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Anyone have the new British Invasion box set? Has "Ain't She Sweet" on it from the Beatles. I actually am really glad I bought this, has great The Who songs, The Kinks, Tom Jones.. just to name a few.

The British Invasion would be a a great collection to have. For one, the Beatles paved the way for other British bands to make it into America. And other British bands like the Rolling Stones made the blues more popular in the U.S. I might get it if another CD doesn't takes its place.

is cliff richards on it?the big three?tom is from wales....

here's a complete listing from amazon

Wayne L.:
I plan on listening to the British Invasion box set when I get the chance while the Beatles, the Stones, the Who, the Kinks & the Yardbirds were the most important & influential British rock bands at the time & for all time.


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