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Author Topic: Time Capsule  (Read 1117 times)

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Time Capsule
« on: November 28, 2012, 12:58:46 AM »

If only the Beatles during the 60s had
salted away a complete LP of songs to save and release on Paul's 70th birthday.

A kind of surprise LP to shock the pop world.
They were so prolific around the time of the white LP , they could have put the mastertapes of an LP worth of songs away in a bank vault somewhere.... to be left for 40 years !
.... like a pop time capsule .....if only !

Beatles ... "Surprise".... LP
Released on Paul's 70th birthday .....18 June 2012

Side One
1. "Martha My Dear" 2:28
2. "I'm So Tired" 2:03
3. "Blackbird" 2:18
4. "Piggies" (Harrison) 2:04
5. "Rocky Raccoon" 3:33
6. "Don't Pass Me By" 3:51
7. "Why Don't We Do It in the Road?" 1:41
8. "I Will" 1:46
9. "Julia" 2:54

Side Two
1. "Birthday" 2:42
2. "Yer Blues" Lennon 4:01
3. "Mother Nature's Son" 2:48
4. "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey" Lennon 2:24
5. "Sexy Sadie" 3:15
6. "Helter Skelter" 4:29
7. "Long, Long, Long" (Harrison) 3:04


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Re: Time Capsule
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2012, 01:28:44 AM »

not sure I quite get this thread.. ??? <puzzled>

are you saying those songs shouldnt have been released on the White album ?

and why would they plan to release them on Paul's 70th ? why not Ringo's 60th or Johns 80th etc etc, why would they choose Pauls 70th ?

is there some big picture here that Im not getting ?


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Re: Time Capsule
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2012, 01:37:30 AM »

THEY  were writing so many songs around the time of the White Album
they could have decided to  put together an album worth of songs
deposit the mastertapes in a bank vault and   planned to release
the album  way in the future when they knew their songwriting powers
would be over .
   Then, just when people were nt expecting it... the release of a  brilliant Beatles album ....
Everyone would be amazed !

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