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Role play rules and guidelines


These are some general rules and guidelines I encountered over the years a forum roleplayer. These should help everyone enjoy this section more in the long run.

1. No godmodding. Godmodding is pretty much cheating. Don't hit someone in a post.

Example (bad)

John: *punches Paul in the jaw*

Example (Good)

John: *takes a swing at Paul*

The first example is what's called autohitting. It's not encouraged and nobody likes it.

2. Biography. When you type your character's biography, please have at least two sentences. Do not put ??? or unknown or to be revealed or ask him/her. Your biography is what made your character they way they are.

3. Do NOT ignore other role players. I don't like this myself. If someone misses a few pages of an rp (role play), PM them a summary. Interacting with others won't kill your story.

4. Character looks. Okay. I've seen people on other forums put up anime pictures as their character. If you do, please don't use characters from well known shows. Copyright exists for a reason. General anime pics, real life pics, or even a description is fine.

5. The story. The thread creator is in control of the story. Let people role play within the plot line. No one likes to go way off the story line. Side stories within the story is fine.

6. Role playing. When you type in a role play, you can use what's called script form or literate form.
Example of Script

Liz: *smiles at Paul and takes his hand*

Example of literate

Liz smiles at Paul and takes his hand.

It doesn't matter which one you use as long as it's good role playing. And play within your character and the story line.

The forum rules also apply here.

And most of all: Have fun!

Good luck and have fun.

Hello Goodbye:
…within the limits of British decency.  You know what I mean, don’t you?



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