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I live in the UK and have a fairly good collection of original 1960s UK vinyl, as well as some from other countries.

I have a few duplicates of certain UK records and just wondered is there anyone out there from outside the UK that also has duplicates and would be interested in swapping some vinyl?

Some examples of my spare copies are singles such as We Can Work It Out/Day Tripper, She Loves You and I Want To Hold Your Hand, and albums such as With The Beatles and Help.

All of my spares are "collection fillers" only - probably VG condition - so I'd only be looking for something similar in return.

So, for example, I have all of the original '60s Capitol LPs from the US apart from Something New, so if someone has a spare copy of that album in VG condition and wants to trade for an original UK LP in similar condition then get in touch. All it costs us is the postage price.  :)

If anyone is interested drop me a message.


Nice idea Pete. I happen to have Something New, but I really don't know what I'ld like to have in return.

something old maybe...... ;D

He he very funny marshall. ha2ha

yellow submarine:
or maybe some borrowed or blue


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