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Author Topic: The things the Beatles never did (in their words)  (Read 1399 times)

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The things the Beatles never did (in their words)
« on: August 05, 2009, 08:32:19 PM »

O. K., there is a lot of things that The Beatles DID...
How about to list things that they said that they didn't do...
So, just their words from interviews and statements (including the
post-beatle interviews). It would be great to include the source (citation),
if you can remember.

For example, stuff like this:
I don’t see too much difference between Revolver and Rubber Soul… I've have never
listened the albums one after another, but they are like Volume 1 and 2.

(George said it on the Anthology video.)

The Beatles didn't want to play for Madame Marcos of Philippines, as they
stated in the Anthology. Ringo said: TV was showing children who were crying
because the Beatles didn't come to play - and Madame Marcos was
shouting: They let mi down!!!

We sat ther, in amazement, couldn't believe it,
we watched ourselves on TV not coming at the Presidential pallace...


Beatles in Philippines 1966. (hillarious)
Beatles in Phillipines (1966)

They also said in the Anthology series that they won't give any statements
about the Vietnam War when touring America...

So, you see, stuff like that.. I think we shall find more interesting material...
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