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Author Topic: George - His Excellent Solo Career ?  (Read 17783 times)

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Re: George - His Excellent Solo Career ?
« Reply #60 on: March 30, 2011, 08:31:34 PM »

I like his first four post-Beatles solo albums. About his 80's stuff, I think it sucked as most music from that decade.
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Re: George - His Excellent Solo Career ?
« Reply #61 on: April 13, 2011, 08:22:37 PM »

    This is George's complete solo album discography  :

    1968: Wonderwall Music
    1969: Electronic Sound
    1970: All Things Must Pass
    1971: Concert for Bangla Desh -Live (With Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton & friends)
    1973: Living in the Material World
    1974: Dark Horse
    1975: Extra Texture
    1976: Thirty Three & 1/3
    1979: George Harrison
    1981: Somewhere in England
    1982: Gone Troppo
    1987: Cloud Nine
    1988: Traveling Wilburys Vol.1 (With Petty, Dylan, Orbinson & Lynne)
    1990: Traveling Wilburys Vol.3 (With Petty, Dylan & Lynne)
    1992: Live in Japan  (With Eric Clapton & his band)
    2002: Brainwashed

    Here are my personal favorite studio albums in a ranking order:

    01.  All Things Must Pass
    02.  Cloud Nine
    03.  Thirty Three & 1/3
    04.  Living in the Material World
    05.  Brainwashed
    06.  George Harrison
    07.  Somewhere in England
    08.  Extra Texture
    09.  Gone Troppo
    10.  Dark Horse

    Wonderwall Music is a nice attempt in film soundtrack but not more.
    Electronic Sound is like playing  with a new toy (moog synth) at the studio-kindergarden..... ;D
    The Traveling Wilburys albums are absolute brilliant stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Both Live recordings are well done concerts, the more interesting one is "Bangla Desh" 'cause of the different musicians playing on it!

    I really love the music of George Harrison!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: George - His Excellent Solo Career ?
« Reply #62 on: June 02, 2011, 01:22:22 AM »

Being Brainwashed  ;) with all things Beatle, I make it my business to own every solo and post Beatles recording by each of the four ex fabs. With regard to George's output... well, like each of the other three he had a chequered career and there are undoubtedly a few duff albums and a few gems.

Thirty Three & 1/3 is surely one of the most underrated solo efforts... Crackerbox Palace, This Song, and in particular the gorgeous Beautiful Girl are outstanding tracks for me. Pleasingly, this 1976 album set in motion a run of refreshingly good releases from the Quiet One: George Harrison, Somewhere In England, the less impressive but quirky and somewhat underrated Gone Troppo and especially the fabulous Cloud Nine (probably my favourite Harrison album outside of the compilations)... these all easily outstrip the downright turgid and almost depressing early/mid 70's efforts Living In the Material World and the truly awful Dark Horse and Extra Texture.

And now for the controversial bit (let me take a deep breath and put on my hard hat)... All Things Must Pass is for me the most overblown, self indulgent and overrated solo Beatle album of them all. There just isn't enough quality material to fill a double, let alone triple album... indeed whittling it down to a single LP it would still be patchy and partly made up of filler to my mind. Why does everyone rave about it? Plagiarism lawsuits aside, My Sweet Lord is terrific and The Art Of Dying is sublime. If Not For You is OK I suppose - but then any Dylan song sounds OK so long as someone else other than Dylan himself is singing it. Sorry, but beyond that I'm really struggling with ATMP.... how this myth developed about a surfeit of quality material being held back to finally appear as some avalanche of brilliance for his glorious debut - nope, never bought into that, sorry.

As for Wonderwall Music - I don't believe George even plays on it does he? In which case it's no more of a solo album than The Family Way - a Beatle penned soundtrack performed by others.


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Re: George - His Excellent Solo Career ?
« Reply #63 on: June 02, 2011, 06:28:42 AM »

I like Extra Texture and believe it or not, I like every song on ATMP (barring the jams). I dont know, the album just speaks to me for some reason and I consider it the best solo effort by any of them.

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