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What does While My guitar Gently Weeps mean?!?!

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I've been trying to decipher the lyrics, but I can't get anything.  "See the love there that's sleeping" and "They bought and sold you too"... I'm TRYING to get somewhere with those lyrics, but I can't piece them together and form the thesis of the song. 

Could someone enlighten me?

The End:
Apparently, George was at home reading the "I Ching" (the Chinese book of changes) and decided to apply it to his songwriting. So he randomly picked a book off the shelf and the first lines he saw were 'gently weeps' and wrote the rest of the song around it!

It's basically George's observations on what saddened him in the world at that time.

My take on those lyrics is:
Love there that's sleeping - where love goes unexpressed
They bought and sold you - people who are used, maybe a comment on the Beatles themselves being used.

What does everyone else think?

yeah i depressed george

The lyric is typical of George. A dry accusatory grumble with moments of inspiration. Just like Piggies.

Don't forget that there's some HOPE in this song.

"With every mistake we must surely be learning"

So it's not completely negative.


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