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Mussulmen are coming

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Fair enough. The way I see it humans (like most animals) go out of their way to form distinctive groups - we use language, religion, dress and custom to make our group distinctive from others. And evolution has, no doubt very sensibly, hotwired us to be wary, even afraid, of groups not the same us. I don't think it's coincidence that most people claim foreigners are "dirty" (my Kenyan/Indian wife's firmly believe english people are dirty. I was brought up to believe they were dirty.) and potential bearers of disease. In evolutionary terms this makes perfect sense, like being afraid of the dark and spiders.
But Richard Dawkins put it beautifully, that these wonderful minds evolution has given us allow us to "fight the tyranny of our genes." We can rise, maybe, above such base instincts. Maybe as individuals, but I doubt it with groups.
I'm not against immigration. I can't be, I am one, so were my parents, so is my wife and her parents. But I am against multi-culturalism and think it is important that immigrants are prepared (I'm loathe to say forced) to accomodate the culture in to  which they have moved.

Totally agree with you about immigration, especially if it is streamlined. Otherwise there are problems for native people (like in Paris and Moscow). If you want to live in another country be prepared to live according to the rules of this country.

I think one of the good examples is Canada. It opened for good immigrants, who know language and have some skills. Others rarely can pass. Due to good immigration laws Canada protects it's citizens.

Kurban Bairam. Now in Moscow. You know what kind holiday is this, don't you?  ;)


Protest action in Moscow. Russian youth demand justice. Some mussulmen killed one russian guy several days ago but police released the murderer.

Several young men from the Caucasus came and got bitten.

The world goes crazy  :o

More pictures: http://zyalt.livejournal.com/330396.html




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