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--- Quote from: Joost on December 09, 2010, 02:44:00 PM ---I do think The Beatles were responsible for a whole lot of changes. Not just because they were more talented than pretty much everyone else, but perhaps even more important: they could get away with a whole lot more than pretty much everyone else.

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Yes, you're right. They were smarter, and they were not afraid to try new things. They were both original, creative and musical talentated. They did a nonsense song from the lyrics point of view(I Am The Walrus) and people loved it mainly because it sounded damn good and it was catchy. The fact that it's very original just makes you respect it and love it more.Just like your sitar example Kevin, when I first heard Norwegian Wood I had no idea that that was a sitar playing back there, but I extremly enjoyed the song because it sounded good.
They tried new stuff and they made it look cool. (the Abbey Road Side 2, the Rooftop concert, the whole Sgt. Pepper's and I could go on...)
Original stuff and ideas + Musical talent = Why the Beatles got famous and influential.At least, that's my opinion.  ;D


--- Quote from: The 5th Beatle on December 09, 2010, 04:38:22 PM ---They tried new stuff and they made it look cool. (the Abbey Road Side 2, the Rooftop concert, the whole Sgt. Pepper's and I could go on...)
Original stuff and ideas + Musical talent = Why the Beatles got famous and influential.At least, that's my opinion.  ;D

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And an opinion very much respected.
Sorry I can't help myself - Abbey road side 2 isn't the first rock/pop medley, nor the first that has a common theme. Check out 1965 Freak Out. Just that The Beatles do it so much better.
Google "Jefferson Airplane roof top concert 1968", and you'll see a filmed rooftop concert almost identical to the one in Let It Be, complete with rooftop panorama, hand held cinima verite, office workers gawking from windows, crowded streets  and even the police arriving at the end.
Sgt Pepper - concept albums had been done by Peppers arrival. Just that Pepper was bigger, brighter and more better.

i dont know . .
i often hear/read the opinion that the beatles had their ear to the street and popularized what was an underground trend on the rise....
some debatable/accurate beatle 'firsts' i've heard include:
use of feedback ( i feel fine) - john himself called this a first

backwards music (rain) - a technique john stumbled onto through a mistake whilst under the influence

classical (yesterday/eleanor) . . use of classical in a pop format anyway..

album cover as art/lyrics included/concept album - sgt pepper

tape loops (tomorrow never knows- but more famouslly rev #9) john said everyone would be making music this way one day because anyone can do it. he was right ! most modern popular music uses samples and loops

indian music - - george on love you to thru within u without...

hard hard rock - -(helter skelter) . . this is indeed a hard track

long hair, neru jackets, assorted fashion trends, drug use...... they were certainly popularizers along these lines.... did they reflect their times or change their times or both. can anyone really say?
to me the real innovation by the beatles was that they were the first really popular act wher the artist wrote the songs, played the instruments and sang the songs
no songwriters, studio musicians behind the scenes. in my opinion that set the standard and changed everything


--- Quote from: Kevin on December 09, 2010, 04:51:47 PM ---Just that The Beatles do it so much better.

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I dont like these lists of 'first' by them, as Kevin is right that some things were done by less famous people before, The Yardbirds tried to put sitar on a single called Heart Full Of Soul, it didnt sound right so Jeff Beck used a sitarish setting on his amp & guitar.........I never knew there was a concept album before Pepper though with a gatefold cover and lyrics though or did the full orchestra thing  ???

I just know that before them, the music world was very much different and out of all the bands Ive heard (and it is many) I think they had the most talent for constantly coming up with great songs, hit after hit after hit, you literally never knew what was coming next, Im old so I remember the day Strawberry Fields and Pepper came out, the effect they had was phenominal, sounds on pop records that you had never heard before like Mr Kite, the slurpy cello's on Strawberry Fields and the strange mellotron intro.

Ive always been very into bands that created new sub genres especially in prog, like Yes, Floyd, King Crimson, Genesis (early) and I love those bands with a passion, they were so clever and were such brilliant musicians (well maybe not Floyd) who adopted their own sound and complxity of arrangements........but for me at the end of the day, none of them can compare to magic of The Beatles and the sheer power of their melodies.....and I think most members of those bands would agree.


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