, John just stared into space as more forgotten memories flooded back to his mind. Paul stared at him, patiently waiting for more to the story.
John finally flashed his eyes back to Paul. "I've been trying to win her back somehow. I've been trying to show her that I've changed."
Paul looked to the floor and bit his lower lip.
"...Thanks for listening." John muttered, staring at the cigarette he held in front of my face.
"No problem. I'm going to look for Emmi." Paul stood up and walked to the front door, patting John's shoulder on the way.
John chuckled and rolled his eyes.
Just as Paul opened the door, Emmi and Shirli recoiled from the entrance.
"Oh, Paul, you frightened me there!" Emmi caught her breath as she walked past Paul into the house.
John shot to his feet as he saw Shirli walk in.
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