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50 Most Important Drummers Of All Time

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Published August 25, 2010

--- Quote ---Ringo Starr.
Starr is arguably the single most influential rock drummer of all time. He was born Richard Starkey on July 7, 1940, and gained acclaim in Liverpool playing club gigs with Rory Storme And The Hurricanes in the late ’50s. Starr began drumming with the Beatles in ’61 and remained until the band’s demise in ’70. During those years he literally wrote the rules for pop drumming by providing steady tempos, in-the-pocket feels and hook-laden drum fills for Lennon and McCartney’s timeless material. He has long been a target for critics who complain that his style is too elementary, but simplicity proved to be a virtue in his hands, and became the prototype for every songwriter’s drummer.
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Pretty good list with only a handful of omissions.

glass onion:
no ian paice?goodness me,how can you leave out a player like that?but like tkitna says,a good list in general.making a list of this kind,you'll never please everybody.

Oooh mr Dave Grohl, my favourite drummer after Ringo. ^^ But I do miss Ian Paice, as the person above, and maybe some Tommy Lee too.

Yeah... Ringo, John Bonham, Stewart Copeland, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Keith Moon. That could be my complete list...


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