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 on: Today at 03:46:00 PM 
Started by The End - Last post by Normandie

Welcome to the forum, BeatleFan!

 on: Today at 01:36:01 PM 
Started by nimrod - Last post by Klang
Dr., huh? I didn't know that.

A dentist, wasn't he?


 on: Today at 10:00:13 AM 
Started by Wayne L. - Last post by Klang
It's raining and cold in Australia at the moment.

Sounds like a lousy summer over there.


 on: Today at 09:55:15 AM 
Started by The End - Last post by Klang



 on: Today at 08:01:36 AM 
Started by nimrod - Last post by BeatleFan
They could have easily released John's Real Love demo, as heard on the John Lennon Anthology set, no problems. That take is right up there as one of the best things John ever recorded. But I understand their need to include all the group members on the official recording. I still find myself listening to it quite a bit. But I still prefer Free As A Bird. Both songs have a melancholic sense of longing about them.

 on: Today at 06:30:52 AM 
Started by nimrod - Last post by In My Life

Baby Nurses!!

Ah...okay. Sure!

I remember that episode. I probably would remember all of them from this time period.

I should have paid more attention to the B&W episodes because I missed this one that's very relevant to our cause.

Ladies and gentlemen...THE LADYBUGS!

They really did have an Ed Sullivan Show appearance too, the Sunday before this episode aired.

I know it's corny but it's just one more example of how The Beatles took the U.S. by storm. Just six weeks had passed since their Sullivan appearance and this was on TV!

 on: Today at 02:42:09 AM 
Started by Bingo Bongo - Last post by BeatleFan
For the early albums, mono. But otherwise stereo.

 on: Today at 02:39:22 AM 
Started by nimrod - Last post by BeatleFan
I havent played Why Dont We Do It In The Road since about 1971
Ha. I dig the sprawling nature of the White Album. From the calming beauty of Dear Prudence, the silly fun of Wild Honey Pie, the madness of Revolution 9 to Helter Skelter's loud and heavy sound. The album has it all. I'm glad they released it as one big piece of 30 songs and didn't split it up, or remove anything. That's part of the appeal for me.

 on: Today at 02:32:24 AM 
Started by Strawberry Field - Last post by BeatleFan
I was in Liverpool in January. It was a first time visit, and of course felt like a pilgrimage. I did The Beatles Story tour, which was great, and bought some merchandise in the store. If anyone is going to Liverpool and loves the Fab Four, it's a *must*.

 on: Today at 02:28:38 AM 
Started by Hombre_de_ningun_lugar - Last post by BeatleFan
I find it hard to split them. Some days I prefer Plastic Ono, other days I prefer Imagine. Either way, they're far and away his best solo albums, even though the others contain moments of brilliance. Isolation is my favourite solo Lennon song and probably always will be. A man sitting down, laying his soul bare with nothing but his voice, a piano and drums. I love that minimalism.

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