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Why not a thread full of pics of the Beatles meeting  famous
celebs from around the world.... ?

John with Jayne Mansfield... he must have been thrilled to meet Jayne,
of course she was star of the cult movie..  "The Girl Cant Help It "

Mr Mustard:
What a great idea for a thread starofwonder!  :D

Wasn't it Jayne Mansfield who tugged at Ringo's mop of hair and giggled "Is this real?" until John grabbed her boobs and shouted "Are these?"  ha2ha

Here's a famous one of the fabs meeting the greatest...

Almost thirteen years later, Ali and Lennon met up again, this time at the inaugural dinner for new US President Jimmy Carter...

In 1980 John and Yoko meet Young Actor Matt Dillon(Wild Things)

Amazing pic Mr M... John in a dinnerjacket and dickie bow....
who would have thunk it !

Of course  back in  63 which became.... the Beatles golden year of fame....
(culminating in the Royal Variety)
Cliff was at the height of his fame  .... surely John or Paul must have met him
at some time ?...  but Ive never seen a pic ... did they avoid each other ?

Beatles and Alma Cogan

Alma Cogan was the first female pop star - yet was dead by 34. For years, there were cruel whispers about her sexuality. But now her sister reveals she was John Lennon's lover:
  go here


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