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Euan Buchan:
I've always had a crush on

Zoe Salmon (Presenter & Former Blue Peter Presenter)

Joss Stone

sgt. peppie:
Well, it's obvious I like George,

but, I like Johnny Depp

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

and Dhani Harrison.  :-X

Alexis Bledel


Viviƫnne van den Assem

Liesbeth Kamerling

Dhani is as beatuiful as his dad! ;D

My taste is um diverse:

Kid Cudi

Ezra Koenig( Lead singer for Vampire weekend)

Edward Norton <3 <3 <3

And BEAR GRYLLS ( the most awesomenest man in the wild)!!!

Chace Crawford:

Jude Law:

Chris Martin:

Nicolas Hoult:

James Franco:

Jim Sturgess:

I could go on and on... I like guys XD

But none of them beat my favorite of course (who I feel doesn't need to be named)


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