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 on: January 23, 2015, 02:23:41 PM 
Started by The End - Last post by Normandie
I'm just glad they never acted like my husband's nephew when he was three. He was normally a well behaved little boy but when they bishop was there for Mass he stood up on the pew during the processional and yelled "Here comes the bishop with his big stick!" But it got worse. As his mom tried to wrestle him back onto the seat he yelled "Oh sh*t!" That's when Gram hauled him out of there!

 ha2ha  I am going to be laughing all day about that, Kelley! Although as the parent, I would've been horrified even though, at age 3, who knows what will come out of a child's mouth!

 on: January 23, 2015, 01:20:45 PM 
Started by The End - Last post by Dcazz
Good grief Dave! It sounds like what I put up with here many evenings. My son is particularly good at belching entire sentences. He sounds like someone who's had their voice altered on TV to protect their identity.  roll:)
Believe it or not I used to read MAD Magazine all the time. I even have William Gaines' autograph. Our neighbor's aunt was married to him. It said, "I'm MAD about you Kelley". LOL
Sounds like a kid after my own heart! I used to burp The Pledge of Allegiance in class (first line anyway). It always went over big except for the teacher!

 on: January 23, 2015, 08:54:11 AM 
Started by Bobber - Last post by Bobber

 on: January 23, 2015, 07:19:55 AM 
Started by KEROUAC - Last post by oldbrownshoe
Going back to Hamburg after 'Love Me Do' must have seemed a bit of a retrograde step for the group and I suspect they were itching to get back to England.

The Star Club recordings could surely be lovingly remastered to a quality higher than in 1977 and given an official CD release on Apple? Hey! we could even call it 'Bootleg Series Volume 1'.

It really is time that all the strands of the group's career (the Decca audition, the 'Get Back' album, the 'MMT' soundtrack with incidental music, Tony Sheridan, the various live releases) were housed under one roof.

I would have thought the 50th Anniversary of all these things would have been the ideal time but.....erm....Apple seemed too busy completely c***ing up the 'Love Me Do' release and putting things out, for some reason, on 'vinyl'. Jolly good.

 on: January 23, 2015, 05:54:20 AM 
Started by The End - Last post by In My Life
Samuel Clemens' preface to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer deserves to be quoted here...

part of my plan has been to try to pleasantly remind adults of what they once were themselves

That Mark Twain sure knew how to write!

Indeed. He seemed to believe what I do; that the children we once were still live within us. The adult versions of ourselves just grew around them.

As for the pointer incident, well done Barry. I cringe when I hear people remark that things would be better if teachers could still spank the kids. There's a fine line between spanking and beating which is too easily blurred by frustration.

 on: January 23, 2015, 05:47:04 AM 
Started by The End - Last post by Hello Goodbye
Samuel Clemens' preface to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer deserves to be quoted here...

MOST of the adventures recorded in this book really occurred; one or two were experiences of my own, the rest those of boys who were schoolmates of mine. Huck Finn is drawn from life; Tom Sawyer also, but not from an individual -- he is a combination of the characteristics of three boys whom I knew, and therefore belongs to the composite order of architecture.

The odd superstitions touched upon were all prevalent among children and slaves in the West at the period of this story -- that is to say, thirty or forty years ago.

Although my book is intended mainly for the entertainment of boys and girls, I hope it will not be shunned by men and women on that account, forpart of my plan has been to try to pleasantly remind adults of what they once were themselves, and of how they felt and thought and talked, and what queer enterprises they sometimes engaged in.


That Mark Twain sure knew how to write!

 on: January 23, 2015, 05:39:15 AM 
Started by Sondra - Last post by In My Life
And here I thought this was just the name of a movie...

Buddy Holly - The Apartment Tapes

 on: January 23, 2015, 05:29:04 AM 
Started by The End - Last post by Hello Goodbye
Wow Barry; you could write a book! A very funny one. I remember Naomi but I never heard about the Hershey bars or Joyce. Don't forget to include a chapter about the lovely child of God Barbara...not just the near-Woodstock experience but also the near-drowning one. ;)

Naomi never changed in the five years I went to that school.  Our second grade teacher relished in hitting us with her pointer.  It was a badge of courage for us boys and we used to see who had the most welts on their arms at the end of the day.  She rarely hit girls with it but one day she took the pointer to Ruth.  I really got angry when I saw that.  When the teacher excused herself to go to the bathroom, she left Naomi in charge.  Naomi would draw this box in the corner of the blackboard where she wrote the names of the kids she reported.  If your name would appear in that box, you would get a few lashes with the pointer.  So I got up and went over to the blackboard.  I picked up her pointer and broke it in two carefully replacing it on the chalk holder so it wouldn't appear broken.  I wanted it to be a surprise the next time she picked up the pointer to hit someone.  The class let out a muffled cheer when I did that.  Then I walked over to Naomi and warned her not to say a word about it to the teacher.  Of course as soon as the teacher came back into the room, Naomi immediately showed her the broken pointer and pointed at me.  "Barry did it, Mrs Levinger!"  The teacher went over to the supply closet and pulled out a yardstick and walloped me with that.

Joyce was the diametric opposite of Naomi.  Kind and considerate.  And a beautiful smile which she sometimes directed at me.  I missed her as much as my best friends Jay and Josh when I was kicked out of that school. 

Right, the lovely child of God Barbara was a delight too.  It was a couple of weeks after Woodstock when my friend Jan and I were scuba diving off his boat on Masten Lake.  Barbara was one of five girls we invited along.  They were wearing bikinis and treading water fifteen feet above us.  What a beautiful sight!  I forgot to breathe and started gasping.  I kicked my way to the surface next to the girl I was sure was Barbara.  After I caught my breath I said "I knew that was you!"  She laughed and splashed water in my face.  That was a great summer!

I like the clips from the Selznick version of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I saw the musical adaptation when I was 10...


He wasn't in this clip but I had quite a crush on the actor who played Huck.  ;D

Jeff East.  Yes, he played a very credible Huckleberry Finn.

 on: January 23, 2015, 04:24:47 AM 
Started by - Last post by In My Life
The demo was not sung by Mitch Murray but by Barry Mason, backed by some group called Dave Clark Five. Here it is:

Interesting! I know The Beatles' version might not have been their best effort but I like it, especially the "Ooh La La" parts. LOL

 on: January 23, 2015, 04:05:35 AM 
Started by KEROUAC - Last post by In My Life
Still. On the songs I listened to there was a lot of energy. I imagine being in the room for I Saw Her Standing there, Roll Over Beethoven or I'm a Gonna Sit Right Down would have been pretty impressive.

I'd set my time machine for one of those nights! But I'd want to get out of there at the first sign of "The Hully Gully". I think it was in the Anthology book that George recounted how fights always broke out during that song. LOL

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