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Author Topic: LedZep - the Rain Song  (Read 2768 times)

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LedZep - the Rain Song
« on: December 02, 2010, 06:10:04 PM »

Was just reading that George inspired the writing of this song
when he told his friend John Bonham that Led Zepplin had no ballads - the rain song was ledzeps answer to that comment
and in tribute - the opening 2 chords of the rain song are directly from SOMETHING
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Re: LedZep - the Rain Song
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2010, 08:42:45 AM »

Never heard this fact before - interesting. Didn't know Bonzo and George were good friends either.   So what did George class Stairway to Heaven as then?

Sonic Blue

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Re: LedZep - the Rain Song
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2010, 10:32:46 AM »

I have heard this story before and it seems plausible enough. (Stairway To Heaven maybe gets a little too frantic in its final quarter to be considered a ballad per se)
On the other hand, it is known that Jimmy page still doesn't like Led Zep being branded with the all too easy label of Heavy Metal. He's very proud of the fact that a full third of their output was acoustic music, the influence of Bert Jansch and Davey Graham is regularly to be heard on their Guitar work and they had already utilised Sandy Denny as a guest vocalist. All pointing to a strong, ongoing folk influence on the group. That, however, does not disprove the claim and as far as I am aware no involved party has ever disputed it.
Nice one, George.
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Re: LedZep - the Rain Song
« Reply #3 on: December 11, 2010, 07:45:56 PM »

There's this LedZep story I heard a while ago.

At Bonham's birthday party, he invited a bunch of people including George and Pattie. Bonham wanted a picture taken with George, but George knew Bonham's record as being a prankster. So George took the top half of the birthday cake and dumped it on Bohnam's head. Everyone was shocked, but Bonham ended up chasing after him. He took George up and tossed him into the swimming pool. :D

George does not approve.

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