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 on: Yesterday at 03:10:43 AM 
Started by peregrine9 - Last post by peregrine9
Liverpool Echo
John Lennon play comes to the Epstein Theatre


Discount at the Dakota: Lauren Bacall’s Apartment Sells for $21M


I interviewed John Lennon just before his murder and believe now Yoko Ono reunion was a SHAM



John Lennon stage show 'Through a Glass Onion' to play in Beatle's hometown


 on: Yesterday at 03:07:34 AM 
Started by peregrine9 - Last post by peregrine9
Today marks the anniversary of the death of George Harrison who died on November 29, 2001 at age 58 after battling cancer.
Sunday Cinema | George Harrison Performing Live


George Harrison's All Things Must Pass solo album still inspires 45 years later



Ultimate Classic Rock
45 Years Ago: George Harrison Moves On and Makes the Classic ‘All Things Must Pass’


 on: Yesterday at 02:57:45 AM 
Started by peregrine9 - Last post by peregrine9
Ringo Starr on His 35-Year Romance with Wife Barbara Bach: 'I'm So Blessed We're Still Together'


Business Standard
I'm blessed to be married: Ringo Starr


Ringo Starr To Auction Off 1,300 Items For Charity In Early December




Big News Network
Guess which Beatles band member is an Adele fan ?


Preview track from upcoming Ringo Starr tribute concert album now online


 on: Yesterday at 02:53:25 AM 
Started by peregrine9 - Last post by peregrine9
David Bowie, Radiohead, Robert Plant Sign Climate Change Petition


I interviewed John Lennon just before his murder and believe now Yoko Ono reunion was a SHAM


 on: Yesterday at 12:40:41 AM 
Started by tkitna - Last post by Mr Mustard
Some great tracks but for me it uses plenty of padding just to reach a double, let alone triple album. It could easily be boiled down into an excellent single LP in my opinion.

 on: Yesterday at 12:23:48 AM 
Started by Yeshelloitsmehereagain - Last post by Mr Mustard
Not at all.  I dont compare any of his albums to his earlier stuff.  Thats kind of silly isnt it?  I dont think anybody expects him to do a 'Band On The Run' everytime he releases an album.  I listen to the album and decide if I like it or not.  If I do,,,,great.  If I dont,,,,oh well.  I didnt like NEW.  Its one of his most forgettable albums in my opinion with no really strong songs to speak of.  I'm only speaking for myself though.

I seem to be coming at this one from entirely the opposite direction. For a start I find it impossible not to compare any album by a former fab with the rest of his output. For me, each of those four lads released - however intermittently - a series of chapters in an evolving continuum of work. I can assess an album on its own standalone merits but I can't regard it as completely isolated.

Obviously there are peaks and troughs along the way, but after the miserable "Driving Rain", the warbly, depressingly timid vulnerability of "Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard" (neither album at all strong on the melody front by and large) or even the catchier and more uplifting "Memory Almost Full", "NEW" is like a blaze of sunlight for me. At least half the tracks are instantly melodic...after the first listen, how could anyone not tap their foot to "Alligator" or "I Can Bet"? The feisty catchiness of the album opener "Save Us" and bouncy, anthemic  singalongs like "Everybody Out There" and "Queenie Eye" would make this a strong, highly accessible radio-friendly collection even without the superbly infectious title track itself, with its Beatley "Penny Lane" vibe which is a joy to behold. Sure there are clunkers on there: "Early Days", "Hosanna" and "Road" are hardly earworms for example but hey, they aren't so bad! By contrast I have to go back to the discs every time just to recall most of the tunes from Paul's previous three or four albums, which I'd regard as much more forgettable than this one.

On a purely selfish level, were I to be given the levers of power over Paul's future career I would have him abandon live tours (his voice is a shadow of what it once was) and jettison the orchestral material, the retrospective/standards and the electronic stuff in favour of concentrating on occasional (no longer any need to try and rush one out every year) polished studio releases like this one.

All just my opinion of course! ;)


 on: November 29, 2015, 11:24:39 PM 
Started by Hombre_de_ningun_lugar - Last post by Bingo Bongo
Sorry if I’m a little off topic, but I much prefer the original UK recordings, but still get sh*ts and giggles out of playing the N.A LP’s sometimes.  icon_king

 on: November 29, 2015, 11:20:41 PM 
Started by Mairi - Last post by Bingo Bongo
I’ll give the new 2105 Beatles 1 a bit of a compliment.  Some of the songs that had the vocals on 1 stereo channel, have now been moved more to the centre, to sound more like the mono recordings.  Not saying they are better, just different.

You can prevue them for free in iTunes before you decide to buy!  icon_king

 on: November 29, 2015, 11:10:56 PM 
Started by real01 - Last post by Bingo Bongo
Heck, just put all the Beatles music one 1 mp3 CD!  icon_good

 on: November 29, 2015, 09:23:53 PM 
Started by real01 - Last post by real01
Another kind of compilation could be made consisting of songs written by all of the guys. Again, without (or mostly without) love-themed tracks.
The first one is a cover (Mr. Postman) with John singing the lead - OK, it is a bout a boy waiting for a letter from her girl. Luckily, it has 'Postman' in the title.
There are also versions of this song where girl sings about waiting a letter from her boy (The Marvelettes). Anyway, j'adore this zonggggg!  icon_cool
Beautiful Something just had to be included, as well as Yesterday and some others.
Of course, some songs are repeated from the first compilation - so I had to choose - go with the first choice or make a new CD with this tracklist.
I'm not sure if all will fit in one CD - but what songs to exclude from the list?

1. Mr. Postman
2. Paperback Writer
3. In My Life
4. Blackbird / Yesterday (Love album)
5. Norwegian Wood
6. We Can Work It Out
7. Nowhere Man
8. Eleanor Rigby
9. Yellow Submarine
10. WALHFMF (Rigno on vocals. Interesting, he also plays the drums here!)  :laugh:
11. Strawberry Fields
12. Penny Lane
13. WMGGW (George)
14. Don't Pass Me By
15. Hello, Goodbye
16. Piggies
17. Julia
18. Rocky Raccoon
19. The Ballad of J & Y (This one was recorded by the duo Lennon-McCartney.)
20. Something
21. Don't Let Me Down
22. She's Leaving Home
24. Across The Universe
25. Hey Jude
26. Only A Northern Song
27. Two of Us
28. Long, Long, Long
29. Let It Be

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