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Paul McCartney's Rosetti Solid 7 guitar

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Ken Wood:
Wow, what a research - and even though the subject is still not resolved it was great to hear more detail from the tour from people who were there and might not have told their story otherwise, so that alone was worth it!

I want to throw another theory up into the air: What if Paul had BOTH guitars with him on the tour and ALTERED playing them? This way it would be possible for some people seeing him play the Rosetti and others seeing him play the Zenith (or was it the Framus?).

Ken Wood:
Small correction: The Zenith IS a Framus model. I think I confused the Zenith Framus here with the McCartney "house" guitar, which is also believed to be a Framus.

Anyway, reading Mr. Borthwick`s account again I wonder....

"I'll do my best for you, it [Paul's guitar] was a FRAMUS Zenith model, at that time I had a
FRAMUS Capri model. I think George had a FUTURAMA, Stu a Hofner
semi-accoustic bass and I'm not sure about John but I think he had an EGMOND
(they were made in Holland)."

... what Egmond guitar he might have seen on John.?

As far as I know John didn`t play a Egmond (even though people on the Internet say his first guitar was one).
Eric Griffith and George Harrison did have Egmond guitars.
Did John have a back-up guitar with him - possibly borrowed from one of them?

Hello Ken Wood,

--- Quote from: Ken Wood on January 15, 2013, 06:37:27 PM ---...what Egmond guitar he might have seen on John.?...
--- End quote ---

I think Mr. Borthwick referred to Lennon's Club 40. Remember that he was trying to recall facts that had happened more than 50 years before...

Best!! ;)





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