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Author Topic: Albums vs. compilations & signles  (Read 1232 times)

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Albums vs. compilations & signles
« on: March 07, 2011, 08:30:29 PM »


I like Rubber Soul (the whole album is fantastic), Abbey Road too.
Le it Be also has its moments (McCartney's songs plus Lennon's Across
The Universe
plus Two of Us (duet John & Paul). White Album also
has a lot of good stuff (Julia, I Will, Good Night, Happiness Is A Warm Gun,
Piggies, Honey Pie, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

From Pepper, the best song are on Blue Album (plus, I would add
She's Leaving Home - nice story told). Fixing a Hole & Getting Better,
although first song is "sad" and 2nd happier - they are very alike with similar rhythm (at least to me).
Getting Better also isn't much lyrically. And "64"... well, McCartney first wrote it when
he was sixteen, so that explains the lyrics... (OK, the most interesting is that a sixteen year
old boy writes about how it's gonna be when he's 64 and records it when he's 25...)

From Beatles For Sale and With The Beatles I would make one album...

I just cannot listen original album without skipping songs...


There are some nice songs on albums that were not released as singles
(Not A Second Time, Tell My Why, If I Needed Someone, For No One,
She's Leaving Home,  Within You Without You, It's All Too Much, I Me Mine...).

I enjoy too much Red Album (2nd) and both Blue Albums
(their best compilation!).
In a documentary The Beatles on Record (2009.) George Martin said that "their best
songs were released as singles...
Phil Spector said once (not refering to the Beatles,
but saying in general): LPs are two hits and ten pieces of junk.
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