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Title: gay byrne
Post by: Bill Harry on January 15, 2009, 11:22:51 AM
Over the years I
Title: Re: gay byrne
Post by: Geoff on January 15, 2009, 02:43:50 PM
^ This sort of thing seems to be fairly common in pop/rock writing: the writer hears what sounds to him like a good "story" and he uses it without bothering to check a few easily verifiable facts. I wonder if this is owing to slovenliness on the part of many pop/rock writers or a cynical belief that since it's pop the audience won't know the difference anyway.
Title: Re: gay byrne
Post by: Bill Harry on January 15, 2009, 04:22:42 PM
There's an element of hindsight in it.  After the Beatles were a success Johnny Hamp had said that he'd seen the Beatles in Hamburg and thought they'd become a major success. Henri Henroid who was booking groups into Hamburg for Don Arden at the time said he was with Johnny when he saw the Beatles and Johnny said they were a scruffy talentless bunch. George Martin at the time said he was surprised that Pete Best was sacked because he was an asset to the group. He only wanted to use a session drummer because the drumming needed for recording was different from that for stage performances. He also, together with Ron Richards and Paul McCartney didn't think much of Ringo on his first session, so they hired a session drummer then. Yet decades later, George then says that Pete wasn't a good enough drummer - I think that is a result of all the books that have appeared since. There are numerous other examples.
Title: Re: gay byrne
Post by: pc31 on January 16, 2009, 01:36:50 AM
everybody likes to spin things thier own way....whatever it takes to make you look good...if there is nobody to deny it then there is no telling what could happen after the facts...a good author can enthrall you with a story riddled with true facts and that makes him good another can bore you with the same interesting facts by being a poor writer and only telling the facts with no embellishing.....if you want to be read you gotta shuck and jive...if you wanna be popular you have to keep your momentum going....