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Kiss My Bad Self:
there's a article in uncut magazine which you get in britain about lennon making how i won the war. one of the funny bits is when richard lester told john he could be a good actor if he put in the effort and john replying "but its f***ing stupid isnt it" an also when cynthia watched the film she cried at johns death scene where he was covered in blood saying that she knew that thats how john would look when he really died. the article is alright if your bored but isnt amazing or anything.

I haven't read that article but I seem to remember reading that Cynthia's feeling somewhere ese, probably at an interview with Dick Lester or something like that.

slick rick:
elviss' mom cried when she saw him die on film.he was so moved he never died in a film again......

UNCUT, the magazine for the uncircumcised?

No thanks!


i am was a miracle that i can....what uncut magizine????well nevermind then


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