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Mussulmen are coming

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I printed out your pictures of the Musselmen today and showed some of my coworkers and they just couldn't believe it!

Why? They didn't ever seen so many Musselmen?

Yesterday in Moscow about 103 thousands of Musselmen took part in Eid al-Adha. But it isn't all Musselmen of Moscow.

A huge problem in the USA is that we have been dumbed down so much that most citizens think we are a democracy and we are not! We are a Constitutional Republic. This means we are a Multi Racial country with the Constitution being the culture/law of the land. This way the people coming in swear allegiance to the Constitution but can be free to believe etc... as they wish. This keeps stability in the government without resorting to dictatorship, monarchy etc...  However we do use democratic processes in certain institutions like elections and our educational system uses a socialistic approach but they are still under and covered by the Constitution.
If we were a Democracy any group that grows large enough could vote out the law of the land and install their own. Our founding fathers warned in their writings about democracy as a government instead of a process.
I believe this is where our current disarray in government is coming from. We are in a full blown political war to see if we stay a Constitutional Republic or a Socialist/Communist Dictatorship. God Help Us!

Today in Moscow about 100 thousands mussulmen in one place:



--- Quote ---Hooded, black-clad gunmen burst into the office of provocative French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, killing 12 -- an attack that could be a game changer, given that the terrorists appeared well-armed, well-coordinated and, since they escaped onto the streets of Paris, capable of striking again.

While Europe is no stranger to militant Islamist terrorism in the age of al Qaeda and now ISIS, this was no "lone wolf" attack involving one person as has happened in the past. The assailants concealed their identities and seemed very organized, right down to their getaway.

The fact the gunmen remained at large Wednesday night means another bloodbath could happen at any time, whether they belonged to a larger group or not.
--- End quote ---




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