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 on: November 22, 2015, 04:32:45 PM 
Started by real01 - Last post by real01
While I adore Paul's Penny Lane - I don't like the video of it. Here's how I see it.

First, you'll notice that video begins with John walking in the streets, but music starts at 00:03 seconds - and why should you start the video before music and not simultaneously, I have no idea.
Maybe the intention was to create a 'avant-garde' flick. Or maybe that 3 seconds have some secret meaning? It is hard to tell.
Next, we see the 'hairdresser' sign which is strange cause in the song no hairdressers are mentioned - just the barber.

You'll notice the green bus next - it goes from left to the right. And to the viewer's uttermost surprise - it reads that it is a 'Penny Lane' line - and you'd expect 'Cranberry Sauce' or something similar.  icon_cool

Between 0:15 - 0:26 we see the three boys who stand in the street. The fourth one with the glasses approaches and greets them. Then he gives his glasses to the guy in red coat, who must be
a glasses smuggler, and he gives him another pair of glasses, which he took out his pocket. Very strange!

The four guys go to the left (remember, the bus went from right to the left - that's very significant!) glassesslip
Next scene - the Fab Four still walk to the left, followed by the shots of John walking - which is repeating of the scene from the start. This time we have the music.
The shot of the front of the bus is next. (Are there too many 'the' in the previous sentence?)  icon_cool

Now, four guys on four horses. The one is brown (the horse I mean, to be clear).
John the Walker (0:44)
The Four Horsemen (0:47)
The bus (0:50). Nothing new here, the same green bus.
At 0:51 we see more of the horses than the riders, so I guess that should interest us.
At 0:53 bus again. I wonder who makes those buses? Now I got very interested in it. Maybe I'll see it in more shots to follow.
Horses, bus, John.
Horses again at exact 1:00, but they are now in the park. (Before, they were in the streets. I must say it is very unusual to see a horse in a park. Aren't the parks built for dogs?)  8)
Few quick shots of the boys, and then that bloody green bus blocks the view of a road sign which reads Penny Lane (1:11). Next, a horse blocks the view but both bus & horse go to the right,
which is very significant, I guess. (At the start of the video, you could also see the bus going from left to the right).
During the trumpet solo, a policeman & boys ride the horses. I guess the sound of the trumpet resembles to the horse walk, at least the director of the video suggests that.
If you thought this is maybe a song called 'Strawberry Fields', you'd be wrong - at 1:29 the bus appears with a sing 'PL'.
Next, short repeating of already seen - John walking + guys riding.

At 1;37, finally something interesting - the Fab Four, wearing red jackets, pose for the camera. Also, at 1:48, 'a middle of the roundabout' is shown from the bird's eye view, but only for a second.
The lyrics then go: 'the pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray' but we don't see any poppies, nor tray, nor a nurse - only horses.
At 2:10, the guys get off the four-legged animals. I guess they were tired of riding.
At 2:17, the smiling bobby is in the shot (during the lyrics 'very strange'). I guess there is some kind of strange connection between the audio and video. (Suggestions welcomed!)

In the middle of the park, a table is set and guys sit to have a tea (2:18 and on).
I suppose it is a reference to 'Walrus': Sitting in the English garden... (Have I just revealed a hidden mystery?)  icon_love
2:34 - the baroque-dressed guys come to the guys at the table, bringing them their instruments. Will a concert follow? Of course not.

Near the end of the video, the Fab Four decide to trash the table. I guess it has to be something to do with the tea they had a little earlier (2:45 - 2:53)
And, finally, at the very end, you'd expect that bus to show - but, surprise, I guess the camera guy didn't catch it - so we see John walking in the street - which is how the video started.
Interesting, the video ends at the same time when the music ends (unlike the start, where we had video before the music).  :laugh:

End of the expertise.

 on: November 22, 2015, 03:29:01 PM 
Started by In My Life - Last post by real01
My 1+ collection has arrived!  :P

Of course, I first took a look at the second disc which consists of alternate versions of the songs + masterpieces like A Day In The Life, Strawberry Fields, Hey Jude, Don't Let Me Down etc.
Well, I enjoyed it very much! Quality is great and it so nice to see the boys having so much fun! (In one of the versions of Hello Goodbye, John is playing the guitar with his tie over the strings!  icon_cool
I guess he could never be too serious... In one early radio interview, he said: 'I'm John and I play the guitar. Sometimes, I play the fool..' Paul also once said: 'The Beatles were not a serious band...')
Since we have, all in all, three versions of Hello Goodbye (a torture for those who don't like the song), one more live performance of Yesterday could be added - although the one included is good.

I also like the new remix of Real Love - it sounds pretty different from the 1995/1996 Anthology version. I'm glad that they've included that track (together with Free As A Bird) on this compilation.

I'll extract the audio from the videos and make my own 'One' compilation.  glassesslip

It was interesting to hear Paul's (and Ringo's) audio commentary of the videos. For Hey Jude video, Paul said that they invited their fans of all ages and nationalities and from all walks of live -
so, apart from young girls (with certainly nice hairstyles and dresses) there are various of nationalities and ages - but, I won't reveal everything, you'll have to check out the DVD.

It is not to this compilation - but, I must admit, while I just adore the A Day In The Life in the video & song, I never liked videos for Strawberry Fields & Penny Lane, although I adore those songs.
A Day In The Life is, as I said, great music & their best video - very avant-garde, very dynamic, with fast cuts & changing scenes and the guy who filmed that did a fantastic job!  icon_good
And I like those little 'bits', like when you hear the alarm clock, the video shows The Big Ben 'shaking', like it was an earthquake!
Or when the lyrics go: 'the English army had just won the war' - in video, the little kid ('army') is seen running with the plastic revolver in his hand, and then he stumbles and falls ('won the war').

Now, while ADITL is very dynamic, the videos for Penny Lane & Strawberry Fields - are not. Paul's audio commentary helped me a bit to realize why I don't like them so much.
So, Paul said: 'For Penny Lane, the director said to us: 'OK, now you walk down the street.' And we walked. 'Now you get up on the horses'. We got up.'

So, yes - this video consists of the four them walking in the street, then they ride the horses, then you have John walking alone, they come to the park and in the end, they trash the table which was
set for them.

The video just doesn't have the dynamics of the ADITL. That green bus in Penny Lane is showed I don't know how many times (six or seven), but always from the outside - and the shot from the inside -
or from the top could be made. So, it is the same thing repeating over and over.
There is only one shot from bird-eyes view (1:47 - 1:48), which is nice - but it lasts just a second! It should be more shots like that!
We haven't seen much of 'suburban skies', we haven't seen 'pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray' etc., etc.

Or this - at 0:15 - 0:26 we see the three boys who stand in the street. The fourth one with the glasses approaches and greets them. Then he gives his glasses to the guy in red coat, who must bee
a glasses smuggler, and gives him another glasses, which he took out his pocket. Now, during that scene (which last about ten seconds), the lyrics go:
... (they) stop and say hello.
On the corner is a banker with a motor car - the little children laugh at him... etc.

So, in the lyrics we have a lot of thins happening - first, people stop and say hello (let's say, that can be one scene).
Then, banker with the motor car (2nd scene).
Next (3rd scene) - little children laughing behind banker's back.

So, the song is, actually, very dynamic, it has rhythm, things happening - and we see in the video not-so-interesting meeting & exchanging glasses.

In a word: the video is too STATIC - it doesn't have the DYNAMICS of the Paul's song.

! No longer available

I wish a fan-made video of Penny Lane would be made.
Does the song have a nice trumpet? It does! How about showing a trumpet-player on the corner in the video?
How about showing, instead of male firefighter - a female firefighter, with an hourglass, rushing in from the rain? That would be very strange!
Banker loosing his suitcase with a lot of money (somebody steals it) when he's waiting for the trim?
60's motorcar?
Pretty nurse?
Video allusion or hint to this:
"finger pie" is sexual slang of the time, apparently referring to intimate fondlings between teenagers in the shelter, which was a familiar meeting place.

In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs... - Ringo's book Photograph could be used to illustrate that line in a video.

Instead of showing 'Penny Lane' road sign - Abbey Road sign could be thrown in! (A little bit humor and connecting Paul's childhood memories with the famous place where all that magic of music happened.)  icon_cool

If we don't have a car - we can use the scooter or bike (with lines - he keeps his fire engine clean) etc.

 on: November 22, 2015, 03:08:09 PM 
Started by nimrod - Last post by Normandie


Omigosh, my daughters and I were just talking about Bob Ross last night! I was telling them about his TV show and how soothing his voice was, and my elder daughter related some anecdote about how he'd been in the military and after he got out vowed never to shout at anyone again. No idea if it's true or not.

As for your most recent gifs, Jim, if you keep posting those I am going to end up at my computer for hours in a mindless stupor (which is pretty much how I could characterize my work anyway, LOL).   ;)

 on: November 22, 2015, 03:03:41 PM 
Started by KEROUAC - Last post by Normandie
Just a note on a couple which disappointed me by the way: "Shout!: The True Story Of The Beatles" by Philip Norman (1981) was too blatantly anti-McCartney to gain my favour and is for me arguably the most overrated Beatles book ever.

Completely agree. Norman's book on John (John Lennon: A Life) also was blatantly Paul. On the other hand, Geoff Emerick clearly didn't care too much for George, but he didn't seem as mean-spirited about it as Philip Norman does about Paul.

There are so many good suggestions in this thread. I'm heading to the bookstore later to buy a gift for a friend and am going to be hard put to not pull up this URL on my phone and start digging around in the music section.

 on: November 22, 2015, 12:08:43 PM 
Started by nimrod - Last post by Klang


 on: November 22, 2015, 12:07:46 PM 
Started by tkitna - Last post by Klang

Are we doing garlic bread or what?


 on: November 22, 2015, 07:49:40 AM 
Started by - Last post by Hello Goodbye

Right.  On The Ed Sullivan Show.

The early Animals...

 on: November 22, 2015, 07:34:27 AM 
Started by - Last post by In My Life
Yeah, Kelley.  I saw It's A Bikini World.  Several times!    ;D

Of course you did. ;)

You can't miss his grin here...

I guess not. And those youngsters were really digging the performance.   :)

 on: November 22, 2015, 07:27:41 AM 
Started by Mrs JWL - Last post by Hello Goodbye
An excerpt from an op-ed piece from CNN.... roll:)

At the University of Connecticut, students can claim a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Puppetry. At Skidmore, you can twerk to "The Sociology of Miley Cyrus." At Brown, there is a course "On Being Bored." At Occidental, in a rare victory for truth in marketing, they can take a course in "Stupidity."

I think a lot of 'em major in stupidity.    :(

 on: November 22, 2015, 07:15:13 AM 
Started by - Last post by Hello Goodbye
Yeah, Kelley.  I saw It's A Bikini World.  Several times!    ;D

I saw him smile briefly in the Monterey video.  Great performance!

You can't miss his grin here...

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