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Decent Tribute Bands?

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Sir John Johns:
Just saw The Fab Four (being m/c'd by Ed Sullivan) - excellent! I wouldn't hesitate going to see this lot again.

I got to see and meet Brad Delp (Boston) a few times when he had his band Beatlejuice! I remember those nights as a lot of fun with really great covers. Their cover of Strawberry Fields Forever I was very impressed with as it was note for note even bringing in tympani drums for the show. Too bad he's gone.

The girl in the TARDIS:
I actually found one I really liked, they're called "Dirty Yoko" awesome is a short word, for them. You could come to Peru to listen to them, it's worth a try!

Someone reposted the Bootleg Beatles 1994 Japanese TV appearance on Youtube, this is some real good stuff!

The Bootleg Beatles (November, 1994)

Sir John Johns:
Going to another Fab Four show at the end of November.

Time to dig out 'Hark' again......  8)


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