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 on: Yesterday at 12:39:01 AM 
Started by Moogmodule - Last post by tkitna
The grunting and groaning is the only reason I watched womens tennis when I was a youngster.   ha2ha

I loved Gabriela Sabatini

 on: Yesterday at 12:39:00 AM 
Started by Hello Goodbye - Last post by Hello Goodbye
Paul's bassline is complex and beautiful...

Nowhere Man - The Beatle Bass Cover

 on: Yesterday at 12:33:07 AM 
Started by Badgirl66 - Last post by tkitna

 on: Yesterday at 12:32:15 AM 
Started by Hello Goodbye - Last post by tkitna
Has always been a favorite of mine.  Cant really say a bad thing about it.  Great harmonies, great guitar solo, great production.  Its a ringer.

 on: Yesterday at 12:23:45 AM 
Started by Hello Goodbye - Last post by Hello Goodbye
Nowhere Man

I was just sitting, trying to think, and I thought of myself sitting there, doing nothing and going nowhere.  Once I’d thought of that, it was easy, it all came out. – No, I remember now; I’d actually stopped trying to think of something.  Nothing would come.  I was cheesed off and went for a lie down, having given up.  Then I thought of myself as Nowhere Man – sitting in this Nowhere Land.

John Lennon in 1967
The Beatles by Hunter Davies

On 21 October 1965 The Beatles entered EMI Studio Two at 2:30 PM to remake Norwegian Wood.  At 7:00 PM the song was complete and they began recording John's newly-written Nowhere Man.  After rehearsing for a while, they managed to record only two takes, a false start and an electric guitar rhythm track.  They returned to the studio the following afternoon at 2:30 PM, rehearsed a different arrangement of the song and began recording the rhythm track once again.  Takes 3-5 included John on acoustic rhythm guitar, Paul on bass and Ringo on drums.  Take 4 was their best and at 7:00 PM they began overdubbing their vocals and lead guitar.  Sir George Martin arranged their a cappella intro.  Both John's lead vocal and Paul and George's harmony vocals were double tracked for added depth.  The guitar solo was performed by both John and George in unison on their identical Sonic Blue Fender Stratocasters.

The Beatles - Nowhere Man

Only two songs from the British Rubber Soul album were ever performed live by The Beatles, If I Needed Someone and Nowhere Man.

The Beatles - Nowhere Man (Circus Krone-Bau)

24 June 1966    Circus Krone-Bau  Munich, Germany

John Lennon - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar (1964 Gibson J-160E), Guitar solo (1961 Sonic Blue Fender Stratocaster)
Paul McCartney - Bass Guitar (1963 Hofner 500/1), Harmony Vocals
George Harrison –  Lead Guitar (1961 Sonic Blue Fender Stratocaster), Harmony Vocals
Ringo Starr –  Drums (1965 Ludwig Super Classic Black Oyster Pearl)

 on: January 29, 2015, 06:13:37 PM 
Started by Moogmodule - Last post by oldbrownshoe
The Beatles would have probably embraced all that the 1970s had to offer.
That's why I thank the Lord above every day that they split up when they did!

Imagine a picture of the four of them in the mid-70s, they'd have looked awful.
The Stones and The Who did, and when the always sharp Small Faces reformed around the same time they did as well.

 on: January 29, 2015, 06:08:32 PM 
Started by Bobber - Last post by oldbrownshoe
That's fine, Bobber, but not caring what Apple do is a strange stand to take.

All this, if planned with some forethought (see 'Bootleg Series') could have been released, methodically, years ago and.....and this is what I really don't get.....they could have made a lot more money doing it.

What's 'working out' and, if it's what I think it is, why don't you just sit down and listen to it?!

 on: January 29, 2015, 05:22:07 PM 
Started by Moogmodule - Last post by In My Life
Did anyone twirl? LOL

 on: January 29, 2015, 05:14:58 PM 
Started by Badgirl66 - Last post by Badgirl66
New Ringo Album in March

1. Rory And The Hurricanes
2. You Bring The Party Down
3. Bridges
4. Postcards From Paradise
5. Right Side Of The Road
6. Not Looking Back
7. Bamboula
8. Island In The Sun
9. Touch And Go
10. Confirmation
11. Let Love Lead

 on: January 29, 2015, 04:43:05 PM 
Started by nimrod - Last post by Dcazz
There is a previous pause around 1:20.

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