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 on: Today at 10:18:58 AM 
Started by Bobber - Last post by Bobber

Not sure whether this is 1950's. I guess not as Bob Wooler is pictured here with Paul and John.

John at the art college. Top left.

 on: Today at 10:16:57 AM 
Started by Bobber - Last post by Bobber

John and Cynthia's first Xmas together.

 on: Today at 10:13:40 AM 
Started by Bobber - Last post by Bobber
I'm trying to collect as many pictures of The Beatles in the 1950's and earlier as possible. There are a lot of pictures from 1960 onwards, but not so much that predate 1960. There are some pictures here. Can you give me a hand?

George obviously going for a swim. Summer 1958.

George and his older brother Peter.

George and Paul during a hitchhike adventure, 1957.

John, ten years old.

Paul and George and ?. Date unsure

Paul, summer 1957.

I believe that should be Arthur Kelly instead of Jim. This picture is also described in Mark Lewisohn's Tune In.

 on: Today at 08:44:07 AM 
Started by andaludia - Last post by Bobber
Thanks so much Barry. Please say thank you to Carlos too.

Depressing indeed. I feel really sorry for Tommy Moore. From his point of view I can understand his decision tho. The Scotland Tour wasn't very good to say the least. Being his age at that time I can understand his urge to look for something more secure. In hindsight, it is easy to say to regret the decision. At that time, it probably was the right thing to do. Still, very sad. The depressing black and white pictures don't help either.

 on: Today at 07:53:31 AM 
Started by BlueMeanie - Last post by Dmitry
Курица - лучший стабилизатор изображения

 on: Today at 07:47:37 AM 
Started by Dmitry - Last post by Dmitry
Lol! Very funny!
He also sings about girls from Minsk and Kiev, former USSR cities.

 on: Today at 07:20:24 AM 
Started by Dmitry - Last post by Hello Goodbye
Love and Mersey - 'Snova v SSSR' ('Back in the USSR' in Russian)


 on: Today at 05:29:40 AM 
Started by Dmitry - Last post by Dmitry
Come back home, Barry ;)
Will you?

 on: Today at 03:01:10 AM 
Started by andaludia - Last post by Hello Goodbye

Tommy Moore   Wyvern Social Club (The Blue Candle) Liverpool   10 May 1960

 on: Today at 01:47:08 AM 
Started by andaludia - Last post by Moogmodule
I apologize for getting back to you this late.  I did the translation the best I could.  I hope you enjoy it.


Carlos Borges

This Beatle Lives In Poverty

Worse than wanting to be a Beatle in your life, is once being one and then having no chance to continue being one. This is the saying of a broken, weak man and not well-dressed from Liverpool, Tommy Moore.  He is 38 years old and he works in a bottle factory carrying bottles.  He lives regretting the big mistake he made ten years ago.  In 1960, Tommy was the drummer for three boys called John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison.  The band didn’t even have a name and they were playing in a night club called Grosvenor Ballroom, in Wallasey, for $20 per night.  Tommy felt it was just a part-time job and he decided to find a more “secure” job.  He started to carry the carts with the bottles at the factory and today he still regrets that decision.

“I remember that I went to work for The Beatles through an advertisement I saw in a newspaper where Paul and George were looking for a drummer.  I joined the group but it was a tough living in the beginning.   We did get an invitation for a tour in Scotland, a very tiring one, but we only received $25 for that.  I needed something more secure.  I abandoned the hobby of playing drums.  The three boys later came to look for me.  They already were called the Beatles and they showed up in a white Jaguar.  I played for them for two more nights.  But still I couldn’t see any future in that and I decided to quit once for all.”

Tommy Moore, in the words of the manager Alan Williams, who was working with The Beatles at that time, said that “Tommy was a good drummer but maybe a little too old for the band.  He was ten years older and besides he was always unsatisfied with the business.  He always considered it as a side-job.  Now Tommy lives in a small rented apartment on Vronhill Street, Liverpool.  He works 10 hours a day for a small wage and he wishes to return to “show business” and start all over again from the scratch.  While John Lennon drives his well-equipped luxury Mercedes 600, Tommy carries his cart full of bottles, whistling to “Get Back” and other hits by his old friends, and that the only memory they have of him is that he was the only one that never believed in them.

Tommy Moore, married with two children, has memories of the times he played drums for The Beatles (on the left, right after being replaced by Pete Best in the band).  Now, the best he can do is to play drums on a biscuit box (bottom).

Well. That's a depressing take on life post Beatles

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