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Author Topic: Sgt. Pepper Review?  (Read 1280 times)

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Sgt. Pepper Review?
« on: February 22, 2009, 06:22:37 AM »

I know this must be an obscure/vague question to ask, but I remember reading a review of Sgt. Pepper a few years back and I saved it, but lost it when my PC crashed way back then, and I haven't been able to find it since.
I can't even remember the author or when it came out, I think it was an older review, but it was a really great and insightful review that made me appreciate it alot more, the only thing I can remember from it was towards the end of the review it said that the subtle message of the album was-

"If we must go to our fate, then let us make it a happy fate and enjoy life as it comes."

Has anyone perchance ran across this review? It makes me want to say that Allen Ginsberg wrote it, but Google doesn't come up with anything...
&quot;No one around you will love you today and throw it all away...&quot;<br />&quot;Nothing is real...&quot;<br />&quot;Its all in the mind...&quot;<br />&quot;And life flows on within you and w


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